Don’t Blame The Black Community For Tiger

I just love how you can find three or four black people to say something then it turns into THE BLACK COMMUNITY…  That is exactly what is going on with this whole Tiger Woods deal.  You have a few black people who have made dumb ass comments about his love for white tail and boom the whole black community feels that way.

When in actuality the majority of blacks couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Tiger, the color or amount of his dumb mistresses or anything else connected with that fool.  To me he’s just another O.J. Simpson, dazed and confused.  Yeah I know that blacks were stupid enough to get behind O.J.  But that was the past; hopefully.

The problem is that you have people who believe that any black person who either makes a bunch of money or has status will by default be embraced by the black community.  Um, WRONG!  How many blacks are lining up to support Clarence Thomas or Michael Steele?  These two dip wads have plenty of status.  And not very many black people were lining up to support Tiger either.

He, not us, decided that he was NOT going to be a part of the black community. Isn’t it fascinating that now that his phony ass persona has been blown the predominantly white media people are eagerly trying to focus on the black community’s reaction to him and his harem of white ladies?  As if it matters.  They were all too happy to see Tiger distance himself from blacks early on and welcomed him with open arms.

Now that he has fallen from the good graces of some white people’s sensibilities, let’s play up the black community divide.  When in the hell have you ever, EVER seen Tiger doing anything for or in the black community?  He doesn’t play in the black community, he doesn’t live in the black community, he doesn’t spend any time for any reason in the black community and has NO ties, marriage or otherwise to the black community.

The last tie that guy had to the black community was his father and when he died so did that tie.  And now he’s so black!  Ha!  Tiger isn’t the first “minority” (I use that loosely) sports figure to sleep with white women.  And those who DID have ties with the black community continued to have support from the black community.  The race of the mistress has never been the obvious focus.

Sure it is a backroom, round the hair salon and out with the girls type of discussion.  And no one is going to tell me that only black girls do it or that it is racist.  I can just hear the white women talking about Mark Sanford’s choice of cheating with some “Argentinean” woman.

Oh, let’s not forget about the crying foul that went on when Hugh Grant was caught with that black chick while only dating Elizabeth Hurley.  The cat calls of why would he want that black chick etc. when he had that beautiful white Elizabeth Hurley.  Not to mention this actually made an appearance in psychology today.  Damn!

The reason why black people are making fun and laughing AT Tiger’s expense is that he is not part of us.  He is not well received in the black community.  If he were he would have received the same type of treatment that all of these famous athletes did even though they slept with white woman, noteworthy mention, some while being married to black women.   There was Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Steve McNair, Lawrence Taylor and Kobe Bryant.  The list could probably be a post in of itself it’s so long.

These black athletes were supported rightfully or wrongfully so because they had ties to the black community.  They didn’t work as hard as Tiger to put thousands of miles of distance between them and the black community.  And guess what people who wish to make this a Tiger vs. the black community thing.  There is no issues between Tiger and the black community.  The black community for the most part could care less about Tiger and Tiger could care less about the black community.  So stop trying to push a phony agenda.



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16 responses to “Don’t Blame The Black Community For Tiger

  1. Tiger has never done anything for/with black people and now the black community is being criticized for not supporting Tiger Woods. This whole ordeal with the mistresses only magnifies his contempt for the black community. Please note that not a single one of his dozen or so mistresses was a black woman. Dude is careful not to even look like he’s trying to look at black women. None of the hush money he paid out goes to the black community. So why should we care again? And when the dust blows over and he starts getting on with his life again, he’ll do it all the while ignoring anything and everything that is happening in the black community. Dude made his white bed, so now he should lie in it.


  2. BrotherP,

    I agree! He could care less about us, and so why again are these idiotic people claiming that we owe Tiger something? I know for a fact that I don’t owe his dumb butt a damn thing. He wouldn’t dare pay hush money into the black community. Not to mention even if he were and that is a very big if, going to sleep with a black girl, looking at his past no one would believe her no way.


  3. Tiger doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned in this blog. I guess he’s not feeling so Cablasian these days. What a moron to think that white men will ever look at him completely as their equal without any resentment. White women and money are the two main symbols of white supremacy. Tiger has them both. It was bound to come crashing down eventually. Tiger has probably cheated many times before now but I believe the media elite leaked it this time as another media distraction for their crimes at home and abroad. Now we’re talking about Tiger while Obama sends more troops to Afghanistan and healthcare stalls in Congress.

  4. I will definitely agree with that George. Tiger is wasting all of our time. We have much bigger things to think about such as the economy, unemployment, this troop deployment and our failing government. And somehow people wish to think that Tiger Woods’ failings are somehow of importance to anyone especially the black community. HA! That is a joke in itself.


