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Creflo Dollar wants to help god help you to get rich! Wait a minute, he wants to have you help HIM to get rich, that’s better. Pulpit pimps such as Mr. Dollar have no intention of helping people with their prosperity speak. And just like prostitution the only one who seems to prosper is the pimp. The parishioners are making sure that Mr. Dollar has the best that god has to offer, now what of their living standards? Are their living standards equal to or better than those of Mr. Dollar?

Creflo Dollar was on CNN to defend what it is that he does, which he never exactly explained. He says that he runs his business oops; I mean church by the book. He gives the IRS all necessary paper work in order to track exactly how much money is coming in and how much is going out and where it goes. So he can’t understand exactly why the Senate Finance Committee would be probing him. He says they have all they need and now they are just starting to meddle in church business! And pray tell what would that business be?

Creflo and the rest of these preachers are getting paid big bucks for their sermons because as Creflo will tell you, pimpin’ the pulpit ain’t easy. These so called good Christians are just another piece of the puzzle called get rich off the backs of the believers. They are just as bad as Enron, WorldCom and the Banking and Loan folks. People trusted them and believed in what they said as they cooked the books. Now people believe that by giving my money to this pimp I will be blessed by god to receive all my fondest wishes. I think I would rather rub the genie bottle, at least it was free.

Dollar, who heads the Creflo Dollar Ministries and World Changers Church International in College Park, maybe that should be Money Changers Church International. Anyway, Dollar said during an interview that his spending and the personal spending of other successful mega church pastors should be seen in the context of all the money that they and their congregations raise for the poor and others in need, in line with Christ’s example to love and help others.

“I have given over a hundred cars away to people. I’ve purchased over four or five homes and given them to people. We don’t share that information. I feel like I’m forced to share it right now, because there’s so much assumption in that area of excess versus success. I don’t think that excess is necessarily wrong. Just because something is excessive doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It’s just based on how you obtain that excess. If you didn’t obtain it in a wrong way, and you worked hard, and you did things right and legal and up-front and open, excess is not necessarily wrong. “I have given over a hundred cars away to people. I’ve purchased over four or five homes and given them to people.

Creflo also has preached that it is a curse to be poor. God wants everyone to be wealthy. Yet wasn’t Jesus poor? And wasn’t that by choice or was he cursed by his own father? Also, does Mr. Dollar really think that ALL people can be rich? That is impossible or maybe just implausible. There can only be so many rich people due to the fact that if everyone were rich then rich would have no meaning, we would all just be, since there would be nothing to compare it to. In order to have rich there must be poor.

You have to look at these pimps and wonder how much is too much. When is enough, enough? Do you really need to lord over your parishioners like a sultan or king. In the bible it speaks of preachers living humbly. What ever happened to that, or has that been taken out of the bible? Corinthians 9:18, What then is my reward? Just this: that in preaching the gospel I may offer it free of charge, and so not misuse my rights as a preacher of the gospel.


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  1. Adam

    As a christian, we want others to be blessed, The bible also said “judge not or you shall be judged by the same measure. Who are we to judge anyone, thats gods place! not yours or ours although I respect the opinion, what about the lottery, or the casino’s what do they do?

  2. theblacksentinel


    As a Christian you all may want others to be blessed which is all fine and good, but what is it about a preacher living like a pharaoh that is being blessed? What about the congregation doesn’t he want them to be rich, if so, then why doesn’t he just have them keep their money?

    The lottery and casino’s don’t tell you that the way to salvation is by purchasing lottery tickets or pulling the arm of a slot machine. But, these preacher’s tell you that by giving to them you will be closer to god and/or god will bless you. Please! Are you joking? We all know what a casino or lottery offers. Now what should the church be offering besides salvation and spiritual wellness?

    If it is your contention that churches are akin to casino’s then I think you might be better off if you just fly to Vegas and maybe you will be blessed or at least you “might” get a return on your investment. With these pimps of the pulpit, I can pretty much guarantee that you will absolutely NOT get your moneys worth. But, the pimping preacher sure enough WILL.

    Thanks for the reply

  3. Logic

    I am EXTREMELY disappointed with ministries that concentrate more on prosperity than on Christ. However, I do not believe that christians should be broke either. There is a balance. If people are giving their life to Christ to get RICH…that’s a problem…AND…the ministry that they are under will be held responsible for teaching that perspective. Want the truth? If Creflo had a pinto, folk would talk about him. But, because he has choosen to invest the finance that the church gives him…he still gets talked about! I don’t know Creflo personally so I can’t give an acurate account of what he does with his money but God can…if Creflo has been a good steward with his money he has nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, as we watch this unfold, let’s pray for everyone that is involved in this investigation.

  4. WD

    I am not a fan of Dollars. Nor do I agree with things I’ve heard him say. However I feel your point of view is miopic, self serving and totally unbalanced. You called the man a pimp and theif and a hieratic point blank. So I’m reading you article for some juicy facts hoping to learn something. You had nothing but your bitter opinion. As a reader and a studier of facts and reports I find your commentary lacking substance. It’s just slander, a rant. At lease I would have gathered some Biblical facts to make a challenge. Who gave you a job?

  5. theblacksentinel


    If you are a reader and studier of facts and reports, then why are you coming to blogs to get your information? It seems that you would go to, how can I put this, news sites where “juicy” facts can be documented and sources identified. Yet, here you are, great fact finder you are. I am not trying to convict the man, so I don’t need to gather a ton of facts biblical or otherwise. If you notice this is a “PERSONAL” blog and I can be myopic (notice the spelling) and self serving also unbalanced if I choose to be.

    Your reply is full of grammatical errors and completely bitter, myopic, self serving and unbalanced. Which brings me to ask you, who gave you a job?

    But, thanks for the bitter reply anyway

  6. hopeinjesusamen

    dont give doller a penny there are people in his church on food stamps . and on welfare and he is ride ing in a rolls . and live en like a king while many members in his church cant pay there light bill. thats a shame and to make TO BE RICH and greedy like him. read 2 peter 1-1-3 2 cor 11-1-15 and dont give this wolf a dime

  7. Chosen 1

    I am sick and tired of these “Christians” defending what they know in their hearts is not the way of God!!! Call it for what it is – a bunch of manipulative, control hungry, status seeking hustlers pimping God’s people!!!

