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Substitute Hate Teacher


I was reading some posts by other people off my racist tag and came across this hate filled rant by some girl talking about her black neighbors. She of course throws out one of the normal disclaimers, this one was “call me racist, I don’t care” bit and to tell you the truth she probably doesn’t care. Because someone with the blatantly racist talk she has wouldn’t care. The post is called “I’m a color, too. I try not to get dragged into these types of hate filled rants but this one just spoke to me. I believe it was because all the black people as bad propaganda she was talking I could do the exact same with white people being the topic.

I can understand having a beef with your neighbors as I have some neighbors that I would love to just move far away and never come back. But am I going to malign a whole race of people just because I have a problem with a particular neighbor. Not to mention she goes on to talk about blacks are doing all of the crime, the abortions, drugs and any other piece of propaganda you can think of. I am just tired to death of these “I live in the hood so I know exactly what type of people blacks are” white folks who would argue you down if you showed them the numbers pointing their race out as the biggest perpetrator of all the terrible things she is pointing out in the black community.

Now to be fair if you are living in any community the majority of anything that goes on will be committed by the majority of whatever race lives their. I am pretty sure she wouldn’t even be writing this crap if she lived in my old place in Idaho where the white people were keeping me and my QUIET family up all night with their loud music, drinking all night and yelling off the balcony, loud ass trucks revving them up in the early morning and late night, all the drug dealers, murders, rapes and any other bad thing that happened in that town. Yet because she feels that the blacks are to blame let the finger pointing begin.

She is so sick of black history month, why because “Everything that is being done to embrace African American History, or point out that black people are black and white people are white is just another thing to segregate us. We may not be segregated by law, but we are segregated by culture and will continue to be until we agree that we’re all Americans and let bygones be bygones. And I’m really sick of all the crap associated with it. And what does it mean to be American, what is the culture of America? Since we all know that whatever race is majority will define the culture. So to her everyone should just submit and accept white culture as their own and we will all be happy campers. Will she feel the same if some race other than white were to define the culture of America, of course she wouldn’t feel the same.

If you used birth control. I’m sick of seeing posters on the bus that point out that 50% of black babies are aborted. And when 50% of the population of this city is black, that means AT LEAST 25% of all pregnancies in this city are aborted .That’s fucking disgusting. I’m all for pro-choice and everything, but using abortion as a method of birth control is just fucked up. Go to planned parent hood. And turn down the music. She said that she a graduate student, obviously not in math. How can you go from blacks being 50% of the population and so 25% of all pregnancies end in abortion, that would assume that everyone one in this city is getting pregnant. Not to mention what poster, can we look at the numbers behind what she is talking about or is she pulling numbers from her nether region? But the problem I am having is how does she know that they are using this as a method of birth control, just because she says so? Is that the criteria now for statistics etc. is just to throw something out and it is because you say it is.

This lady also happens to be a substitute teacher, how scary is that? This lady will have access to our kids even if it is on a short term basis. I have had way too many racist black hating teachers whether they were substitutes or regulars to pass through my life trying to ruin my love of self not to know what kind of damage they can do. She may be a substitute but how long do you have to be around someone or how many words do you have to say in just the right way before you have infected and affected an innocent young child’s life forever? It doesn’t take much for a person or a child to understand how you feel about “people like them.”

The moral of this story is that everything she said about blacks we can apply to whites, Asians, Hispanics and pretty much any other racial group out their. Yet it is the racists like her who will infect our kids with a sense of low self worth, low self esteem, hatred of self as she sits and wonders why the blacks around her are doing what they are doing. Not to mention that she thinks that blacks are making themselves victims. Well my dear until blacks are denying themselves employment, decent medical care, housing and just common decency then I think that they have enough people making victims out of them than to do it themselves. When they become the teachers such as yourself who have a deep seated hatred of blacks and then try and fool us into believing that you are helping all the while infecting then talk to us about self victimization.


