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McCain/Palin Looking More Like Klooless And The Klown

Can the McCain/Palin Bullshit Express spin any faster? Today on the CBS news it was as if they were on a marry go round which was spinning out of control,  while trying to spin their way out of her newest gaffe. She, unfortunately for McCain, told a voter that we should absolutely be launching cross border attacks into Pakistan in order to stop more terrorist attacks.

Now if I am not mistaken this was exactly what Obama was saying which McCain chastised him for at the debate. Now they are doing their interviews together, I guess this is because he thinks he can keep her foot out of her mouth.  He tried to explain that what she said wasn’t what she meant. Huh? He claims that she could barely hear the guy and that her answer was due to something called “gotcha journalism.” Again huh?

Isn’t she running for one of the highest offices in this country? So, shouldn’t she be prepared to answer any question that any constituent has for her? Or is she on the ticket just to attract more voters who wish to drink or whatever else with their candidate? Or maybe she is one of those to be seen and NOT heard ladies. The lies they were using in order to explain this were even more stupid than the statements that she kept making during the few interviews she has actually done. Is anyone else just giddy to see this Vice Presidential debate?

Now it seems that according to McCain she shouldn’t be asked questions while out in public. Soon when she is out and about and gets a question and she will need to run back and get her answer sheet before talking. But, this is what McCain wants us to believe that a person who is supposedly ready on day one looks like. Anyone out there who feels that this clueless fool is ready to be anything more than a moose hunting drama queen, then I have a bridge to nowhere for sale on Ebay no doubt. She makes the poor girl answering questions about maps in the Miss Teen America pageant look like a Rhodes Scholar.

Hey Sarah: what about Waziristan, it’s blowing up? Sarah’s Answer: Yeah, and their economy is blowing up too! Really Sarah, is that what is going on in the place where six people were killed after we recently bombed a house there with unmanned drones while trying to strike supposed Taliban operatives? Funny, I didn’t know that their economy was blowing up, silly me I just thought it was houses that supposedly held Taliban fighters. But if Palin says their economy is “blowing up” then I guess its blowing up. Maybe their economy could use some “fixin” the way she says ours could.

Well I just can’t watch these two fools without either laughing or screaming at the television and scaring the bejeezus out of my baby. McCain has totally showed exactly what kind of judgment he has, NONE. These two haven’t done much more than lie, embellish, lie some more and then become incoherent. When I look at them I see a flaming train wreck in process. You know it’s gory, bloody and horrible but you just can’t help but stop and look. You just have to hope that someone will be able to escape the wreckage.


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Idiot, His Eyes Wide Open

It is amazing to me that so many blacks in America continue to spew racism while condemning racism. What is the name of this publication again? Is there a “White Sentinel”? No way! That would be “racist”. Yes, I know, if it were not for the many decades of slavery then blacks in America would not need these forums and tools to become “equal”. Well, slavery didn’t start in America. Africans enslaved other Africans long before there was an America and sold them to Europeans. Blacks are freer in America today than you have been in your history. You have opportunities that those who chose to “escape” to Liberia could only dream about. So, stop feeling sorry for yourself and make America a better place. Be proud of your difficult heritage like the Jews are and so many other groups of former slaves have done. Also, don’t waste your time condemning white bigots and obvious racists. We all see them for what they are. I applauded when Imus was fired and in hot water for his rant. He deserves to lose everything he has ever worked for. He is an idiot. But, until we all can set racism aside and make it a non-issue and all see with the same eyes what is in front of us, we will never be a truely unified America.

Mark A. Humphreys

Another comment sent to me from the peanut gallery about the Jeremiah Wright post. I guess I will delve into it this rabbit hole and see where we come out. What really amazes me is that after all that whites have done and continue to do we will try and say that a black man (Jeremiah Wright) is spewing racism in the same vain that a white supremacy loving dude does. For one thing I don’t see one thing racist in saying that “You cannot do terrorism on other people and expect it never to come back on you.” So now look whose chickens are coming home to roost!” Is it not a fact that if you are out hitting people that it would be just a matter of time before you GET hit yourself?

