Boy Scout Merit Badge For Sex?

Here we go again another sex crazy white female pedophile on the loose and this time the collateral damage is a boy scout and his family.  Not to mention her own family.  She was caught in the act by his parents who inadvertently walked in on the scene.  I am just surprised that they didn’t lose their minds and beat the hell out of her immediately.

The parents came home unexpectedly early from a shopping trip and walked into their son’s room catching the pervert in the act.  She immediately tried to grab her things and flee the scene.  But the parents blocked her path and barricaded her into his room and called the cops reporting a rape in progress.

It took the cops about ten minutes to get to the scene.  Don’t you wonder what was being said over those next ten minutes?  Damn that must have been a seriously tense moment for everyone.  Anyhow, the cops arrested 39 year old home maker and Boy Scout troupe leader Wendy Rogers.  The cops say her face was covered with tears and she was visibly crying.  And that was only because she was busted.

She had no prior relationship with the boy before meeting him at the Boy Scout. Rogers was a leader of the troop, in charge of keeping track of the Scout’s advancement in the program.  I guess she was trying to make sure he got ALL of those obscure badges that most of us aren’t even aware of.

She previously worked for the local elementary school.  The police haven’t said they would but I am sure they should probably check the school for more victims.  She has two children of her own which is apparent by the swing set in her yard and a lot of Christmas decorations.  And so far it isn’t clear and the Boy Scouts aren’t saying whether or not her son was in the same troupe as her victim.

The police are already questioning the other boys in the scout troop to see if she abused anyone else.  Since she used a position of power to commit her offense, if she is convicted that would ensure that she gets mandatory prison time.  We need to start treating these female pedophiles just like the male version, even though that isn’t harsh enough either, and give them the maximum penalty allowed.

The police have said that more criminal acts of sex between the two are being investigated which possibly occurred at her home and perhaps during a camping trip in southern Illinois with the Boy Scout troop.  The Boy Scouts released a statement that they have revoked the pedophiles membership. She won’t be allowed to participate in scouting again.

Whoa slow down there Boy Scouts; we don’t want you to be TOO rough on this sick, disgusting low life.  But I guess it was better than nothing.  Hopefully they have given this boy and his family a big apology and offered to pay for any mental health counseling he might need in the future.  But the majority of companies like them are just trying to minimize the damage to their reputations and bury the story.

But all jokes aside this has long since become very disturbing.  The numbers are astounding and we still haven’t given it the much needed scrutiny that it deserves.  But the incidences of white female on child sex crimes are totally out of control.  And I am wondering what our elected officials and police force plan to do about this.

It isn’t a joke, it isn’t a game and it is a pathology that is being allowed to fester to the point of epidemic proportions.  Our children are not safe.  These women are everywhere, in our neighborhoods, working at our doctor’s offices and now our Boy Scout troupes.

Yet, the vast majorities are within the school system itself and not only public schools even though this is where the majority of these cases occur.  If like I said these pedophiles were men or god forbid a bunch of black women, raping these young boys, we would NOT tolerate this sick deranged behavior.  We need to take action NOW to stop the abuse.



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22 responses to “Boy Scout Merit Badge For Sex?

  1. she is so nasty! had i been those parents, i would have beat the living u-kno-what outta her BEFORE the police got there! IN MY HOUSE? WITH MY SON?!

    no way she’d have left there alive…

  2. DatGurlBenz,

    That is what I’m talking about as well. I don’t even come close to understanding how the parents stood in the doorway of the bedroom waiting for a whole ten minutes without wringing her neck like a wayward chicken. I am sorry, but I am the type of person who would probably snatch her bald for what she did.

    Thanks for the reply.

  3. My problem is what would the parents had done if they found their son with an older black woman? Would they simply hold her until the police showed up? Somehow I seriously doubt it. Didn’t she have a home they could go to? Nasty. And I don’t mean that in a good way.


  4. BrotherP,

    Come On! We both know that the subsequent murder would not even be questioned. It would be another Joe Horn arrangement where they would be totally justified in any ass whoopin’ handed to her.

