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We The Sheeple. . .


While reading my new issue of BabyTalk magazine I ran across the Mom’s sound off section where mom’s can complain about articles from the last issue. The last issue had an article about universal health coverage, and minimum wage amongst other things in an article titled “Mom Power”. A lady named Melissa commented that she became really angry because “not every mom agrees with universal health coverage for all children in this country” and “a minimum wage that is a living wage.” In her opinion, it is her and her husband’s responsibility to provide health care for their children – not the government’s job. She then goes on to say that they are a one parent income as she is a stay at home mother etc. And that they can still provide the basic necessities even on their small income.

She claims that minimum wage is not, nor was not intended to be a “living wage”. It is a starting point for teens and those with second jobs – not meant for supporting a family. That those people need to get motivated, work their way up and they’ll make a living wage – and probably get a good health plan! As I read this tripe I became totally disgusted. Then a lady named Krishawn felt that Universal health insurance etc. is more akin to a “Nanny State” and that living wage jobs and health coverage already exists and are achieved by working hard and making the right decisions. After quitting her job to become a stay at home mom they lost their health coverage which was through her job and now they pay for it out of pocket. Now they don’t live beyond their means but doesn’t expect the state to subsidize their lifestyle. We don’t universal health coverage and minimum wage laws imposed on the already overburdened employers and taxpayers to get it.

All the talk of how the government doesn’t owe anything to anyone is pretty stupid. What if not to provide for its people is the government for? We do not pay our taxes so that the government can tell us that we don’t deserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. How can I have life if I don’t have good health, since that is a life necessity. I suppose that we could decide that we pay taxes for the government to just pay themselves. So why should we be offered universal fire department coverage, or how about the use of the police department or mail services.

How about we let the HMO’s take over the fire department, then you can expect to have your fire and rescue serviced denied after they find out that your child played with matches and they can call it a pre-existing condition for fire, no matter how the fire started. These are things that we get with the healthcare system of today. Healthcare isn’t a luxury it is a basic necessity that should be afforded to EVERYONE. Yet you have these idiots who can say that they don’t feel that every child deserves healthcare, just theirs since they can afford it.

Which brings me to the minimum wage which both these ladies feel doesn’t need to be a living wage. WHAT!?! Are they serious? Not everyone can have that high paying job not even every college graduate can get the best job. So basically what they are saying is that if you can’t be the ONE to get the good job then shut up and take whatever pittance the minimum wage job offers. Whether you can afford to feed your family doesn’t matter and neither they nor anyone else needs to worry about it, so long as they can feed theirs. See this is what is wrong with America, the all about ME attitude that we have when confronted with the problems of others.

These poor overburdened companies that Krishawn talked about work so hard to help. Yet while companies like Wal-Mart are refusing to neither pay workers a living wage yet offer their workers a healthcare plan that has a seven thousand dollar deductible which is akin to no healthcare at all. Since most people not only aren’t making a living wage but don’t have seven thousand dollars to shell out in an emergency or otherwise. All this and Wal-Mart is pulling down at least seventeen billion dollars. And I should be feeling sorry for them? I agree that healthcare is too expensive right now for anyone be they companies or individuals. The problem is that we need to take profit out of healthcare. But government healthcare is socialism or communism.

These are the types of hypocrites that we in America not only produce but strive to be ourselves. We constantly see people on television crying about not being helped by this or that and then you see all of the surveys talking about people finding healthcare or social help unacceptable. It probably is unacceptable until they are the ones who need it. The problem is that these ladies and most of these people with this mentality are just spewing the same rhetoric that you hear constantly out of the government especially the right. Instead of starting the constitution with we the people maybe we should just be starting it with we the sheeple!


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The Typical Hypocrite


How typical of people to become the hypocrite as this whole hoopla over Obama’s grandmother runs its course. As for what he said I can see that we are on a slippery slope when we need to sit and pick out a word such as typical and act as if it is some horrendous racial slur against all that were labeled as such. Being typical is not a slur unless they attach it to a slur such as, typical nigger, typical honky, and typical bitch. But being a typical black or a typical white really can’t be considered a slur since it is in such wide use by scholars, authors, the government and others.