I truly get tired of asking people to explain what he said that was so extremely racist. Anyhow, this person is dumb enough to say that there is no White Sentinel without doing one shred of research. He could have looked at my Blog and found out that there is one. And yes he does like to spew racist propaganda and hate. It never amazes me that a person can still say something akin to “if a white person did this or that, it would be racist.” Yet, in each and every one of those circumstances you CAN find a white person who has done just that and no one did a damn thing. Don’t you just love the if white people had a white history month…blah blah blah. Yet, we all know that there is white history taught in schools every month that school is in session. Where is all the outrage?

If it were not for the many decades of slavery (he forgot the continued discrimination) blacks wouldn’t need these sorts of tools to become “equal.” IDIOT, HIS EYES ALMOST OPEN! He is right if it were NOT for the slavery we suffered then the years of blatant discrimination and now the institutionalized racism, we wouldn’t be complaining at all. We probably wouldn’t be sitting in a position where there is such blatant inequity and disparity between races.

Then of course the same old propaganda that probably came out of his white history teacher’s mouth. African’s were enslaving African’s long before whites did. Actually friend it was indentured servitude. You know just like white people had white indentured servants before blacks came along? Yet we know, at least those of us with a REAL education do, that the chattel slavery of America was a terribly different from anything they were doing in Africa before white people, actually Spanish people came along. This argument is getting really old and tiresome. Blacks are freer than any other time in our history. Are you freaking kidding me? That is ridiculous. That is like saying that Native Americans have more land now than they have ever had in their history. After the white man stole and swindled away the majority of that land.

Stop feeling sorry for ourselves and make America a better place is what he says. Because we know that by keeping quiet and letting it happen is the only way to get things accomplished, NOT. Where is the white responsibility in making America a better place? I guess we blacks need to do it ourselves but people like Mark have no responsibility in making America a better place. We should be proud of our difficult heritage like the Jews and then we could be happy too. Well I am sure that if we were given a gaggle of land of our choosing and given aid to the tune of a billion dollars a year. I am pretty damn sure that we would be doing as good and be as happy as the Jews.

And finishing on a funny note he felt that Don Imus deserved to be fired and was a dumb ass for his racist rants. This guy really doesn’t keep up with current events following these racist and what happens next. Because I guess white people were so upset that Don Imus not only got rehired he got a big fat raise on top of it. He is sitting in a better position than he was in before his racist rant. So what does that tell us? It is probably a career booster to become a controversial racist for a while. Until white people stop telling blacks how to react to, how to feel about, and what does or doesn’t constitute racism, then maybe we could all start a dialogue on race.


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Arguments As To Why Blacks Don’t Deserve Respect

I constantly read comments from some self serving white person calling themselves  “white brother” or some other asinine name, who uses the age old racist talking points to explain why the black community is constantly in despair. It is always under the guise that blacks are so criminal, so uneducated, such separatists and so racist against themselves that they don’t deserve any respect.

They will always claim that somehow blacks are only 13% of the population yet swear that we commit 60 , 70% or some other astronomically incorrect amount of the crimes. Where do they get these statistics?  Yet they fail to mention how Black folks are 13% of the population with an unemployment rate of 11.2%. according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. How about explaining Devah Pager’s study which showed that white men with a felony record and only a high school diploma received a call back rate for employment of 17%.  Yet, black men with a four year college degree and NO criminal record got a call back rate of only 15%. So instead of them touting their bogus crime stats why don’t they explain why blacks are unemployed and get called back for less jobs than a white high school graduating felon?

Then spout that black unity is about black supremacy or being black first and American second. It seems that these people want to use the white power or white pride as a base from which to judge black unity. We see that these people screaming white pride are coming from a position where they believe that pride in their race somehow equates to every other race be inferior to their race. Unfortunately black power/unity comes from a totally different mindset.

For one thing white people invented the retarded rules about race. And are the ones who decided that blacks were of course black sub-human beings. Then when pushed they decided we were black, full human then American. Not only that, they also created an environment where being black was a bad thing which carried NO power or clout. So in light of this, blacks had to fight that negative with a positive about black pride, unity and power. White’s also equate the term American with white such as the “all American boy or girl.” So until we ALL equate American with any race, blacks will always be black first and American second.