  8. Lex

    Aw, come on?!?! It’s hard out here for a pimp!!

  9. WD


    I like that, the way you flip it around and make me the bitter one, Good stuff… :-).
    I don’t have a reason to be bitter but hey good move.

  10. theblacksentinel

    Thanks WD,

    Except I don’t believe I had to turn anything around it was pretty self evident. I don’t know if you are bitter or not, all I know is that I am not bitter. Why not? Because for one thing I am not a Christian so it really doesn’t hit home for me. I just feel the need to point out this “obvious” hypocrisy that these people preach. God wants you to be rich, yet the “only” one getting rich is the preacher. Right!!!

    You enjoy as well, thanks for the reply.

  11. all41


    Dont’ shoot the messenger, but you do sound a little bitter. Please take the time to read the word for yourself and come into a relationship with God and he will lead you in every walk of your life. Giving, sharing, and most important loving. It’s not about the pastor, but it’s about Jesus. What’s going on in churches and with pastor’s these days is to really take our focus off what’s important and that’s God. Crefflo Dollar doesn’t hold anyone’s salvation. Only God can change the heart and heal the past.- b-blessed

  12. theblacksentinel


    I am sorry if you see me as a shoot the messenger type. Yet, I don’t quite understand Christians. What is it about you that you feel it is necessary to make everyone a Christian? Should I try and sell you on what my beliefs are or would you close your mind do to the fact that it does not include Christian views?

    I am not going to take the time to read the “word”, and I DO have a relationship with God. So, for you to assume that I don’t is pretty presumptuous wouldn’t you think? Also, I think that the things that are going on in these churches are doing more than taking your focus off God, it is also taking your money out of your pocket.

    Thanks for the reply. I hope you don’t feel any bullet holes.

  13. Wink721

    The one thing that disturbs me about the mega church and its followers is they always qoute the bible. Well let’s start there.
    1 The bible is the same book that was used to justify slavery.

    2 The bible was also used to justify the actions of the KKK.

    3 The bible has been changed more than 20 times to justify mans hatred towards one another i,e homosexuals, Islam

    4 The scripture that the mega pimps use in order to gain there wealth has been taken out of context in order to justify why the ignorant christians should give them 10% of there earnings after the goverment has already taxed you.What was meant by giving 10% was community / village based. Everyone in the village gave 10% of their crops, vegatables,meat that was kept in the store house so that during a time of famine there would be meat for the community/villagers .However the bible has been changed to reflect that 10% of your earnings should replace the crops, and meat in order for the pimp to store a jet and bling bling.
    What disturbs me the most about black christians is when they took the shackles off our hands and legs they handed us the bible which has enslaved our minds.
    We believe what ever the slave master says to be truth ???????

  14. theblacksentinel


    Thank you so very much for this comment that is so right on point. Why we as blacks embrace a religion that justified enslaving us is beyond me. It would stand to reason that we would run back to our roots the minute we were free. And to think we are some of the biggest pushers of this religion.

    Anyway, I loved the reply as it said the things I have been talking about with my close family and friends. Keep on thinking with an open mind and questioning the tripe that is being fed to the masses.

    Thanks again for the great reply!

  15. Wink721

    You are welcome.
    Also in response to Dollars answer he gives away houses and cars, Why not build affordable housing for the thousands of poor blacks, mostly single parent households.
    I moved here from NYC and the number of homeless has tripled in 3 years. Then you have the gentrifaction that is taken place in the city where poor blacks are being replaced by the wealthy and middle class.
    I worked at one of the major hotel chains in Atlanta. My staff were being payed $6.50 an hour to do the same job that pays in NY $22.00 an hour mind you the cost of a hotel is not much less. However I said that to say this. Some of my staff were members of Daddy big bucks church and sometimes I would loan them money to get to work, but when pay day came around the first thing out of their mouth was that 10% to pastor huh! I said to one particular believer , I am fighting to get you a living wage and you give him 10%, how about you give me 10% so that when you don’t have money to get to work you can come back for your 40 bucks.

  16. theblacksentinel


    Great point! This is exactly what I am talking about. These preachers can get that kind of money then they need to be doing something other than buying private jets etc. Why not house people? Isn’t that what Jesus was all about? Those people you talk about are the sheeple that need to wake up and smel the coffee since it is obviously burning and on fire.

    I would tell them to go and get the gas from Daddy big bucks! Since he has plenty of money to drive his expensive cars all around and flash his money to the masses. Where is he to champion more pay for these people? Actually, we shouldn’t be giving him any ideas on how to make more money, since he knows that more for them is just more for him.

    Thanks for the reply.

  17. Alfredo Edwards

    I saw mr. dollar on larry king last night. Larry kept calling him doctor dollar. He claims he made his money by saving and investing well. Now i wonder if we should trust but not verify what we see and hear. Oh, i guess he’s called doctor being a doctor of letters.

  18. all41

    I am not trying to put any kind of view off you since you made it very clear what your view is.
    “Because for one thing I am not a Christian so it really doesn’t hit home for me.” That’s what you quoted and that’s it in a nutshell. Yes I probably would close my mind to some of your beliefs because they may not support christianity, just like you have closed your mind to some of the beliefs of christian people. You believe what you believe and like I quoted only God can change the heart I am not trying to make you anything, just merely made a suggestion. I have heard Crefflo Dollar, TD Jakes and other mega church ministers preach and they all preach from the word, and you haven’t read the word and won’t read the word for yourself then how can you criticize them. I can’t get mad at a Muslim for talking about giving to mosque without first sitting down and reading their book of belief(Koran, Bible, or whatever “word” it is they believe in)first. Then from there I can draw my conclusion. That’s why I said read for yourself. I’ve read alot of books but I can only argue the facts in the ones that I have read, so if Crefflo, TD Jakes or one of the other mega-church preachers says something that doesn’t line up with what I read I can say no this is not right. But since your mind is closed to reading it then there it is, and no I don’t feel any bullet holes.