According to the national census the “typical black family” earns 78% of the “typical white family.” Hmm now was that racist, should the government official who wrote that be made to give a speech to the nation apologizing to all black and white families for calling them typical. The firm “Population Reference Bureau” is a company that informs people around the world about population, health, and the environment. This firm used the words “typical black as well as typical white, family, man, woman, teen, child” now what do we make of that? Should they be made to change all of their data collections to make sure not to use this newly invented racial slur so as not to offend?

In talking about parent child interactions the authors consistently referred to the “typical black family” and also the “typical black father”. Wow, it goes to show you that this racial slur has been right in front of us the whole time and it took a bunch of typical hypocrites who I am sure used the words typical this or that decided to create this phony outrage over something that they and others have been saying for years. In fact Bill O’Reilly and the rest of the republican radio pundits are constantly calling someone the typical democrat, typical black person. I mean didn’t he say that those blacks at the restaurant weren’t the typical blacks asking where their M-fing ice tea was?

It’s bvious the people over at Wikipedia didn’t get the memo on this newly formed racial slur as they are using it indiscriminately in their definitions. Take this little snippet from their piece on Blacks “For example the telenovelas or soaps are said to be a hotbed of white, largely blonde and blue/green-eyed actors who resemble Scandinavians or other northern Europeans more than they resemble the typical whites of Brazil, who are mostly of Southern European descent.” I wonder if the people who first started pushing this load of crap as a legitimate maligning of a people actually checked to see how many times people that look like themselves were using this to not only describe themselves but other races.

I think that this phony assault on Obama is ridiculous. I have heard CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and even FOX use the words typical black voter and not one person who is complaining now said one damn thing about it. I guess it is fine and dandy for blacks to be considered typical anything while it is a total insult to consider white people as typical. Is this because they are just too special to be considered typical? All the while typical white authors, government officials and others can use the term to describe any and every race under the sun in terms of typical. McCain can refer to Vietnamese people as Gooks which by the way is the Vietnamese equivalent of the N word and hey it’s OK because he was a prisoner of war and is still a bit touchy about them. This just goes to show that people are typical, typical hypocrites that is.


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Simple Racism


I do a lot of posts on racism and its affects on the black community. I usually try to keep them focused on racism which affects education, housing, health care and employment. But I have been doing some shopping lately and noticing that racism can be very simple. This simple racism is found in our very lives daily from commercials for products to the products themselves.

I am sure that people are doing the big sigh right now wondering why I and people like me just don’t let it go. I am wondering why when I go to the book store to buy books for my child ALL the books that look like fun, interesting or not revolved around race are about and featuring a white character. The books featuring black characters are about being accepted, Kwanzaa or something else that deals with racial, ethnic or religious issues. Where are all the children books like the book “Where the wild things are,” or any Dr. Seuss book that has actual people which features black characters?

I would just like to go to the store one time and buy some Band Aides that say flesh colored and they aren’t pink or close to it. These are the small things that you go through life putting up with yet nobody thinks how these small acts of racism can show you that you nor people like you are important enough for my company to take you into account when making products. How many times has a white person walked into a Toys R Us and looked at little people ride on fire engine that have firemen driving and ALL the firemen are black? Not a chance! The two I looked at only one of them had one black character and the other everyone on the fire engine was white.

I am sure this does not seem to be a big deal except that what if it were your child that you could not find any toys to reflect who they are. You wouldn’t feel that it was OK that you child only had another race of people to look at, imagining themselves as while playing or admiring. Everyone wants to be able to instill a sense of self love, respect and worth. Yet if the only thing my child has to play with all have white characters on it he will inevitably begin to see, think and believe that people that look like these people are the ones who matter in life. Not people like himself and thus he will see himself as less than.

No one thinks that maybe the lack of interest, self esteem and success in the black community could be from all these small but racist messages of you don’t count that is why nothing you see looks like you. I don’t know if you have seen the experiment they did with the black children and the dolls. They gave a bunch of black children the choice between a black or white doll and they all chose the white doll. Because through television commercials and store displays among other things, this shows children which of the two dolls is more desirable. And thus telling the children which people in the world are most desirable and worthy of being respected and loved.