It never fails that as soon as they get started with those first two whammies they pull this one out as well. Sure blacks may have jacked up schools and their education isn’t as thorough as white kids, but hey blacks here have better education than a lot of third world countries. Just because blacks have access to this second class education that might or might not be better than some third world country, they should shut their pie hole. For one thing, THIS IS NOT A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY!  So why are we comparing our education to theirs?  Wouldn’t it be best if we compared black education to their white counterparts in this country?

Shouldn’t blacks have the same access to quality education as every white person? I guess since those black schools are that top notch we should begin turning all white schools into the same out dated, ramshackle buildings, out of date books, and understaffed, underfunded, unqualified shit holes as well. But then how would they be able to qualify their next assertion that blacks are inferior in education if EVERYONE were to receive this bull shit they call the best education blacks could ask for?

My favorite by far is if you don’t like how things are here, why don’t you just go back to… in Africa. They name the one place in Africa with the latest horrible genocide, famine or drought. They never say something like go back to Equatorial Guinea, Seychelles, Botswana, and Mauritius, Gabon or the island of Reunion. The point is that they never name any of the countries on the CONTINENT of Africa that happen to have a good standard of living. Yet, would get totally offended when you counter with telling them to go back to South Ossetia, or Georgia where they seem to be having some war issues. The first thing they say is that they are not Ossetian or Georgian, yet it made no difference that you don’t originate from any of those war torn African nations.

Another good one is no one oppresses black people but black people. If you let them tell it, blacks must run all the businesses that keep us unemployed at twice the rate of whites. Blacks must run all the banks who decide they will give blacks a higher interest rate on loans even with all things being equal or better between them and their white counterpart. Blacks must be handling all the school resources in order to continuously keep the schools in the black areas dilapidated while the white schools have MORE than enough to ensure they are educated properly. Yep, sounds to me like blacks are their own worst enemy. We should boycott black people who run all those things that keep us from our goal of the American dream. Damn you all and your infernal illogic!


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Sex, Lies And Newsreel

When I watch a McCain or Palin speech I can’t hear the crowd yelling what I hear is them singing the Fleetwood Mac song, tell me lies tell me sweet little lies. It is a shame that these people have no interest in knowing the truth, not even a small bit of it. But have no problems believing lies. Not only lies about McCain and Palin but lies about Obama such as he’s a Muslim (oogie, boogie, boo). It is to me almost criminal that a person would vote based on how funny a person is while they are telling their lies, or if this or that person reminds me of my life. What ever happened to voting on whether the person can properly run this government? Where did this popularity contest come from?

I mean I was disgusted by the whole Obamaniac business and the trumping up the guy as a celebrity. It isn’t about how popular they are. As a matter of fact, why is Obama popular? Is it his supposed good looks? Is it his great speech giving? Or is it his policies that don’t mimic the ones that we are living out right now thanks to the incompetence of a ridiculous idiot who was also voted in on popularity vs. actually being the smartest and most capable person. “Hey he has a great swagger, right?” Is this what we want for the next 4 or 8 years? Do we want an idiot who has been in the senate for the past 26 years and exclaims that he has voted with Bush 90% of the time as if that were some sort of accomplishment?

Or maybe we want a proven liar who so far has lied about each and every accomplishment so far. She did NOT end the bridge to nowhere. She supported it before she decided it wasn’t going to work out, with plenty of newsreels to back that up. She took the money and she did say thanks…just NOT the “no thanks” she touts. She claims that she is totally against earmarks while she hired a lobbyist (one of Ted Stevens’s guys with ties to Abramoff no doubt) and got a town of 6000 twenty seven million dollars worth of them. Yep, that sounds like she is against earmarks.

I guess I am just getting so fed up with the press as they sit back and allow these two bullshitters to go on this nationwide tour of lies. The press went ballistic over the Reverend White Gate and the perceived Muslim Gate, yet with Palin they act like “ah she is just being colorful.” Nope she is a flat out liar. And it makes me wonder what types of people are in America that seems to have so much in common with a blatant liar. I just have to go back to the fact that most people don’t do one iota of research to find out what is really going on with the people they plan to support. I think that going in to vote after only watching broadcast news is like going in to dismantle a bomb after only watching the movie Speed.

