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Beauty And The Beast Partners In Crime

I personally think that Sarah Palin is a great pick for McCain’s vice president. I mean they have a lot in common. Palin fired Walter Monegan as Commissioner of Public Safety after he refused to fire an Alaskan State Trooper, Mike Wooten, who had been involved in a divorce and child custody battle with Palin’s sister, Molly McCann. And we all should know about McCain firing Tom Gosinski, who had blown the whistle on his wife’s drug pilfering to the DEA. He claimed it was for budgetary reasons NOT that the guy ratted his wife out to the DEA. He then tried to get the guy arrested for extortion. Oh these silly elitists always are going the extra mile in order to get away with bad deeds.

Palin is still under investigation for abuse of power for that little alleged misdeed. I wonder if her sister was able to get what she wanted out of the divorce. Well Palin did say that she didn’t fire Monegan because he wouldn’t fire her sister’s soon to be ex but that he turned out NOT to be a team player. Oh on budgetary things, yeah, ha, ha, ha. Isn’t she just a peach? What we got here is too peas in a pod or birds of a feather or whatever euphemism you like to use. Here we go again with people who can’t seem to operate within the law wanting to run the government.

It is interesting that McCain says Obama doesn’t have enough experience and would rather lose the war than the election when he picks someone who has been governor for a little more than a year and pretty much because he wants to pick up Clintons idiotic women voters who are incensed by Obama’s winning the nomination. McCain has showed that he is willing to lose whatever little bit of credibility he had to win the election. I do have to laugh though because everyone keeps touting that John McCain adopted a kid from Indonesia and Sarah Palin has a child with downs syndrome. I don’t know if these tidbits are supposed to make us feel all warm and fuzzy even though both have no problems with going outside the law to try and exact vendettas on those who don’t show team player skills.

I guess Obama’s use of drugs if off the table as well as experience. Since Sarah herself has admitted to smoking a blunt only to say that she didn’t like it…much. I have to laugh because McCain has put the ball in Obama’s court. He is now running on change. He put a lady as the VP, one that hasn’t got much experience and one that has an abuse of power investigation going on. And we know damn well that he can’t steal the change venue, since his whole campaign is based on the same old Bush agenda. Now he has a partner in crime to help him push that agenda along. Good luck!

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Blacks Display Stockholm Syndrome

While reading the posting back and forth of A Regular Brotha and Brotherpeacemaker, I noticed that there were a few things that A Regular Brotha said that made me think about why we as a black people would have this type of attitude towards our own. A lot of how he and others in the black community think makes me wonder why anyone would want to malign themselves and begin to take the negative view of some in the white race. And as I thought about it, it can all be summed up by the Stockholm syndrome. “The captives begin to identify with their captors. At least at first this is a defensive mechanism, based on the (often unconscious) idea that the captor will not hurt the captive if he is cooperative and even positively supportive. The captive seeks to win the favor of the captor in an almost childlike way.” This is according to

Our ancestors had no choice but to use this defense mechanism just to survive in that hostile environment. And of course this was passed down from generation to generation in order to ensure that their descendants would survive as well. You can look back and see the almost childlike behavior our ancestors had to use with white people. These behaviors can be seen in the downcast eyes, shuffling feet as if kicking the dirt, conducting themselves in a manner as a child who has done something to anger their parent. And now instead of giving the overkill body language version you just have those who will at any cost show allegiance to those in control by helping to subjugate those who are being controlled. Seeing the victimizer as the victim of those they are victimizing.

People like Cosby, McWhorter, Thomas, Connerly and A Regular Brotha don’t go shuffling their feet in front of white folks (at least I hope) but they are quick to point to the victim as the source of the problem. I am sure this arouses the ire of those who feel that blacks are constantly displaying a victim mentality. But if someone is victimizing you what other mentality would you display? When you have a systematic form of racism that is entrenched into the very heart of everything this country we live stands for you have to wonder how anyone could come to any other conclusion. You have people who feel that white people are victims when it comes to affirmative action, predatory lending, Mississippi river flooding, black crime, the floundering economy, now hurricane Fay and so many other things that it makes you wonder why no one tells them to break out of this victim mentality. Yet, the victim mentality is something branded on blacks like cattle in the fields and we accept this as truth.

