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What, Harry Reid Channels Rodney King?

So I am perusing my tag surfer and under the racist tag there is a post titled “Racist Pig Harry Reid Invokes Rodney King.”  It seems the controversy over at this blog happens to be that Harry Reid used the phrase “let’s just all try to get along.”  Which I guess this whole issue for them came from “The Hill” who wrote an article and stated pretty much the same thing.  That Reid somehow invoked Rodney King into the health care debate.

This person then says, “How dare this racist bastard invoke the name of Rodney King during today’s healthcare session.”  And asks the question, “Finally, where is the African American community on this and why aren’t they telling Democrats to STFU?”  Now I must admit that I do agree a little bit with this person that this health care bill isn’t going to do much in the way of helping black people.

Our problems with health care are two fold.  No access to affordable insurance and even when that isn’t a problem, we have no access to the same quality of health care as our white counterparts.  What exactly is this bill going to do to ensure a racially bias free health experience for all?

Now back to the main issue, the invoking of Rodney King.   I am part of the African American community which is what they asked for, so let me give my two cents.  For one I don’t see HOW Reid invoked Rodney King since Rodney didn’t say what Reid said.  Rodney King asked, “Can’t we all just get along.”

So I am convinced that, in no way did Harry Reid accidentally nor intentionally channel Rodney King.  And if he did, then my question would have to be and so what?  What the hell do I care if Reid is channeling Rodney King?  Who the hell is Rodney King supposed to be to me or any other black person that I or they need to be angered over someone using the same phrase as him or close to it?

I mean yes, the man was beaten unconscionably by a thug ass gang of racist animals posing as cops.  And yes, this was one of the most horrific beatings ever to be caught on camera.  And yes, it was a disgusting display of the white race card when these animalistic monsters were acquitted without so much as a slap on the wrist for committing such a heinous crime.

A group of their white peers felt that these monsters did what needed to be done to a black man who steps out of line.  Rodney King personifies a whole group of ills that bubbles beneath the surface of  this melting pot we call America, yet boils over and consistently burns us in the black community.

But in no way is Rodney King some sort of black leader, black savior, black role model or black anything that when someone says a phrase similar to the one he used, would or should make black people angry as if some great sacrilege has occurred.  And to refer to it as blasphemy is an outrageously irresponsible statement.

Is the Democratic Party racist, HELL YEAH!  Is the Republican Party racist, HELL YEAH, HELLO!  And to think that either or neither party, the tea party, the Independent Party, the Green Party, hell you name the party, because it doesn’t matter party, aren’t all playing the freaking race card and nefariously using any minority not just black ones, to further their retarded agendas which don’t include the black community is crazy.

This is America, wake up and smell the coffee, because the pot isn’t just smoking, it’s literally on fire.  And I am supposed to care that Harry Reid almost said what Rodney King said.  Can anyone say distraction?  And hell yes, I am talking about a distraction;  if you don’t point it out, most people wouldn’t know that’s what they were looking at.  Somebody has got to say it.

This is nothing more than both sides playing the race card.  Republicans are crying that Reid invoked Rodney King, as if they cared about Rodney King, and think that blacks should be livid, as if they cared about blacks.  And the Democrats are crying foul, saying that the Republicans are calling their kettle black, when their (Republicans) pot is black too, sniffle, sniffle.

First it was cries that someone invoked slavery, as if they cared, now it is cries of Rodney King, again they definitely could care less; so why?  We are being played for fools in the black community that’s why.  We are essentially unrepresented.  All parties would like our community’s vote, but NO parties would like to see us outside of our community’s circumstances.  And somehow I should be angry about some idiot saying let’s all get along?  Give me a break.

I think if anything we should be screaming about our community’s lack of political representation period.  We should be yelling about getting our community the same treatment and representation as any other community where politicians seem to spend time figuring out ways to attract jobs, businesses, industry and other essentials.  Maybe we should ignore the dumb stuff such as statements that mean absolutely nothing and raise our angry voices together for something that actually matters.