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Who Will Be Responsible


What happened to Lucas Taylor’s daughter would be a nightmare for anyone. Making the decision to put you elderly loved one into a nursing home only to have them neglected and die. The family claimed that they put their dad Lucas into the nursing home named St. Elizabeth health care and rehabilitation center in order to spend more time with him. Then after an unstated amount of time his daughter went to visit her father and found that he was sitting in a pile of his own feces and had a decubitus ulcer or bed sore on his coccyx, which is a likely place. From the news pictures this ulcer which was over his coccyx looked to be at a stage 3 or 4. She then moved him to a new nursing home where he died five months later.

Now mind you I am totally in agreement that ultimately the nursing home IS to blame for this situation with Lucas Taylor. But, my problems with this situation are that it seems that as a whole people have lost that nurturing touch with family. We are so quick to throw our kids, parents and any other member of our family into a care type situation instead of even considering alternatives. I am not saying that this family did or didn’t look at alternatives or solutions to their family’s dilemma. I just find that in today’s times we are just too wrapped up in our own lives and too selfish to think about sacrificing anything for family.

Now with that said I have some history with this type of situation having worked in numerous hospitals and nursing homes I know that people park their parents in nursing homes and they wiped their hands in a good riddance as they burned rubber leaving the facility. It reminds me of the Simpson’s when Homer drives his dad Abe back to the “Home”. People don’t take the time to meet the caregivers find out anything about the facility. It is usually just does this place take Medicare/Medicaid and if the answer is yes then this is the place for mom or dad.

Now in the case with Lucas Taylor I can’t say that they did much research as this particular nursing home has been rated one of the 54 worst nursing homes in the country by the U.S. centers for Medicare/Medicaid services. They also have not been in compliance for what an agency spokesperson said was a long, long time. These little tidbits of information would be common knowledge for anyone doing the least bit of checking on the facility that you are going to trust one of your most loving treasures with. They could have checked the good the bad and the ugly on this facility just by going to health grades and paying a big old whopping 9.95 and probably some tax. So it isn’t as if information on nursing homes was top secret and you have to bribe a top official to get the low down.

As I watched this news 4 special I started to wonder exactly what responsibility to their father’s health care does this family thinks they had. They talk about the fact that the nursing home should be held accountable and that they should be made to pay etc. But if they were visiting often wouldn’t they have noticed that their father was deteriorating. I am certain that he didn’t go from lively to lifeless in a day or a week. I know that this story is supposed to pull at the heart strings which it does but for me I am more moved by Lucas and his tragedy rather than the crying of the family. It is obvious that they didn’t do what they intended when they put dad in a nursing home, which was so they can visit more often; so they said.

The daughter was crying and feeling horrible which is totally understandable yet if they had just gone in once a week and checked on dad they probably would have noticed that he was receiving this substandard care that they talk about. I hate talking about these kinds of cases as they make me feel so cold hearted as I talk about what could have been done. Yet then I think again if people weren’t in such a rush to be rid of good old dad or mom they wouldn’t be in the situation they are in today. This reminds me of the New Orleans nursing home owner and some nurses who was prosecuted but eventually acquitted of murder for leaving some of the patients in their beds where they drowned.

I know that on the surface this sounds horrible. But think of it this way. The facility called ALL the families and asked that they pick up their family member etc. Then the nurses eventually left the facility due to the approaching storm. I know a lot of you are saying that you would have stayed but come on, really. You have kids and family at home depending on you to help them as well and you are going to let them die because some families couldn’t be bother to pick up mom or dad before the storm. I am a nurse and I would have high tailed it out of that facility as fast as possible to get my kids to safety.

The families were waging a lawsuit and screaming that the facility owner and nurses were monsters that let their parents die. Telling the camera how much they loved their parents and that this was murder plain and simple. Yet where were they? Oh yeah, they were fleeing the storm without mom and dad. So I guess that their parents didn’t mean as much to them as they said since they couldn’t be bothered to take them along to safety. Yet they expect that some nurse is going to stay and leave his or her family, kids and loved ones to possibly die to stay with the parent that you couldn’t even be bothered to make arrangements for yourself. Please they should be on trial themselves then.

