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Sterotypes Can Lead To Irresponsibility

Watching Oprah (YUCK) but hey that is what my mother in law wanted and I got a post out of it, so it is what it is.  Any how she had a show about a bunch of women, actually a bunch of white women, who were all infected with HIV by one man.  They banded together and got him put in jail for attempted murder for what they say is purposefully infecting them.  The show is about a “new” face of HIV.

They are all sitting on the stage in every stage of the crying process talking about how they asked him to wear condoms but he didn’t want to.  And since they felt they were in a monogamous relationship they relented.  They also said that they can’t force him to wear a condom.

So a black lady from the crowd made the comment that “if he wants some then he would.”  One of the ladies started crying about how he was walking around with a loaded gun.  And if a person with a loaded gun walks up and shoots you, no one says that you should have been wearing a bullet proof vest.  And screams don’t blame the victim, don’t blame the victim.

I just howled with anger!  I had multiple problems with what was going on.  For one, sure he may have been walking around with a loaded weapon, but he in no way just shot her out of the blue.  That would be more akin to him raping her.  She consented to that shooting.  In fact if she wants to use the gun shot/bullet proof vest analogy then she not only consented but they agreed that he would shoot at her without a bullet proof vest.

So yeah, this is a clear cut case where they aren’t victims but accomplices by choice as is anyone else who contracts HIV outside of rape.  She and those sitting with her on stage need to take responsibility for their actions.  They CHOSE to have unprotected sex and now they are suffering the consequences.  And when asked why they chose to have unprotected sex with him, they said they didn’t fit the demographic they heard are at risk for contracting HIV.

They claimed that since they weren’t black women or promiscuous that they were pretty much safe and didn’t need to worry about HIV.  Well there ya go dumb ass!  I guess just because dumb people like her believe the propaganda thinking that it is a “black”, “gay” or “promiscuity” problem she now should be able to blame her irresponsibility on someone else.  This is what happens when you use propaganda and stereotypes to make decisions.  And from what I heard on this show, the idiot didn’t even learn a lesson.

Another thing which disgusted me was that these women claim they had been in long term relationships with this man.  Some had been with him for more than four years and were paying all of his bills and giving him money.  And then they made a conscious decision to have sex with this man without a condom.  Isn’t that their fault right along with him?

I am sure it is a good thing that this man is in prison as he would still be giving women AIDS if not.  He pretty much slept with one or two women a day for years.  That is a lot of women!  And somehow he is the only one at fault.  Even if, like they said, he knew he had AIDS, he couldn’t give it to them if they only practiced safe sex.

But this show just reeked of irresponsibility and of course Oprah and her dumb ass gave them a platform to cry and yell whoa is me without any discussion of what their part in all this was.  Yeah, the lady told them a thing or two, but it was just not enough.  And of course Oprah found every opportunity to remind everyone that AIDS is predominantly affecting black women the most.  And wasn’t that the same propaganda and stereotyping of information that lead to some of those ladies bad choices.



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