  19. Damien

    My whole thing about Christianity… the people… is that they twist the bible to fit what they’re agenda is…
    Personally, I practice no religion but i was raised Christian, so it’s hard for me to get away from that. For the most part from my experience it’s damn near like the government… within they’re own are they responsible but they are the ones enabling them.
    it’s like well if he’s wrong then GOD will deal with him… okay, so what about the poor now?
    This country began crooked and everything in it is crooked… and works under the mask of morals and values but it all goes out the door once someones billion dollars are questioned.
    What is the use of these people having expensive cars and homes and million dollar weddings… when they’re people that really need help. I believe that preachers/pastors should be the ones following Christ the most, as an example. But, more and more you find that they’re just talk. yet, the excuse is, “Well they’re just people too”… We know… when are you gonna realize?

    sorry for the rant.

  20. theblacksentinel

    That is where you are wrong, I “have” read the book. I have been a Christian, in fact I grew up a Christian and I made a choice to give that up. So don’t presume to know me. I haven’t closed my mind to Christianity I now question it, there is a difference. Since I have read the bible cover to cover and done plenty of bible study the last one taking place two weeks ago, I feel pretty confident that what they are preaching has been taken and retrofitted to fit what they want it to say.

    So unfortunately you should open your mind to alternatives. Nowhere in the bible does it say that you can’t question your preacher etc. It is healthy to question, even Jesus questioned the Rabbi.

    Thanks for the reply

  21. theblacksentinel


    I agree with you and understand that they are people too with all the fallacies of us humans. Yet to continue to perpetrate this huge fraud is beyond me. I also don’t understand their incessant need to twist the bible to say whatever they need it to in order to get the money.

    Thanks for the reply

  22. all41

    You said in your post on November 28, 2007 at 3:24 pm “I am not going to take the time to read the “word”. And today you say “Since I have read the bible cover to cover and done plenty of bible study the last one taking place two weeks ago”. Alright I’m confused which one is it? Either you don’t read it or you do read it.
    “So don’t presume to know me.” It’s not that serious. I don’t presume anything. I know that alot of christians have been hurt by a church, a pastor, a sunday school teacher, and not just sexually, but mentally and emotionally. I have been so hurt by people in the church if I could tell the story it would make your jaw drop, but you know what I still go and I haven’t given up on what I believe because I tried it and I know it works. I don’t go to be seen, or to see who is there I go because God loves me and if he had given up on me I would be on lock down or dead. Do I give every time they pass the collection plate – NO! Do I give – YES! My choice!! I give because God gave first and that’s just the belief system I have. It’s like getting credit card offers in the mail, you don’t apply for all of them. You assess the percentage rates and the bonus features of that card before applying. Even Jesus said before you follow make an assessment. You don’t build a house without first assessing whether or not you have the money to complete the task. The only reason I presumed that you didn’t read is because you said that you didn’t, but now that we know that you do. Read where Timothy talked about reading and rightly dividing the word of truth. Read for yourself and make your own decision. You have made your decision not to be a christian anymore and that is your decision, but you can’t get mad at the “christians” in the church who chose to give and support the type of lifestyle this man is living. He didn’t tell them to give it or get out. The people in the churches have chosen to give the type of money that they are giving and the last time I watched one of the mega church ministers they did not have a gun out on anybody making them give. People are going to do and give what they want to. Well I do have to give Dollar credit where credit is due he did say “Don’t take my word for it read it for yourself and then make a choice.” Should there be more accountability in the church?
    Of course!!!! Is the church perfect? Of course not!!!! Anytime you have humans a part of anything it will be imperfect. You chose not to be a christian anymore and if that is the case then I know you did what Jesus told us to do and that was make an assessment and I am not mad at you for that “choice” b-blessed

  23. theblacksentinel


    When I said I am not going to read the word, I was simply stating that it wasn’t necessary for me. Not that I had never read it and wouldn’t. Anyhow, I am sure that my jaw would not drop from your story as I have heard many.

    I have never been hurt or maligned by the church. I have nothing against the church. I don’t have anything against Christians in general except the fact that they constantly want to preach the word to me and not let me preach the word I know to them.

    I am not angry with the church, I am angry with these preachers who to “me” are re-wording the bible to fit their means. They are profiting from shall I say blatant deception.

    Anyhow, I enjoy doing bible study with Christians who find it necessary to knock on my families door to tell me the word. I actually do this with my entire family children included. Also, I am not mad at you either for your choice to stay Christian as we all have to make choices as to what is best for us. I do have a very good relationship with God though and am sure you do as well.

    Thank you and you also b-blessed

  24. all41


    I guess the question that I am asking is why do you care if these preachers are profiting from blatant deception? Christian believers are the ones that are giving, and christian believers who are in the church have decided to give these preachers their pay. Crefflo Dollar or any other mega church pastor cannot set their own pay scale, unless that church wants to fall under the scrutiny of fraud. Christian believers may preach to you what they believe and you don’t listen just like you preach to them what you believe and you don’t listen. And what I mean by listen is allow what is being said to absorb. So in that case why do you care who or what they give to. They could be giving money to support some terror cell, prostitution, or drug addicts habit outside of the church, so what is that to you? Is what christians do what their money inside the church the only thing that is concerning you? If we are being blatantly deceived then the church isn’t the only place to blame for deception. Do you know that it is not written in the constitution that we have to pay taxes? It started to help support World War II, but after the war it was supposed to be abolished. Do me a solid and find a mega church and drive around that church’s community if the community is run down and there’s a multi-million dollar complex there and they aren’t feeding the homeless then that is blatant deception. And if they are deceiving their members then their members need to speak up and ask why aren’t we doing anything for the community. I have worked in outreach and I know what my church does. If you’re not a part of that then what you see on the outside looking in may look like deception. My pastor drives a cadillac, but he gave out 150 food baskets and 400 coats to the homeless and kids in 1 months time and is constantly giving. If you don’t believe what the pastor is saying and you are angry at him for dishing out what you call blatant deception then get mad at Oprah Winfrey because she has said more than once that the way she got the status she got is by giving. Does that make her a blatant deceptor? We all have to find our own way is all I am saying. Whether you believe the pastor or Oprah the message is the same just coming from the different person. But the church has always and will continue to be the center of confusion, why? Look who we worship – Jesus. I bet nobody is mad at Donald Trump for continuously saying the same things that the preacher is saying. But nobody is paying that any attention. Why? Because he is not in the church. By the way Donald Trump is also saying that giving is the way to the road of financial stability.

