Black Crybabies Whining Again

It doesn’t matter what forum, what news report or op-ed you read that has something to do with race, you will undoubtedly read a plethora of racist demeaning stereotypical comments from people who start off their rant with “I’m not racist, but” or “I’m not black or white, so I am unbiased, and.”

I was reading an article from CNN Money called “Black unemployment ‘a serious problem’.”  You can go and have a look at the comments and you will see just what I am talking about.  Now these types of comments are all too common, I mean I get a lot of them myself no matter what I am talking about.  The general theme consistently seems to be that blacks are just a bunch of lazy, unqualified, and looking for a handout whiny cry babies.

And then they turn right around and say that racism is not responsible for the serious disparity in unemployment rates.  Now I am pretty sure that this type of stereotypical thinking by so many white bigoted people is completely responsible for the disparity.  Because we know that white people ARE the majority of managers in charge of hiring, so it is relative that this type of thinking, which seems very prevalent, is a serious problem for black employment numbers.

Yet, we see by these types of comments that far too many white people are all too willing to play the white race card by deflecting, denying and raising issues that have nothing to do with the original point.  What chance do we have for looking at the issue of disparity let alone solving it if we can’t even raise the issue without most people becoming overly threatened?

What these people are trying to have us all believe is that the disparity we see in unemployment rates are just our imagination.  In fact one person replied that the rates of unemployment for blacks and whites were the same.  When actually what these people are saying is that it doesn’t matter that blacks are unemployed at twice the rate of whites because blacks don’t matter.

These people come to blogs, forums and every news report about racism and cry about how black people cry about racism.  Yep, they cry and it is OK, we cry and it is just too much for their sensibilities.  I guess blacks should just shut up about racism and allow it to continue their comfort be damned, all for the sake of making sure that white people don’t feel uncomfortable.

And then of course the comment was made that a few deadbeat blacks make all blacks look bad.  Do these people who say these stupid things ever wonder why deadbeat white people never make ALL whites look bad?  Would the answer be, the same racism that they deny even continues?  And is it the few deadbeat blacks who cause bigoted white hiring managers to overlook black applicants while not doing the same to the white ones?

Of course what discussion about racism in employment would be complete without the ever pressing complaint by bigots that blacks can’t get hired because their names are too “ethnic?”  One person says “Looks at their first names!!! Any prospective employer sees “Shatiqua Washington”, the resume’ goes in the trash!”  Isn’t this the epitome of racism?

Wouldn’t this be a prime example of why blacks have a higher unemployment rate?  And for anyone to know, see or say this and also think that racism doesn’t exist has to either be completely stupid or a huge bigot or both.  But we know that most of the people who are spewing these stereotypical idiocies are both.

What I see is that a lot of people will continue to use their ability to try and derail and stifle any look at racial disparity.  And this will continue to foster racism and racial disparity in this country.  We can’t escape the racial problems because those who aren’t suffering from the disparity don’t want to.

These people aren’t just sitting idly by while racism continues.  They are helping to continue it through racist rhetoric, stereotypes and propaganda.  The anonymity of the internet has allowed these bigots who are probably the hiring director for some company who just happens to be completely devoid of minorities to spew the racist rhetoric they would only say to their closest bigoted ally.

Until these types of bigoted white people can somehow be made to understand that their white privilege doesn’t give them ownership over black people’s experiences with racism we will continue the crying that they find so unbearable.



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26 responses to “Black Crybabies Whining Again

  1. So, whats the over/under from the bookie on how many comments you’ll get telling you to get over it, shut up, or calling you racist on this post?

  2. Mike,

    Right now the odds are so favorable that it will happen the bookies won’t even take the bet. Sorry.

  3. Henry

    “Until these types of bigoted white people can somehow be made to understand that their white privilege doesn’t give them ownership over black people’s experiences with racism”

    Focusing on privilege as being white is not going to end any kind of racism. Privilege of any sort is neither good nor bad nor is privilege the sole possession of the white race. I have asked this on other posts but find me one race or ethnic group in any country which may/may not have more privileges than another group.

    There is no reason to stop talking about racism but by claiming that white people are racist because they are privileged is a racist statement in and of itself.

  4. Henry,

    It seems you have either missed the point or want to make your own point that wasn’t in the post. I didn’t say that white people were racist BECAUSE they had privilege. I said that some white people use their white privilege to try and usurp minorities experiences with racism. And if you perceive that to mean that because white people have privilege they are racist, so be it.

