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How Is Pfleger Connected To Obama?

I know that everyone has already seen and heard the statements from Father Pfleger. Now my question is to all the people who feel that somehow Obama is responsible to answer to this mans speech. Is he Obama’s Pastor – NO! Has he or Obama stated that this man now somehow represents Obama – NO! Is this man somehow connected to Obama in any way – NO! Wow, so then why is it that everyone is coming out to say that Obama has another skeleton in HIS closet? Should McCain have to answer to every guest speaker that Rod Parsley, who he said was HIS SPIRITUAL LEADER, has at his church that then says something people don’t like? And isn’t this Father, Priest or Reverend entitled to his opinion and his own view? Or are we showing the world exactly what America is all about?

He said that Hillary felt that she was entitled to the candidacy because she was white. Well I don’t have to necessarily agree with this statement but she does raise my eyebrows when she boasts that Obama can’t win the racist working class white vote. You know those HARD WORKING AMERICAN’S not those shiftless blacks. The same Hillary camp that came out with the Obama is only where he is because he is BLACK. And now I have to sit and read these ignorant people link a person who has NEVER had any relationship with Obama act as if they are brothers. Give me a break. Everyone was so quick to cast aside McCain’s pastor when he made his racist statements by saying that they weren’t very close even though he said that this man was his spiritual leader.

When do we start looking at these slanderous Bloggers as the racists that they are? It is obvious that this has gone far past “I don’t like his views” and has entered into “I just don’t like his black ass.” Because I don’t see any of these people whether they are Hillary or McCain supporters go to these lengths on each other, only on Obama. That is interesting. I wonder what excuse they will have. Will they say that they must attack Obama because he is the greatest threat to getting their prospective candidate into office? Is Obama going to have to now answer for each and every white or black person who ever says anything about either candidate or about the white race in any way? Isn’t that a bit extreme?

And as far as I can see this whole thing has been nothing more than a name calling race on those who are telling it like it is. They want to tell us that this is some sort of “theology of victim hood”. I guess the same can be said of all the complaints of racism from the white community on this. Isn’t it always being said to blacks that they should stop crying and whining about racism, well white people now it is your turn, SHUT UP! Pull yourselves up by your boot straps and go get an education, then those preachers won’t be racist against you. Just work twice as hard as the parishioner and you will be just as welcome as the black people at that church. Of course this is parody of the stupidity blacks have to hear when they say something is racist, I guess things that go around come around.

I even read a few Bloggers say that “of course there is white privilege” but this isn’t the way to address it. Then what IS the way to address it? It is interesting that whenever blacks do something such as a bus boycott or any type of boycott we are told that this isn’t the way to make change. Should we just sit and wait for white people to get tired of all the white privilege and end it on their own. That’s funny since we have been doing that from day one and I don’t think that white people will ever get tired of white privilege. So I guess it IS high time that we actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. And unfortunately for the white community there are more and more of them jumping ranks and telling it like it is and they are doing it and getting media coverage. UH OH!


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White Bigots A Plenty

It is increasingly hard not to just wipe my hands and throw them in the air when reading the plethora of racist statements that some white people have no problem posting when they are well hidden behind an IP address. It is no doubt that these same bigots are out mingling with their black coworkers, neighbors or even (so called) friends. I was reading the comments from a site called AJC. I guess it wouldn’t matter since I write posts with the hopes of opening the eyes of the black community. Nothing I write is directly aimed at the white population, but if they read it and can take something from what I say then I feel that I have served a purpose.

Now this site was talking about the fact that there is a new black news channel in the works. The people who came to comment about the channel were indignant that blacks would even have the gall to think that they needed something other than the news that is already being shown. Yet the comments were nothing more than racist attacks cloaked in “hey, I’m just being real” type of talk. With statements such as: By Moesha

May 28, 2008 8:52 AM |

I can see an evening’s lead headlines now:

DA MAN is STILL Keeping Us Down, Yo!!!!!!!”

