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Statistical Propaganda


It disgusts me that people are constantly looking to statistics to prove a point on the criminality of blacks, especially black men. When these statistics themselves are flawed because the data they use is flawed and or skewed. The fact people are trying to make is that somehow black men are running rampant through our cities pillaging, raping, and killing. I’m sorry I don’t buy it. I do believe that due to the “black male condition: you know the one unable to find a job, constantly defending against overzealous societal pressure and the white mindset all rolled into one big anvil sitting on his back. I can’t even imagine the stresses a black man has.

What is so flawed about the statistical data on black men and crime you may ask? It is simple if I were going to do some statistics on which water fowl pooped more often in a specific grassy field and I took the data from the water fowl poop system (WFPS) who cites water fowl for field pooping. And it just so happens that most of the WFPS are Canadian goose lovers who gave each Canadian goose at least two passes before he actually cited them for one poop then of course I don’t get the real story, right? It would look as if the ducks were on a pooping rampage. Well that is exactly what is happening in the justice system. For every black man that gets convicted and sentenced for a specific crime his white counterpart had charges reduced or thrown out pending probation. See my point? There is all kinds of statistical data showing that for the same crime blacks are ten times more likely to do time versus whites, yet where is that information when someone wants to make a point about black crime being out of control.

This all came about when Barrack Obama talked about not being able to hail a cab in Manhattan. Immediately people spoke about the fact that most cab drivers weren’t white, to make a long story short, that these other minorities were not picking up black men because it’s a fact their more apt to be a criminals, so it wasn’t “really” racism, it was common sense. Yet, I don’t see people refusing to put their hard earned money in a bank because statistically speaking all of the Savings and Loan failures occurred in banks where the CEO’s and CFO’s were white. Better yet, people aren’t refusing young white boys entrance into schools because they committed the majority of school shootings.

Why is America discriminating against certain criminals and not all, if it is all about statistics? It’s simple, propaganda and what they TEACH you on television shows and in movies. Every other black man in a television show or movie is a thugged out gangster with his 9mm pointing sideways yelling “whussup now!” Watch the news and what do you hear, “police are trying to find a way to curb the astronomical amount of violence in the black community” or “gang violence, how can it be stopped… in the black community”. Why hasn’t America stopped that violent gang called the Police department or criminal justice system, because those gangs don’t scare white America? White America is afraid of the big black man, who’s on his way into a neighborhood near them to rape their daughters, beat and rob old grandmas. Now that is what sells news. So as a society we should start looking at the fact that statistics are propaganda that can be skewed to make anyone look as if they are doing anything that the statistic makers want them to. Hell given the right tools and I can put some statistics together that make old grandmas look as if they are on a rampage of crime. Let’s wake up black people and not fall into the propaganda hype.


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It’s All Inside JC Penney (Including Racism)


Just yesterday I had to go to JC Penney to exchange a bunch of baby clothes my parents bought for my infant son, just a bit too small. Upon arriving to the infant toddler section I found the customer service area and there was a lady trying to do the same thing that I was there for. We walked up to the counter at about the same time and I noticed that the lady that I approached the counter with had already picked out the replacement outfits, so I asked the customer service agent (lady) if I should do the same first. Well, she looked at me as if I was trying to steal the answer from her, then she immediately turned to the lady that walked up with me and started asking her what she needed help with. Was it any coincidence that the lady and the CSR (customer service representative) just so happened to be a white? I think not! Now my bad side was about to show and I went from A to Bitch in a matter of seconds. Needless to say I tore that CSR a new one.


I don’t know what types of dealings she has had with blacks in the past but, unfortunately for her I wasn’t that “fold up” type of black who constantly lets crap slide. Nuh uh, if anything, by the look on her face she was the one folding faster than superman on laundry day. I had a cranky baby, my oldest acting like he was looking to buy out the entire JC Penney and I was tired to boot, so she got unloaded upon good fashion. I just couldn’t believe that she was being so extremely blatant with her racist attitude, didn’t she understand that “I” am the customer so whatever your personal feelings are towards a certain type of people, you keep that junk at home. When you come to work you are a professional, I don’t care what you do for employment.


It is time that all blacks who feels a situation is discriminatory in some way should step up and call it like it is immediately. No longer should we blacks feel that we “have” to take someone’s shoddy treatment especially when you are spending your hard earned money. These racist people continue behaving in this manner because they feel that we won’t take those greenbacks to some other place where we are obviously wanted. And that is exactly what we should be doing. When we make these people feel like the idiots they are, or stop patronizing them so they lose business, we might see less of this behavior. Because, I am pretty sure that this particular CSR will think twice before she pulls that type of act with another black person.