So it is no wonder that we have so many black people that would be so quick to point the finger of blame at blacks as to why we have so many flaws as if we became flawed while living in a big black vacuum with no outside influence. We all know that nothing happens in a vacuum and that there must be outside forces which have helped to shape us into the dysfunctional group we are today. But according to those who either can’t see through or haven’t been deprogrammed from their Stockholm syndrome believe that no racism, no unequal treatment could possibly be the root to our problems.

A Regular Brotha said “We no longer as a people have any sense of family or purpose. Of course no one can say that it is ONLY the white mans fault that black people turn to crime. But if you are by design kept from pursuing the American dream and subsequently locked into a perpetual loop of ghetto life, lack of legal employment or at least a cycle of underemployment due to racism, a large amount will then turn to crime. Everyone with half a brain knows that chronically unemployed people will in fact eventually turn to crime if nothing is done to intervene. This is not indicative of the black community it is indicative of the human condition under capitalism. Ghettos have been a part of every major society and are not some sort of construct of the black community.

According to a geography definition, a ghetto part of a city, not necessarily a slum area, occupied by a minority group. The term was first used for the enforced concentration of Jews into specific residential areas in European cities from the Middle Ages, but has now spread to include other ethnic groups in unofficial ghettos, especially black minorities in the USA. Lifestyles within the ghetto differ distinctly from those of the ‘host’ population and the prejudices of the host confine the sub-group to particular locations through such practices as redlining. Although ghettos are characterized by social disadvantage, most ghettos display a spread of socio-economic groups and the better-off may move to the affluence of the ‘gilded ghetto’.

People will undoubtedly fight the fact that I am connecting the black condition to that of the Stockholm syndrome as more proof of some sort of victim mentality. But, if people who were held captive for a couple of months to a couple of years can be assessed as being victims of this syndrome then what about people who were held captive for generations. And could this syndrome NOT be passed down to the victims children and so on and so forth? Or again because we are talking about black people we can not assign anything which might show the magnitude of suffering we have gone through. People get angry when you say blacks suffer from post traumatic stress, black stress, and post traumatic slave syndrome, Stockholm syndrome or any other form of injury culminating from slavery to Jim Crow all the way down to the continued systemic racism of today.

But we will quickly label a black person as lazy, criminal, ghetto, baby mama, baby daddy, ghetto fabulous or any of the other epithets that make those in control feel superior. We will also give labels to any group we actually have empathy or the least bit of compassion for such as soldiers who suffer from post traumatic stress to explain their lack of ability to conform to social norms. Or the same for women who were raped or abused children all of whom have problems working within the social norms have a nice little label that explains everything. Not for the black community we ARE the problems. When in fact it is the entire American system is skewed in such a way that blacks have very little choice but to be a problem. And when we no longer care what happens to the black community since they ARE the problem we even have a label for that; we call it compassion fatigue or secondary traumatic stress disorder.


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What Is Wrong With Blacks?

“The main problem a lot of blacks face in this country is that they must change their personal behaviors and stop expecting the government to solve everything for them. In other words, they need to discard their victimhood mentality. Perhaps the biggest problem in black communities stems from the fact that more than less black males have abandoned their responsibilities toward their significant others and children. Too many black males are creating babies indiscriminately and not taking care of them but expecting the government to take care of them. It seems that too many blacks are taking the easy way out and committing crimes, filling our jails because instead of going to school and working they are in fact demanding reparations (welfare, handouts) for slavery, which again, was abolished in this country over 150 years ago. Much of their reckless behaviors have even contributed to rising AIDS infections in the inner cities. (Read –”


Where to begin because this rant is completely full of stereotypes and the same old if blacks would just fix themselves they wouldn’t have any problems in America. Yes, maybe the slaves should have just found a way to become white they wouldn’t have had to endure slavery too. But in the real world most, and I use that lightly, understand that you don’t point out the minority of a group as to be representative of the whole group. That can really be dangerous if we were to apply the same illogic to the whole white community. Those such as ladyrm2 love to think of the white race as a group of individuals while thinking of the black race as one type of person. As if there are NO individuals in our race.