Now according to all the court papers the families were notified days in advance and the nurses stayed until the water was thigh high before they fled. I have respect for them staying that long. All I am saying is that if we as good family members cared more for our loved ones we would ensure that they get the best care that they can possibly receive. And a lot of the time that involves coming out of your comfort zone and keeping them at your home or maybe doing a tad bit of research to ensure that you aren’t relegating them to the Dr. Kevorkian home for the elderly. It is high time that we stop looking for someone else to take responsibility and start taking responsibility for our family, neighborhoods and country and everyone living in it.


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Australian Apology Lame At Best


Australian Prime Minister Rudd says that the apology he issued to the Aborigine population for past atrocities will “remove a blight on the nation’s soul.” Really, will that do it, is that all it takes? If I were an aborigine or if the American government ever extended some sorry lame little apology I would have to tell them where to stick it. I am not that damn forgiving.

The aborigine population makes up only about two percent of the country’s population of 21 million. A country they inhabited long before Britain decided to use it for their own personal prison. The original inhabitants are now a minority in their own land just as the aborigines in Canada and the Native Americans. The black South Africans also suffer the same type of fate even though they are still the majority. All four plus add in the American black people and they all suffer many disadvantages, such as extremely high rates of ill-health, unemployment and imprisonment. Yet people will feel outrage when I point out the similarities of the five situations. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together that in all five cases the perpetrators and victims have distinct physical similarities.

Yet this phenomenon of apologies heal all doesn’t happen anywhere else except in situations of extreme racism, discrimination and hatred. Because when the heinous act is being committed by one race upon another race an apology suffices or at least it better suffice. In America we can’t bother to apologize for slavery because it won’t matter since all the slaves and slave owners are dead. Even though I already said that it wouldn’t much matter to me. As I feel that if white people were really sorry for the slavery they would take more of an initiative to stop white privilege, race disparities and the outright discrimination of minorities.

So to me if the Australians were serious about the apology they were dispensing to the aborigines they would back it up with some sort of legislation to compensate them for the atrocities committed. Not to mention some sort of plan to level the playing field between the two races. Is this apology to make the aborigines feel better or to make themselves feel better since I am sure that an apology isn’t going to take away the pain of those atrocities the white Australians have waged on them for so many years.

After years of white people in four different places ruining the lives of five different groups of people and all that is given is an apology and that was only dished out to two of them thus far. And has that somehow ended the strife of low wages, lack of employment, high prison rates or inhumane treatment, I think not. Yet everyone is hailing this latest apology as some sort of big deal that the world should be so proud of. I am disappointed that this is the only thing that they could think to do that would begin the healing process for their race relations. I hope that the aborigine people stand up and let them know that they need to do a lot more than this lame apology.


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Bad Medicine


I made a doctor’s appointment for my ten month old son in January. The first problem I had was the fact that my insurance company allowed me to pick the doctor of my choice which was great since at first they picked one for you. While making an appointment to see this doctor I was told that the doctor I chose no longer worked with this particular clinic and hasn’t for a while. I was then told that my son was going to see some doctor on staff. I was not thrilled about that as I do like to know the background of the doctor and find out a little bit about their specialties etc. before I allow them to start treating my son, myself or any of my family.

This was only the beginning of what I felt was a nightmare situation. I received my son’s medical card which had the medical center I was to visits address. When I arrived at the address a little more than a half an hour before his appointment in case I needed to fill out paperwork, I was told that the clinic had long since moved to a new building. The people gave me the new address and off I went to hunt it down. Since mind you I am new to this city having only been here for about four months, so it was a trial to find my way around.

After arriving to this new clinic I asked for information on what I was to do next since this place was extremely big and there were no information signs. I was told that I needed to go to registration first. When I finished filling out the paper work the lady registering my son made a few phone calls, I had no idea what she was doing so I asked her how long this would take since his appointment was at 11am and we had about 2 minutes left. She said it wouldn’t take long and about half an hour later she hands me the phone and said that she had been trying to change my PCP or (primary care provider) to this large clinic. I said I did not want to change my PCP and was told in a snippy tone that if I wanted to see the doctor today that I would “HAVE” to, so I reluctantly complied.

