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Bigots Or Just Bitter

As I watch a bunch of Hillary supporters on CNN talk about how they are definitely going to vote for McCain over Obama I start to wonder how much of their attitude is due to racism vs. the feminism that they were claiming. I can understand being a feminist and wanting Hillary over Obama. And I can even understand the thinking that Obama in some way used sexism in his campaign which would upset us all. The thing I can’t understand is how you make a leap from Hillary to McCain.

See here is my thinking. Hillary and Obama are pretty dead on in their policies they both are pro-choice the feminists stance on abortion. Now we look at McCain and Hillary and we see that they are at dead opposites on almost everything. Not to mention McCain doesn’t think that women are smart enough to be able to make decisions regarding their bodies. So how does one make the leap to McCain if Hillary was their choice? I keep hearing that it is based on experience. And that in itself is laughable and a bit contrived.

Is someone going to tell me that they are going hire someone who has experience yet brings nothing that we agree with to the table over someone who has less experience but has all the qualities we need in an employee? Now if someone is saying yes then they are a person who will cut off their nose to spite their face, because that makes no sense whatsoever. Which brings me to the only other thing that McCain has in common with Hillary and that is being white.

I already know that one of the biggest Hillary supporters who happen to now be trying to stump for McCain is a lady who worked her hardest to keep the black descendants of Thomas Jefferson out of the family tree club. And if that isn’t based on race then I don’t know what it is. So it isn’t a big jump to see that she is definitely basing her support on whoever is the white candidate. Yet, so many people are trying to make every excuse in the world for these people. I have heard news and pundits chalk this up to nothing more than anger and payback for Hillary not making the cut.

So these people couldn’t be that incensed with the Bush policies since they seem to be asking for more. Not to mention that as soon as McCain were to get into office and screw us for four more years with his Bush quality policies these will be the same complainers who will act as if they don’t know why this is happening. This is nothing more than blatant racism. We should stop trying to beat around the bush and sugar coat what these bigots are doing. They say that there is nothing that he can do to win their vote. How can that be, since even their former candidate is supporting the man. I guess she wasn’t all that influential with them after all.

So, my question to all of you is, are these people bigots or bitter?


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When Conversations About Race Go Bad

I am getting so sick of the self centered comments that come with talking about race. The first thing that happens when you talk about race is that a lot of white people will inevitably come back with a “but if it happened to a white person…” These comments are just moot since the disparities that I am speaking of don’t happen to whites at least not at the proportion that it happens to blacks. I am sure that problems exist on both sides of the fence. Whites are passed over for jobs, get bad service, hear derogatory names, get pulled over by police and even get shot by the police.

The problem is that blacks are unemployed at twice the rate of whites, businesses are underrepresented with blacks, bad service usually comes with a racial tag, the derogatory names that blacks have to endure were used to subjugate blacks plus injure to a degree that most names a white person is called could ever do, blacks are pulled over continuously for being seen with those black faces, sure whites get shot but blacks get shot far more and in numbers that would put a blush on the face of any self respecting hit man. With the number of bullets put into blacks the cops could shoot up a whole city of white people.

I see that Oregon has decided to add a book about their racist past to the school curriculum. And of course there are white people already up in arms to ask why we have to hear about this. Why don’t we get to hear about all the whites who lost their lives to help civil rights move forward. See this is my point. You can’t have a discussion about anything that shows white people in a bad light without those insecure folks who just HAVE to have some mention of how great white people are. Is it that hard to hear about the terrible things that your race has done? Is it that hard to acknowledge a wrong without throwing in all the good that has been done?

Blacks have to constantly sit and endure the pointing fingers of imputation from not only whites but other blacks as well. The constant barrage of how we need to take responsibility for whatever ails the black community that week. Yet those pointing the finger the hardest are those who have the worst time taking responsibility for the actions of their forefathers and their own community at large. The minute you start looking into how the other half lives it is reverse discrimination and you are a racist. I don’t see one reason why Oregon shouldn’t explore its racist past, present and future. From what I am reading from these people writing about it, it sounds like there is no racism in Oregon. And I know for a fact that this is a blatant lie. No matter how progressive a community feels that they are, racism rears its ugly head here and there with those progressives leading the way.

Maybe if we stop pretending that racism is dead and buried and begin to pt it out in the open it can be dealt with. But of course the dominant course of action seems to be the three d’s, disregard, divert and dilute. Which is what I keep hearing from those that feel to acknowledge anything is race baiting. This is also what I hear a lot. First they disregard and comment on how blacks aren’t the only race to be wronged in the past. Then they want to divert your attention from the wrong doing by accusing the informer of some phony ill such as reverse racism or asking if blacks ever participated in whatever wrong you are discussing. Then of course they dilute the atrocity by throwing out some asinine statement about how many people died in correlation to the ill being spoken of.

You can hear these comments anytime you start speaking about any type of racial situation. I feel that calling them out on these facts will probably go nowhere. What can you do? How do we have a conversation about race when the conversation will undoubtedly always need to be had from a place where no blame should ever be placed on anyone? You can not have a conversation about racist behavior in this country if you constantly have to coddle those benefiting from the racist behavior?