Everyone would think that you’d be making a big mistake and they would be exactly right. But in this country it is constantly done. Half the people that go in to vote see legislation on the ballots that they have never even heard of and probably end up doing an eenie meenie minee moe trick to figure out if they will answer yes or no. Then as the numbers start rolling in and the news caster says something like the proposition 4425 seems to be passing 2 to 1 and then say it is a bill to raise taxes to give prosthetic wings to the obscure blow fly, they start yelling about how these idiots could possibly have voted yes for that. Knowing damn well they were probably one of them since they didn’t know what Yes or No on proposition 4425 would mean either.

I would be damned if I go into a voting booth and NOT know what is on that ballot and what it means to me. Yet, why blame me for having more than those small town values, whatever those are. I am just guessing that it is something to the contrary of Obama’s city values which are getting an education among other things. So I guess If you don’t care about the truth, don’t want to do any more work than watching FOX news these are the presidential folks for you. But if you care about some inkling of honesty and wish to know who will be ready on day one without a sequestering to ensure it and who ACTUALLY plans to make your life the tiniest bit better in this volatile economy, then I suggest you actually look past all the sex, lies and newsreels.


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What McCain/Palin Ticket Brings The Black Community

The answer to my title question is NOT A DAMN THING!!!  I thought I would give those who thought this post might be about something else a heads up.

This whole McCain, Palin ticket has been nothing short of hypocrisy, closed mindedness and outright lies. I look at both of them and I would love to know exactly what is it that this party ticket is going to bring to the black community or any minority community for that matter? I watched their convention which looked more like some sort of Klan rally minus the white robes than some sort of engine for change. What is different about the Republican Party being full of white faces all talking about how we all have those “small town values” or how we have “values like those in the 1950’s”? Both of which I heard from delegates as well as people on the convention floor.

McCain voted against a holiday for Martin Luther King Jr. in Arizona and Palin has stated that ALL crimes are “hate crimes” so we don’t need to protect minorities with “special laws”. Now for Governor Palin’s benefit, I know that Martin Luther King Jr. was NOT a mayor in that big old whopping metropolis of Wasilla. But being a lowly COMMUNITY ACTIVIST he was able to rally a black population which is a heck of a lot larger than the metropolis of Wasilla and actually get the government to make changes that they should have in the first place. The government enacted laws to make racism etc. illegal but, like we all know there are laws against murder and stealing etc. and they are ALL broken time and time again. So it stands to reason that so are ones outlawing racism.

But this is what the Republicans think we need, a Vice President who has absolutely NO experience dealing with anything except white soccer moms up in a state that doesn’t have half the population of the city of Los Angeles. A person who embodies the same old crappy ideas of the old time Republicans which are more wars, less personal rights, including women’s rights and community somehow is bad. With her being so extremely exclusive, meaning that she talks about the “values” of people like her and McCain and how she will work for you. Well what about those who don’t share YOUR values? What about people who don’t LOOK like you and your predominantly white party, state or city of Wasilla? Will you work for us too?

And now they have the nerve to say that they will NOT let Palin be interviewed until they say and by whom they say. We already have an executive team in the White house that has zero TRANSPARENCY, and now the McCain Palin ticket is going down the same road. They have the audacity to try and block the people from getting the “straight talk” so to speak from this lady on her ideas, policies and issues. So it stands to reason that if these fools are elected we will have the same no access policy that we have now. Now more than ever it would seem that people should be looking for transparency. Not looking to get more losers hanging iron curtains in the White house.

Now we can see that she is totally unqualified or they wouldn’t hide her from the press and American people. In fact it would be just the opposite, because if she were qualified they would have her running everywhere for press coverage. And people are comparing her and Obama’s experience. That is the racism of this country. He is the presidential nominee and shouldn’t even be in the same rank as the VP. When was the last time the press or public compared McCain to Biden or any presidential nominee to some VP? Never! They never have and probably never will again unless we have another black nominee.