After finishing I was sent to the second floor again with absolutely no information or directions to again hunt down where I was supposed to go. She said the yellow section, so I wondered around since there was no staff to ask until I ran upon an area painted completely in neon yellow. This area was filthy but then again the first thing I noticed was that the whole building was completely filthy and very unkempt.

I gave my paperwork to the nurse behind the desk and she asked if he was a walk in or an appointment, when I said appointment she said she couldn’t locate his name. After a little searching she said that he had been put in as an appointment for the previous Friday. I told her that they told me Monday and she said that it didn’t matter because they were never open on Fridays anyway. So I guess if I had the right date I would have wasted my time and gas coming to a closed clinic for nothing.

She said I was now a walk in and to have a seat and the nurse would be with me soon. I asked if he was still seeing Dr. Blank and I was promptly told that Dr. Blank was actually Nurse Blank RN. There was no doctor. I was not happy as if I wanted him to see a nurse I could stay home and look at him myself. I just sat down disgusted by all the filth in the halls, on the walls and floors. It looked as if people had been tracking in mud and dirt for days with no mopping nor sweeping even though the weather had been sunny for a few days. It was horrible to say the least.

As I sat and watched the nurses call babies into the weight and measurement room where I was seated directly adjacent to, I noticed that these nurses didn’t even use any Universal precautions. They were putting all the babies on the same scale without even cleaning or putting down new paper. When I brought this to their attention I was told that the babies were clean and then dismissed. I was extremely uncomfortable with this as most of the babies were obviously suffering from some sort of upper respiratory ailments and looked pretty contagious.

The last straw was the fact that a lady and her mother were arguing after she was told by staff that the mother had bad breath and the daughter became angry with her mother with whom she began to fight. I then went to the desk to complain and to ask about another appointment with an actual doctor elsewhere, instead of a person there was a sign that said the nurses had all gone to lunch and would be back in about half an hour and to wait patiently. So not only could I not get any help I was supposed to wait patiently to be seen by one of these nurses who seem to have no work ethic. I had had enough of the dirty, condescending, substandard care and treatment from these non professional individuals.

I left and plan to change my PCP to some other doctor’s office as soon as I can find one that is acceptable. This is just one in a long line of substandard customer service and professionalism that I have had to endure in this state. I am wondering if this type of substandard care is indicative of what I will find anywhere here in this predominantly black community or if is this is a state problem that coming from Idaho and Washington State I have not had the misfortune of dealing with?

My biggest concern was that this place was full of sick and downtrodden people who looked as if they couldn’t or didn’t know how to change the circumstances of this clinic. I immediately took it upon myself to write letters to the government and to the medical provider in order to let them know the substandard conditions that exist there. I have never seen such horrible conditions in a clinic even having worked in nursing for over ten years. I was surprised that people actually were patronizing this place. It was almost as if they did not feel that they knew that there was anything wrong with this place. Young mothers with tiny babies and elderly folks all waiting for any semblance of care was disheartening.

I didn’t just take the experience of this place and file into the negative section of my memory. I actually went home and immediately documented the entire events of the day so that I could do something about it. To me if I had done nothing I am no better than the people providing that substandard care. I sat down at my computer and typed out a letter that I sent to my insurance provider and to the complete list of government officials that represent this area. I went from senators to the state auditor to the alderman. I left no one untouched. And hopefully the next time I post about this place it will be to say that it has been much improved. And for the sake of everyone who frequents this place something will be done.


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Me Me Me, It’s All About Me And Mine


As I watch CNN amid the news about tornadoes and shootings again Natalee Holloway is making news. Her parents are calling for justice for their daughter. Now I am the first person to say that justice needs to be served in any and all cases of wrong doing. Now the problem I have is that where were these people while justice was being denied to hordes of others?

I have a real issue with the Holloway’s, the Sheehan’s and Mark Pasternak who if you didn’t know won a one hundred fifty thousand dollar lawsuit for reverse racism in New York. The problem I have is that these people could have cared less about the unsolved murders, death’s of other soldiers or the blatant racism against blacks in New York and everywhere else. Yet this is the problem with most of us in America, no one gives a damn until that bird comes home to roost on your house.