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Gloucester’s Teen Baby Mama Drama

Gloucester High School is now dealing with a slew of baby mama drama. People are asking how these seventeen girls under seventeen could have made some idiotic pact to get pregnant together and raise their babies together. When anything in the black community happens such as teen pregnancy or drug usage or how about violence the first question that is asked is where the parents are. What kinds of parents are in Gloucester that they have NO idea that their children are out very well sleeping with 24 year old transients? I have yet to hear from Bill Cosby asking those parents to take responsibility or better yet for the whole white community to take responsibility for this group of blatantly idiotic white girls thinking that a baby will somehow make them happy.

They were saying stupid things such as they wanted the baby so they could feel loved. Well then I think any mother can safely say that those girls have not been around too many newborns or toddlers. Because you don’t really feel the love or at least you don’t have time to stop and feel the love. There are just too many dirty diapers, screaming tantrums, sleepless nights and many, many other issues to deal with. Regardless of all these facts a baby is one of the wonderful joys that life has to offer. Yet I don’t think that a bunch of unprepared young single mothers who don’t have a clue as to what they are getting into will be able to grasp this. Hell they couldn’t even grasp the idea of birth control or the fact that maybe those baby daddies didn’t want to hold that title.

Maybe these girls are idolizing Jaime Lynn Spears or maybe they just want to show solidarity with her. The idea of under age girls getting pregnant or even having unprotected sex should not be that far fetched. I mean don’t the people in that town watch television or movies where underage sex is all too common and in fact glorified. Don’t blame these girls, blame their parents. Why would these girls need to a baby to feel loved if they were getting what they needed from their parents? I mean these are the same parents who obviously didn’t pay enough attention to these girls that they were able to make a pact to get pregnant then complete their plan which probably didn’t happen all in one night.

I guess if there weren’t about twenty five or so girls at my sons school that were pregnant at this time I would think this news was extremely interesting. But I guess the fact that these girls are black and the school is in the inner city it is to be expected. In fact not only is it to be expected but it is just not interesting or a problem because that is what “those people” do, right? I guess it isn’t just what “those people” do anymore. I suppose it is now what all those kids do now. I wonder if this will prompt some sort of outcry and if it does will that same outcry for better education trickle down to the inner cities as well. My guess will be that it will be isolated to that one spot and the epidemic of teen pregnancies among the inner city youth will continue unabated.


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Media White Wash

After a long and extremely painful back and forth conversation with a person named Rob on my post “White Bigots A Plenty”, I have learned a lot about this TVone not to mention how the term “black shows” is actually thought about. For one thing I found that the conversation strayed from the original discourse enough to make it irrelevant to my original post. We began our banter talking about the lack of diversity on the Discovery channel, where I asked for examples of the programming that was NOT white oriented. This meant that I wanted this person Rob to name the programs that are on this particular channel that have a majority black staff, writing content that is intended for black people without stereotypes and starring a black cast. We all know that went absolutely nowhere. In fact I did get a toss of an Asian who may or may not be a regular on Myth Busters.

So somehow instead of showing me what I asked for he most predictably started throwing out the usual well known “supposedly” black shows such as Everybody Hates Chris and others. Now unfortunately just because the show stars a jigaboo throwback who acts the likes of Rochester complete with bug eyes and surprise, surprise looks. We all know that this show has predominantly white writers regardless if it is a concoction from Chris Rock who we KNOW would never slight black people for a laugh. So I am seeing that it seems people feel black programming is just anything with a black person in it. So basically if a show has a black person no matter how stereotypical or benign the characters actions are. Which is really not very surprising, hell he even threw out BET as an example of black programming, much to the disgust of me and many other aware black people.

Now back to this TVone that I had to do some research on since I tried over and over to explain to this person that I do not receive that programming so can not consider it when looking at black programming. It doesn’t matter how black it is if it isn’t something that is able to be viewed. Anyway, this channel is supposedly something for blacks to take pride in and is touting itself as an alternative to BET. Unfortunately where BET caters to shows showing ghetto fabulous losers in all their glory this channel hearkens back to the plethora of pseudo black shows with white writers dealing with a stereotypical black doing something either funny or stupid. Some of the lineup includes shows such as Martin, Good Times, Amen and City of Angels. Now I am sure that to the sleepwalking black person or other typical people of any race this looks like it would be something great for blacks.

But really, I asked for black programming, not black reruns from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s not to mention crap that is not even in production anymore. They have a couple of shows that has newer content that is written by blacks behind the scenes which he named personally. But they are talk, church and makeover shows. These hardly qualify as quality not to mention that the makeover show is hosted by a loud mouthed fat black lady hearkening back to Mo’Nique and any other stereotypical black chick with an attitude and loud mouth. It was the ladies of the movie B.A.P.S. given a platform for ultra stupidity. And yet this is pushed my way like so much hot rotten garbage that I guess someone thinks is just fine for me and my family to consume. While white people are being entertained by channels full of current programming that doesn’t play up or down to any particular stereotype that might be present in their community.