    Also, just because YOU believe that every race of people have this so called privilege without qualifying it doesn’t make it so. I am talking about a specific privilege and you nor anyone else will be able to show me how minorities have the equivalent of white privilege. By white people being the majority gives them a privilege that NO minority can have in the main stream.

    Now if you are talking about some petty perceived privilege one might get inside their own minority community then I will grant you that. But that means nothing outside in the real world of white privilege. So if I have the privilege of not looking suspicious when I am in the black neighborhood means diddly squat when I am followed around the white owned shopping mall. It means diddly squat when I am looked at with suspicion trying to get a job. It doesn’t equate to any privilege whatsoever. Because holding privilege in a minority situation isn’t going to get me anywhere with the majority.

    But having white privilege which is the majority will get me everywhere. Whether that is in the minority community or not. The majority of people in the minority community are complicit in white privilege as it is considered the norm. You may wish to downplay white privilege so YOU feel better about it. But unfortunately it doesn’t mean white privilege isn’t a big problem in this country.

    Well it had to start somewhere. There I am being called the racist for talking about white privilege. Just like the example I gave of the person who said that lazy blacks affect all blacks getting jobs. But lazy whites somehow don’t affect all whites getting jobs. That is a prime example of white privilege which show racism. So wouldn’t you agree that this is racist?

  5. Lankh


    I often read your articles about “the black problem”. Thanks to you I can understand what are the problems of the Afro-american community. I live in France and there is racism against minorities too, notably against black people. In France, there is a latent racism, I can summarize it: the white racist seems to be your friend but when you’re away, he makes fun of you; or, he makes “little jokes” (based on fool prejudices) about black people. Plus, there is a fuckin employment discrimination.
    I would like to discuss “the black problem” with you precisely. Have you a yahoo messenger address ?


  6. Lankh,

    I know it is all too true in most places that have even a small black population. But you can reach me at Thanks.

  7. John

    There are more unemployed whites than unemployed blacks. Therefore, unemployment is a bigger problem for whites than for blacks; so I don’t even know what you’re complaining about.

  8. John,

    This is exactly the type of stuff I am talking about. All of a sudden when we are speaking about something like unemployment then it makes a difference that white’s have higher numbers than blacks. But the minute I say that white’s have higher crime rates than blacks then the tune that is being sung is oh so different. All of a sudden we are talking per capita becomes the motto of the day.

    So if it works for white’s on crime then it is going to work for me on unemployment. I am talking per capita! So therefor it IS a bigger problem for the black community. Can’t have it both ways, it either works all the time or none of the time. So take your pick people. Either per capita reigns supreme or overall numbers mean the most.

    So I guess I don’t even know what YOU are complaining about John! As far as I can see MORE blacks are unemployed given our overall numbers and thus it IS a bigger problem. Boy I loved that one! Thanks John I couldn’t have done it without you.

  9. John

    “Can’t have it both ways, it either works all the time or none of the time. So take your pick people. Either per capita reigns supreme or overall numbers mean the most.”

    Then you agree that black crime is a bigger problem than white crime? The black crime rate is much higher than the white crime rate. Can’t have it both ways.

  10. John,

    Actually I think you have it backwards and didn’t quite understand what I said to you. WHITE PEOPLE COMMIT MORE CRIMES PERIOD! Now for the unemployment issue we understand that white people have a higher overall number of unemployed people because they have a higher population. But for the amount of people it is a more reasonable rate which is 9.6. The unemployment RATE for blacks is 15.6. And since the numbers for blacks are less that equates to a smaller overall number, BUT a much LARGER rate for the number. Phew! Lesson over!

    But since this is not the subject of my post let’s move on shall we? And try not to get you too confused. I will try and give you a gist of what the post was actually about since you obviously failed to read it. I was explaining that some white people comment on articles about racism or race relations with blatantly racist comments all the while explaining that racism is over. Do you get that?

    So I am sorry if the fact that white people commit more crimes threw you off or confused and angered you. It is just a fact of life. Let’s move on shall we? Do you have a comment about how the white people who replied to the original article spewed racism while claiming racism was over? If not then go to the original post and let them know that you don’t believe that there is a black unemployment problem. This isn’t the place for it.

  11. John

    “Now for the unemployment issue we understand that white people have a higher overall number of unemployed people because they have a higher population.”

    How is this different from crime?

    The white population is about six times the size of the black population, but the number of crimes committed by whites is only slightly higher (not even twice as high) as the number of crimes committed by blacks.