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Sterotypes Can Lead To Irresponsibility

Watching Oprah (YUCK) but hey that is what my mother in law wanted and I got a post out of it, so it is what it is.  Any how she had a show about a bunch of women, actually a bunch of white women, who were all infected with HIV by one man.  They banded together and got him put in jail for attempted murder for what they say is purposefully infecting them.  The show is about a “new” face of HIV.

They are all sitting on the stage in every stage of the crying process talking about how they asked him to wear condoms but he didn’t want to.  And since they felt they were in a monogamous relationship they relented.  They also said that they can’t force him to wear a condom.

So a black lady from the crowd made the comment that “if he wants some then he would.”  One of the ladies started crying about how he was walking around with a loaded gun.  And if a person with a loaded gun walks up and shoots you, no one says that you should have been wearing a bullet proof vest.  And screams don’t blame the victim, don’t blame the victim.

I just howled with anger!  I had multiple problems with what was going on.  For one, sure he may have been walking around with a loaded weapon, but he in no way just shot her out of the blue.  That would be more akin to him raping her.  She consented to that shooting.  In fact if she wants to use the gun shot/bullet proof vest analogy then she not only consented but they agreed that he would shoot at her without a bullet proof vest.

So yeah, this is a clear cut case where they aren’t victims but accomplices by choice as is anyone else who contracts HIV outside of rape.  She and those sitting with her on stage need to take responsibility for their actions.  They CHOSE to have unprotected sex and now they are suffering the consequences.  And when asked why they chose to have unprotected sex with him, they said they didn’t fit the demographic they heard are at risk for contracting HIV.

They claimed that since they weren’t black women or promiscuous that they were pretty much safe and didn’t need to worry about HIV.  Well there ya go dumb ass!  I guess just because dumb people like her believe the propaganda thinking that it is a “black”, “gay” or “promiscuity” problem she now should be able to blame her irresponsibility on someone else.  This is what happens when you use propaganda and stereotypes to make decisions.  And from what I heard on this show, the idiot didn’t even learn a lesson.

Another thing which disgusted me was that these women claim they had been in long term relationships with this man.  Some had been with him for more than four years and were paying all of his bills and giving him money.  And then they made a conscious decision to have sex with this man without a condom.  Isn’t that their fault right along with him?

I am sure it is a good thing that this man is in prison as he would still be giving women AIDS if not.  He pretty much slept with one or two women a day for years.  That is a lot of women!  And somehow he is the only one at fault.  Even if, like they said, he knew he had AIDS, he couldn’t give it to them if they only practiced safe sex.

But this show just reeked of irresponsibility and of course Oprah and her dumb ass gave them a platform to cry and yell whoa is me without any discussion of what their part in all this was.  Yeah, the lady told them a thing or two, but it was just not enough.  And of course Oprah found every opportunity to remind everyone that AIDS is predominantly affecting black women the most.  And wasn’t that the same propaganda and stereotyping of information that lead to some of those ladies bad choices.


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Boy Scout Merit Badge For Sex?

Here we go again another sex crazy white female pedophile on the loose and this time the collateral damage is a boy scout and his family.  Not to mention her own family.  She was caught in the act by his parents who inadvertently walked in on the scene.  I am just surprised that they didn’t lose their minds and beat the hell out of her immediately.

The parents came home unexpectedly early from a shopping trip and walked into their son’s room catching the pervert in the act.  She immediately tried to grab her things and flee the scene.  But the parents blocked her path and barricaded her into his room and called the cops reporting a rape in progress.

It took the cops about ten minutes to get to the scene.  Don’t you wonder what was being said over those next ten minutes?  Damn that must have been a seriously tense moment for everyone.  Anyhow, the cops arrested 39 year old home maker and Boy Scout troupe leader Wendy Rogers.  The cops say her face was covered with tears and she was visibly crying.  And that was only because she was busted.

She had no prior relationship with the boy before meeting him at the Boy Scout. Rogers was a leader of the troop, in charge of keeping track of the Scout’s advancement in the program.  I guess she was trying to make sure he got ALL of those obscure badges that most of us aren’t even aware of.