She wants to talk about blacks changing their personal behavior. When are white people going to change their personal behavior? Blacks should stop expecting the government to solve everything for us. Why is the government involved in trying to fix the debacle of the home mortgage problems? It isn’t the fact that blacks are losing their home which has been going on long before this problem started. Everyday you see a new white person on the news crying about how they are being or have been foreclosed on, and how the government needs to step in and help them. Maybe they should have changed their personal behavior and took responsibility instead of looking for the government for a handout.

How about the bail out of Bear Stearns or Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Are these companies CEO’s taking person responsibility for the obvious lack of changed behavior which got them into a financial fiasco? But, wham there is the government to bail them and their irresponsible asses out of a jam again. And it is interesting that the CEO’s and majority of employees at these places are white, not black. But according to ladyrm2, with the lack of responsibility taken and the lack in changes in their personal behavior you would think these companies were black owned and operated.

Black males shuck their responsibility as fathers she claims. Well isn’t it interesting that Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study showed that black men are MORE likely than any other race to have relationships with the children that they do not live with. Yet, white people have a higher rate of divorce according to divorce statistics. And since we see that black men are more likely than ANY other group including whites to have a relationship with their kids once out of the home it sounds like maybe white people have a problem with dads not doing their jobs. We can point the finger at black men all we want, but there are still white dads NOT paying child support, not seeing their children and not raising their children. But she has the nerve to say that black fathers are the ones who don’t care for their children. Save the propaganda for CNN my dear.

Sure we all know that crime is the easy way out because blacks just love to go to jail. Is she serious? If we are all one big ole America like these nuts want to say before they start singling blacks out then white people commit more crimes than blacks in our country. No that is NOT per capita but, if you want to do per capita there are plenty of crimes that white people are committing than blacks. I will gladly send you to Brotherpeacemaker’s blog so that you can “read them and weep”. Not to mention all the disparity that IS the justice system. Yet we all know that this is true but ladyrm2 will surely deny that any disparity exists just like she denies that racism exists. You can’t argue with idiocy.

Oh my blacks want a handout in the form of welfare. Well it is quite interesting that THERE ARE MORE WHITE PEOPLE ON WELFARE THAN BLACKS!! How about this little tidbit for you, 12,162,000 Blacks are on welfare, and 26,319,000 Whites are on welfare. But somehow blacks are the lazy ones with their hands in the cookie jar constantly begging for a handout. According to the National Urban League, Turning welfare reform into a “Black issue” makes racial scapegoating easy and allows stereotypes, like the Reaganera “welfare queen,” to go unchallenged, public aid supporters say. Rightwing reformers cast Whites as “deserving” clients who are legitimately unable to pay their own way through no fault of their own. Blacks are labeled “undeserving” recipients who are looking for the feds to subsidize their slothfulness.

But somehow good ole ladyrm2 found a way to turn welfare into the BLACK program the same way she does with affirmative action even though in that instance it also is dominated by white women. The National Urban League also showed that “racism is at the heart of the standard-of-living gap between Blacks and Whites, welfare advocates argue. Unlawful race-based hiring practices, they contend, keep Blacks from getting jobs that pay enough to lift them out of poverty. Until more blue-collar jobs open up to Black workers, Blacks will continue to battle poverty and the freeloader misconception.”

And of course we finish it off with black people having reckless behavior and again let’s turn this into a black issue since white people don’t ever act recklessly. I guess the Gloucester teens popping babies like Pez candies are acting ever so vigilantly or cautiously. Shame how we have such hypocrisy for white behavior versus black behavior. Isn’t it reckless behavior to run a country into the ground all the while lining the pockets of your cronies? Or is that just the morality of a black person feeling that this behavior is reckless? Isn’t it reckless to throw out unfounded statistics when the real deal is out there with just a click of your mouse? Isn’t it reckless to continue to push racist agendas even though others are trying hard to level the playing field and give everyone a fair shake in this country? Maybe it’s just me but there is a lot of reckless behavior coming out of the white community that I see. I see reckless behavior in ALL communities in this country. But of course leave it to ladyrm2 to ONLY see something negative coming from the black community.