This is a seriously underhanded Machiavellian type of sinister little deed when you look at it. If I can destroy your self esteem, self love and love of your community before you ever reach puberty then I pretty much have ruined your chances of a normal happy life. These children are now in a chase for assimilation and to become as generically non black as possible. Barbie and other dolls as well as movies, television and advertising are teaching our young black girls that they are not good enough. To be considered normal they need to have hair as straight hanging to her waste as a black Barbie. Only look to your Beyonce’s, Tyra Banks and any other popular black artist. Our black men are being sold on the fact that this is what they need to find attractive in a woman. Since this is all they see that their black role models in movies are paired up with, if the woman is black at all. In most instances these black male movie stars are paired with Hispanic or bi-racial women of some mixture or another.

I am sure that a lot of people will guffaw at this so called truth and say that it is coincidental at best. Yet it is never coincidental that you don’t accidentally have anything such as this happening in the opposite direction. I have never seen commercials for Barbie or some other doll that utilizes blacks in the forefront or shows a black doll that isn’t a clone of the white doll just chocolate brown. Yet somehow I should be content with shoveling all the white dominant propaganda into my child and somehow expect that they grow up with a sense of self. Shut up and be happy to be an American, when we are being told at every turn that American is white. So how can I be happy to be something I am not nor can ever be? And yet we still want to deny the damage done to black children and adults from this totally Machiavellian type of simple racism.


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The Audacity Of Stupidity


All over the news, Blogs and just everywhere on the web you are seeing a bunch of talk about Pastor Jeremiah A Wright and Trinity United Church that Obama attends. It seems that a lot of the comments this Pastor Wright make are seen as inflammatory and racist to a lot of people. I have only heard a few of his comments in sermons and I find that the hubbub is a little bit over kill. Is what he is saying so offensive and inflammatory or is what he is saying hitting home for a lot of people?

One such comment was “Racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run. How is this statement not true that is the question? Now what is inflammatory about the statement? Was this country NOT founded on racism? Were the American Natives not racially subjected to terror and death at the hands of people who felt that they were less than human? Did these same people bring a race of people to this country for the purpose of exploitation through slavery based on the propaganda that they were of a race that these people felt were less than human? Is there not a discrepancy in how races are treated to this day in this country? Do black Americans earn only 78% or what white Americans earn? Even former U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher called for greater equality in health care to close the gaps between blacks and whites in death rates and life expectancy. There are discrepancies between whites and blacks in wealth, credit, housing, healthcare, employment, wages and life expectancy. And we are supposed to believe that this is a false and inflammatory statement, please someone explain how that is.

Who cares about what a poor black man has to face everyday in a country in a culture controlled by rich white people.” I am pretty sure he is not talking about Obama he is talking about poor black men or people. Now I would love for someone to counter this statement. As I will have you take a look at each and every president this country has ever had and you name all those that were NOT rich or white. Not to mention how many of them actually cared about the poor black man to the point that they actually decided to end racial disparities in the lives of those poor black men. Not one president has made one effort to end racially motivated disparities of any sort. Which president decided that white privilege has over stayed its welcome and needs to end? Not one, you say? I guess next you will tell me that 5 days is an acceptable amount of time for people to sit around in stifling heat with no water, food, medicine or rescuing. And yes the majority of them were poor and BLACK.

It just came to me in the past few weeks why so many folks are hating Barrack Obama. He doesn’t fit the model, he ain’t white he ain’t rich and he ain’t privileged. Hillary fits the mold. I can’t speak to Obama’s wealth or lack there of as a child but I can say that he doesn’t fit the mold of our stereotypical president. Unless I am mistaken there has not been a president in the past that is black, not obviously rich and comes from a single parent family. But we do know that Hillary is wealthy at this time, she is white and she is privileged. But to give her credit she isn’t a man and that also breaks the model of our stereotypical president.