  5. I believe that white men still hate the fact that some of their women sleep with black men.
    I know you have seen Mandingo, as well as that one movie Black Like Me..the message at the end of both of those films that ring true today is that basically, black men are hated because white women will have sex with us, in preference to a white man.

    What the brothers forget is that less than 40 years ago, a black man would be lynched for doing that very thing, and you would have to be naive if you think times have changed.

    I could care less about Tiger, at this point, he is being used for ratings just like Michael, O.J. and any other black male celeb that get’s caught up.

    There are plenty of black female athletes and celebs that will have nothing to do with black men at all, so whatever disease Tiger has, it seems to infect a lot of them that attain success.

    Why that probably what we need to figure out, and eliminate it as if it were a cancer, because when the fame is over, they will separate you from your finances…

  6. Jerry Brice,

    I did indeed see those movies and would agree with your comparison. I personally believe that the whole get rich go white is basically some sort of status thing. Blacks are taught through television and the entire media industry that to be white is to be successful, beautiful, rich and basically everything that you (blacks) are not.

    So it is no big surprise that these fools get fame and start sending money back to the white community. And before people get their panties all in a bunch. You know damn well that is what is happening. White nor black athletes get a bunch of money and move into a predominantly black neighborhood. None of the aforementioned shop in predominantly black stores, for black clothing lines, car dealers, jewelers or any other such black owned and operated business.

    So they are just like the majority of everyone else, they pay money out to white people which in turn takes the money to the white neighborhoods. Further placing black people in a deeper hole. And to sit and say it isn’t anyone’s fault but the black people, you are half right. Because those black athlete’s, stars, singers or whatever’s with a bunch of money “could” be helping to financially support their communities but don’t.

    So they are in effect taking money from the black community and giving it to the white one. It has never gone the opposite way that I have seen. I have never seen a white professional of any type move his family into an all black neighborhood. Shop in the shops, utilize the black owned businesses such as plumbers, builders, accountants or what have you. And if anyone can tell me one, I would be seriously surprised.

    I know that “some” black professionals have done it. But, it is a far cry from the majority. And before you panty twisters get all bunched again, not ALL black neighborhoods are crime ridden ghetto’s. Those thoughts are just from your majority white dominated society propaganda ideas.


  7. Henry

    “I believe that white men still hate the fact that some of their women sleep with black men.” next myth please!
    But, then again, don’t many black women resent black men for dating white women? I think that many Asian women resent other Asian women for marrying out of their ethnic group.

    “What the brothers forget is that less than 40 years ago, a black man would be lynched for doing that very thing, and you would have to be naive if you think times have changed.”

    You mean he has been lynched already??? Tiger’s behavior is just as poor as that of NC Senator Edwards!

  8. Henry,

    I agree that some black women resent black men for dating outside their race just as much as other races of women probably hate the same thing. I agree with you because as far as I can see Tiger’s behavior is abhorrent and I don’t care what race of woman he does this to. It is disgusting and disrespectful. His wife and Senator Edwards wife as well as Governor Sanford’s wives deserved a lot more from their husbands, such as respect.

    These high powered men are always getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar. It is high time that we start looking at the pathology of fame and fortune and how so many seem to take such risks.


  9. Well outside of all the speculation of who abhors interacial marriage…we do have statistics from history as to what race has murdered people for interacial marriages or even dating.

    White people have murdered black men for this, to a point that it dominate the stats.Emmit Till was murdered for just ‘whistling’ at a white woman, and some southern states had ‘malicous eyeballing’ laws on the books all the way up to the mid 1960’s.

    So, if you take the opinion and emotions out of it, you will see that white people have acted violently against black men and white women getting together, and a lot of the Jim Crow laws were based on this issue.

    I know if it is a sobering reality for white men to acknowledge…obviously they are no longer racist…?

    and, I wonder if you have any evidence that black women do not like our men marrying out of the race, or is that a guess, based on what the media is feeding you.

    I define a fact, the same way that a court of law does, all else is hearsay.

  10. Jerry Brice,

    I think that it is safe to say that some do. I don’t think the numbers are there to support any type of real stats on that. As I agree it is media propaganda. The very same that I was speaking about in my post. You are right that there is no fact stating that black women are any more or less opposed to interracial dating involving a black man. That is why I think it is safe to say some, since you probably have “some” black men and women who have all sorts of views. And if you can find at least one, that is good enough for the media these days.

  11. I got that, and that’s probably accurate..but, history has proven that only white men have consistently throughout history physically seriously injured and murdered black men for being with their women.
    It is a violent pattern for them, and my point here is that it has not all of a sudden changed, for you, me, O.J. or Tiger Woods.

  12. Jerry Brice,

    I totally agree with you on the fact that white men are the only that I know of in history who has made a habit of killing and maiming anyone they just thought was looking at their women. Not even touching them, just the thought of it made some lynchings happen. And that is a good point, at which point in time did the pattern or feelings change? Something to think about.