    Yet, I can’t say that I would be any different. I would have opened up a Costco sized industrial strength can of whoop ass on the chick. And that would have happened regardless of her or his race.

    But, the bottom line is that if this was some black lady in a long line of black ladies who were losing their mind in this manner, sheesh, it would have all sorts of labels. Such as Black on child crime out of control. It would be talked about by every news person you can think of, nightly.

    And no doubt that we would inevitably see the CNN special hosted by Solodad O’Brien called “Black female pedophile in America.” Not only that, these ladies would get the book thrown at them.

    And since we know that the laws really aren’t that tough to begin with. They would of course make a special political session just to change the sentencing law for the crime, to something like first offense you get life.


  5. She never would’ve made it out my house with her teeth in her mouth, and my son would’ve caught a bad one for being with that White woman (yeah I said it!).

  6. Sundjata,

    I feel you! And yeah you said it AND I feel that statement too!


  7. Wait a minute. You mean if I had stayed in the good old cub scouts beyond that one year, I might have had a chance to make it with one of the moms running our little den meetings AND got a badge for it?? Ridiculous!

    Seriously though, I’d love to personally throttle any sexual predator out of pure principle. But with my kid, I’d take a lot more pleasure in messing up the fool, male or female.

  8. Mike,

    Sorry, the sex badge back in your day was given by the male pedophiles. And so far it seems that the Boy Scouts were able to weed them out, at least I haven’t heard of a case recently involving a male. Now they just have to corral those den mothers who are obviously crazy. Anywho, I am with you on taking pleasure in kicking some pedophile butt. I can’t stand that type of behavior over any type in the world. Children are our greatest gift and these sick monsters ruin lives and need to be stopped.

    Thanks for the reply.

  9. ToAllWho


    I will assume you, Black Sentinel and Sundjata, did not vote for Obama, do not listen to Alicia Keys, Tina Turner, or Leny Kravitz, do not watch anything involving Hallie Berry, The Rock, Leila Arcieri, Vin Diesel, Salli Richardson, Giancarlo Esposito, Shemar Moore, Thandi Newton, Lisa Bonet… to name a few. If you said yes to any of these, you are hypocritical to kick your son’s butt over a white female. I am sorry your kids will grow up with a racially tented view of love instead of the understanding that love transcends to people as souls, personality, intelligence, ect… and never should be based on anything physical.
    If I have a child, and they marry someone in a wheelchair, I will not tell them they have working legs so this makes no sense. This to me is the equivalent of what you are saying. How can you in one breath condemn society for pushing color agenda, such as lightened “black” women, then in another care what color your kids marry? Either looks and color matter, or they do not, it cannot be both.

    As far as white female pedophiles, only the white has surfaced nationally but female rape happens in large numbers across all colors. And, of course, these women should be persecuted like men… kill them all.
    To note, the number of rapes committed by black men far outweighs the number by white or Latin. Also, the majority of cases are black men raping white women. At 13, I was attached, raped, and left for dead by a black man. Yet, I neither hold blacks nor men responsible for the actions of one. He did not rape me because he was black, and he did not rape me because he was a man. He is a sick individual who needs to be removed from the population, point blank and simple.
    I wrote a paper about the number of my black male friends who lost their virginity around age 13 to older (black) women. This came about in a discussion by a close friend of mine (black male) who told me he was raped too (when I shared my story with him). He told me his mom worked a lot, and sometimes had to go in on weekends. She let her friend babysit, and that, a little after his 13 b-day, she tucked him into bed…with her in it. I have a similar story from almost ¾ of black males I know, which was phenomenal to me as none of my other male’s friends (Hispanic, white, Romanian, Indian, or Asian) had this story at all. Sometimes it involves family friend, sometimes older sister’s friend, sometime’s cousins, but no one told anyone. The excuses ranged from “men cannot be raped” (at 12 and 13 they were men?) to “I was embarrassed, and didn’t want to talk about it”. So these stories go from forced sex to young virginity losses, and wounds are never healed.

    No matter the age, color, religion, or sex, rape is wrong and should ALWAYS be reported.