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When Will Those In The White Race Stop The Harrassment

I had titled this post “When will blacks get over slavery” which was a play on guywhite’s post called “Typical black arguments.” His complaint is that somehow blacks will never get over the history of slavery and give these supposed idiotic rote arguments as to why we constantly talk about slavery. As if slavery is the first thing out of a black person’s mouth in any type of conversation about anything. Now as I read his post and did my own research for this post I wondered why he doesn’t do a post on the white races obvious pathology.

It seems to me that the white race or at least a lot of those within the white race have some fond penchant for torturing people. White people have and are torturing Africans, Native Americans, Muslims, Indians, Inuit, Pacific Islanders, Mexicans and others of Latin descent and Jewish people. And when posed with a lack of other races to torture they resorted to torturing others from their own race such as the Russians, Polish, Irish, Scottish, homosexuals and others.

Why do a lot of those in the white race constantly have to cause so many problems in so many other races? He talks to no end about mostly the black races problems with the white race and yet, somehow fails to mention that pretty much every race on earth has had to complain about white people. Maybe instead of focusing on others he will focus on trying to help the white race to end this almost psychotic need to ruin the lives of other races.

Very few whites hate you and absolutely nobody hates you because of your skin color. But when undeniable evidence of black high crime and low IQ is presented (on average, not universally), you argue that we just hate you because of your skin color. You say that only because you have nothing else to say to respond to us.


Most people with an IQ of over 50 understand that the criminal justice system is flawed. We all know that there is systemic racism in accordance with policing, arresting and sentencing of criminals. And according to a 2005 study by the Justice Department found that while Hispanic, black and white drivers were stopped by the police about as often, Hispanic drivers or their vehicles were searched 11.4 percent of the time and blacks 10.2 percent of the time, compared with 3.5 percent for white drivers. Data collected from state courts by the Justice Department also shows that a higher percentage of black felons than white felons receive prison sentences for nearly all offenses, and also that blacks receive longer maximum sentences for most offenses.

So it should be quite obvious to guywhite and any other person that given the current state of systemic racism in this country and the fact that the department of justice who admits that white people are less likely to even be stopped, charged or given a sentence in prison as to why blacks are over represented. But of course he will over look or blatantly deny that the department of justice even admits to this regardless of the facts. Or better yet he will claim that whites don’t do crime and that is why they don’t need to be stopped etc. When the facts show otherwise. We all see white crime in action day in and day out, yet being called white collar crime it doesn’t attach itself to the doj statistics.

He claims that blacks have this failing IQ yet, according to a Harvard study on IQ between blacks and whites they say “The constancy of the black/white IQ gap is a myth. Blacks have gained 5 or 6 IQ points on whites over the last 30 years. Neither changes in the ancestry of those classified as black nor changes in those who identify as black can explain more than a small fraction of this gain. Therefore, environment has been responsible. The last two decades have seen both positive and negative developments: gains in occupational status and school funding have been accompanied by more black preschoolers in single-parent homes and lower income in those homes (Neal, in press). We believe that further black environmental progress would engender further black IQ gains.” Not to mention if you read the report given a situation where the schools are equal there is absolutely NO difference in IQ. But, of course lets make sure that some schools have poor resources and a lack of teachers then point to them and say “they are not as smart as us.” When a just and equal person would place everyone at the same starting line before trying to start a race. But we all know that has never been the white race’s way, to actually allow things to be fair and let the best rise. They made that mistake once when letting sports become fair games and we see who has risen to the top of that arena.

So how do you explain the fact that dirt-poor white Polish immigrants who came to the US in 2000 are already wealthier than you guys are? How come whites who are penniless become wealthier than blacks within half a dozen years after coming to the US, even if they came here without speaking a word of English?


According to Steven Steinberg, today, just as in the past, some immigrants are becoming “white” while others are becoming “black.” A changing but strong racial hierarchy in the United States continues to act as a sorting mechanism. In the past century, groups such as the Irish, Italians, and Jews in America started low on the socioeconomic and political ladder and ‘became white’ over time. According to the Aspen Institute “more recently, ‘model minority’ status has been given to some Asian groups, allowing group members to gain access to some of the privileges associated with whiteness.” Sadly, the enduring fact, as Steinberg rightly casts the spotlight on, is that African Americans have by and large been closed off from the pathways to opportunity. Only in times of mass social movements that give primacy to the conditions of African Americans that actions or inactions of progressive allies have been able to make strides forward, such as in the Civil Rights Movement.

