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Reading Goes A Long Way!

no stupid people

Here is a comment that I just had to share with everyone else.  This is one of the reasons we as supposed black people can’t get our situation better.  We are too busy fighting each other on behalf of the majority part of our society.  This comment was posted to my post titled “Arguments as to why blacks don’t deserve respect.”

I could not finish this article because it didn’t take long to realize you are using the same old arguments that try to throw the reader off the track and thus focus on side issues that have only a passing relevance to the topic at hand.

You base your entire argument on the premise that white control everything, including blacks’ ability to create their own opportunities. So what if a black man can’t get a loan from a white banker? Why are there not more BLACK banks that will fill this void?

So what if an educated black man gets less respect in the hob market than a white criminal? Why are there not more BLACK firms doing the hiring? Whites have a right to hire those who “look like them” (That’s the SOTOMAYER PRINCIPLE, you know?).

As for the numbers on the amount of criminals in jails, I would imagine researchers only need to check the rolls at the prisons and jails and they will probably find out that the numbers don’t lie.

Black people seem to feel that the world owes us an opportunity, and that we should not only fight for a level playing field, but to make sure that we are the only ones playing.

It is my contention that the MAIN reason blacks don’t get more respect is because we just don’t EARN it.

Stephen Frazier

PUHLEASE!!! Why don’t you answer those questions for us all? Why aren’t there more black banks?  Uhm, could it be that they don’t get the funding or the recognition to become successful?

And why aren’t there more black businesses? Could the answer be tied in with why there aren’t more black banks? See you work from the same old tired argument that somehow it is black people’s fault that they can’t break into a white run society. Or are you telling me that society is NOT run by the white majority?

So what is your point?  You seem to have the whole thing figured out.  Because, if there are no black banks and black men are NOT getting as much respect as white criminals then how are there going to be more black businesses? Think about it for a little while.  And wouldn’t this be a revolving problem, each and every piece contributing to the problem of the other?

So I guess it’s not a matter of “so what” like you seem to think. It’s a matter of WHY! Why in the hell should blacks have to go to black businesses in order to be hired or respected? We don’t live in some black bubble inside the white US of A. We live in this country as full tax paying citizens like everyone else and deserve equal treatment.  By the way, I never said that blacks are OWED anything.  What I DID say was that blacks DESERVE the same chances as everyone else.  We deserve the same odds at success and failure.

But according to you and a lot of others just asking for things to be equal is begging for a handout or being owed something. If the treatment white people get is a handout then by all means I and every other minority are OWED that freaking type of handout. And just to let you know, I don’t agree with everything said by Sotomayor or anyone else at any table be they civil rights or otherwise. I DO have my own point of view thank you.

As far as whites being able to hire whoever they want, isn’t that racism if the only deciding factor for hiring is that the person is white?  Isn’t this how we got into this debacle in the first place?  White people decided that blacks were NOT equal and didn’t deserve jobs in white owned businesses?

And maybe numbers don’t lie about how many people are in jail, but the justice system as a whole DOES!  And according to a study by the DOJ, they found that the justice system was indeed wrought with inequality and racism. So I guess the numbers just might not tell the whole truth.

And my contention is that black people don’t get more respect because people such as you think that we don’t deserve it.  Somehow we need to do more than everyone else to garner what little respect we get.  At this point we have to work three times as hard and five times as fast just to be considered equal with the lowest of performers in the white community.  And you don’t see a problem with this?

We shouldn’t have to do any more to earn respect than any other race of person. And if by that, they do nothing to garner respect as in white privilege then we shouldn’t have to do one iota more than that. That is what is meant by equality. So it would behoove you to FINISH reading the post before you spout off with your LACK of knowledge and all too easy to counter NON points!


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Katy Abrams And The Intellectually Incurious

I mentioned Katie Abrams just briefly in my last post on the health care debate.  But it seems as if she has somehow become the poster girl for the angry white right wing folks.  And it seems that their choices in poster girls such as Sarah Palin are the only people they can find be they idiots or not.

Katie claims that she is soooo happy with her health care coverage even though they have a health account and have a 5,000 dollar deductible.  And pretty much pay all of their health bills out of pocket.  Now hey, if her family can swing that type of deal then more power to them.  But what of the people who can’t afford to swing that type of a deal let alone the three or four hundred dollars a month to buy health insurance for their family?

Should they be forced to have nothing and run our tax dollars up when they run to the emergency room and we have to foot the bill?  See this is the problem with nuts like Katie.  They have absolutely NO clue what is really happening in this country let alone in the government bills that are on the table.  She talks out of her ass and whoop there she is the semi retarded poster child of the right wing.

What happens to poor, poor Katie and her family if for whatever reason they can no longer afford to pay out of pocket for health care?  Does she then cry and whine to whoever is listening that the son who just had a surgery and is due for another, NOW needs another will be left in the wind.  Will we have to come to her rescue by taking up a donation pot so she can get her son the care he needs?

Of course we will and the minute you point out her stupidity earlier with the things she said at the town meeting she will cry “that’s different.”  I just don’t want this country turning into Socialist Russia while her son will need to be funded by the rest of us.  Talk about socialism. HA!  She would rather beg from everyone else than to ensure her family has health care by pooling her tax money with others.