The Holloway’s could have given a rat’s butt that Tamika Huston and countless other black and white girls went missing before their daughter. Yet they didn’t have time to care. They had better things to spend their time on. Now they have Blogs, websites geared towards helping them find her, petitions to boycott Aruba, and even petitions to get justice. I am pretty sure that Tamika Huston’s family as well as the family of all the other missing black ladies would love to get in on the websites, Blogs and petitions for justice. As not only do they not get any justice they don’t get nearly a fraction of the air time that the Holloway’s are racking up yearly, monthly and even weekly.

Cindy Sheehan could care less about the soldiers dying over in Iraq before Casey. In fact she was a doting mother praising the war and military like a good little military momma that is before Casey was next to fall prey to the bloodshed. She claims she had a lot going on in her life and was to busy just surviving. All the while praising an unjust, unfair war. Yet after his death she seemed to have all the time in the world. Raising camp Casey, camping outside of the Bush ranch, speaking to hordes of supporters and even going so far as to become a thorn in the paw of the government. Yet I am sure that Cpl. Forest Jostes’ family would like to know why their son was killed right next to Casey who has barely been mentioned let alone given the media coverage.

Mr. Mark Pasternak who experienced insomnia, anxiety and depression and had to take several medical leaves of absence because of the verbal abuse never spoke out for any other racial disparities not even after his win and publicity. Now how many times do you hear people telling blacks to just get over it, hanging nooses are a joke and that whites using nigger shouldn’t hurt anyone. Yet Mark was obviously hurt by his boss calling him a stupid white boy. How come he couldn’t just get over it? And how come he couldn’t just turn the other cheek while the guy continued or better yet why didn’t he just go get another job elsewhere. Shouldn’t we all be asking why is this guy using the race card and all the race baiting?

My whole point is that not one of these people could care one iota for anybody who was in their situation before them and right now as they cry for public support and help. The fact is that these tragedies have been going on around them to minorities who won’t get the publicity has passes right by them all without one bit of acknowledgment. And even though they are going through this now they are in this me, me, and me place of selfishness.

Look what happened to my daughter, look what happened to my poor son, look what the bad man did to me at work.  And what about those people who don’t have a voice or their voices are dismissed and muffled because they have the audacity to cry out with the wrong skin color. These people have failed and are failing to see that the fact that they demand media attention and then get plastered all over the media is a source of injustice.


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To Eat In Mississippi Just Step On The Scales


You might have heard the news that a Mississippi law maker wants to pass a law making it illegal for restaurants to serve food to clinically obese people. How stupid is this? I can understand wanting to help people lose weight because I am all for controlling issues of weight and any other unhealthy problem people may face. It doesn’t matter how unhealthy you are as long as you aren’t obese.

What I don’t like is the fact that they are going to go on looks alone to base this law. How about the skinny person who has a cholesterol level of like 350 and is sliding towards a heart attack shouldn’t they be kept from the trough as well? They are just as or unhealthier than the obese person yet it is OK as long as they are skinny. No matter that the plate of greasy burger and fries is the last straw and he or she walks out of the restaurant and drops dead of a heart attack. Who should be to blame for this?

What about the bulimic person who may be thin but due to the binging and purging they are extremely unhealthy. Should the restaurant not be helping to feed this unhealthy eating disorder by supplying them with the food they want to binge just so they can go home or somewhere else and purge it out somehow? Is the restaurant supposed to be able to deny helping them become even unhealthier even though they look normal and healthy?

Should the tanning shops now deny tans to those super tanned individuals who are ruining their skin and will undoubtedly have skin cancer in the future? Should every industry that might be aiding and abetting some behavior that could possibly lead to unhealthy outcomes be charged with regulating the persons partaking in it? What about football and the Super Bowl? They just came out with statistics that show that people are prone to stress related heart problems from watching the games. Should we now have a health screening for those who wish to watch the game live or in a pub etc.?