    In fact, the difference between the black crime rate and the white crime rate is much larger than the difference between the black unemployment rate and the white unemployment rate.

    It is you that is trying to have it both ways. If unemployment is worse among blacks because the rate is higher, then crime is worse among blacks. If crime is worse among whites because the raw number is higher, than unemployment is worse as well.

    In reality, the rate is what matters when comparing two populations of different size. Unemployment and crime are both much worse among blacks.

    “And try not to get you too confused.”

    Are you serious? Do you really not see that I’ve exposed you as an inconsistent, hypocritical fool?

    “I will try and give you a gist of what the post was actually about since you obviously failed to read it.”

    I’m not concerned with your point. I simply wanted to point out your hypocrisy. Since you’re actually posting these comments, I can only assume that you lack the intelligence to realize how foolish you look.

  12. John,

    Where in my post did you ever see me say that crime rates were NOT higher in the black community and thus NOT a problem? You can’t because I never said that. In fact they both ARE problems in the black community. And thus if you also agree that unemployment IS a larger problem in the black community then you first comment was bogus. L I A R ! ! !

    You haven’t exposed anything! All you have done is to show that you are nothing more than a hypocritical liar. If you had one comment that I made where I said that crime or anything else was NOT the problem then you would have shown it. You can’t because I totally agreed by showing you how it works. So your bogus problem is what? That you are a liar which was totally PROVEN!

    Your words liar, “unemployment is a bigger problem for whites than for blacks” then “Unemployment and crime are both much worse among blacks” Um what? Give it a rest! You have NO credibility. You have done nothing but tried to come here and hijack my post and talk about your own racist rhetoric. It didn’t work. The only thing that HAS happened is that you have exposed your lies and hypocrisy.

    Now you are done lying hypocrite. If you want to comment on the POST then do so, if not go to hell!!!

  13. John or Liar,

    You claim that “In fact, the difference between the black crime rate and the white crime rate is much larger than the difference between the black unemployment rate and the white unemployment rate” Well according to the DOJ Crime in the US 2008 out of 10,662,206 Whites committed 7,382,063 or 69.2% of all crimes and blacks committed 3,015,905 or 28.3% of all crimes. Everyone can make their own assumptions.

    Uh, John the liar, where did you go? I guess you are trying to find some smoking gun in order to take the spotlight off of your blatant lies. Come on that will take all night and we both know it doesn’t exist. Nothing to say about the actual post? Just as I thought another TROLL out looking to start something that he knew he couldn’t finish.

  14. John the liar,

    F A I L ! You haven’t shown diddly! In fact you proved my point thanks. But like I told you before, either comment on the topic or go to hell.

    You can’t bring your Troll ass here and hijack my blog. You obviously don’t know me very well and don’t know my blog very well. I don’t cater to liars nor Trolls. You are added to the trash bin where you belong.

    You are the weakest Troll, Goodbye!

  15. tundrastalax,

    Oh, I am so scared! People are taking notice of me, I’m shaking. Just to let you know, I try and post ALL comments but the minute YOU start adding in stupid crap like “you won’t post this” then guess what I WON’T! Anyhow, you said the operative phrase “MY BLOG”. And I can be just as unbalanced as I want. Since I am speaking about the black community NOT any other.

    So if you are looking for an opposing view of racism then you have come to the wrong place. Here’s a tip, get your own freaking blog and then write ALL the posts you want about how you THINK that race is everything to me. Do I care, NOT! It has been done before and so what, have at it. Go cry to someone else loser!

  16. I guess I missed a few people on here, and apparently a few posts that got deleted prior to me being able to read them.

    guess that’s what happens to uneducated thoughts and this blog. Even I, a self described lazy moron, knows that!!!

  17. Mike,

    Don’t worry you didn’t miss a thing. The same as usual, you know, your a racist, you have caught the interest of some who don’t like what you are saying and gee I didn’t read the post but I want to comment about something else. Like I said, just the usual.

  18. Aww,

    Isn’t that sweet. I go to empty out my blogs trash bin and there it is, a message from my overly amorous admirer. Too bad the feelings aren’t mutual. It gets so tiring being followed by losers. Don’t you have anything better to do? Don’t you have a sister er uh wife to talk to? Anyway, get a life outside of my blog, have some dignity. Buhbye now.

  19. Dark Frosty

    The white racist and white racism apologists will tell you that we blacks have “privilege” in the form of “black entitlement” whatever that is.