Hillary was not a black boy raised in a single family home Barrack was. Barrack knows what it means to be a black man living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich white people. Hillary can never know that, Hillary has never been called a nigger; Hillary has never had a people defined as a non-person. How is this not true? She has never known what it feels like to be subjugated due to race. Neither she nor any of our other presidents knows what it is like to be of a people who were thought of as less than human called nigger and hung from trees for daring to be black in the wrong place and time. They don’t know how it feels to be in a country that has demonstrated a blatant hate for people who look like you. A country that is controlled by a race of people who still to this day will see discrepancies between the races and shrug their shoulders all the while saying hey that is just the way things are, what can I do about it. How about a country where we can make every excuse for why it was acceptable for police and guards to beat, punch, pepper spray and kill young black youths without any consequences.

And I am supposed to believe that in some way these statements are somehow “crazy”, “unacceptable” and “ludicrous”. Until someone can show me how these statement bear absolutely no truth then I and others will continue to say the exact same things. We can dismiss the hate speech of Bill O’Reilly, Michael Richards, Don Imus, Duane Dog Chapman, Kelly Tilgham and of course Geraldine Ferraro. Now this preacher who has not called anyone names (that I know of) but said some things (at least those I’ve heard) that no one so far can refute and people are on a campaign to burn Obama at the stake because he knows the man.

Well I know that this is a stupid thing to do. I didn’t advocate calling Hillary a racist because a couple of her supporters have said racist remarks. No one is advocating calling Hillary an adulterer because her husband whom is speaking on her behalf is one. This is pretty thoughtless. If Obama does attend that church isn’t it a far stretch to “assume” that this preacher who no longer heads that church said these types of sermons each and every Sunday? I am pretty sure he did not. So with all the calling of Obama a bigot etc. is just the audacity of stupidity.


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That Was A Racist Comment Geraldine Ferraro


“If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position.” This statement was written by Geraldine Ferraro in the Daily Breeze, Friday.

I may not be the big Obama supporter that many people are but YES, this damn statement is racist. This is the same racist rhetoric that blacks have to hear constantly no matter what type of professional position they are able to get. From a position as an architect to (now possibly) the President of the United States white people constantly say that if they weren’t black they wouldn’t be in this position, you can just add it up to affirmative action. I am constantly fielding comments from white people who will say that blacks only get jobs due to affirmative action as if there was no possible way they could get the job based on talent, skills and experience. The fact is there are too many White people in this country who believe that they are at a disadvantage due to their feeling that Blacks just get things such as jobs handed to them.

Basically what Ferraro is saying is that Obama has absolutely NO qualifying skills that would have lead to his possibly gaining the position to run for the president. By her claiming that the only think he has is his skin color is not only demeaning but racist. Would she be OK with the statement that George Bush wouldn’t be president right now if he were any other color or a woman? Because he not only had no experience he doesn’t have the sense god gave a donkey. Yet where was she to level this type of insult on him. What makes Hilary so qualified that she doesn’t have this type of insult leveled on her. Would it not be possible to say the Hilary wouldn’t be in the position she is in today if she were a man, especially a minority.

What Ferraro said is nothing new or surprising. The fact that it came from a person who is supposed to be on the same side as Obama and all other democrats isn’t even surprising. This just goes to show what Ferraro and other democrats actually feel about Obama and blacks in general. Then as Ferraro says this racist crap she turns around and says that everything bad that is said about Obama is chalked up to racism. But it is racist dumb ass it is. When it was found out that Farrakhan supported Obama, Clinton and everyone else came out saying that Obama needed to not only disagree with his position but to outright denounce the man. Now that Ferraro has shown her ugly side is Clinton denouncing her, of course not because she doesn’t have to and not one person is calling for her to do so. And as soon as the race for the Whitehouse is on with the republicans I am sure if Obama makes it we will see a lot more of the same.

When will we get past the fact that blacks CAN be just as qualified as white people? Everyone is talking about experience, well the problem is that none of these dolts has been president before and being a senator or a soldier boy doesn’t make you or anyone else qualified with any more or less experience as anyone else. Hillary had a husband that was president and that alone doesn’t give her any more experience than the other two candidates either. I don’t know one surgeons wife who claims she has all this surgical experience because her husband is a surgeon that would be ludicrous. I understand saying that you don’t like Obama’s policies because I have a problem with quite a few of his policies but to denounce him as a candidate just because he is black is beyond acceptable.