“A Beautiful Black Queen is Missing, and They Ain’t Nobody Looking for Her Because She Ain’t Some Pretty WHITE GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Mike Vick, Football Hero and Innocent Man, is Still Behind Bars Tonight for No Reason”


And we wonder why people like myself work to expose this type of hypocrisy. There are 299 comments and the majority of them follow this vain of logic. Yet people such as Tom a 55 year old white guy (that is how he describes himself) will come to my Blog and say: “Since then all of White America has done a remarkable turn around in our beliefs and values and have accepted African Americans, Women, Latinos, American Indians and others as equals. Just like I keep saying that we are NOT considered equal nor are we accepted by whites. The constant stereotyping that we have to endure and someone is going to tell me that we are valued as equal, please.

We have to endure this same stereotyping on the news, television programming and from these idiots hiding on the internet. They want to pigeon hole all blacks as being a certain poor, not interested in school, ghetto thug, saggy pants wearing, gun toting, gang joining, welfare accepting, unemployed individual that sure probably exists. Yet is that indicative of ALL blacks? Yet if I were to sit here and say that ALL whites were racist bigots, living in some low class trailer park, married to a sibling, picking a banjo, all the while pilfering the welfare system dry; I would be pounced upon by a ton of white and blacks who know this to be a falsehood.

So why is it that these stereotypes seem to be so prevalent in a lot of white minds? I have white people who comment on my Blog continuously and a lot of them will talk of how they don’t harbor any stereotypes of blacks and how non prejudiced they are, then turn around and say some crap such as blacks wouldn’t be where they are if they would just get an education and use proper English. Am I really supposed to believe that they are NOT bigots? It is getting harder and harder to just look at a white person and not think this could be one of those bigots hiding behind their IP address.


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Enabling Co-Dependency

The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naïve forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.

By Thomas Szasz.

This quote was shown on the show 20/20 which aired an episode on people who forgave those that wronged them in some of the most heinous ways. I think that forgiveness is necessary in order to move on and heal. But the problem I was having with this show and others is that they portray these black men who have been imprisoned for years and years for crimes they did not commit as the epitome of upstanding, selfless, and courageous individuals with character qualities that other blacks should emulate.

I personally believe that those innocent men who were kept in the hell that is prison for all those years and the ones who went to their death in that place are indeed courageous individuals but not for forgiving and forgetting. But, for enduring that type of torture and not giving in to the pressure to “just admit you did it” and they would be viewed leniently and might make parole. It takes courage to stand up in the face of severe adversity like that and not break.

Anyway, the problem with these guys is that they come out and immediately start to say things like “I don’t blame anyone; it was no ones fault that I was wrongly imprisoned.” Really, no ones fault!  How about the not really blind justice system? How about the lying prosecutors who in most of these cases failed to turn over key evidence that would have exonerated these individuals? How about the (normally all white) jury who on little or no evidence except loose flimsy circumstantial evidence like “the fellow who did this was black, we think”? How about the judge who seeing that the prosecution having had no evidence allowed the farce to take place? Yet according to these people there is no one to blame.

One problem I have with this need to constantly show blacks forgiving and forgetting the system for this racist atrocity is that they never show the other side. What about those blacks who sure forgive but never forget and have a lot to say about the railroading process that put them away. How about the people, who don’t forgive them, don’t their stories matter? I guess not since we never see them. It is funny that not only will they forgive them for their transgression but they forgive them even after in one case a judge said to the wrongly imprisoned man that his lawsuit was being thrown out because why should he be paid, he should just be thankful that he was let go.

I think that black people have been more than forgiving for all the atrocities that we have had to suffer. We are constantly forgiving and that is the problem. I can understand forgiving but like the doctor on 20/20 said forgetting doesn’t mean getting a lobotomy. And the black community sometimes makes me think that a lot of them are lobotomized. How many times and how long do we need to continue forgiving a country that continues its never ending parade of transgressions upon us? We forgave slavery, the loss of our history, ancestry, language, religion and peace of mind. We then forgave Jim Crow, segregation, racism, discrimination, and the Klan.