  10. SoToAll

    Ohhhhh, in lei of my last comment… Sundjata is a hypocrite. I checked out his site, and found he has a “hardcore crush” for Keys. Alicia both came from and was raised by a white woman. So just to understand, he would kick his son’s ass for being with a white woman, but will marry a mixed girl and, apparently, teach their kids to hate white grandma. No, that’s great Sundjata, makes complete sense, really… or not. (Yeah, I said it).

  11. ToAllWho,

    I don’t think I quite understand how your statements about physical attraction fit into the rape of minors by white women who are supposed to be accountable for the welfare of those minors. But, let’s address them anyway, shall we. I pretty much don’t watch movies BECAUSE of any of the people you mentioned. But have watched movies with those people in them. They all seem to be biracial and I am sure you are making a point of some kind with that. I myself am a product of a multiracial coupling and don’t understand what your motive is with the comments.

    I do not subscribe to the thought that somehow inner beauty trumps all and people will love based on that. It would be nice, but it just isn’t life. We all know that the majority of people meet due to some sort of attraction. And if it was me saying that the lady who did the crime was jacked up looking, then I am sorry you don’t like it. But the fact remains that I have every right to criticize the nasty skank who is out raping folks. If she were a black woman, Asian woman or whatever, it doesn’t matter, I can criticize whom I want. And I would be kicking my sons butt over a white lady because there is a double standard and I know damn well that he would be treated just like the little Hispanic boy that a white teacher raped at 13, who was then accused of rape himself. You may wish to play dumb about these things, but people in the black community know all too well what happens when a black male is seen as a predator.

    Hey, it doesn’t matter that ONLY white females have surfaced. The fact remains that a whole hell of a lot of them are surfacing. The point of the post is that in a long line of my posts I am asking a question. If the fact remains that when we see a LOT of black people committing crime we like to slap a label on it such as black on black crime or whatever. And after that we begin racially profiling based on the label and make claims that it is OK because they do whatever it is more often. Why the hell isn’t there a label on this white woman on child crime? I am specifically targeting such thoughts. Why are we not profiling white women who are in a position of power over children?

    There is a double standard. If you wish to tell me that the majority of your black guy friends, a number we have no clue of, were raped by BLACK women around the age of 13 great. Maybe they need to go to the police so we can call it woman on child crime. But the fact remains that I have been chronicling these crimes for a while now and sorry to say, none of the women up on charges are black. The fact remains that if white women are doing it the odds are good that every race of woman is doing it. But that doesn’t matter in the context I am talking about. Because black people commit crimes we label them and then profile them, we then pretend as if no other race of people are doing crimes. We search black and Hispanics over 4 times as often as we search white people, shouldn’t the same happen for these white ladies? That is the point.

    Not that rape only happens between white females and children. And yes rape is wrong no matter what and should be reported but, it isn’t the point of the post at all. Thanks for the reply.


  12. SoToAll,

    There are plenty of people on both sides of the fence who would sleep with a Biracial person and kick their kids ass for sleeping with someone totally of the opposite race. But, in all fairness, Alicia Keys is NOT white. Just because she has a white mother doesn’t make it so. And why do you constantly think that just because a person has a problem with white people they hate white people? I have a problem with disparity between the white community and the black community. I have a problem with a lot of the white privilege that gets swept under the rug. Does any of this mean that somehow I hate the white people of my family tree? Um, NO! I would not be who I am today without that side of my lineage.

    There are bigger issues associated with the subject that you just seem to not understand. And unfortunately I am not going to go into it with you now. But check out Brotherpeacemaker’s blog for a few posts on the subject. It might be interesting. And I am sure you will feel the need to weigh in on that conversation. Thanks.