And this bit about taking the country back to what the forefathers intended.  And what pray tell is that?  Do you mean back to a time when slavery ran amok, or women had no say?  What exactly do these dummies mean by this?  Because the last time I checked, neither the constitution nor the forefathers ever uttered one word about health care.  I am damn sure that it didn’t even exist back then.

Now we all know or should know that a socialized (SOCIALIZED) health care system is NOT Socialism.  Socialism is a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.  I don’t know who is saying that people have no ownership or control of production when they say we should pay into the pot for health care.

And if this is the case isn’t health insurance or insurance of any type socialism?  I mean you have a bunch of people paying their money to the same place in order to be able to draw on that money at a later time IF something happens.  This all means that everyone’s money is being used by others in order to make that particular system work.

Now the problem with insurance is that it is run under a for profit system meaning that the company who is charged with helping you if you need it wants to keep the money for themselves.  And we know that means as soon as you need help, they will do everything in their power to find a way NOT to help you.  And this is the system that we are fighting to keep!  WHY?  And even on top of all this info that idiot Katie doesn’t even have the benefit this failing, flawed and pathetic system.  She has to pay out of pocket and still wants to fight for the right NOT to be able to have health coverage.  WOW!  Now that is a case for Dr. Freud.

She also cried about the fact that the spending is out of control and that her family is going to be taxed to death by a bill that is being forced through in a quick manner.  Like she said she doesn’t pay attention to politics.  Because if she did then wouldn’t this stupid, I mean sleeping, giant have awoken back with the passage of the Iraq war?

But alas we are now in the midst of another right wing puppet that doesn’t have all their facts straight let alone the intellectual curiosity to find the information out.  And to tell you the truth this is exactly what is wrong with our country.  Not that it is turning all Socialist or that a black man is in the white house.

Nor is it that our president wasn’t born in the United States and is hell bent on killing my kids’ grandma (as mine are already dead).  The problem is all of these intellectually lazy fools who haven’t got the wherewithal to even bother looking up the minutest of factual information before spouting off like old faithful.  Intellectuals are curious enough to look for answers rather than be spoon fed by the latest fly by night nut.


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Double Dose: Hypocrisy AND Idiocy

stupid sign against health care plan

A lot has been going on for me right now and I have yet to weigh in on this health care bill whine fest.  It seems to me that the only people I have seen whining about this bill are those who a: have health care so wouldn’t even be affected, b: have Medicare and are already enjoying socialized medicine, or c: could care less about the health care aspect and just want their country back from the bad black man who stole it while being not only some sort of an illegal alien, but Muslin and Christian all at once.

We have tons of people showing up to these “town hall meetings” screaming, yelling wielding signs that shows either some crazy statements about how Obama wants to kill your grandma to him being Hitler.  Now I don’t care for Obama either, but that is for totally different reasons and a whole other story.  But some of the things these people are saying are so ridiculous they make Sponge Bob sound like a Rhodes Scholar.

Do these people realize that crying about tax dollars being spent on abortion is a moot point since Medicaid has been paying for abortion for years?  And the last time I checked those dollars came out of tax payer pockets, so oh well.  And even if this were a point that matters, what gives them the right to dictate who gets what?  Aren’t they arguing that they don’t want the government dictating their health care to them?  I guess it is ok for them to dictate others care though.

People are also trying to make light of the racism issue revolving around this matter.  The fact that they are opposing Obama is NOT what makes them racist.  The fact that they keep somehow hearkening back to this founding father bullshit that we all know kept blacks in their place is the problem.  Where in the hell were these freaks over the last eight years while Bush literally shred the constitution and used it as so much toilet paper?

We have had eight years of lies, corruption, mismanagement, out of control spending and war.  And now these people want to talk about how the government is out of control.  These are the same idiotic people who sat around while our government headed by George Bush did nothing for five whole days as people drowned died of heat and starvation in New Orleans.  Yet, now want to cry about how they think the government wants to kill someone.

And to top this off with something that speaks to the stupidity and hypocrisy of these people.  On Fox Phony News, they showed the lady named Katy Abrams who was at a Specter town meeting talking about how they woke a sleeping giant with her.  She said that she and others like her had the right to voice their opinions and no more than a minute later she said that she was angry that people are calling her and having the nerve to voice their opinions to her.

WHAT?!?  She can voice HER opinions but no one else has the right to voice theirs?  This is the ultimate hypocrisy that you get from these idiots.  They constantly talk about how every country with socialized medicine is so terrible and doesn’t work yet, somehow these countries aren’t out in force protesting the fact that they HAVE health care.  And I don’t see them all coming here to join our dysfunctional systems.

The problem as I see it is that we have too many people who have health care who could care less about those without.  But, the minute their insurance denies their life saving surgery or whatever, they will be on television crying and begging for someone to do something.  Don’t we see that everyday?  At least I do.  And why doesn’t someone tell me what socialized medicine those people are a part of?  I never saw Medicare or Medicaid deny anyone the care they needed.  So it couldn’t be killing someone’s granny after all.


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