She previously worked for the local elementary school.  The police haven’t said they would but I am sure they should probably check the school for more victims.  She has two children of her own which is apparent by the swing set in her yard and a lot of Christmas decorations.  And so far it isn’t clear and the Boy Scouts aren’t saying whether or not her son was in the same troupe as her victim.

The police are already questioning the other boys in the scout troop to see if she abused anyone else.  Since she used a position of power to commit her offense, if she is convicted that would ensure that she gets mandatory prison time.  We need to start treating these female pedophiles just like the male version, even though that isn’t harsh enough either, and give them the maximum penalty allowed.

The police have said that more criminal acts of sex between the two are being investigated which possibly occurred at her home and perhaps during a camping trip in southern Illinois with the Boy Scout troop.  The Boy Scouts released a statement that they have revoked the pedophiles membership. She won’t be allowed to participate in scouting again.

Whoa slow down there Boy Scouts; we don’t want you to be TOO rough on this sick, disgusting low life.  But I guess it was better than nothing.  Hopefully they have given this boy and his family a big apology and offered to pay for any mental health counseling he might need in the future.  But the majority of companies like them are just trying to minimize the damage to their reputations and bury the story.

But all jokes aside this has long since become very disturbing.  The numbers are astounding and we still haven’t given it the much needed scrutiny that it deserves.  But the incidences of white female on child sex crimes are totally out of control.  And I am wondering what our elected officials and police force plan to do about this.

It isn’t a joke, it isn’t a game and it is a pathology that is being allowed to fester to the point of epidemic proportions.  Our children are not safe.  These women are everywhere, in our neighborhoods, working at our doctor’s offices and now our Boy Scout troupes.

Yet, the vast majorities are within the school system itself and not only public schools even though this is where the majority of these cases occur.  If like I said these pedophiles were men or god forbid a bunch of black women, raping these young boys, we would NOT tolerate this sick deranged behavior.  We need to take action NOW to stop the abuse.


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Don’t Blame The Black Community For Tiger

I just love how you can find three or four black people to say something then it turns into THE BLACK COMMUNITY…  That is exactly what is going on with this whole Tiger Woods deal.  You have a few black people who have made dumb ass comments about his love for white tail and boom the whole black community feels that way.

When in actuality the majority of blacks couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Tiger, the color or amount of his dumb mistresses or anything else connected with that fool.  To me he’s just another O.J. Simpson, dazed and confused.  Yeah I know that blacks were stupid enough to get behind O.J.  But that was the past; hopefully.

The problem is that you have people who believe that any black person who either makes a bunch of money or has status will by default be embraced by the black community.  Um, WRONG!  How many blacks are lining up to support Clarence Thomas or Michael Steele?  These two dip wads have plenty of status.  And not very many black people were lining up to support Tiger either.

He, not us, decided that he was NOT going to be a part of the black community. Isn’t it fascinating that now that his phony ass persona has been blown the predominantly white media people are eagerly trying to focus on the black community’s reaction to him and his harem of white ladies?  As if it matters.  They were all too happy to see Tiger distance himself from blacks early on and welcomed him with open arms.

Now that he has fallen from the good graces of some white people’s sensibilities, let’s play up the black community divide.  When in the hell have you ever, EVER seen Tiger doing anything for or in the black community?  He doesn’t play in the black community, he doesn’t live in the black community, he doesn’t spend any time for any reason in the black community and has NO ties, marriage or otherwise to the black community.

The last tie that guy had to the black community was his father and when he died so did that tie.  And now he’s so black!  Ha!  Tiger isn’t the first “minority” (I use that loosely) sports figure to sleep with white women.  And those who DID have ties with the black community continued to have support from the black community.  The race of the mistress has never been the obvious focus.

Sure it is a backroom, round the hair salon and out with the girls type of discussion.  And no one is going to tell me that only black girls do it or that it is racist.  I can just hear the white women talking about Mark Sanford’s choice of cheating with some “Argentinean” woman.

Oh, let’s not forget about the crying foul that went on when Hugh Grant was caught with that black chick while only dating Elizabeth Hurley.  The cat calls of why would he want that black chick etc. when he had that beautiful white Elizabeth Hurley.  Not to mention this actually made an appearance in psychology today.  Damn!