  13. SoToAll

    Ok, I understand a little more. You are saying if they are going to do it to other colors (crime by color), they should do it to whites also. I am saying they should not do it at all (to any color or sex). A crime is a crime, no mater who commits it, and punishment should be the same. I was not saying don’t talk about the ‘skank’, I was just saying that rape has no color or sex, but I do agree that blacks are prosecuted across the board worse than whites, and it should be stopped. Since the world is not fair, all we can do is be vigilant and call attention to wrongs, like the jena six situation. Also, I feel the police have acquired entirely far too much power, as has our federal government, and it doesn’t matter who is in power, nothing ever changes, at least not for the good.
    The number of black male friends is 13 out of 17, but that wasn’t really my point. I come from a poor area where the majority happens to be black. The white plus Indian plus Tia plus Cuban plus Mexican plus Romanian only add to 12 (only males). That’s the thing with statistics… they aren’t really accurate across the board. The point of the paper I wrote was not that black women were raping young black men, but that male rape was happening at an alarming rate and no-one was reporting it.
    As far as the white teacher who raped the Hispanic boy, she went to jail, and then they got married (when she got out). So I am not sure what the point was there, unless you are saying she did not get enough time, at which point I will point out to you that only 21% of convicted rapists spend any time in jail, and the average is 11 months. Or you could get lucky and get Judge John Torrance who only gave Jarred Elwood probation (after torturing and abusing a child for 8 years). There is a really good site so everyone can see what an epidemic this has become.
    The title is … The big list: Female teachers with students
    The majority of women listed on this site are white, but there are also black, Asian, and Hispanic, not that that should matter. I only point this out because you stated that none of the women up on these charges are black, but there are.
    I said it before and I will say it again, rapist should all be punished no matter the color, sex or age, and not 11 months in jail, cause that’s crap. We need harsher punishment for all.

  14. SoToAll

    Real quick, yes there is some sort of attraction, but it does not have to be physical at all. Note people who met on the internet without pictures. Also, are you telling me, as intelligent as you are, that your husband loves you based on looks??? That it is your eyes and skin color that make him stay, and not your intelligence and compatibility. That if you were in a fire and burned beyond repair, he would leave you??? Notice… I said love is based on intelligence, personality, compatibility… not first attraction. Maybe it is just me, but I meet good looking men all say long who I would never date because they are dumb, rude, ect…, much less marry. Thanks, but give me an ‘unattractive’ intellectual any day… looks fade, stupid is forever.
    I understand she is not white, but she is not black either… like it or not it took both races to make her, but her dad left and mom stayed, like Obama, so give credit where it is due.
    In fact, bi-racial people are happy with only being around other bi-racial people who have an understanding what it is to be multicultural. That is why we have our own sited for dating and meeting other mixed people/couples to hang with. It gets old, ya know, being told by white people that your skin is pretty or by black people you have nice eyes….because as soon as someone is mad those same white people call you n-names and those same black people tell you that your aren’t black enough… how simple people are.
    I just had to speak out becasue if a white person told me I was ok, being bi, and that my mom was not, being black; I would hit them right in their face… so I won’t give a black person a pass either. I have a right to not be ok with people telling me my family’s race is wrong.
    Also, I do not assume you hate white people, but feel sold out by people like you. I am not saying you are a sell out, because my emotions do not dictate truth, but rather that you listened to all those black people who told you that you aren’t really black and it weighted you. I apologize if I offend you, I am just stating why I come off so strong, and I might be completely wrong, but I know that, if you are mixed, you know the people I am talking about.
    Also, I understand white privelage, but that only goes so far too for them. You are guaranteed passage as a white female if you have blue eyes, blond hair, skinny, tan, and breast implants always help. You go to fake tanning salons to be the color of oompa loompas and eat salad on dates because otherwise white men find you gross. If you do not wear makeup or are overweight, you loose 65% footing in the job world. Just to be clear, white men can look like whatever and get a job. In that same market, if a white girl and black girl go out for the same job and they are of appropriate weight, then yes I think the white girl would be hired first, so there is no disputing that. However, if the black girl is skinny and the white girl hefty, then no, the black girl will get hired. White mangers and employers feel that weighty people are seen as sloppy, even though this almost never applies to men. Now, in black and Hispanic businesses, they may hire a light skin person over dark, but they prefer a medium build to skinny. Now, I have also noted that in movies and videos there seems to be an epidemic of light skin better than dark, I wrote about that too, because it just didn’t seem fair that there were never any people like my mom on ‘black’ TV productions. But most of them have black casters or producers, so how do we change that.
    I assume that you do not watch BET in general, based on the casting and the fact that a white man bought it for his black wife, but BET is not what I would want to represent my culture. If you ask a white kid if MTV represents their culture, they would probably tell you that music is an aspect, but that spring break and videos are just that. To many black kids think that BET is how their lives should be instead of just entertainment, but now I am really far off topic. My point is, as long as the majority of black kids think that rappers and basketball players are more important than education, nothing will really change. I guess I am more of a Martin Luther King thinker, that we have to care, that our community has to care, before the rest of the world does. I do not know if you ever watch The Boondocks, but one of my favorite episodes is when Huey rewrites history so that MLK didn’t die, but was in a coma and wok up…end result being an awaking and resulting renaissance of black culture. OK, I have wasted enough of your time, thanks for listening.


