More White Female On Child Crime

Missing Girl

Yet, another incident of white female on child crime and no one is saying that the white on white or white adult on child crime rate is out of control. I wonder just how many white women need to sexually assault a child or kill children before the tidy label such as black on black crime goes into production.

We already know that people go buck wild searching for and talking about missing white children AND women. We saw that with Caylee Anderson and Natalee Holloway and of course they started doing the same thing in California with little 8 year old Sandra Cantu. She went missing March 27th and there were non stop searches and investigations. It is funny but NOT, that little 6 year old Adji Desir got searched for all of about 9 days, deciding that he was probably just hiding from the authorities.

They didn’t even issue an Amber alert stating that he probably wasn’t abducted. But, will call out the national guard for one little missing white girl. And then go on and on about the story for years. Now here we have a little girl abducted by her freaking Sunday school teacher Melissa Huckaby, killed and stuffed inside of the ladies suitcase and thrown in a lake. And someone wants to tell me about this perceived propensity for violence of black people. Give me a freaking break.



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19 responses to “More White Female On Child Crime

  1. Alishia

    Horror-Melissa Huckaby, a 28 year old Sunday school teacher has been arrested in the murder of little Sandra Cantu!!!
    Click on the linkschool teacher has been arrested

  2. pak31

    Crime is everywhere, no color is prone or not prone to violence. It’s people killing people. That is how I see it and I am white. The little girl you referred to is Caylee Anthony, not Anderson. The little girl killed in California, Sandra Cantu, isn’t white—she’s hispanic. So I am confused. The little girl still missing, Haleigh Cummings is white and her story has dropped out of the headlines. The reason “people” went buck wild over those past crimes was because of the media, THEY fed it to us, and people are people, many get sucked into following it and the demand for it goes up. Plus, how do we know that police still are not looking for Adji? Amber Alerts need specific info in order to be used, which seems strange, but that is what I have heard. Anyway, not all of us are like you say. Murder, crime, what ever, it’s all the same no matter who commits it. There are a lot of blacks that kill, there are a lot of whites that kill and there are Asians and Hispanics that do it too. Nothing about a person’s color makes them more violent or capable of violence. It’s about the morals, values and love they are raised with, plus some people are just mentally ill. It’s sad that media portrays it in another way, you just can’t take it as bible.

  3. Pak31,

    I guess the reason you are confused is because you don’t or haven’t read anything else I have posted. This little girl is VISIBLY white, i.e. she has blond hair etc. In case you were wondering you can be white and of Hispanic background, hence the questions on government forms white/black then they ask if you are Hispanic.

    Also, wouldn’t that be neat if we all thought that crime was committed by everyone. Where are you when black on black crime is blasted all over the news pretty much nightly? Even though the statistics show that black on black crime is NOT as prevalent as white on white crime. And where were you when they don’t bother to even search for a black child more than 9 days. And that was long compared to some of the rest of them.

    And we can blame the media or whoever you want, there is a marked difference when a black person versus a white person being kidnapped. Whether they are adult or child, it doesn’t matter. I am pretty sure that without looking it up, you couldn’t tell me one past black person who was kidnapped etc. that got the media blitz as Caylee Anthony or whatever or Natalee Holloway. Because it doesn’t seem to be of importance. You can again blame the media, but they only show what people want to see. And if the dominant community who is predominantly white wanted to see stories about missing black or minority people they would show them.

    And um, the police made a press conference saying they were no longer looking for Adji, does that count. And your little quip about amber alerts give me a break. Because they did an amber alert on Caylee Anthony(or whatever) and her mother said that she wasn’t exactly missing. So obviously they do alerts when THEY feel that something is wrong. And yes it IS about morals. Morals should tell us that making up excuses as to why a missing white or visibly white people are given every opportunity in the world to be seen by as many people as possible to be located is WRONG. And that is the bottom line. If you were so outraged by the media why don’t you let THEM know.