I personally don’t like to have to get nasty with folks, but I also feel that it is my responsibility for my children that I nip this in the bud, so they might see that they don’t have to take this from anyone. I want my children to have a sense that you can stand up for yourself and demand to receive the treatment you deserve. So, after the confrontation was over, two other CSR’s ran to help me, and might I add they were quite pleasant and helpful. As for the CSR who showed her stupidity, she was out on the floor stocking shelves when I left.


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Do Not Leave Kids In Cars, Duh!


Kevin Kelly a Virginia father is spared a lengthy prison sentence after he leaves his daughter in a sweltering hot car for seven hours; the poor 21 month old baby girl had been dead for at least four hours before she was discovered in the backseat by a neighbor. He claims it was unintentional, that he had just forgotten her. Yet in 2004, Tara Maynor was sentenced to 12 1/2 to 60 years in prison on two counts of second degree murder after leaving her two children in a car for four hours outside a suburban Detroit hair salon while she got a massage and new hairdo. She told police she was “too stupid to know they would die.” Just last month, Karla Edwards pleaded guilty in South Carolina, to homicide by child abuse for leaving her 15-month-old son, Zachary, in a car for nine hours in April 2006 while she worked at a home improvement store. When Edwards couldn’t or wouldn’t explain her actions, she was sentenced to 20 years.

I understand that these two ladies actually left their children on purpose and that is the reason for their long sentences, yet I just refuse to believe that you can leave a baby for seven whole hours and claim you forgot. This wasn’t a child that was of an age that she could have been playing alone for hours, this was a toddler who like all toddlers wants to hang out with mom or dad for hours at a time. I don’t know if he left her on purpose because he needed a break or if he left her to get something done THEN forgot about her. Either way I feel he should pay the same price as these other two idiots. I don’t believe that judges should be lenient one day and tough another, because there are still other cases of kids being left by accident and the parents or caregiver had the book thrown at them, so why this man is getting off light, I will never understand.

Apparently the court feels that mothers should be held to a higher standard as men, which is totally bogus. Why do dads get to be forgetful while the mothers are neglectful? This type of thing is common sense for everyone not just mothers. It seems to me that Ms. Edwards who left her child in the car to work might have had daycare problems, I have heard many cases like this one but still not an excuse, but Ms. Maynor what can you say to her except agree with her own assessment that she is extremely stupid and also not an excuse, and sorry no excuse for Mr. Kelly as well. These people treated their poor children as if they were as disposable as the diapers that were on their tiny butts. Anyone who is dumb enough to leave their child (who is too young to care for themselves) unattended especially in a smoldering hot car, should pay the maximum price for their crime. A crime that is exactly what it is, not an accident, not forgetfulness and it’s damn sure not excusable.


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Idaho Isn’t Racist Enough


I was reading the news for Boise Idaho, since an interracial couple there are receiving death threats and a bunch of hate mail because of the fact that the couple became engaged for the world to see at the fiesta bowl where the young man was a player. I don’t have a comment on the actual story but, the Boise newspaper was doing a story around this namedReaders share their opinions: Is Idaho being unfairly characterized as racist?” The posts that people sent in, now that is what caught my attention, one in particular. A lady named Melinda Evans which is the eighth post down, wrote in that she didn’t think that Idaho was racist enough. She claims that if you look at some cities where “Africans” and “Mexicans” were populating it just so happens that they were bringing with them murder, rape and all sorts of crime. She says just look at Africa and Mexico, the crime they have, is that what you want those people to bring to Idaho.

I happen to know a bit about Idaho having had lived there for a while. So if I were to go by her assumptions that only minorities are doing and importing crime, all white towns in places like Idaho should have zero crime. Boy is that not the case, Idaho is crime ridden and some of the towns where I saw the most crime had NO minorities. Surprise right? This is just another case of a racist individual who would like to push all the problems of society on a select few. One black person does a crime and we’re all criminals. But, yet whites commit all sorts of crimes and you never hear the same about them. This is just another one of my pet peeves, that whites constantly equate black with crime. I understand that black crime is ALWAYS in the news, and yet whites who commit the majority of crime are under-reported.

