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Don’t Blame The Black Community For Tiger

I just love how you can find three or four black people to say something then it turns into THE BLACK COMMUNITY…  That is exactly what is going on with this whole Tiger Woods deal.  You have a few black people who have made dumb ass comments about his love for white tail and boom the whole black community feels that way.

When in actuality the majority of blacks couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Tiger, the color or amount of his dumb mistresses or anything else connected with that fool.  To me he’s just another O.J. Simpson, dazed and confused.  Yeah I know that blacks were stupid enough to get behind O.J.  But that was the past; hopefully.

The problem is that you have people who believe that any black person who either makes a bunch of money or has status will by default be embraced by the black community.  Um, WRONG!  How many blacks are lining up to support Clarence Thomas or Michael Steele?  These two dip wads have plenty of status.  And not very many black people were lining up to support Tiger either.

He, not us, decided that he was NOT going to be a part of the black community. Isn’t it fascinating that now that his phony ass persona has been blown the predominantly white media people are eagerly trying to focus on the black community’s reaction to him and his harem of white ladies?  As if it matters.  They were all too happy to see Tiger distance himself from blacks early on and welcomed him with open arms.

Now that he has fallen from the good graces of some white people’s sensibilities, let’s play up the black community divide.  When in the hell have you ever, EVER seen Tiger doing anything for or in the black community?  He doesn’t play in the black community, he doesn’t live in the black community, he doesn’t spend any time for any reason in the black community and has NO ties, marriage or otherwise to the black community.

The last tie that guy had to the black community was his father and when he died so did that tie.  And now he’s so black!  Ha!  Tiger isn’t the first “minority” (I use that loosely) sports figure to sleep with white women.  And those who DID have ties with the black community continued to have support from the black community.  The race of the mistress has never been the obvious focus.

Sure it is a backroom, round the hair salon and out with the girls type of discussion.  And no one is going to tell me that only black girls do it or that it is racist.  I can just hear the white women talking about Mark Sanford’s choice of cheating with some “Argentinean” woman.

Oh, let’s not forget about the crying foul that went on when Hugh Grant was caught with that black chick while only dating Elizabeth Hurley.  The cat calls of why would he want that black chick etc. when he had that beautiful white Elizabeth Hurley.  Not to mention this actually made an appearance in psychology today.  Damn!

The reason why black people are making fun and laughing AT Tiger’s expense is that he is not part of us.  He is not well received in the black community.  If he were he would have received the same type of treatment that all of these famous athletes did even though they slept with white woman, noteworthy mention, some while being married to black women.   There was Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Steve McNair, Lawrence Taylor and Kobe Bryant.  The list could probably be a post in of itself it’s so long.

These black athletes were supported rightfully or wrongfully so because they had ties to the black community.  They didn’t work as hard as Tiger to put thousands of miles of distance between them and the black community.  And guess what people who wish to make this a Tiger vs. the black community thing.  There is no issues between Tiger and the black community.  The black community for the most part could care less about Tiger and Tiger could care less about the black community.  So stop trying to push a phony agenda.



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