    Ma’am if you want to see how the next generation of whites will be like in terms of anti-racism, peruse this link:

    A little depressing isn’t it?

  20. Dark Frosty,

    Down right pathetic is what it is. It is a shame that we have to continue even doing this. It should be enough just to say screw it, equality it is, put it into practice and call it a day.


  21. Dark Frosty

    Pathetic is also a good descriptor. By the way I was wondering if you were able to make use of the mochakidz website? Just as in that post, I hope that I have assisted you some, especially with the holidays coming.

    Here’s the link, if you need it:

    Good day to you,
    Dark Frosty

  22. Dark Frosty,

    Yes I was thank you! And I passed that along to a LOT of other folks who have the same needs. Thanks for reminding me, because now that it is Christmas, those who buy into that might want to have a look at their things. I personally feel that I would rather spend my money with people who have my interests in mind.


  23. Henry

    “I didn’t say that white people were racist BECAUSE they had privilege. I said that some white people use their white privilege to try and usurp minorities experiences with racism.”

    Well that is certainly clearer than the majority of posts, blog and books on the subject of white privilege. Unfortunately many people will complete the equation privilege=white racism as a fact. This explains nothing about privilege-a rather simple word-with numerous social, religious, gender, philosphical and ethnic meanings.
    Every cultural group from the most simple to the most sophisticated contains layers and layers of privileges-some earned, some agreed upon, some not earned, some learned etc, etc,.

    That’s what makes the white privilege movement a one size fits all approach to racism. People like Peggy McIntosh have completed whole lists of vague catagories which pocs can adopt if live hits them the wrong way-thus learning that whatever happens it must be the way some-one else perceives me-it can’t be Me! In a sense your shopping center analogy speaks to that. Now, I’m sure there are shop owners who are suspicious of youth and black youth in general in their stores-but have you ever talked to any store owner and asked his/hers experiences? When I shop I often look to see how black customers are treated and just haven’t seen the things people have noted about stores and minorities.

    Example : late last year 4 black young men robbed and murdered a young clerk at a gas station-2 weeks later while I was getting gas at another station 4 black young men got out of a car and the woman at the station quickly locked the door…is that racism? I didn’t blame her one bit though the young men never said a word to me.

    “You may wish to downplay white privilege so YOU feel better about it. But unfortunately it doesn’t mean white privilege isn’t a big problem in this country.”

    It doesn’t make me feel either good or bad about it. Of course I can admit to privileges that I have (privilege has no color-just ask an Arab sheik if he has white male privilege); but that will not solve any of the true race issues we have in this countries. In my job many of my clients are black people (many with mental illnesses, limited education and criminal histories). Discussing privilges with them would be an exercise in futility and increase their sense of hopelessness. Thus I stress personal responsibility and respect.

    “There I am being called the racist for talking about white privilege. Just like the example I gave of the person who said that lazy blacks affect all blacks getting jobs. But lazy whites somehow don’t affect all whites getting jobs. That is a prime example of white privilege”

    No that doesn’t make a person a racist if they talk about white privilege! I just don’t think it will solve anything. I think most white folks would agree that they have more privileges than other racial groups but that also depends on the racial group and their eonomic/social standing. Many people on the anti-racist parent blog complain about the things white people do but when you do a bit of research you learn that many of them are quite successful in their areas of work. In fact people on that blog sound like petulant children trying to out do one another about how they have been mistreated.

  24. Henry,

    Here is the problem with your story about the gas station. How many times if any has the gas station ever been robbed by white men? If none then fine. But the chances are that it is a gas station and convenience store and they are constantly targets of crime. So the probability is high that they have been robbed by someone other than black men. Do they now lock the doors each time they see a white man coming up?

    And when if ever has that scenario worked in reverse? I know of many stores that have been robbed by a white man and never once have I seen the store take this type of action against white men. Yet, you constantly hear people using the I have been the victim of crime from a black person excuse as to why they are using racial discrimination. Not an excuse. We (all races) have ALL been the victim of some sort of unsavory white person in one way shape or form and we don’t pull that race card.

    I am pretty sure that the people who invested their money with Bernie Madoff (if they can afford to) will NEVER exclude ALL white men the next time they invest. White business owners have duped people out of money and no one ever exclaims how they will never do business with a white man again. White women are raping boys left and right, and I still haven’t heard one peep from anyone saying that we need to stop hiring white women at our schools or anywhere else where children are. This is a prime example of playing the race card for white people.