  25. theblacksentinel

    Ok, for one thing lets just get this out of the way, why does anyone care when someone gets murdered if it doesn’t directly affect them? Why do you care what I write and come to my blog? We can put this on anything. We care that is the point, it doesn’t have to mean something to you that I care, my reasons are my own. I don’t have to quantify caring, I thought as a Christian you should understand. Since isn’t that one of the principles of your teaching to care for others?

    Anyhow, I do know about the tax situation. Yet, that doesn’t explain why these people are pilfering the community of its money. I care because these people are being taken advantage of. I don’t care who the people are. The fact is it concerns us all when people give all their money to these preachers then have no money to pay for other things. Read comment by Wink721.

    Donald Trump nor Oprah Winfrey are operating under the guise of tax exempt religious status. All the while taking in untaxed income and doing as little as possible to help the needy. I can claim exempt status by taking in donations. If I bring in 1,000 dollars and spend 10 dollars on whatever I feel is charitable, I have done what I said, but you and I both know it is pretty much fraudulent.

  26. all41

    I guess you don’t understand what I am saying to you. As a Christian I do care because these are other Christians. These are Christians giving to the church. I repeat THESE ARE CHRISTIANS GIVING TO THE CHURCH. Since you don’t care about Christianity and you believe that we are trying to put our view off on you my question is still why do you care? And you may want to read a few of the things that Oprah and Trump do with their money in order to receive certain tax free perks – huh. And much of it doesn’t include giving it to any charitable organizations. What church do you know that pays a pastor and he doesn’t have to report what he earns to the IRS and if he does not pay, because large parts of it are taxable income, then he goes to jail. You might want to write the Georgia Department of Corrections and ask how many convicts are there that are pastors due to lack of knowledge about tax law. A person who knows the law isn’t going to break it unless they want to go to jail. Why are Mega church ministers free as birds? There is consequence to every action, and yes your blog does make a difference whether you want to accept that or not. Why doesn’t anyone care about the murderer because they made the choice to take someone’s life? Would you care about the murderer and what happens to him if he killed someone in Australia? Maybe not! Would you care more if took the life of your child? You don’t have anything to do with Christianity so my question still is why do you care? Like I’ve said before I don’t care what Muslims give to the mosque to support the functions of that particular religion unless it is an organization set up to hurt other people in some way. Why – because I am not Muslim. What terror group or dysfunctional organization does the church support? And like I said before if you visit one of these mega churches and the community around it is in ruins then the members of that church need to speak up and ask where the money is going? Find out what they do with the money and then if it is being misused then someone needs to post more blogs. You’re not Christian so why do you care? I think once we really see why it is you care so much since you think they are being taken advantage of – remember the preacher didn’t pull out a gun and make his members give anything – then maybe I can understand a little better. I get letters in the mail all the time about attending investment meetings and pyramid schemes, but I don’t bite no matter how lucrative they may make it sound, so how can you explain how grown up people who have CHOSEN to give to the church are being taken advantage of. Oh I get it! Because it is the church. Remember Jesus didn’t make the disciples leave their homes and families, but he told them that no man has left anything that he won’t get back in this life and the life after. What you fail to realize is that yes Christianity teaches long-suffering, kindness, gentleness, and meekness, and yes I do care about what Christians give to the church because well I’m a Christian. And as I said before I’ve worked in outreach and I have seen where the money goes. What your blogs do is cause confusion for someone who is questioning whether Christianity really works or not and what you say may be the deciding factor for them to keep going or turn and walk away. Just like you believe the preacher and what he says can be viewed as pimping I can view what you are saying as the same thing, because a pimp doesn’t just take money without persuasion and you my friend are persuading.


  27. theblacksentinel


    Unfortunately for you this isn’t a post about Oprah nor Trump, it IS a post about Dollar. I care because they are human. I find your statements cynical at best. You care because they are Christians, because they are Americans. I thought Jesus wanted you to care about ALL gods children. I would care if a person is killed in Australia. The problem is I don’t hear much news from Australia.

    My Blog is not here for people to figure out whether or not they would like to be a Christian so I don’t think it would/should cause confusion. If they walk away from Christianity simply because of what I say then they weren’t really that interested in it.

    You can definitely view what I am saying as pimping or whatever else, that is your right. I am giving MY views if you or others find them persuasive then that is on you and them. No where in the post did I say that people should stop going to church or stop believing in Christianity. That is up to them. I am just putting MY views out for the world.

  28. Chosen1

    I don’t care about Donald Trump or Oprah!!! We are talking about “called” men and women of God pimping the people of God. That’s the problem with the church now “we are not of this world, but we are in this world” right?, but every time I look around we are comparing ourselves with the world and the people in it. We are even competing with them!!!

    Wake up alright!!! The anti-christ is here!!!

  29. Once again, Joel Osteen’s utter failure to uphold Christian truth in an age of apostacy only further supports what is all too clear about his teaching: it is spiritually bankrupt.

    Here is a link to articles our ministry has created on Osteen’s heretical compromise that is anointed as “Christianity” today.


  30. Speaking Truth

    I’m a little late in finding this post, but it’s still a relevant & timely discussion nonetheless.

    The pimp is allowed to roam free in pulpits across America because what they’re selling appeals to the flesh of their followers.

    Unfortunately, we are more concerned about being blessed (financially) than we are about spreading the liberating Gospel of Jesus Christ, so the doctrinal murder continues without so much as a peep from the sheep.

    I’ve blogged on the nature of the pulpit pimp, his allure, and our ability to be “swept up” by their charismatic show at my blog (http://imspeakingtruth.wordpress.com). I get daily emails from those who have fallen in line with this twisted “pimpology”, but they’d rather stay bound in doctrinal lies because “there’s no place else to go”.

    Once we put the focus back on Jesus Christ, then these pimps will stop competing for our attention – we’ll simply ignore them…

    Speaking Truth

  31. Damien

    Why don’t we just love each other without having to “worship” someone… let’s “worship” each other. I believe that is the main teaching of “The Christ”.
    When I say worship I mean value.
    GOD is GOD and it will be.
    But, these days it’s all about money and people want to hear that if they do the right thing then right will come to you.. true… yet bad will inevitably come also… we have to know it will pass and we’ll live to see another good day. But, I guess people need someone to tell them that on a regular basis… I remember a day when pastor had a day job… that is rare these days.