Then of course CNN did a pole on the issue of what Ferraro said and 55% of the people felt that she didn’t owe him an apology for her racist comments. Why, because most of the people voting feel that it is OK to question black peoples qualifications only based on race. When the fact is no one would dare to say the same about white people no matter what their background. No one would dare to question a white persons skin color as a means of saying that they are ill qualified for anything. The bottom line is Geraldine Ferraro felt that it was OK to judge Obama’s worthiness by the fact that he is black and that is the only qualification he has according to her. When blacks start using this same rhetoric maybe then people will see just how stupid, hurtful, racist and deceitful it really is. Ferraro and just about any other person should know that just because you have been the victim of sexism doesn’t mean you can now turn around and make someone else the victim of racism and vice versa.


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Feigning Intelligence


Now I know that I get more than my share of people who comment on this Blog who have an “I am so smart” attitude but this guy calling himself “Bob Dole” who commented on my post called Australian Apology Lame At Best. I don’t have a problem with folks who feel that they are extremely intelligent but the problem I do have is that they seem to spout a bunch of racist rhetoric packaged in this whole I am superior to you garb. Not only this but they usually display a lack of most basic skills in grammar, punctuation and any other skills taught in fifth grade language arts classes.

The guy begins by telling me that I have no basic understanding of Australian history etc. etc. Telling me this is all fine and dandy but, he seems to lack the basic understanding as well even though he feels that he has immense knowledge on the subject. He says “Firstly, lets begin at the fact the apology was for the Stolen Generation. Where churches took abused and malnourished children such as child protection services do in many nations and gave them to better families. The problem with this statement is if the children were being malnourished etc. why would you need to apologize for saving helpless children? How does that make any sense, it doesn’t that is why it is so ridiculous. The government already admitted that the reason they took the kids was to facilitate quicker assimilation of that culture. The Aborigine people had been living in Australia for centuries but “Bob” wants us to believe that without the divine intervention of the newly landed white man they were doomed to extinction.

He then wants to “You clearly don’t deserve an apology, because you have not been oppressed and please don’t play the “Slave” card. If you were semi-literate you would know some basics in history. At the time of the slave trade, slaves were not taken by white people, they were bought from black, primarily northern Africans. Do I see any nation like Morocco or Sierra Leone apologizing for stabbing their neighbors in the back? No, I don’t. I haven’t been oppressed? Is he joking, he doesn’t even know me so how can he make that assertion? I guess Mr. Dole never heard the fact that whites make 33% more in wages than the equally qualified black. He may have never heard that there is a discrepancy between blacks and whites in the quality of employment opportunities, healthcare, credit opportunities, home purchasing and education. Yet in order to be oppressed I suppose someone has to come and steal my baby as well.

Also, he gives the same old line from the racist handbook that Africans sold Africans into slavery etc. Now my same old come back for that is DUH! Does it matter how white people came to get slaves? Does this somehow negate the fact that they were tortured, raped, subjugated and made to suffer? Would he tell the Jews that because other Jews helped in the holocaust that negates the horrific nature of the Nazi’s actions? This type of thinking is usually perpetrated by those who wish to downplay white involvement with slavery. The whole argument is lame since Africa had slavery which was akin to indentured servitude. People were able to gain their freedom through marriage, paying the debt or the debt being forgiven. These options were not available to slaves in America. It was very hard to gain freedom in America.

And lastly “So to me if the Australians were serious about the apology they were dispensing to the aborigines they would back it up with some sort of legislation to compensate them for the atrocities committed.” I take it you are unaware of the compensation already available to the Aborigines. So I will cite some off the top of my head. *Home loan rate of 2% *Welfare rates exceeding white people by 50% *Easy job accessibility *Prepaid skills programs *Education paid for *Child care paid for *Housing/rent paid for *Furniture paid for *University fees paid for. Those are all I can name off the top of my head, but there are obviously many more. Is this not compensation? “And has that somehow ended the strife of low wages, lack of employment, high prison rates or inhumane treatment, I think not. He contradicts himself horribly to me. Because if you tell me that people are just getting all these easy jobs it is stupid to turn around and say that they have the strife of low wages and lack of employment. This doesn’t sound like the government subsidies are working very well, now does it? They have this free healthcare he claims yet they also have chronic illness etc. Something is wrong with the compensation package he named or they aren’t receiving such a package.