The fact remains that this lady is damaged goods who has no intention of helping minorities, not even the mentally disabled like her son. She will engage in acts that benefit her son, no doubt, but OUR family members who are in the same boat will be undoubtedly thrown overboard. Same thing goes for fixing schools, ending poverty, boosting the economy, strengthening communities or anything else the black community needs. She will be tossing all of us overboard since we don’t fit in to the Republican Party image they showed at their convention.  Nor do we fit into her “hockey mom”, white middle class, small town values, 1950’s loving people.


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Sarah Palin Says: Respect My Right To Choose!

The closest post that I have done with regards to abortion was the one I did about the racist Margaret Sanger and her Negro Project. But having this new Republican VP who is so over the top with her views of abortion, I just feel the need to weigh in on the actual subject of Anti-Abortion or Pro-Life or whatever you call it. She is so hard right on the issue, she would like to not only make it illegal for everyone but she would also make it illegal for those who were raped and even instances of incest. How sick is that?

What brought me to this point is that after sharing her views on abortion she had the impudence to start talking about getting on a plane while in early labor. Now this is not a big deal, but with a lot of people questioning her decision to board an airplane while she claims her water was leaking and was in early labor in order to make it back to Alaska from Dallas Texas. Now to me, if I am carrying any baby but especially a special needs baby, I don’t think it is very prudent to be making such a long flight knowing that something could go terribly wrong while at 35,0000 feet and god forbid you lose the baby and or your life.

Now what made this important to me was the fact that she stated that people should mind their own business and to respect her right to choose what she wanted to with her body and if that meant boarding a plane while in early pregnancy then so be it. Now isn’t that a hypocritical view on ones own body? I mean she wants to tell me that she and those like her have the right to tell the majority of America what to do or what not to do with their bodies by outlawing abortion. Yet, she should have every freedom in the world to make bad decisions regarding her body AND the life of her unborn baby.

I personally don’t necessarily think that abortion is something that in my life right now I would choose to do. But I would be damned if I was raped, that she or anyone else in this world would stop me from doing whatever I felt was necessary for me and my family at that time. Not to mention she obviously felt the same way or she would have given in to the medical knowledge at the time which clearly states, at least in all the literature on pregnancy given out, that you shouldn’t be flying while you are beyond seven months pregnant for safety reasons.

But she obviously felt that it was important for her and or her family that she board that plane and make it back to Alaska with enough time to deliver the baby that next day. She had the RIGHT to make that decision. And she has the nerve to talk about wanting to have the right to make decisions regarding her body. I still can’t get over that. I want to deny you rights to do what YOU want with your body, but you better understand that I have the right to do what I want with my body. She proves to me each day I listen to her what a hypocrite she is. And we haven’t known her more than a week or two. That is a shame.

She wants to hold her daughter up as some sort of boost for right to life while ignoring the fact that she had underage unprotected premarital sex showing that her dumb stance on sex education DOESN’T WORK. At least it didn’t work for her family. Then you have all these people saying that this just shows that she is a real person and just like the rest of us. Yet when an inner city underage girl gets pregnant they scream about the decline of family values, or how the inner city girl who is probably black is a statistic. While her daughter just made a mistake that is now turning into a blessing from god since she decided to marry her baby daddy. How inner city children who make that “mistake” are being corrupted by the sex and violence of television or hip hop music. Doesn’t this just take the cake? I believe that they should drop the straight talk express and rename it the hypocrite express.


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Sarah Palin Laughs In The Face Of Community Organization

Yesterday I was thinking about this whole election thing and was deciding that I needed to get back to my roots of speaking out on racism and the racist establishment, and a bit of child activism in there. But when I heard Sarah Palin trying to destroy what it means to be a community organizer, I just couldn’t let that go by without some sort of complaint.

She tries to play up the whole Mayor of a town that has fewer occupants in it than my neighborhood. She should be ashamed of herself. But of course she is not, because that is how people like her are, proud of their ignorance. She downplays the role of a community organizer even though we now know that she was forced to hire an administrator to run her government due to incompetence and the threat of a recall campaign. So maybe she should go easy on the “me have experience, you low community organizer person.”

Maybe she should have thought about this before attacking and belittling community organization to make her pittance of real experience look like she actually ran the country. The fact that she wouldn’t even be on that damn stage had it not been for the community organizers who organized the suffrage movement. But I guess that really isn’t all that important to a woman who is running for VP. Or the fact that women wouldn’t even be in the workforce had it not been for community organizers getting them together and raising hell. Remember that little thing called the feminist or women’s rights movement?