  32. Dear sir,

    I am pleased and happy that someone has addressed this ungodly, unholy thief by misleading men and women that say they are preaching the word of God.

    We must get out of the practice of being lead by thieves in the name of God.

    You, my friends are buying homes and fancy cars for thieves, and believe me all that gold they are wearing is real and paid for by you.

    Wakeup people.

  33. BeYou

    I’m a little late in the game, but this is worth talking about.

    Who is to say that being a full-time pastor doesn’t deserve a paycheck? This is how I feel on this issue. I am Christian and I believe that if you a working, whether it be as a pastor, musician, receptionist, or otherwise, you should receive a paycheck. This is their livelihood. These people have to provide for their families. As far as being “pimps,” I can’t quite say that. Christians really need to know where their “gifts” are going in the church. If by chance their money is being used in a way that doesn’t line up, then they need to re-evaluate where they are giving. Some preachers are solely preaching prosperity, and I Believe this is wrong. You must preach salvation, Christ, because that is the whole foundation of the Christian faith. I have come in contact with a number of preachers that preach prosperity in order to make money and I believe this is wrong. But, I still believe that they are entitled a paycheck and whatever they do with THEIR paycheck is their business!

  34. Be You,

    I don’t have any problems with preachers being paid as they do have to make a living like you said. The problem is that these preachers are living like rockstars off of the backs of their parishioners.

    These “gifts” are going to fund million dollar homes, cars and private jets. How are you preaching prosperity when it seems that the only prosperity that is being gained is by you the preacher.

    That is my problem. Even Jesus needed to live while he roamed the country preaching the gospel. Yet he wasn’t living in some mansion preaching from a million dollar pulpit. Remember Jesus was crucified after tossing the money changers from the synagogues.

    Thanks for the reply.

  35. Suven

    Dude sentinel,

    You are cocky as heck. Give it up man. We get it. You are anti-Christian. No need to freak out all over and on every Christian who tithes and gives love offerings.

    Every believer has a unique responsibility as a Christian. Whether the pastor is doing wrong behind their backs is not the Christian’s fault. God knows everything in everyone’s heart so just because someone is taking advantage of cash, doesn’t mean we need to relinquish our duty of giving 10%+ to the church.

    There are a lot of good causes out there that these churches are facilitating. How about you? What have you done besides type responses to the replies you’ve gotten on your post so far?? Have you made a positive difference in this world since you woke up this morning?

    Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I’m so very sorry that you decided to stray away from the church. Somewhere along the way, you allowed your heart to turn hard against the Word.

  36. Suven,

    Ha, Ha, Ha! For one thing I am NOT cocky and I sure as hell am NOT a dude! But I guess I should say thank you for the cocky bit. Anyhow, I am NOT anti Christian. I am anti user and abuser preacher.

    I don’t mind and even think that Christians should follow their bible and give tithes to the church. But when does giving tithes to a church who does little good in their community yet has a million dollar home, vacationing, car driving pimp become enabling? I don’t have a problem with Christians giving, just LOOK at who the heck you are giving your money too.

    If all you feel is the need to give then there are plenty of poor people who will be your pastor for the 10% tithing that will never reach them if you pastor has anything to do with it. So please get a backbone and stop supporting gluttony, greed and the pursuit of material wealth, which in case you hadn’t known are ALL in the bible as sin or reasons to be kept out of heaven.

    One more point, if you assist a sinner in sinning do you think that god is going to overlook that? I think NOT. So the excuse that the pastor is doing wrong behind the parishioners back is bogus. It is their responsibility just like the pastors to make sure that their church actually is doing the work of god on earth. Not just give money and that absolves you and others of their responsibilities. Remember Jesus said that a rich man has about the same chances to get into heaven as a camel through the eye of a needle.

    God bless you! And thanks for the reply.

  37. SP

    It’s all about GOD. It says in the bible to bring your tithe to the storehouse, which is the alter. If you are not getting your teachings from Creflo Dollar change the channel. It’s your choice whether you listen to him or not. If you want to give then give, otherwise hush!!! If you have not made Jesus the Lord of your life arguing with you will be stupid because your blinded by Satins attacks and can’t really see clearly. So do what you do.

  38. SP,

    I guess I don’t have the freedom of speech that god gave me in order to call a fraud a fraud. Jesus never preached and god never said that if you give ALL your money to some jackass named Creflo Dollar will get you into heaven. Creflo who preaches that giving money to him and he will make sure you will get a blessing of a bunch of money. HUH!!

    Where in the bible is that? Please don’t quote the tithing again because he is going beyond tithing. Nowhere in the bible does it say that you needed some money grubber to stand between you and gods blessings.

    So if you are stupid enough to buy into this crap then there is no talking with you. When you don’t make it to heaven after worshiping the all mighty dollar with Creflo, don’t beg or plead you brought it on yourself.


  39. SP—Satin’s attacks….I’m personallymore worried about what will happen to me if Polyester comes after me. Satin isn’t all that bad….although Silk is much nicer.
    As for the money issues…while I have no problem with people attaining wealth, the manner in which they do it is rather important. Pushing people into pumping all their money into a singular church seems a little backwards…sure, you get a fancy big building that might even have a gym and a nursery that you can take advantage of….but, if things go to hell in a handbasket for you and your family, will the church clothe and feed you at the same rate you were accustomed to prior to say, losing your job? Will the pastor drive normal cars and wear regular guy suits, or wil he still be riding around town in a big fat Cadillac or Hummer with huge gold plated rims and $3000 high end tailored suits?
    If you preach the message, you better live the message. The pastor should be sending all that extra money towards actual causes, not his own pockets.

  40. Mike,

    My sentiments exactly. I think that if the money is coming into the church they need to be spending it on things the church are supposed to be helping with. And that is the people. NOT fancy cars, private jets and summer, winter or spring homes.


  41. Prowwess


    I used to be a member of this church that is in the top article. The last comment is from me Prowwess. Please read it if you are interested in more pimping of the pulpit.