The problem is we can’t regulate what people do when it is legal for them to do it. This law maker is making a lot of assumptions about the people who are obese. The assumption is that the people are fat due to chronic over eating and that is it. What about the people who have glandular problems such as PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and endocrine problems such as thyroid conditions, parathyroid, pancreas, adrenal, pituitary and hypothalamus problems, diseases such as Cushing’s disease and lastly a plethora of certain drugs such as antidepressants and anti-seizure just to name a couple.

Yet we are going to trust whether or not a person is just a fat slob who is killing themselves with food to some waitress, waiter or greeter at a restaurant. The bill was authored by Senator W.T. Mayhall, Jr. Now this senator supposedly has a background in medicine which makes me ask the question how he can make such a stupid bill which certainly won’t help. At best it will be another way to subjugate people, obese people.


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1 Black Woman, 5 Different Baby Daddies, 8 Babies


After visiting Booker Rising a conservative site aimed at black folks I came across a quote about the teenager who had nooses hanging from his truck during the Jena 6 rally being charged with a hate crime and how it was wrong. I then started reading the comments associated with it and was floored when I came across this one reply. It is from a person who I find ridiculous anyway having read some of his Blog posts. The reply was directed towards a person named uptownsteve who actually replies here all the time. I find it an act in futility as these people are pretty much all the same with the same rhetoric. Anyway the person is NSangoma and here is the reply:

Uptownsteve baby-bubba, the worse hate-crime is self-hate.

How can people live like this?

Tarika Wilson (26) had six children, ages 8 to 1. They were fathered by five men……/us/ 30lima.html

one black woman, 5 different baby daddy, 8 babies.

One child per year since age 18.

Where was her brother Ivory Austin, who is now out protesting her untimely death, when Tarika was giving up all them drawz?

Where was her father, when Tarika was giving up all them drawz?

Where do Negroes get names like Tarika? Sounds like a name an unwed teenager would give to a baby. Hmmm, one might wonder if Tarika was sired by a baby daddy.

I believe Mychal Bell was sired by a baby daddy, too.

Now the case in which he is speaking about is a Tarika Wilson who was shot and killed by the police as they broke into her house looking for her boyfriend who they believe is a drug dealer. She had committed NO crime and yet was shot dead not only that her youngest child who was only one year old was also shot twice during the melee. And he wants to comment on her sex life and how many fathers were involved in the siring of her children. Exactly how does this matter when the lady was killed in cold blood? Does the fact that she had more than one man father her children mean that it was somehow justified that she was killed by the police?

I don’t know how many times I have had to sit through stories of Natalee Halloway stories in which we know that she screwed at least three men on the beach the night she went missing in Aruba. There is conclusive evidence that she was drinking heavily and was in possession of drugs before her disappearance. So why isn’t anyone talking about her background and how it was justifiable that someone killed her, I mean she was a drunken tramp right? Yet this will be seen as a disgusting to sit and malign someone that America has been so touched by. So touched in fact the family and others put out a plea to boycott Aruba and it actually had teeth.

And the fact that this jackass has some nerve to then turn around and complain about her name saying that it sounds like the name from an unwed teenage mother. I guess if it were Sally, Barbara, Shelley, or Natalee would somehow imply that she was born to married parents who owned a home in suburban USA with a dog named Sparky. Where was her family when she was out giving up the “draws” is what he asks. Where were Natalee Halloway’s parents and family when she was out on the beach drunk and giving up her draws? Who the hell cares is what we should be saying. Just because a person is having sex or getting pregnant by more than one man makes them deserving of being murdered?

But I guess if I listen to this idiot it is fine and dandy to kill an unarmed non crime committing black lady and shoot her baby twice because she has a name reminiscent of a teenage mother, she had children with more than one father and she seems like she had no contact with her own father. And even though she was to start college that following Monday the nation could care less since when they see you they see all the unwed black mothers, welfare recipient, drug dealers girlfriend and every stereotypical thought you have about young black females. Yet if you are white you can do or possess drugs, drink to your hearts content and then have sex with three or more men in one night out on a beach and capture the heart of the whole nation. Since after all when the nation sees you they see their daughter, sister, cousin or some other family member.

