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Kids Will Be Kids Unless They’re Black

In a society where the police have said they are going to start cracking down hard on black youth who are wearing their pants too low or sagging as it’s called, it is a wonder to me why in the Baltimore sun it seems that college and university presidents would like to drop the drinking age from 21 to 18 citing that kids are drinking anyway. They claim that not only are they drinking they are binge drinking and you can’t really talk to them about this because they won’t talk since the acts are illegal.

Also, that the crimes associated with binge and underage drinking is quickly rising. These crimes are physical and sexual assaults and DUI. Not to mention cases of alcohol poisoning are rising just as fast as the crime.  And according to US Department of Health Human Services white non-Hispanic youth are the clear majority of those students with underage drinking.  At more than three times that of black youth and twice as much as Hispanic youths.

So it seems that the message we send to black kids is that if you so much as where your clothes in a manner we deem inappropriate which they say is disorderly conduct, we will crack down on you with the full force of the law and not only ticket you but arrest you if necessary.

Yet, according to William R Brody, President of Johns Hopkins, “Kids are going to drink whether it’s legal or illegal,” so we should just lower the drinking age to 18. But, let’s not enforce the laws on these innocent young white kids who are only breaking laws that have been on the books for years. Yet, they had to enact new laws to make sure that the massive crackdown on those saggy pants youth had some legality to it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I hate saggy pants as much as or probably more than the next person. But the message of hypocrisy that is being sent out is blatant and stinks to high heaven. If you are black we will crackdown on you and while we are at it we will enact laws about your pants so that we can make it even more widespread.

While instead of just enforcing the damn laws that are in place on these white youth, we want to change those laws in order to allow white youths to continue to be given every opportunity to excel even though their lack of good judgment is leading to even more laws being broken.

Of course one could say that kids will be kids but then doesn’t this also go for the black kids who are just following a fashion fad no matter how stupid and idiotic it is. I mean how many times have you heard that saggy pants lead to DUI, physical or sexual assaults? So what is the reason besides blatant racism that we would rather change the drinking laws than to actually enact them on white youths all the while screaming from the roof tops that we plan to crack down hard on black youth for a fashion faux pas?

In Flint MI the police chief says that black youth who are wearing their pants below the waist gives officers “probable cause to search saggers for other crimes, such as weapon and drug possession.” Now the cops can easily get around the 4th amendment because who can argue with having bad fashion sense not being probable cause enough to search.

Yet somehow we don’t have enough gumption to be able to burst into these college parties and start dragging those drunk ass white kids downtown for a bit of justice. And while they are at it I bet they find a whole mess of them will have saggy pants that they can then search for all sorts of who knows what. And I bet you that they would find a LOT of who knows what on those kids. But that would be too much like equal justice in the eyes of the law.

We don’t want to stigmatize and subject white youth with criminal prosecutions for the crimes that we KNOW they are committing. It’s easier to just go ahead and change any laws that they violate in order to preserve their good standing in society. We wouldn’t want white youth to actually have their futures tainted with criminal records because they were made to pay for their crimes. And we wonder why blacks are largely over represented in the prison system. I guess this is just a reminder that kids will be kids, that is unless they are black.


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