  42. apostle

    Grace and love be unto you all,

    I have read the majority of your comments and do agree with the black sentinel statements for they have merit for this is what she has observed and now is giving a true testimony of the what she has seen. First off those who believe that these Bishops and Pastors of these mega churches are of the Church are wrong, for they are of the AC and not of the DC. The AC is for all those whom seek a Good Church only to have someone tell them what God want from them, Yet those whom belong unto the DC Die(The) Church are the true Christians whom belong unto the Church of the Living God, which resides within all of our hearts, they no longer walk blindly believing in every voice that cometh unto them, for they know the voice of the true shepherd which giveth them freedom to eat and grow in Him, they are not seeker of prosperity but of love for all of their fellow brothers and sisters regardless of their religious beliefs, they help without be asked, they give without looking for a return and they love continuously the way that the Father Yahweh love us for love overcometh multitudes of sin, this is The Church of the Living God . You see my fiends that the reading the word is not knowing or having a relationship with the Lord our God. John1:1 says that in beginning was the Word and Word was with God and the Word was God, nothing was made without Him….so you see that the bible is not the Word of God, but holy scriptures that speak about the Word of God whom is Yeshua the Messiah(Jesus the Christ). These leaders are manipulators of the scriptures and imitators of the Truth. They all shall be held accountable for their lies and for robbing God and the Church of the Living God. For it is written how will a man rob God in Malachi 3:8-10, In tithes and offering, and these men and women have done just that. Black Sentinel, your job is to continue to bring to the light all that you see happening in the darkness, no matter what others think, for they are also blind and cannot see themselves nor understand what they see once it has been brought into the light, this makes them as guilty as they whom doeth the sin.

    Yahweh Shalom (God’s Peace) be with you

    an apostle of Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus the Christ)

  43. Kathy

    Your comments are no surprise to me. Satan always gets angry when God’s children prosper.

  44. Kathy,

    God wants his children to prosper? Then why did Jesus go crazy when the money exchangers were doing their work inside the church? I learned in Sunday school that in the final days Satan would use deception and that there would be many false prophets. Or was that false profits? Either way it looks like you’ve been duped and you are taking that express elevator to hell.


  45. Kathy,

    I guess you don’t actually believe or don’t read the bible you and that criminal claim to follow. There are plenty of passages in your bible which speak about money, the love of money and the ills of money. Maybe instead of going to the Church of gold you might spend some time in the Church of god and listen to some of their sermons.

    So it is no surprise to me that someone who is in search of the almighty dollar would have the nerve to scold me about Satan or god and this so called prosperity. There isn’t one chapter in the bible titled “Prosperity doctrine”, or “God’s prosperous children.” So do me a favor when you see this Satan ask him how he feels about prosperity, because Lord knows you never listened to god on this one.


  46. jim l

    thank you so much for this blog sentinel.I feel the same way about these crooked preachers.they give 20 dollars to get 80 back.I see some don’t want to see it, calling you a devil or lost.Look who’s talking ..

  47. Jim I,

    I agree they are just angry to see someone they have put all their trust in being brought to light. No one wants to feel like they have been taken advantage of. And these people are being duped royally.

    Thanks for the reply.

  48. jim l

    hey speaking of crooks,rev ike died two days ago..how come none of the other pastors arnt saying anything about him.td jakes,creflo,joel,ect…without ike or earnest angley,they woundl’t know how to rob the people either………….hope ike, fallwell and angley are counting their stacks of money…….

  49. pudden

    I have read in my bible; you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Most persons know this is nothing new in the pulpit, just more open now. I do not support these churches that preach “Rich” God does not say anywhere in His word that everyone will be or should be rich. The Lord said the poor you will always have with you. “always”. God doesn’t need man’s money. What He needs and desires is : To love Him with all your heart, mind and soul and love other as yourself. In doing this one will automatically do all the other commandments; do not steal, do not lie, do not kill, do not cover anothers wife or husband ect. Man has lost the way, God’s way the only way. God will repay what these people are doing in the pulpit. As I said, I don’t support these churches in any way shape or form. I attend a small church with less than 100 members. The church is large and with the few members that was giving to us by whites when the neighborhood charged from white to black, beautiful church paid for all we need to do is keep God’s house in order, which our Pastor encourages us to do. The members give as God has blessed us. Some with little some with much. Those with much pick up the slack of those with little and things are great. Our pastor is paid as a part time Pastor, not much and most of what we pay him he puts back in the church each month, but he does the work of a full time Pastor. God has used us to do so much. To support two near by schools, a food pantry, a mental hospital ect. We don’t have much money in the bank, just enough to meet our bills, but with God’s help we do just that every month. I give God the glory for the things he does. People read for yourselves. Don’t just listen to man. His actions and words don’t line up. My past just said on last Sunday…some people don’t want to be free because with freedom comes responsibilty and some can’t handle it and franky doesn’t want it. So they continue to be lead around by someone that knows this and takes advantage.
    God bless his people with the deep desire to allow the word to set them free and leave churches that take advantage of them.



    He was My COUNSELOR, Friend, Confidant and Lover;
    “HER” Husband, “THEIR” Father and “OUR PASTOR”

    Based on a true story, Shannon Bellamy exposes the truth behind the wolves in sheeps’ clothing that lurk in the pulpit at a mega church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In her book “Pimps in the Pulpit” she talks about her three year love affair with a Philadelphia and Bermuda born pastor.

    The subtitle of Shannon’s book, “He was my…Counselor, Friend, Confidant and Lover, “Her” Husband, “Their” Father and “OUR PASTOR” is a strong message about the secret lives a lot of Pastors lead in today’s churches. The story shows how a strong woman could become weak and vulnerable and get manipulated into an intimate relationship with her Counselor/Pastor who is also married. Her story is not about tearing down the church but rather to expose inappropriate relationships between Pastors and Parishioners and Counselors and Counselees and how it can affect these wounded victim’s lives, self esteem, spirituality and soul. It is her desire for change to occur in which counseling is being conducted to include but not be limited to same sex counseling or mandatory assistant of the same sex during the counseling session to cut down on the misconduct in the pastoral/counseling sector.

    She gives a tantalizing play by play analysis of the endless late night rendezvous, orchestrated lies and deception. Shannon also discloses the details of her near death experience as a result of undergoing extensive cosmetic surgery that he coerced her to endure for his own personal enjoyment. This church is known as the “clubs” of churches.