Please go and look for a job, they are in excess and readily available with labor shortages in most western nations, especially the United States. High prison rates are not anyones fault but the people who commit the crimes, same as lack of employment. I don’t see Mexican immigrants making complaints when they get work and its at the bottom scale of wages, you see you need skills to do jobs that pay better. If you spend your life attempting to make people feel sorry for you, you get no where. These statements very simplistic indeed. It is not so easy to say that crime is just the criminals fault so there! Crime is a result of lack of employment which is a result of discrimination.

If all these labor shortages are going on then why is the unemployment rate so high, especially in the black community? And please don’t tell me it is because blacks don’t want to work, as that is a chunk of bull crap. Also, Mexican immigrants DO and ARE complaining as we speak. So people like “Bob” should stop trying to gloss over the problems with simplistic little quips. Whenever a black complains of subjugation or discrimination it is always relegated to “trying to get people to feel sorry for you.” Why can’t it be an attempt at equality, or is that beyond “Bob” and others like him?

And finally I’ll state that African Americans are not natives of the United States, where as the Aborigines are natives to Australia. You are not in the same boat at all, metaphorically speaking.” Of course we weren’t natives of America that makes it twice as bad, since we were kidnapped and trafficked in like so much illegal property. Also, we DO have something in common with the Aborigine and the Native American and any other oppressed, subjugated and discriminated against persons. We are all being slandered, maligned and racially subjugated due to the color of our skin or better yet due to the color of the skin of the subjugators.

Racism, I suspected you would use that word more. But then I look around and find synonyms, and find discrimination. Not a far cry from what I expected when I stated earlier you would play the hard done by card. Is it so you can get pity? Or to satisfy the self pity you hold on yourself and in anger take out on white people? I ask who really in fact is the racist one, he sure as hell refers to himself as sentinel. So silly in fact as what white person have I taken my anger out on? What white person have I lynched, kept from a job, called names for being white, enslaved because I felt they were less than human, kept from healthcare or just plain hated for no reason except the color of their skin? I beg someone to tell me this. Also, who needs pity, is that going to get me equal pay, healthcare, access to housing and education. So if pity isn’t going to get me equality then it is not worth my time. Not to mention who ever said that I was a man, I guess that is just more assumptions.

Now lastly the white card huh? What concessions does the white card get me? Answer is nothing. What concession does it get black people? Free welfare, land and money. Because the truth is and always will be, blacks and Aboriginals for that matter will never be content with any amount of cash, it will always require more. Just as you somehow think you are hard done by, as I assume you are black. You should consider yourself lucky your hand isn’t being cuhe Congo. You are lucky to be a citizen of any western nation.” The better question is what doesn’t the white card get you? In fact if whites weren’t playing the race card, there wouldn’t be all the discrepancies in treatment that I mentioned earlier. If the race card wasn’t played by whites they couldn’t in good conscience defend slavery, Jim Crow, Separate but unequal and all the blatant discrimination that still blankets this country today.

Also, isn’t this the way of the racist, “just be happy you are an American?” No matter what you have to put up with, no matter how you are treated, no matter what ills this person and their like do to you. Just be happy you are not somewhere else where you could be getting a whole different set of ills. The facts are here, but I have a final statement to make. White people do not call each other honkey, whitey or any other derogatory comment. However Blacks seem to call each other Niggers, Blackey, Punjab and Mr Chocolate. I ask who the real racists are? Clearly the answer is seen not in colour but in black and white.” Answer a few questions “Bob Dole” where did these names come from? What does this say about America that oppressed people are internalizing the derogatory names that your people came out with? I have heard white people calling each other some pretty raunchy names, so what does that mean? Hopefully what it means is that “Bob Dole” won’t be coming back to feign intelligence on this site any longer.


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