  15. SoToAll,

    I understand that it shouldn’t happen to anyone. But it does! And since it does, I will utilize the same idiotic game to hopefully get people to think about how it feels to have someone labeling crime by race. Race isn’t a factor in crime. Crime is a universal act that happens regardless of color. I am aware of that. Trust me you are preaching to the choir. We are not arguing based on those facts but based on how I chose or choose to address the problem. Point taken.

    I agree that black women are doing it too, and again that is not the point. The point is that the vast majority of women represented in the crimes are white. If that was the other way around we would be discussing black woman on child crime on the news constantly, just like black on black crime or how black women are the fasting growing population getting HIV. We as a country just don’t seem to pay any attention to white dominated crimes or other terrible statistics. We want to profile based on minority perceived crimes all the while ignoring white perceived crimes that we could also profile for. These are on my radar in posts like this. That is all, not to say that one race is more sinister than another.

    Also, the lady who raped the Hispanic boy is more recent and I don’t believe she got any time just yet. The person you are thinking of did get out and marry the boy, yet he wasn’t Hispanic. The lady I am talking about Lexi Peterson. She was trying to run away with her 13 year old lover to Mexico. Then when caught turned around and said that she was trying to deport him because he was an illegal. I believe she is awaiting trial, I will have to check the results of the case though.

    And we need to punish ALL people who rape kids and of all sexes. The problem is that we will definitely make sure the minorities who get caught are going to get what they deserve. It is everyone else I am thinking about. Thanks for the reply.

  16. SoToAll,

    I am not saying that no one meets without physical attraction. I am saying that it is part of the whole attraction matrix. And I am hopeful that people who are committing their lives to each other would have more than physical attraction driving them to stay together. I am saying that it plays a part, not necessarily a large part but that is dependent on the people. In my relationship that is not a problem nor a factor. We have much more in common than love for each others looks. We are friends first, meaning we bonded on a mental level and let it go where it would.

    What credit is that? That her white mom stayed and took care of her even though her father left? There isn’t credit due for that, that was her job. It was her fathers job as well, but he might be a loser, I don’t know, there are plenty of reasons people split up. My black mother stayed and raised me, does she need some kudos, I don’t think so, but that’s just me. I personally am happy being around ALL people. I can say that I am not a “mixy” or whatever it is termed where you seek only the company of other mixed people as if it is a race of it’s own. Because to me, you wouldn’t have a mixed race without a biracial union.

    And who hasn’t been hit with racism from both sides. The thing is, mixed people are guilty of the same thing. It is all inclusive, the race game. My views were not shaped by black people who felt I wasn’t black enough. My views were shaped by a black mother who knew that the world is a rough place for black people whether you were mixed or not. If you feel sold out by people like me all I can say is sorry. But I don’t feel the responsibility that you do for other mixed people. Mixed people don’t share my views or experiences any more than white or black people do. At least to me.