How much forgiving do we have to do before we say enough is enough? Right now our race looks like a door mat and I frankly don’t like the sound of that. I am sure that people will of course say that things are getting better. Maybe they are and maybe they aren’t, but to me it looks like things are getting worse. But like I keep saying how LONG must we continue to turn the other cheek, take the high road, look the other way and play the ever forgiving role of the enabling co-dependent before we decide that we need equality NOW?


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Doomed Black Community

“I feel from browsing you and Sentinel posts that what Black Americans like me have worked hard to achieve is an ultimate sellout because we choose to move out of deteriorating neighborhoods and that we have completely bought into the White hype.” I am taking it that you feel that neither I nor BrotherP have worked hard “made it” and have never moved out of a deteriorating neighborhood or ever bought into the white hype.”


This is in reply to a comment on Brotherpeacemaker’s post titled “Keep Moving Forward“.

I have worked extremely hard and have made plenty of accomplishments. I have succeeded in a college environment twice having two career choices to advance myself at any point. I have lived in ALL white neighborhoods and in fact grew up in a neighborhood that was predominantly white at the time.

And I know that BrotherP is in a professional career with a college degree, graduating as one of the top of his class. None of this is the point. It does not make one a sell out or buying into the white hype, it just makes it more likely. But selling out is based on a lot of factors which still isn’t the point.

The problem is when you say that Black Wall Street or Tulsa, OK was a success despite white racism; we can’t duplicate these successes if we abandon the area as soon as we have achieved a level of success. People think that just by blacks being successful from afar will somehow rub off on the less successful blacks they left behind. That is ridiculous. You can’t very well teach your children success if you don’t live near them.

So it stands to reason that we can’t build a successful black area if all the successful people abandon it. Even if not everyone in the successful area IS successful they will have a better standard of living and their children will benefit from the perks that will come from having the successful folks around. These perks can be things such as better quality schools, cleaner well maintained neighborhoods, which will enable them to succeed themselves.

Personal responsibility is an interesting topic and probably warrants its own post. I have a few problems with the use of personal responsibility as it is used in conjunction with the black community. It seems widely assumed that blacks in failing black communities have no personal responsibility or they wouldn’t be there in that failing community.

What about the personal responsibility of the dominant community towards failing communities? What about the personal responsibility of blacks who have left black communities for more successful white ones, thus continuing the deterioration? Personal responsibility is lacking everywhere. Personal responsibility is a learned behavior, not one that is just inherent in everyone. If that was the case then we wouldn’t have much to teach our young. As we all know children have no sense of personal responsibility until taught.

Does it ever dawn on people that it may not be a lack of personal responsibility that plagues the inner city? That things don’t happen in a vacuum? We can go down a long line of causes for the condition of these areas. I don’t believe that I have ever heard personal responsibility used in conjunction with poor white people.

Somehow the poor whites are looked at with sympathy and understanding, not with disdain and disgust. The problems that plague the black community did not come in one day because a group of irresponsible black people just got together and decided to ruined an area. The lack of tax dollars, businesses and people with the ability to lead by example has plagued and doomed the black community.


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Cindy McCain’s Pride In America

Watching that commercial from the GOP about Michelle Obama saying that “this is the first time in her adult life that she has actually been proud of her country” is just disturbing the hell out of me. I was thinking about it and it is just plain pathetic. It is as if a lot of people in the white community actually think that they and blacks have had the same experience in this country. Then McCain’s wife Cindy had the nerve to proclaim SHE is proud of her country. Of course she is. What does either of those two blind to the disparity and hypocrisy in America have to NOT be proud of?

Michelle Obama has to look at the news and see stories such as fourteen year old Martin Lee Anderson who was murdered when he was beaten, kicked and had ammonia tablets forced up his nose while his mouth was being covered by boot camp guards, all which was caught on tape. And then the autopsy on his body was performed by someone from the dominant community who said his death was a result of a latent cycle cell trait. When was the last time that Cindy McCain looked at the news to see that a fourteen year old Susan LeAnn McCaskey (fictional white character) was murdered when she was beaten, kicked and suffocated then read that the girl died from a latent breast cancer trait?