A lot of the people wrote in that it is extremely racist, but came up with every reason in the book as to why. Such as, it is so conservative, this is all about propaganda and the white mindset as Brotherpeacemaker wrote about. Or they were just raised that way, which feeds more problems because these are some of the people that we have to deal with daily, applying for jobs, getting our healthcare, the cops “supposedly” to protect us and dealing with for all other aspects of life. Also, the people there don’t have much contact with minorities, which is such a crock of crap and is just a cop out. I don’t have to have daily contact with Inuit people, whom I have never met, to understand that they are humans even if different than myself and worthy of respect.

Unfortunately these people are propagating the white mindset which they will continue to pass from generation to generation. A lot of the kids there in Idaho listen to a lot of loud rap music and dress like they just fell out of a 50 cent video, but don’t get them wrong they are just as racist as their parents. The dark prophet wrote about an Idaho school he attended in his article “The forbidden month,” which shows that they have no problem discriminating on all levels. But, so many folks out there would like for us to believe that racism is just about dead and gone. Sure, when you have a whole state of racists, semi racists and racist sympathizers raising more of the same. I don’t see any end in sight for this type of terrorism.


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Intolerance For Tolerance


I keep seeing this word tolerance pop up when I am looking at instances of racism. I have even found a website called whose sole purpose is to fight hate by promoting tolerance. WTF is up with this whole tolerance thing, I understand that we would like to rid this country of racism, but is tolerance the only option. Tolerance is a term being used in a social and cultural context within America or white America’s dealing with the black community. The term tolerance is widely viewed as some sort of anti-discrimination doctrine that is often touted by those in power. But, we can look at it from another angle. To me the word tolerance implies that something is wrong with blacks and therefore whites will just have to tolerate it. When in actuality I believe that it is the blacks who have had to do all the tolerating and I don’t understand why we continue to tolerate such abhorrent behaviors from America as a whole.

Bernard Lewis shows the definition of tolerance as “I am in charge. I will allow you some though not all of the rights and privileges that I enjoy, provided that you behave yourself according to rules that I will lay down and enforce.” This is a pertinent statement as it exactly represents how blacks in America are being held down by the white ruling class. I know that people want to jump immediately to the statement I just made and call it a defeatist or victim attitude, but if you look at the disparity in the life experience that we vs. whites have in this country; there is a phenomenal gap. Therefore I call my view one of honest realism. Look at our lives you see that we have a higher instance of shoddy healthcare, justice, wages (if we get a job), living standards, wealth building, education, and in purchasing power such as, obtaining credit, homes, cars or goods and services. Those wonderful things that most Caucasians can take for granted.

This last paragraph brings me back to the issue of why we as a black community tolerate this type of habituation, allowing ourselves to settle for this inferior treatment that we so often receive. We have been so conditioned over the years to not only accept this treatment but to expect it and worse yet to dish it out to our own. Criticizing ourselves at every opportunity and for what, to show the ruling class just how assimilated we are; “see boss I’m just like you.” Yet, we will in fact tolerate that crazy behavior and even praise it when it happens. Take your Bill Cosby, Shelby Steele and John McWhorter types, constantly barraging the black community with take responsibility, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and if so and so can do it so can you. These statements are a ridiculous bi-product of people who willingly refuse to look at the big picture. If I have ten kids and I only let a couple into the kitchen, is it then fair to tell the others that they need to take responsibility for the fact that they are so skinny. According to these fellows it is and the kids should be doing more to try and get into the kitchen.

Unfortunately, I believe that you can’t create a system where YOU are subjugating people and enthusiastically denying them equal pieces of the big life pie, then turn around and blame them for the fact that they don’t have a larger piece. All the while rewarding and praising those subjugated fools who decide to help spread the message of confusion, creating a class of people who are full of self hate, doubt and bewilderment. Hard work can only take you so far, then it comes down to whether you fit into white societies definition of an acceptable black, which is one that is a white clone willing to subjugate themselves to white society all neatly packaged in black skin.


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Are Police Getting Away With Modern Day Lynchings?


Danny Brumfield, 45, was shot in front of the New Orleans convention center after walking in front of a police car, carrying a pair of shears. The police say it was a case of self defense, the District attorney Eddie Jordan agreed, then closed any investigations and charges will not be filed. Now the autopsy report is in and the evidence now shows that Brumfield was shot in the back by a single shotgun blast. Unfortunately Jordan now claims that even with the new autopsy report “I don’t believe that autopsy alone is sufficient to create a situation where we would be able to carry our burden of proof.” As far as being shot in the back Jordan says that “how Mr. Brumfield was shot in the back.” Jordan is suggesting that conceivably he was turning or falling off the patrol car at the time.