    And we are definitely on the same page about racism in the work place and how people get hired. I do feel however that a heavy set white person will get the job over a skinny black. I have seen it too many times. But, I think we are closer to the same understanding than not. Well at least on the racism side. I think we might differ a bit on mixed, biracial and multiracial thoughts. I was raised to understand that I was a black female. That is what society will see me as, and that is what helps me to navigate society. I think Melissa Lacewell-Harris has a similar view. She is a professor at Princeton with a white mother. Just something to look at if you get time.

    And I agree that I don’t watch BET as it doesn’t represent me. And at least to me, it doesn’t represent the majority of blacks. I don’t know if BET is where kids are getting their views. But, I do agree that they are being hoodwinked by the media into seeing themselves as something they are not. And yes, we do need to find a way to combat that. How? I am hoping that the more we all write blogs and talk with them, that they might eventually wake up. We have a long way to go. Thanks.

  17. SoToAll

    Thank you and love and happiness, for you and your family, in the new year.


  18. SoToAll

    I just wanted to make a correction in something I said because it came out wrong or my point was not clear. When I said give Alicia’s mom credit, I was not talking about staying, because that is your job when you pop out a kid. I was talking about the same credit you give your mom, the fact she raised you as a strong black women, ties to the black community. Alicia’s dad left, her tie to the black community being him, but her white mom still managed to raise her with ties to the black community, as a strong black woman. That was what I meant by credit.


  19. SoToAll,

    I agree with how you give kudos to Alicia Keys mother for giving her strong ties to both communities. My mother also let me know exactly who I was. We spent every summer with my paternal grandparents where I could be exposed to their family dynamics and heritage. She had no problem with that. I was not the only grandchild they had whose parentage differed. I was, on the other hand one of the only grandchildren who actually looked like my paternal family. Which made for a different encounter. But I can say that I was not in any way bamboozled as to who my parents were.

    So, yes in that respect, Alicia Keys mother deserves some kudos for making sure that her daughter was aware of who she was. Again, I agree with you there. Thanks.

  20. Getatit

    I agree that pedophiles should be dragged through the streets, embarrassed before the country, and ridiculed out of society, but the only problem I have with the article is the remark about the Boy Scouts.

    I don’t believe the Boy Scouts should be held responsible in any way. The Boy Scouts was just the means of the two meeting; she sounds like the sort of person that it would’ve happened anyways. Under that logic, If a man meets a girl somewhere, and then later rapes her, wherever they met, that place should pay for her physical and mental rehabilitation.

    I do believe that the Boy Scouts should use this sort of incident as a reason to better check their leaders and such. Of course, shy of a full background and 24/7 monitoring, The boy scouts cant do anything to prevent something like this, that didnt even take place at a Boy Scout function.
    Had it happened at a camp out or some formal meeting, then yes, the boy scouts should be 100% reponsible. Otherwise, I believe they have done enough.

    My second beef is with the parents. At the risk of sounding like one of those “Its the victims fault!” sort of people, I do fully believe the kid should not have been on his own with her. Period.

    The parents left the kid home alone, and that kid should’ve known that no one should be allowed in, at all. When I was young, my folks went out a lot together and left me home alone. The moment they left, I was under what my folks called the Riot code. Basically, I do not open the door or even check who is at the door, I do not answer the phone unless its my parents number on the caller ID. NO ONE comes in, NO ONE calls, ever.

    If I wasnt at home, and this was taught both by parents and in school, I didnt talk to or go ANYWHERE with other adults alone. It doesnt matter if they were total strangers, or someone I knew, like in this case.

    I think parents need to do a better job of training their children. This world is a fucked up, cruel place that abuses the innocent and takes advantage of them. The sooner you teach kids to be safe, the better.

  21. Getatit,

    I don’t necessarily think that the boyscouts are to blame either. But since they admit that their fist encounter was at a boyscout outing of some sort, they are responsible in some ways. They should have a better idea of who they are letting around your children. Also, I think that they left the boy home while they shopped because they thought they had taught him right from wrong. But, I think that since she was enticing him sexually, he threw his home training out the window to continue the sexual excitement. It isn’t as if boys don’t already have raging hormones.

    Thanks for the comment.

  22. tim


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