Michelle Obama also can look in the newspaper and see stories of unarmed black men like Amadou Diallo who was standing next to his building when cops approached him and asked for drugs. They claim that he loudly protested that he was NOT a drug dealer and the cops fearing his loud voice shot him forty one times. And every time this happens, which is plenty; the murder is referred to as contagious shooting. When was the last time Cindy McCain looked at a newspaper or watched the news and had to see any unarmed white man being shot over thirty times as a result of contagious shooting?

Michelle Obama can look at the news and see a story about how the wage gap between blacks and whites is growing NOT shrinking. And black people have fifty percent higher unemployment rates than whites. Or that black’s are woefully under represented in higher education, corporate America yet are over represented in the penal system. When Cindy McCain sees this does it even register, does she even care, does she make any attempts to change or remedy the situation? Or does she stand on a stage and tell a few hundred people in an audience plus the millions watching on television that “she is proud” of these facts which plague her and OUR country?

Michelle Obama can drive through her Chicago city and any other that actually HAS a black population and see the blatantly glaring disparity between those in the white communities and those in the black inner city. She can see the woeful condition of the schools, medical facilities (if they have them), businesses, public parks and any other condition you want to look at, and see that these conditions don’t plague most white communities. Is Cindy McCain proud of these facts? Does she even SEE these facts? Or is she too busy being the elitist, obliviously blind, proud heiress to some fortune of untold millions (she still hasn’t released those tax returns).

I am curious what Cindy McCain would tell some inner city kid who has a crumbling failing school, a poor substandard neighborhood, lack of decent housing, lack of nutritious food, no prospects for the future and no one from her husbands government to give a damn, what the hell they are supposed to be proud of. Exactly how would she approach that topic with them? This high and mighty attitude from her and other idiots stumping for the GOP in their smear ad shows that these elitist idiots really care. They care so much that they don’t bother to find out what a lot of the black community are dealing with on a daily basis. But when has the McCain family ever lifted a finger or eyebrow for that matter, to find out what anyone in the black community needs to make them able to have the American dream and be proud of their country?


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Myanmar A Gov’t Under Scrutiny

I am having a BIG problem with this whole Myanmar cyclone recovery that is playing every night on the news. The first lady had the nerve to stand there and say “The response to the cyclone is just the most recent example of the junta’s failure to meet its people’s basic needs…” Wow, is she really going to chastise someone on the failure to meet its people’s basic needs when our own government which is run by her husband failed miserably to meet the basic needs of our own people in New Orleans.

Isn’t it quite interesting that her husband had the nerve to say that he didn’t know anything about a hurricane hitting the Louisiana area. Not only did our government not help the people after the hurricane, they didn’t do anything to fix the shoddy levees that they knew would fail in just such a storm. How is that for “meeting the needs of your people?” While the water was gushing over the levees in New Orleans Bush was sharing birthday cake with none other than Senator John McCain. Say Laura the people in New Orleans had no food, water or other basic necessities, “let’em eat cake, right?!”

The hypocrisy of these people is amazing. A CNN reporter said about the situation “The people can’t get clean water, decent food, a clean place to stay or medical care. They also can’t seem to get their military government to care…The governments attitude was more along the lines of don’t call us we’ll call you.” Now we have the gall to say this about Myanmar when our government said the same thing to the hordes of people who were washed out of their homes. All the while Bush is playing a guitar with country singer Mark Willis. He then went back to Crawford for another night of vacationing.

While people were sitting in the streets with no food or water our government officials were patting themselves on the back. Remember “you doing a heck of a job Brownie.” Bush congratulates Michael Brown for doing nothing during the catastrophe. In fact not only was he doing nothing after he was warned by FEMA staff that people were dying in the Superdome his press secretary wrote to colleagues complaining that he needed more time scheduled to eat at a restaurant. Michael Chertoff actually said that “he was extremely pleased with the response” or lack there of.