Where in the hell is our black version of Shark, Boston Legal, and Hannah Montana, Two and a half men, One tree hill or Heroes? I may not be in love with any of these shows, but at least the white population is inundated with an abundance of opportunities to see people who look like themselves acting in a myriad of roles from funny to ultra serious. They are given the chance to turn channels and watch the show Two and a half men which has not one minority in any type of recurrent role. How nice for them to be able to avoid any contact with a person of color. Yet Rob would have me and all of you believe that change is a coming because the ineffectual NAACP claims they are on the case. Sure, they said they were on the case of wage disparity and we see where that has gone. And it hasn’t gotten better, but has gotten even worse as of late. So I guess I won’t be holding my breath waiting for them to do whatever they did for wages in the entertainment industry. I guess I and others will have to be content with the white washing of the media.


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How Stupid Can One Person Be?

This is in response to an idiotic reply to the post “Resistance Is Futile” by an idiot named S.C. Amos.

It is funny that you are so obviously in over your head that you have to resort to silly name calling and silly scenarios. It is interesting that you call attention to the Jewish holocaust and WWII. No one said that the Black slavery holocaust was the only time in history when someone was maligned or enslaved. That was not the intent of the Blog. It seems to be talking about something specific. Do you go to Jewish Blogs on the holocaust and then tout how they shouldn’t speak of it since there were blacks in slavery and others maligned? Of course you don’t!

You obviously seem to think that Brotherpeacemaker is failing in life and doing poorly, but why? Is it because he chooses to speak freely and openly about the maligning of the black community TODAY! Or is this because it is in yours and everyone else’s experience that when blacks start doing well, they no longer talk of the disparity between blacks and whites. But start singing the praises of “whitey”.

The problem is that you suffer from the same bigotry that is being employed that keeps blacks from having a piece of the American dream. You feel that blacks are whining and doing poorly not because there are people who see them as inferior but because they ARE inferior. That is the thinking that makes white privilege even more Machiavellian than slavery. Subjugation of blacks didn’t just up and end after the passing of the civil rights initiative. Just as racism didn’t end because according to you “Lincoln must’ve been hung over that morning” he freed the slaves.

Why don’t you address what is happening to blacks today, not yesterday? Blacks are doing soooo well that we can see corporate America is sorely lacking in black representation. But then I guess according to you they are too happy living in their run down shacks entertaining little white boys or girls to care about making a better life. No blacks are too busy waiting for a hand out not applying for jobs only to be turned away by “whitey” or whatever you deem to call your race of people.

Isn’t it interesting that you have NO job, NO health care, are sick practically to the point of disability but you still hire a lawyer to beg for that handout that obviously you DON’T deserve. Where are you getting the money for that lawyer? Anyway, is the reason why you are leveling all the nappy headed insults and comments towards blacks because YOU are the one who is a failure. With all that white privilege you were to lame to make something of yourself. You flubbed to many of those free handouts that were no doubt thrown your way in the form of employment opportunities when you were probably NOT the best candidate.

I guess white people who run this country and others never went into black inhabited and Middle Eastern countries and played their own form of monopoly. Carving up the country in ways that it was never meant to be. Making countries where none existed before. They were ruling over these places subjugating the people all the while sucking out the natural resources then leaving them in a shambles. And now you want to point the finger at generations of people who were damaged and say “why don’t you run your country better?” As if all it takes is to one day say, go free! And BAM! Those people are able to catch up and do right the moment they are in charge. Give me a break.

Maybe you should rethink NO, JUST THINK, period!! How come they didn’t go into these countries and rebuild, where is their rebuilding like what happened in Europe after WWII? You are a serious joke! No one cared enough to even ensure that those people had a fighting chance. You and people like you are so quick to point the finger but hate to have that same waiving appendage pointing at you. You my friend belong to a race of people that has fucked over almost each and every nation on earth. And now you want to sit and say things such as “why doesn’t the Native American stop crying foul and get a job, why don’t blacks stop whining and get an education, why doesn’t the African stop acting foolish and learn to run their countries.”

Yet, the Native American was practically decimated by who, the black man is discriminated against TO THIS DAY by who, the African learned their methods of ruling and were placed in power by who? Who are these phantoms that run amok and then act like the innocent bystander with their hands in the air crying “hey stop blaming whitey?” Why don’t YOU stop telling us blacks that we need to take responsibility for our culture, which we ARE and start taking responsibility for YOUR OWN! Which from what I can see you never have! Someone says slavery and white people like you say, “Hey look at the holocaust or African’s had slaves too.” What happened to “yes what white people did was a horrible thing and there is NO excuse for it.”

Someone says discrimination, white people like you say, “discrimination is over, hey look over there isn’t that Oprah and her millions? See there is no discrimination because there are some black millionaires.” In fact the disparity between blacks and whites monetarily has not been greater since slavery. Discrimination isn’t waning it seems to be growing and people are trying to delude themselves into believing that it isn’t. Maybe we should look at idiots like you S.C. and say, “look over there, white people have jobs and health care. So you S.C. Amos couldn’t be suffering without health care or employment.

Get a clue!


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