So in simpler terms just coming to America with white skin gives immigrants a boost in social and economic status. So to pose such a question as to why white skin people coming to a country with privilege for those with white skin is asinine. I guess we can just look at the Polish people and visibly ascertain their skin color. And according to Poloniatoday the Polish newcomers integrated faster into a new life and new conditions, than their predecessors.

Most of them were young and middle-aged people, who tried to be active in their professional lives. They also had a difficult beginning, but solved their problems faster. Those people, who represented a more elevated socioeconomic status, avoided the Polish community and attempted to integrate with American society. But after a few years of “acclimatization” they began to be more Polish oriented. It has been expressed in their participation in the existing professional Polish organizations (such as physicians, engineers, etc.), or they established new ones (e.g., the Jagiellonian University Graduates Association.)

The most recent immigrants founded numerous new regional organizations, which attracted people arriving from the same part of Poland. It is a very interesting phenomenon, which can be interpreted as the sociological necessity to be “together” with compatriots in a “foreign world.” It is a sort of manifestation of the strong ties with the so-called “small homeland.” So it would seem from this Polish news source that the Polish people who have been integrating for a long time now have NO problems gaining wealth via white privilege in this country.

That was 150 years ago. Descendants of Russian serfs have plenty to pass to their kids. Holocaust victims came out of Auschwitz and became wealthy. Indians, Chinese and others came here penniless and also faced discrimination. They are wealthier than whites today. Yet, you can never get over slavery. 150 years. 150 years! When will you get over it? How many years will it take?


In case anyone was unaware, there is a difference between serfdom and slavery. Especially that which was practiced in America as serfdom was legally a servile or “unfree” status that involved personal dependence on a lord, greatly restricted freedom of action in terms of livelihood and residence, and subjection to duties considered marks of servility. Although many serfs were the descendants of household slaves, serfdom was not identical with slavery; serfs had certain legal rights and protections, and they could not be sold. They could inherit, own, and bequeath property, and the lord’s rights over their labor were restricted by local custom and tradition, which could effectively limit innovations and demands that the peasant community considered excessive. Serfs could purchase legal freedom from their lords and thus free themselves of certain arbitrary “servile” services and dues.

Once the serfs became free what would distinguish them from the land owners after 150 years of freedom? Not one thing. The serfs are the same nationality as the landowners, which any person with half a brain can surmise that they would have NO way of distinguishing one person with serf ancestry than that of a person with landowner ancestry. Yet, in the case of slave and master from America we can see an obvious difference in which the descendants of both can easily discern with the naked eye who was descended from slave and who was not. So then now we have an obvious basis for why continued persecution exist for the black race. At least this fact should be obvious again to those with half a brain that actually functions.

The case with the Jewish victims of the holocaust is an even easier one to conquer. The Jews were persecuted yes and it was a horrible travesty which occurred in Germany. Why would the Jews be doing considerably better than African Americans? Maybe the well known fact that Jews have been paid the REPARATIONS which were denied to blacks when slavery ended. Perhaps they are doing so well due to the fact that the Jews were placed in their own land far away from their tormentors.

Could it be the fact that America sends the whopping amount of 2.2 Billion dollars each and every year to ensure that this nation of abused people continues to thrive. Now if we in America were to have paid reparations to the slaves directly after slavery ended, given them land far away from their tormentors and continued to support them to the tune of 2.2 billion dollars a year, perhaps the black nation would be thriving as well.

Blacks won’t get past slavery until they have FULL equality, not just small gains here and there. Not one other race in the history of the United States has faced such systemic racism as the blacks have from the white race. It is so endemic that it is still pervasive today. We see that blacks earn only 76% of their white counterparts. A black will lose 10% off that if he sounds black according to the book Freakonomics.

Blacks have an unemployment rate of twice that of white people. The department of justice has a study showing that the department is flawed and has discrepancies in how minorities are targeted vs. whites. But we will continue to be bombarded with idiotic assertions from omniscient white people who seem to think that they know everything there is to know about blacks, black behavior, racism, the lack of racism and how it does or does not affect the black person.