Now we are crying foul at the Myanmar government because they haven’t acted fast enough or in a fashion that pleases us, we still have people suffering from Katrina. Living in formaldehyde laden trailers, being asked to return thousands of dollars in aid they received and living on the street due to the lack of jobs and housing. And still to this day displaced because they (government/big business) decided that the land those poor people lived on is way too valuable to be given back to them and must be handed over to big time developers who can earn a pretty penny.

Our response to our own disasters has been so disastrous that I can’t believe that anyone in this country would have the nerve to point the finger anywhere except inward. But I guess our collective memory is so short or the propaganda that we are drinking is so strong that people actually look back at Katrina and see a quick and complete response. They will look back and see that people were treated with dignity and served completely by their government who acted with the utmost concern for the peoples basic and extended needs. No, we would never give a response such as the one from Myanmar’s military junta.

This is just one more opportunity for our government to force our “services” on a country that didn’t ask for it. Yet when thousands of people in our own country need our “services” all you hear are crickets chirping at least for the first five days. When will we decide that it would be in our best interest if our government actually pretended to care about us the way they pretend to care about the people in countries whose governments we don’t like?


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Philly Cops Kicking Up Some Fun

As I watched that all too often tragedies play out in Philadelphia. I was wondering if those guys in blue who were bum rushing those three black guys pulling them out of the car and kicking, hitting and just wantonly beating them were the gang called the crips or that other gang in blue the cops. This is becoming more common than any of us in the black community should be comfortable with. We need to start fixing THIS gang violence which is permeating the black neighborhoods.

With this new beating of course come the stupid comments from those in the dominant community and those fools that love them. It never fails that as soon as a blatantly obvious and grievous wrong is committed on someone from the black race you get a plethora of fools out here who will agree upon one thought; that no matter how wild or out of control the cops that kill or maim that it is somehow the blacks fault.

As I watched the video a lot of people started commenting and here is a few of the things that I read. “this is why we should give our cops RPG’s, just blow the car up and do us all a favor and save us the money of putting them though a trial.. lol” “If they are being pursued by the police, they HOW ARE THEY INNOCENT?!?!?!” “good…fuck those ignorant ass black boys…who cares….they deserve it for what they did…and the others that got away deserve what is coming to them…always gotta ruin this country….” It is a simple matter of support, which was a big theme over at the Brotherpeacemaker recently.

Those ignorant freak’s know damn well that these cops are as guilty as sin. So if blacks can be beaten within inches of their lives then why is that we should care when someone takes that attitude and blows one of their members to the after life? They claim that they were under so much stress due to the fact that a cop had recently been shot. Well maybe the person who shot the cop was under so much stress due to the outrageous number of blacks being beaten, shot, killed and maimed by the cops.

Even if these were the guys who killed the cop, does that now mean that they do not deserve a fair trial to render a verdict as to whether they are guilty or innocent? Is it now up to the cops to not only arrest but then decide upon innocence and then render justice as he or she sees fit? Somehow I am supposed to care when a cop is killed or somehow maligned yet not care when a person of the black race is killed or maligned. I am sorry but that cops life is in no way worth any more or any less than the life of any black person that they decide to dole their brand of justice on.

This is NOT the wild, wild, west where you were able to pull out your “six shooter” and blast a person away if they wronged you or another person. It is interesting that people are fine with this behavior when it is aimed at blacks yet find it deplorable when it is aimed at whites. Just look at the comments when the cops were harassing (not abusing) Brett Darrow, 20 of Missouri. In case you don’t know the case a cop was threatening to arrest Darrow and invent charges in order to do so.

“This cop should spend years in prison for his systematic abuse of power.” “There should be studies done in regard to the sick minds of police.” “He should be fired AND prosecuted.” People had a lot of terrible things to say about the police in “this” situation. But when the situation involves a black person somehow now everyone has so much respect and adoration of the cops or they feel it necessary to talk of how the cops are under so much stress and how difficult their jobs are.

Well wasn’t this cop under so much stress as well, or are cops who deal with blacks the only ones under so much stress? These are the blatant disparities that I am constantly being told don’t exist. People in the black community need to wake up and start realizing that these cops are playing the same role as the lynch mobs of old.


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