The reason why black people are making fun and laughing AT Tiger’s expense is that he is not part of us.  He is not well received in the black community.  If he were he would have received the same type of treatment that all of these famous athletes did even though they slept with white woman, noteworthy mention, some while being married to black women.   There was Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Steve McNair, Lawrence Taylor and Kobe Bryant.  The list could probably be a post in of itself it’s so long.

These black athletes were supported rightfully or wrongfully so because they had ties to the black community.  They didn’t work as hard as Tiger to put thousands of miles of distance between them and the black community.  And guess what people who wish to make this a Tiger vs. the black community thing.  There is no issues between Tiger and the black community.  The black community for the most part could care less about Tiger and Tiger could care less about the black community.  So stop trying to push a phony agenda.


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Black Crybabies Whining Again

It doesn’t matter what forum, what news report or op-ed you read that has something to do with race, you will undoubtedly read a plethora of racist demeaning stereotypical comments from people who start off their rant with “I’m not racist, but” or “I’m not black or white, so I am unbiased, and.”

I was reading an article from CNN Money called “Black unemployment ‘a serious problem’.”  You can go and have a look at the comments and you will see just what I am talking about.  Now these types of comments are all too common, I mean I get a lot of them myself no matter what I am talking about.  The general theme consistently seems to be that blacks are just a bunch of lazy, unqualified, and looking for a handout whiny cry babies.

And then they turn right around and say that racism is not responsible for the serious disparity in unemployment rates.  Now I am pretty sure that this type of stereotypical thinking by so many white bigoted people is completely responsible for the disparity.  Because we know that white people ARE the majority of managers in charge of hiring, so it is relative that this type of thinking, which seems very prevalent, is a serious problem for black employment numbers.

Yet, we see by these types of comments that far too many white people are all too willing to play the white race card by deflecting, denying and raising issues that have nothing to do with the original point.  What chance do we have for looking at the issue of disparity let alone solving it if we can’t even raise the issue without most people becoming overly threatened?

What these people are trying to have us all believe is that the disparity we see in unemployment rates are just our imagination.  In fact one person replied that the rates of unemployment for blacks and whites were the same.  When actually what these people are saying is that it doesn’t matter that blacks are unemployed at twice the rate of whites because blacks don’t matter.

These people come to blogs, forums and every news report about racism and cry about how black people cry about racism.  Yep, they cry and it is OK, we cry and it is just too much for their sensibilities.  I guess blacks should just shut up about racism and allow it to continue their comfort be damned, all for the sake of making sure that white people don’t feel uncomfortable.

And then of course the comment was made that a few deadbeat blacks make all blacks look bad.  Do these people who say these stupid things ever wonder why deadbeat white people never make ALL whites look bad?  Would the answer be, the same racism that they deny even continues?  And is it the few deadbeat blacks who cause bigoted white hiring managers to overlook black applicants while not doing the same to the white ones?

Of course what discussion about racism in employment would be complete without the ever pressing complaint by bigots that blacks can’t get hired because their names are too “ethnic?”  One person says “Looks at their first names!!! Any prospective employer sees “Shatiqua Washington”, the resume’ goes in the trash!”  Isn’t this the epitome of racism?

Wouldn’t this be a prime example of why blacks have a higher unemployment rate?  And for anyone to know, see or say this and also think that racism doesn’t exist has to either be completely stupid or a huge bigot or both.  But we know that most of the people who are spewing these stereotypical idiocies are both.

What I see is that a lot of people will continue to use their ability to try and derail and stifle any look at racial disparity.  And this will continue to foster racism and racial disparity in this country.  We can’t escape the racial problems because those who aren’t suffering from the disparity don’t want to.

These people aren’t just sitting idly by while racism continues.  They are helping to continue it through racist rhetoric, stereotypes and propaganda.  The anonymity of the internet has allowed these bigots who are probably the hiring director for some company who just happens to be completely devoid of minorities to spew the racist rhetoric they would only say to their closest bigoted ally.

Until these types of bigoted white people can somehow be made to understand that their white privilege doesn’t give them ownership over black people’s experiences with racism we will continue the crying that they find so unbearable.


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