    Ms. Bellamy hopes her story will bring same sex counseling as a mandate in the church to protect both the pastors and parishioners from “human nature” and allow the church to get back to the business of saving the lost, sick and broken without the distraction of the “flesh”! A real page turner of what really goes on behind the pulpit when church is not in session. Don’t be a victim of the “Pimps in the Pulpit” who prey on vulnerable women, single or married!

    Share in her struggles and Triumphs as she finds herself and breaks away, from who she believed was the love of her life, in order to save her life. Feel the gravity of her pain; agonize with her through her moments of self doubt; experience her slow journey to personal redemption and unfolding triumph.

    A book for all and especially those who feel unworthy of love and ashamed of their past and perhaps their present! Her words bring strength, hope and restoration to lives.

    The book will be released September 27, 2009 online http://www.shannonbellamy.com and bookstores nationwide on September 28, 2009.

    Shannon Bellamy has appeared on the national syndicated Michael Baisden Show and a host of other radio programs and speaking engagements go to her website for a list.

  51. carl

    As we should never hate the messenger , we should never hate the sheep that is being lead astray. As stated earlier, historically we must all be caution about giving anyone authority over us , whether it be financially , spiritually , physically , or emotionally… We must bear in mind that just because some people pervert a religion does not mean that the religion itself is a shame . When The Messiah came onto the scene , he rebuked the Pharisees and religious leaders of his day , because they were misinterpreting God’s Sacred Scrolls , and misleading the people . He did not condemn the religion but rebuke those who were misrepresenting the truth ! Its important that we all look analytically at the things happening in religions , and to call it like we see it ! False Prophets are everywhere , so yes we should be very apprehensive when reaching into our pockets to give away money to anyone who professes to know GOD !

  52. Facts55

    I do not know Dr. Creflo Dollar, nor do I attend his church or have ever seen him preach in person or given him a cent towards his ministry. However I do know how awesome and passionate his message are and how faith filled and blessed this man is. This article is just shown that the world is trying to bash every wealthy person who has a stronghold in the Lord. Oh and yes Jesus was poor, but the bible said the he was made poor so that we could be made rich… Also the bible says, “if the publisher would read other than Corinthians” that he whosoever trusts in the lord will be prosperous and blessed. Pressed down, shacking together, running over, that this would be our blessing for living our lives for God. The bible has tons of scriptures on prosperity for the Lords children, and how they will be made rich with many spiritual and “physical” possessions. Dollar is a man who has undoubtedly trusted and had faith in the Lord for all of his needs, and the Lord has for-filled his promise to him. So now you criticize a man for being wealthy in his calling? I see this as being Jealousy. Lets talk about the name pulpit pimps.. Honestly? The bible specifically says to give your tithes and offering to your church “tithe meaning 10% of what you make,” And the lord says if you sow bountifully you will reap bountifully. Thats all for now..

  53. Facts55,

    It is obvious that you don’t even know the bible you profess Creflow Dollar knows. In YOUR bible it says that a rich man has the same chances of getting into heaven as a camel does getting through the eye of a needle. So I guess that so called rich man called Creflow isn’t so full of the lord as you think. If he were then why not give that money to the needy and live within your means. Or is that too much to ask from a so called man of the lord. There is no where in the bible that speaks about pimping the people of god in order to grow your fat pockets with riches. And if you can find one passage where Jesus or anyone else says that getting rich off the backs of the church goers is a blessing I will gladly rewrite this post and praise that heathen. But until then, why don’t you at least read the bible and try and figure out what they are trying to say to you. I guess Jesus was jealous of the money changers in the church when he went in and cursed them and threw them out of the church.


  54. Facts55

    Yes I am very familiar with the scripture you speak of. Matt 19:24, “And I tell you again, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go to heaven.” And yes Sentinel that is so true you are right there. However you have to realize what the scripture is saying. Jesus was speaking to a greedy man. Jesus to told the man to sell all his possessions and follow him, but the man went away sad for he had many possessions. You see, this man didn’t have money, but money had him… There is a huge difference. I hardly know anything about Mr. Dollar, all I know is that I have heard some of the most amazing anointed faith messages I have ever heard and they just so happened to come from him. On the fact of giving to the poor. Lets add up how much money is put into over a hundred cars and four houses? And not to mention the outreaches that churches have and mission trips. This man has also published numerous books as a pastor and that could very well be another very large area of income for this man. Just saying… Dollar did not get rich off the backs of his church member? Your just trying to make this man sound like a crock to make your story sound better. He has became rich and prosperous form being faithful to the lord. There is NO ends to what a little faith can do for you. I no that your not a Christian and I don’t have a problem with that, you are entitled to your opinion to you serve and who you have your trust in. But just go read the bible and hopefully your eyes will be opened to how many promises are in the bible to the children of God… Which we ALL are… If Mr. Dollar is doing or not doing something with his money that isn’t pleasing to the Lord, then he will have to stand and give an account for it on his judgment day. But It is obvious that the growth of his wealth and church are very evident, perhaps supernatural? If the people of his church think that their pastor is stealing from them then they would leave? But they haven’t yet i don’t think. Because they have faith in the Lord, and they know that the message that he preaches is one that will increase them as much as he has increased following the Lord.

  55. Fact55,

    So you come here knowing scripture but NOT knowing Creflow Dollar except for what you call the most amazing anointed faith messages you have ever heard was given by him. So you don’t know whether or not money has Creflow or Creflow has money. So how do you know there is a huge difference? Wouldn’t you say that what you said makes no sense? I mean doesn’t the devil himself speak a seriously good game when it comes to the scripture? So for all you know one day you will be just as smitten by a devil posing as a man of the lord.

    I suggest you stop idolizing Creflow of whom you don’t even know and start idolizing your god. Remember false idols? Anyhow it doesn’t make any difference to me whether or not you idolize this cretin of a man or not. It also doesn’t matter if I am a Christian or not. I have a right to speak on any religion or any person of any religion I feel necessary to do so. The problem that you have is that you are too busy defending a person you don’t even know to do any investigation of this person.