And what is guywhites answer for how blacks can overcome the legacy of slavery ? Get a job, that’s how! Never mind that blacks have to work twice as hard for half as much, guywhite feels that all is need is a job. Never mind that according to the census, African Americans’ median income is still substantially lower than Whites: In 2006, their median income was $32,132, as compared to $52,432 for Whites. One of these lower paying jobs that keeps blacks far behind whites due to their need to feel superior, is somehow going to placate us into forgetting that slavery happened. Which then brings us to the systemic racism that puts us in that lower paying job. You know what would help blacks end the thoughts of slavery is to have equality. When we are allowed to participate FULLY and be treated equally we will have NO reason to think on the method that has brought us to this continued sub-existence.

It doesn’t matter that things are OBVIOUSLY skewed towards white people. It doesn’t matter that blacks ARE employed. It doesn’t matter that society at large is set up against blacks in everyway possible. According to Yale “Reagan and to a lesser extent George H. W. Bush sought to perfect what Nixon had begun. Devoted to as fully as possible restoring the normality of white skin privilege and producing silence about it as a way of redoubling its hegemony, Reagan through the use of racial symbolism such as announcing his presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi (the site of the murder of three civil rights workers) and railing on and on about “welfare queens and pimps” on the campaign trail made whites comfortable with their prejudices (as former First Lady Rosalind Carter once remarked).


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The Rubbish About Racism

“Don’t you think it’s time to drop the victim mentality so many blacks seem to still be carrying? The mere fact that Obama is the first black candidate running for president and is even slightly ahead in the polls should cast aside all this rubbish about racism in America today.”


What can you really say to this magnitude of illogic? This is one of the dumbest comments I have ever had the displeasure of reading. And the fact that it seems to be a “there is no more racism” believers new talking point goes that much further in cluing us all into how ridiculous a statement it is.

Now since Obama has risen to the ranks of the first black person who actually stands a chance of being president of the United States, we are to believe that this all but puts to rest that the supposed rubbish about racism in America today. So what I am hearing and anyone can set me straight if I am not quite understanding this illogic, is that because I can show you one example of a black person who is doing well means that not one other black person in America is experiencing the crippling affects of racism in America? Hmm, let me see if I can garner a few examples to parallel this.

With so many white Americans losing their jobs and homes I would surmise that poverty is on the rise in the white community. But using a bit of ladyr2m’s logic we can see that Bill Gates a man who did not finish college has made over a billion dollars so far. So according to that, all the rubbish talk of poverty, money woes and homes being lost in America by white people should be cast aside.

Because it is obvious that since this one man has risen above all the poverty and failed attempts at college and created a billion dollars in wealth somehow means that each and every white person out there who claims of being poor or about to be foreclosed on or being food insecure are nothing more than losers looking for a handout. Maybe they should stop blaming all of their problems on the failing economy and do like Bill Gates and earn their billion dollars.

Of course you and I know that this is a stupid argument that because Bill Gates does not have a problem with the economy that other white people who are claiming that they do should cast that rubbish aside. Yet, constantly blacks are told that because there is an Oprah to look at blacks can’t possibly be discriminated against. How badly is your need to cling to ignorance or disbelief in racism that you would actually work hard to have this type of argument fly. And can’t we dispel everything that happens in the world with this type of logic. I mean we can say that since Laura Bush has never been raped that all those ladies claiming that there is rape in America today are just spewing rubbish.

What is rubbish is that you actually have people in this world today that will not only deny racism when the disparities are staring them right in the face. But turn it around to blame the victim of racism. Racism is as American as apple pie. We live in an environment of systemic racism and this fool wants to pretend that racism is some sort of made up myth in order to frame the racist whites who practice it. When did racism cease to exist, after laws were passed? That is like saying laws were passed to end murder so now murder doesn’t exist even though people are killing one another.

The problem which exists is that white privilege and ignorance allows people to experience life without ever having to experience any aspects of racism. It is the same old adage of I don’t see it so it doesn’t exist. I for one am getting tired of some white people trying to tell me the person of whom racism is directed whether or not racism exists. That is like a man who rapes a woman telling her that rape doesn’t exist. That would be totally unacceptable to most people but somehow racist telling the victims of racism that racism doesn’t exist is not only acceptable but it is constantly happening.


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