    And the problem with trying to be on the outside looking in to find racism or whatever is that you aren’t going to tell me that you stop everything you are doing when you see a black person in the store and just follow that person in order to see the results. Maybe that particular store doesn’t do it. Maybe you need to team up with a black person and follow them around a store that they have had it done before.

    But just because YOU don’t see, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. And isn’t that just the epitome of white privilege to say that “I” don’t see something so I can’t ensure if it’s true. Who needs YOU to validate their experience? If I were to say that “I” personally haven’t seen anyone getting raped, can I now say that I am sure it doesn’t happen as much as it is reported. How egotistic. The statement about downplaying privilege to make someone feel better was being addressed to a specific person and not meant for everyone to take to heart. Maybe you don’t care about whether it exists or doesn’t but that is you and your feelings.

    And no an Arab sheik does NOT have white male privilege when he steps foot into America. Because he is NOT the majority and money doesn’t hold sway over race based privilege. Now I am sure he will have a better chance of being privileged financially over the regular white Joe on the street. But let that sheik step out of line and I bet you a dime he will see that he is put in his place by white people. Even though the sheik example is poor because he will be protected by wealth as long as he has something to give. The minute he can no longer financially afford to he will no longer have that white protection.

    We should look at someone like a black police officer. He has privileges with the police. But the minute he doesn’t have his uniform on then he is just another negro in the street. A black undercover cop is walking on a downtown street. White police officers using racial profiling to stop and question him. He tried to tell them he was an officer as well, but they weren’t listening and thought he was trying to get smart. They smashed his head into a grill covering a window and broke the glass.

    When questioned about this incident the white cops said that he wasn’t showing them any respect. But the problem was, why were they stopping him and bothering him to begin with? He was only walking down the street. How come they didn’t stop the white guys who were walking on the street if it looks suspicious? Because it only looks suspicious if you are black. So those cops and the white guys walking on the street were able to use white privilege.

    The white walkers used it unknowingly. Just by being white they were safe from police harassment at that time. And the cops used it, by thinking that since the white guys walking were white they had done nothing wrong. And unfortunately for the black cop, he did NOTHING to rouse suspicion. And your claim of well black guys have done crime more or before or whatever is not an excuse. White guys have done crime, done more and done it before as well. So not an excuse AND I guess this doesn’t quite qualify under your “it can’t be me” claim as he did nothing.

    And why don’t YOU tell me what personal responsibility that black man should have shown that night? Should the white cops have shown some personal responsibility that night? See this is the problem with the personal responsibility bit, it gets spewed at blacks constantly as if we are the only people who don’t show responsibility. What do you preach to your white clients? Hopefully the same thing! And yes if the people you see have limited education and criminal histories maybe that goes a long way, but how in the world are you going to force someone with mental problems to show responsibility?

    Don’t they need some sort of intervention? Think about that one. OK, so if white people KNOW they have more privileges than minorities what are they doing about it? What now? Just don’t talk about it and it will magically disappear? And you know what, talking about anything doesn’t solve problem. But what it does do is informs people and perhaps some will change their behavior. But I will tell you what doesn’t solve anything, doing or saying nothing. I would think that someone who deals with clients of the type you do, you would know that.

    Just because a person is quite successful in their work doesn’t mean that they should just sit back quietly and allow racism and racial disparity in the form of white privilege just continue. In my experience those who wish for people to just be quiet about it, be patient or just wait and give it time are usually people who want to keep the status quo.

    And I could really care less how the people on that blog sound to you. For one, maybe to YOU it feels like they are just petulant children trying to one up each other. But to them this may be therapeutic to talk with people and share your problems with racism and white privilege. This is no different than hearing a bunch of abused wives talking about the abuse they suffered at their hands of their (hopefully) ex-husbands. Do you think they are just trying to one up the other? Or would you believe that they had legitimate grievances? And why should they care anyway?

  25. It’s been my experience that most black people do not want to work hard or take responsibility for the jobs they have. This is why employers are forced to hire illegal immigrants.

  26. Reed,

    I guess racism is still alive and kicking as you are a prime example for everyone who thinks we are somehow post racial. It is also my experience that MOST black people DO work hard and take responsibility for the jobs they have. And I have worked with a LOT of white people who don’t take responsibility nor work hard in their jobs. So is this also the reason white people are being replaced with illegal immigrants? I guess you think that somehow the only people who are being replaced. And this is the very attitude that keeps minorities under or unemployed.

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