    You fail to understand that when Jesus told the rich man with many possession to get rid of his possessions and follow him, which was just a symbol to test this mans true love for god or for his possessions. If he indeed loved god MORE than his possessions then he would have no problem selling them and giving the money to the poor. What exactly is the problem with a man of supposedly devoted to god who doesn’t sell his earthly possessions which total millions and give that money to the poor, and live like a modest man? Matthew 13:22 He also that received seed among the thorns is he that heareth the word; and the care of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, choke the word, and he becometh unfruitful.

    When men believe this, their possessions will be held as a trust, to be used as God shall direct, for the saving of the lost, and the comfort of the suffering and the poor. With man this is impossible, for the heart clings to its earthly treasure. The soul that is bound in service to mammon is deaf to the cry of human need. But with God all things are possible. By beholding the matchless love of Christ, the selfish heart will be melted and subdued. The rich man will be led, as was Saul the Pharisee, to say, “What things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ. Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord.” Phil. 3:7, 8. Matthew 13:22 He also that received seed among the thorns is he that heareth the word; and the care of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, choke the word, and he becometh unfruitful. Which would imply that he who preaches the word should not be choked up on the deceitfulness of riches. And I know you aren’t telling me that Creflow isn’t filthy rich.

    Luke 16:13-15 Jesus said, “No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one, and love the other, or else he will hold to one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and riches.” Now the Pharisees, who were lovers of money, were listening to all these things, and they were scoffing at Him And He said to them, “You are those who justify yourselves in the sight of men, but God knows your hearts; for that which is highly esteemed among men is detestable in the sight of God.” Shall we go on? I mean there are soooooo many instances of the bible, YOUR bible speaking about the ills of worshiping riches. And if you don’t worship riches it would mean nothing to you to live like a modest man as Jesus did. So Creflow would have no problem giving his riches to the poor and giving up his doctrine of prosperity or riches.

    Think again before you continue to put your head in the sand and defend a man while blatantly denying the very words from your bible which denounce this man as a charlatan!

  56. Facts55

    lol Idolizing a man because im defending him? All im trying to say is that maybe Dollar has been faithful and has trusted God and in that case been blessed tremendously.. But if he is stealing from the people in someway God will have his way with him. But I can’t help but notice your knowledge of the bible? You say that your not a Christian but you seem to know the bible like a seasoned man of God? Im not trying to preach to you but do you just not see the bible and the words in it to hold any water for you to fall in line with it? I have seen in other comments that you have read the book from cover to cover. Yet you still choose to not be a Christian? I guess that the bible and the words in it has a more powerful effect on some people than others.

  57. Fact55,

    I don’t know but with the statement you made of “all I know is that I have heard some of the most amazing anointed faith messages I have ever heard. . .” It sounds pretty much like idolizing but hey, it doesn’t matter what I think. As you won’t have to answer to me when you get to the pearly gates. So defend him all you like. All I am saying is that you admitted that you don’t know the man, so then how can you be so sure he is such a faithful and trusted god etc? How do you know this? Do you know his heart, thoughts and personal habits?

    Why should I fall in line with anything in the bible if your religious teachers such as Dollar don’t even bother to? It seems to me that it must NOT hold any water if you or any of Dollar’s followers will hold him to the words in the bible. It just seems ridiculous for you to sit and try and chastise me about what the bible holds while you defend a man that clearly lives his life contrary to the words of Jesus. How does that work? Should I just profess to being a Christian then continue to do whatever I like even though it contradicts all the teachings of the bible? Will that fool god somehow?

    I am laughing really good and I must thank you. Because I really did need that. I believe that the bible DOES indeed have a more powerful affect on some than others. And in fact it has so much of an affect on some that they will blindly give all their hard earned money to people who if they did follow the bible would give that money to the poor and live a modest life following their lord. But instead they live like kings while siphoning money like sweat off the backs of poor unwitting fools. And I am sure I read nowhere in the bible, which I have read many times, that it was fine to enrich yourself off of the word of god while doing absolutely nothing in the way of outreach.

    Sure he may spend a dime of every ten dollars he makes helping the poor. But that is not even close to what is stated in the bible. Now you can defend that all you like. But people like myself will never acquiesce to the fact that people are being taken and it is because of their own stupidity. I could care less if everyone in the world gives that man fifty bucks a month or whatever. I know “I” won’t be giving him a dime and I know that when he sits in the hell he created for himself with lies and swindles, most of his supporters will join him. And what will be so funny is that the hell they will be in is one they created based solely off of the writings of a few men. That is what will cause my biggest laughs yet.

    So by all means do what you like, it’s all good to me. I don’t care either way. I just don’t want anyone trying to get me on board with the Creflow Dollars bible induced mania. Thanks.

  58. oneconcerned

    I DON’t SEE any SCRIPTURE in the Bible that says that the MORE MONEY I give to Creflo, the more I will be blessed.
    I DIDN”T SEE anywhere in the Bible that Jesus told people that he wouldn’t pray for them or heal them UNTIL they gave him their MONEY.
    I DO remember Moses throwing the gold of the Israelites into the fire.
    I DO remember God telling Israel he’d take away the tingling of their bracelets.
    I DO remember reading that the prophet Elisha healing the Syrian general for free.
    I DO remember the servant of Elisha sneaking and taking money from the Syrian general behind the prophet’s back and getting cursed with lepracy.
    I DO remember PETER telling Simon the Sorcerer that he was going to perish with his money because he thought that God’s gift could be purchased with MONEY.
    I DO remember PETER and JOHN telling the man begging for MONEY at the TEMPLE door that they had NO MONEY.
    I DO remember PAUL saying that the LOVE of MONEY is the root of ALL (types of) EVIL.
    I don’t know, however, if DADDY GRACE, FATHER DIVINE, JIM JONES, ELIJAH MOHAMMAD, LOUIS FARRAKAN, REVEREND MOON, REVEREND IKE, L.RON. HUBBARD, ORAL ROBERTS, JIM and TAMMY BAKER, KENNETH COPELAND, or CREFLO DOLLAR and money-hungry, lying scoundrals ever heard this or understood this. And if they did understand, I’m certain their followers didn’t understand.

  59. kent

    nowhere is a christian told to give a tenth. the jewish nation yes. but never a christian. New testement quote every man according as he purposeth in his heart so let him give not GRUDINGLY or out of NECESSITY for GOD loves a cheergul giver. 2 corth 9:6-7. If you are going to live under the jewish law just don’t pick out the parts you like or bennifit from.

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