How about the fact that blacks would still be slaves if community organizers hadn’t pulled together to raise awareness of the evil of this institution? How about the fact that blacks wouldn’t even be allowed to chase the American dream as she is doing let alone come into the building to watch her jackass make a fool of herself insulting community organizers? But then again we know that the population of blacks is so low in Alaska she probably could care less if they were allowed into the hall to watch her slap their accomplishments in the face. She can stand at her podium grandstanding as if she is some worldly leader.

A nice little African proverb for her is that a single bracelet won’t jingle. They sit in their little convention and praise people like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. both of whom were those pitiful community organizers that they find so funny and sorry. It is interesting that before putting the speech together they didn’t bother to actually find out what a community organizer does and how they don’t collect money to help people. I guess to McCain and Palin the only time a person deserves their help is if they are getting paid or have a bunch of power behind it that they can abuse.

The facts are that community organizers are on the ground getting the things that these two fools fail to get done, done. And according to the community organization website this UNPAID job entails: Community organizing is a long-term approach where the people affected by an issue are supported in identifying problems and taking action to achieve solutions.

The organizer challenges those he or she works with to change the way things are—it is a means of achieving social change through collective action by changing the balance of power. The tactics and strategies employed by the organizer are similar to the processes of leadership including timing the issue, deliberate planning, getting the attention of the populace, framing the issue in terms of the desired solution, and shaping the terms of the decision-making process.

But if the Republicans had it their way they would have us believe that a community organizer is someone who sits on the stoop, drinking a forty oz. laughing and joking with the people as they pass by. Or maybe they just think it is what Sarah Palin did while in the PTA, sitting around shooting the breeze with the other parents. But to those of us, who know, perform these duties and rely on these people it is a lot more than some friendly person who just wants to sit and chat about your day and that of your kid or family.

The GOP got it way wrong on this one and I for one hope that this stupid statement comes back to bite them and her in their collective BUTT like a pitbull with or without lipstick.  And so I ask Sarah Palin and supporters, community organizers the world over have had to face life or death opposition to their positions, what life or death opposition have you faced?


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Bristol Palin Causing Baby Mama Drama

Well is it any surprise that everywhere you look people are talking about Bristol Palin’s baby daddy? Not only are they talking about it but they are doing the same old hypocritical bull crap that comes with the territory. You know the territory of when a black teen mother turns up pregnant and unwed not only is she an irresponsible lout but so is the baby daddy that did the deed with her. Not only that but then the parents are irresponsible, the community is irresponsible and then the whole damn black race is irresponsible for not somehow not making teen pregnancy or single motherhood a crime and then chastising each and every one of them for it.

Now you have people coming out of the woodwork to talk about how this was a blessing from god. Is it a blessing from god when it is some high profile white Republicans kid getting knocked up while not married? I even read on ABC online that we shouldn’t be down on these kids since Alaska has all those “long cold dark winters with nothing to do.” Well maybe we shouldn’t be so down on black kids since they have all those long cold dark lives with nothing to do. It is just hypocrisy at its best.

ABC online even interviewed a lot of social workers, teen fathers and other advocates to help teen dads step up to the plate and they all had nothing but the best advice for this irresponsible baby daddy. Letting him know what he can do in order to get all the support he needs in order to actually take the steps and become a stand up guy in his child’s life. Where are all these so called helpful do-gooders when the black teens are getting all knocked up? That’s right; they are too busy pulling out their soap boxes to stand on in order to tell the story of how irresponsible black people are for not stopping out of wedlock pregnancies.

And as far as I am concerned Obama should be stepping up to the plate to lecture her, her boyfriend and her family on the importance of taking responsibility for their actions or lack there of in the case of the family. He didn’t hesitate to call black people out on unwed pregnancies or baby daddies running all around. It seems to be just fine to lecture blacks on irresponsible behavior but somehow when white kids show irresponsibility they are above reproach. We will make every excuse or take steps to change the laws to protect their insanely irresponsible behavior, such as the underage college drinking problem.