  13. SoToAll

    LOL, I had to laugh because I believe you are wrong about the white women aspect. Of all the discussions I have had with white women, none ever involved why some white celebrity would want a black women instead. Do we compare beauty? Yes. Like when lame Kobe Bryant cheated on his beautiful wife with a butt ugly white girl. Seriously Kobe, a lot of suburban girls are slutty, you couldn’t at least find a good-looking one? Or why people think Halle is better looking than Gabriel Union, because Gabriel is clearly better looking. You said that if Dog is racist at home, it should not be excused
    (and I agree), then why should your beauty parlor racism be ok? My bothers b-friend married an absolutely beautiful black woman (inside and out), and he thinks its funny all the black men give him nasty looks. Now, are there white woman at his work who think they are better looking than his wife because she is black, sure. Is it something openly said in public at beauty salons, no.

    As far as OJ and Tiger, forget them as the Media is stupid and bias on all accounts. Tiger has many issues, and the white women, and one mixed girl, who slept with him were dumb. It was sad that, to get OJ off for murder, all they had to do was switch his pictures (on the walls of his mansion) from white to black. But I was happy the racist LAPD got railed and blamed too for that felonious glove thing. However, isn’t it also sad that the Duke Lacrosse team got off and gets to live life as normal? I understand the girls were strippers and that is part of the risk, like sex and disease, but it does not make it ok.

    I, for one, will end with my girl Ceceli’s quote of “Wait, Tiger is black?”


  14. SoToAll,

    You say that women at your brother’s friend’s job think they are better looking than his black wife because they are white but say “is it something openly said in public at beauty salons, no.” How would you know? Do you go to all the salons those ladies go to. And I didn’t say that this sort of thing happens in ALL black salons or the majority of black salons. I said that it PROBABLY does happen in a black salon somewhere. That is not saying it was right, I just said it probably happens. And guess what, it probably does happen in white salons too. Just because it doesn’t happen in front of you doesn’t make it so.

    And I don’t go to salons talking about some stupid ass Tiger Wood, hence the post is, black people could care less about Tiger Woods, his wife, cheating OR his all white harem of mistresses. The point I was making is that sure you can probably find some in the black community who may do it, that doesn’t mean the ENTIRE black community does it. So don’t call it MY racism at a beauty salon!

    And I could care less about OJ Simpson. My point was that these people that were mentioned in the post I talked about are NOT in any way, role models or anyone else that black people care about. We don’t sit at home thinking about OJ Simpson or Tiger Woods. We have more important things to think about. These two men were media darlings loved by the vast majority of the white community until their downfalls. These men are not in any way affiliated with the black community and therefore people should stop trying to make these fake accusations that we are all busted up over them. Thanks.

  15. SoToAll

    Well you might be right about an all white beauty store, mostly because all the ‘white’ beauty stores I have been to are generic and have both Latin and blacks working in them. So in all the states I have lived in and all the generic, or white, salons I went to, I never heard of it, but it might happen. So point taken there.
    It just seems to me, and this is just me, that most white women think they are what everyone wants to be, so they don’t spend much time talking about black women. However, I believe this is the reason that a lot of black women talk about white women. Not because they want to be white, but because society (white women include) think that everyone wants to be white, and it’s not true, not even a little bit. Asian’s don’t want to be white, Hispanics don’t want to be white, Blacks don’t want to be white…. and, in my personal opinion, most white women don’t even want to be white (if they are honest with themselves). If they wanted to be white, then why the butt implants, why the tanning salons, why rock the clothing the minorities rock (and the minority did rock neon colors and certain styles first), why listen to ONLY rap music??? So there it is, the white woman complex, everyone wants to be me, so I am better, but only after I tan, have surgeons change my butt and face (so I look more exotic and less white) and wear Baby Phat. White men aren’t any better, even the boys in the skin tight jeans sag, and they all listen to rap, and they all think smoking weed is cool (rap says so) but cocaine isn’t (rock n roll drug of choice). When I worked at the movie theater in HS, I remember M&M’s 8Mile came out, and after each show all the white boys stood in circles outside in the parking lot and tried to rap, it was rather amusing. And if you are white and get offended, oh well, because… apparently… the white people who come to these posts feel free to assume how black people think and feel…so I am just doing the same based on my experience.


  16. SoToAll,

    You have managed to get a chuckle out of me with that reply. I can only add that I have worked and gone to school in predominantly white areas so have had a lot of interaction with white girls. And a lot of them talked a lot about some guy black or white who dated girls other than white. They would constantly comment as to why he would do that as she (the girl not white) doesn’t hardly look as cute as this or that white girl. I am going to guess that it is what you said and them thinking they are the best looking and no one would want something other than them.

    Thanks for the funny comment. And hopefully no one gets offended as this is your view from what you have witnessed. Thanks again.

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