Because if these two stories tell us anything they tell us that if you are black in America don’t bother thinking that anyone will care if you are missing, injured or killed by police or anyone else. And that if you are white you can so much as get a hang nail and the world will weep with you. If you would like to read more on how white women matter but black women don’t you can read a great post about it here on Brotherpeacemaker called “The Public Infatuation With White Women.”


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Just Be Thankful You’re American


I recently did a post on sex slaves in America and inside I talked about a bunch of Ukrainian women who were brought here under the assumption they would be getting jobs except those jobs were as prostitutes. Now they are free, tens of thousands of dollars richer and American citizens. They actually spoke to congress about the sex slave industry and cried their collective eyes out at the humiliation, torment and degradation they suffered at the hands of their captors. Now New Jersey lawmakers would like to offer an apology for the enslavement of the Africans.

An apology is a good start to trying to acknowledge a wrong that was never corrected. Republican Assemblymen such as Richard Merkt and Michael Patrick Carroll had problems with this. They feel that it would be meaningless. Assemblyman Richard Merkt wanted to know, “Who living today is guilty of slave holding and thus capable of apologizing for the offense?” Also, “And who living today is a former slave and thus capable of accepting the apology? So how is a real apology even remotely possible, much less meaningful, given the long absence of both oppressor and victim?”

“But, on a current note, if slavery was the price that a modern American’s ancestors had to pay in order to make one an American, one should get down on one’s knees every single day and thank the Lord that such price was paid,” Carroll said. Carroll said while his ancestors came from Ireland around the 1850s, fleeing a potato famine he said was worsened by British indifference; he bore the British no ill will. Now back to our Ukrainian ladies. From what Assemblyman Carroll is saying these ladies should be on their collective knees daily and this time to thank the modern day slave catchers for helping to make them citizens of America. Not only the ladies but their children, children’s children should all be on their knees giving thanks that the sex slave catchers got their mothers and grandmothers and making them free Americans.

Now that sounds pretty sickening if you ask me, that we have people that are so callous as to think that someone should be thankful that their family has been enslaved and subjugated. They should be thankful for the passing on of not only an American citizenship but a legacy of subjugation, discrimination and bias. Mr. Carroll would NEVER make that statement to these ladies let alone any white person who suffered from some devastating event that caused them to be in America. Would he say that to the Jews who suffered through the holocaust? Hey they had to suffer immensely, losing family members and their freedom yet they should be thanking the Nazi’s each and every day down on their knees no doubt for the chance to be an American citizen.

If a drunk driver swerves his car into a car carrying Mr. Carroll’s children and they all get killed including the drunk driver would he feel it to be meaningless for the drunk driver’s family to offer his family some sort of apology for the disaster? I mean the drunk driver is dead so can’t apologize; his kids are dead so they can’t accept it so to him it is a waste of time. Yet on a daily basis in some court here in America you have murderer after murderer who is apologizing for the murder of somebody or another. Then there are the people who are accepting of the apology, not the person however because they are no longer here. But, the apology still helps those left behind to begin healing from whatever mental anguish they have been and are suffering.

The extreme condescension of comparing slavery of ones ancestors to a famine is indescribable. People constantly want to make comparisons with regards to slavery. It is just another way of diminishing the act or trying to lessen its blow. It is like comparing starvation which lasts months until one dies to going without lunch for one day. How about I compare his family’s potato famine with the cold that I had last year which was pretty bad and I felt terrible for a week. I am sure he and certainly his ancestors would say that it was no comparison.

Now slavery was a LONG time ago I will grant you. But looking at the big picture what has been done to take the sting of it away from the minds of those that are here now. What has anyone done to make amends for this travesty of justice? What exactly did we get for our families suffering through slavery? We received the bonuses of lynching, Jim Crow, discrimination, racism, white privilege, deep resentment, out right hatred and ambivalence. Yet I am supposed to be thankful to have this legacy. Maybe we as blacks are thankful to be in the United States but the problem is that not only our ancestors had to pay a price; we are still paying a price with racism, injustice, discrimination and hypocrisy at every turn. So why don’t we start with a simple apology then move on to some real corrections and end white privilege, racism and try to make life fair to ALL races.


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