Then you have idiot Palin talking about how she is going to make sure to extend the abstinence only program. I guess because it worked so well for her family she wants to make sure that all of our kids are too stupid to realize that sex leads to babies. Anyhow, I am wondering what her policy is on underage drinking since her daughter and her friends seem to be so fond of doing just that. Well I guess that couldn’t be any worse than the drunken Bush twins. So she does have a “what about them” defense. A study ordered by the Bush administration showed that the abstinence only education not only did NOTHING to reduce the amount of teenage sex, unprotected sex but that a majority of the teens actually believed that condoms did nothing for protecting them against STD’s. Maybe that is why Alaska has the highest STD rate in the country amongst teens.

And all of a sudden you have all these white mothers on television saying things such as “you can’t blame Sarah, because all you can do is tell your child, they are going to make their own decisions.” Yet, the whole freaking entire black community is responsible for any out of wedlock birth that happens in our community. How screwed up is the hypocrisy in this country? I am not surprised though, it seems that this is the way of people and things here. There is a rash of high profile white teens getting pregnant and everyone seems to be fawning over these irresponsible pregnant teens. Let’s start calling it what it is, a bunch of irresponsible teenagers having babies. And I am talking about the boys and girls, black and white. We need to stop with the hypocrisy. Maybe if we come together as a nation and give ALL the teens the same help in order to get them to take responsibility we wouldn’t be focusing our negative attention on one group while smiling and talking fondly of the others.


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The Fiasco That Is Sarah Palin

It is no surprise that a gaggle of wordpress bloggers are out in force talking up the racism and Barack diversions from Palin. This VP pick is the worst in history, at least to me. She even makes Quayle look like he had half a brain. I am just wondering why they think that if a freaking hurricane hitting a not yet healed New Orleans, couldn’t divert everyone’s attention that somehow the same old racism and Barack will do the trick. It is just ridiculous to think that anything short of a new terrorist attack could stop the Palin express derailment from being the big news of the day.

Is this lady serious? She champions the fact that we shouldn’t allow sex education in school and that they should just tell the kids to say no to sex via abstinence training. Then her seventeen year old underage daughter pops up pregnant, and five months to boot. Where is everyone to talk about how irresponsible her daughter is? Where the hell is the baby daddy in this situation? Maybe he will marry her, then again maybe he won’t. I mean he didn’t marry her before he knocked her up. Maybe if they both had some sort of sex education they would have understood what they were doing could possibly make a baby. Yet, we are supposed to believe that this is what family values are about.

Not only does she have a fiasco brewing from her “trooper gate”, “unwed teenage daughter pregnant gate”, but now we find out that she belonged to a group of folks who feel that Alaska should secede the USA. Now that just takes the cake. She actually spoke to this group saying that Alaska could be a great independent state. And I am supposed to believe that this woman loves America and has its best interest at heart.

I mean SHE is the one talking about separating from the USA and people are crying about Obama’s preacher talking trash about the USA. Where is this outcry of how she isn’t a patriot? I mean isn’t this beyond Michelle Obama saying that she was only just now proud of her nation after her husbands getting the nomination? But of course people will somehow try and justify this by saying that this shows her maverick style. “Trooper gate” shows that she knows how to wield her sword of power; “pregnant unwed underage teenage daughter gate” shows that she knows how to deal with teenage pregnancy or unwed mothers and now “Alaska should succeed the USA gate” shows that she knows how to be an independent thinker.

This all just shows how hypocritical and extremely pandering the Republican Party is. Not only that, this goes to show exactly what kind of president we could expect out of John McCain. One that does very little to use actual thought and care as to the decisions he makes. He will obviously jump the gun and use poor judgment when making decisions just like he has done in his VP choice. McCain has people up in Alaska investigating her right now.  Shouldn’t he have done this BEFORE he picked her?

It is clear he never vetted this lady at all.  I guess he thought “whatever will win votes” and now he is in a pickle.  He is obviously more concerned with doing whatever it takes to try and win this election that he would potentially put this country in the hands of a lady who not only abuses her position of power, has a bit of trouble even controlling her child, but also would rather live in a state that ISN’T part of the United States of America.  That doesn’t do much to make me believe in his judgement, her readiness or the responsibility of the Republican Party.


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