The police officers maintain that Brumfield was making stabbing motions, with the shears, when he ended up on the hood of the car, no one was sure whether he was hit by the car or jumped on the hood. His daughter who was sleeping outside the convention center witnessing some of the action agreed with the police that he was on the hood hanging on and then she heard the shot. His family explains that he had the shears because he was cutting cardboard for his grandchildren to sleep on so they wouldn’t have to sleep on cold concrete. The officer Ronald Mitchell who fired the fatal shot was terminated police spokeswoman Sabrina Richardson said; claiming it was due to “a domestic violence issue with his wife”.

This is yet another case from New Orleans of police being out of control. How does a person get shot square in the back and have it deemed justifiable by authorities. I understand that he may “have” been threatening the police officers, but he had shears and his back was obviously at the officers, so it seems that it would be prudent to handle the situation differently. Such as, firing a non-fatal shot or maybe just not using the shotgun. The police in New Orleans were involved in many other shootings involving blacks that are being either prosecuted or investigated at this time. Such as Ronald Madison an unarmed, mentally retarded man with no criminal record, who was killed by a shotgun blast to his back, the police officer told the investigators that Madison had turned and reached into his waistband right before the officer opened fire. The officer who was charged with first degree murder has resigned from the force. Six other policemen also were charged for the shootout on Danziger Bridge. Three others were indicted in the killing of a second person on the bridge. All of the officers have pleaded innocent, and are awaiting trial.

This to me is a wakeup call that people need to see that it is obviously OK to shoot, maim, kill, beat down, and any other violent thing that cops would like to do to blacks. But, yet people are saying that “racism is pretty much dead” or “look how far blacks have come”. These statements are just ridiculous. What I say is look at the facts, so many blacks are being shot numerous times apparently justifiably due to the “contagious shooting theory”. It is interesting that cops never seem to get “contagious shooting” when shooting at white people. Also, the frequent beatings blacks get, but judges and people say that the person shouldn’t be struggling and they wouldn’t be beaten. Well I don’t know about you, but if someone is beating me, I’m going to struggle. Unfortunately, I guess white people never struggle when being arrested, so there is no need to beat them, just blacks.

All this is showing me that blacks are under attack and it seems that it’s just as justifiable as it was when lynching a black was taking place (more often). Also things in America are more the same than ever. What else we should see, is that we blacks need to be kept in line by any means necessary.


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Farewell Tammy Faye


Tammy Faye Messner died this weekend tragically from cancer. I watched her on television talking about her illness but what struck me as interesting was her strong proclamation that she was going straight to heaven. Not that she is or isn’t going to heaven, but I have a few problems with how these televangelists live their lives versus what the bible says. She was revered by a lot of people as a person who was so full of faith and love. She could be seen pretty much everyday crying, singing and begging the faithful for their hard earned cash. She was also seen as a naïve person unfortunately marrying not only one but two men who ended up in prison. Some things that people don’t know about her was that she was considered of above average intelligence to the point that she was a member of MENSA, also she had been addicted to the drug Ativan (AKA Lorazepam, used as a sedative, tranquilizer and anti-anxiety).

For her to be so smart; I mean MENSA smart is it any type of quirk that she would be so unfortunate to have two husbands jailed for some type of money fraud? I am not saying that she was in anyway involved in any of it, but it does raise some eyebrows. This all brings me to the point I am trying to make. She lived a lavish lifestyle full of out of control spending. Million dollar homes, yachts, jewelry, trips, and any other expensive thing rich people buy. Then you have to think of the religion she touts or the book she read from daily and you have to wonder if she read this passage “Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.'” -Matthew 19:23-24. Or this one “People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” -1 Timothy 6:9-10

There are a lot of people who felt that she was a wolf in sheep’s clothing who prayed on the elderly and faithful to swindle them of their money. They had charities set up but a lot of the money went straight into their personal coffers. But, how much did she or their church really do for the poor, sick, hungry, and ailing? Maybe they could have lived as Jesus and used every dime to take care of people, or maybe I’m being to naïve. A passage sticks out about this from -Matthew 25:41-45 – “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’ They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’ He will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least among you, you did not do for me.'”

Did she live her life by these rules that she so ardently used to bring the money rolling in to her bank account, I think not. But, who am I to judge, as it is put in the bible judge not less ye be judged. I am just giving everyone a little food for thought. Why is it ok for your pastor or preacher or whatever you have in your place of worship to live as kings do, while you and the rest of the congregation barely scrape by? Think on this and take it with you on Sunday, or whatever day you do your worship.

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