    This IS about color as long as it’s about color when people are or are NOT being given the same chance to be rescued, crimes solved, amber alerts placed or searches conducted. Until everyone is given the SAME priority for resources when they are missing then we have a problem.

    Thanks but no thanks.

  4. cinque

    I must say, I check your blog everyday to see if an issue you have raised is one I am yelling about with friends, coworkers and strangers alike. You never disappoint. I live in the bay area and own a home in Tracy, Calif and this has polarized the small budding community of Tracy. That said where is the group dynamic for white people in the media?? When will we hear about the growing number of white women molesting or killing children? When will the white representatives get on T.V. and denounce this sort of behavior that is dogging the white community? Will Pat Buchanan get on CNN and give these statistics when he is ranting and raving about crime in america?????…..Never and No. They leave that for us. This will be another “crazy” women having lost her sanity and killed a little girl. There will be a bunch of “atta boys” for the Tracy police and nothing said about why these predominantly white women are doing these horrific things. White women teacher having sex with underage students is being reported at an alarming rate but nothing is being said from a group dynamic. If this were black women it would be “Why are black women having sex with underage students” all over the news. I am saddened by the tragedy and my heart goes out to the family. But would they look this hard for my little girl????

  5. Cinque,

    Absolutely correct! Never will anyone get on camera and talk about these issues as anything more than isolated incidents. While any crime that happens in the black community will be seen as a indictment of the black community as a whole, hence black on black crime. As if blacks are the only community who preys upon their own.

    Thanks for the reply.

  6. The Engineer

    Where do the media get their money? Answer: advertisers.

    Who are the advertisers’ biggest customers? Answer: the dominant community.

    What does the dominant community want to see? Answer: complete, uncontested glorification of the dominant community.

    And a part of that glorification is the message to the dominant community: “We are here for you (to the partial exclusion of others)! We got your back! Oh them? They have a bigger problem with crime. See! Oh you? You have no problems, but when you do, we will pull out all the stops and work with you every step of the way!

    I know. It is just plain disgusting.

    Thank you for listening.

  7. Musa

    Oh oh dear, black black black people very good, so much better than white people, so Musa ask, why you hate Musa when Musa is black too?

    It OK for you to make fun of stupid Musa, stupid Musa talk very bad english, stupid Musa sound like jar jar binks, ha ha! Musa the dumb nigger now, ha ha! Back home we call people like you menafek.

    I tell my American friends that you make fun and they say, Musa that is very bad. Making fun of people from another country is racist. Oh, I say, but we same color and they say typical African American, always hate and look down on immigrant.

    White on white crime, black on black crime! ha! In Nigeria all crime is black on black crime! Ha ha! In Nigeria all criminals are black, ha ha! All men that rape the women are black, ha ha! The women that kill their children, they all black too! Ha ha. You look at color too much, and you so angry at white people. All Musa’s friend are white and treat Musa OK. In germany all Musa’s friend were white, in Nigeria all Musa’s enemies were black, ha!

    Musa think you worry to much, nearly everyone here treat Musa OK. Everyone except you and your jagana.

  8. Oh my god, Jar Jar is now on my blog! I am honored, or disgusted, well either way here you are.

    Thanks but no thanks to your brand of stupidity Mr/Mrs. Musa. Goodbye now!

  9. The Engineer

    The police shall add charges of rape.

    Whoa! I did not understand a thing Jar Jar said.

    Thank you for listening.

  10. The Engineer,

    Ha, ha, ha! I know what you are talking about with Jar Jar. I think this is some kind of joker. He/She has been posting on Brotherpeacemaker and it was funny he sounds like Jar Jar. He really doesn’t have anything to say and is extremely ignorant.

    Also, this story with the Sunday school teacher is just disgusting. It keeps getting worse and worse. You have these white female teachers raping boys in school and now one has stepped it up to a rape and murder of a GIRL no doubt.

    Thanks for the reply.

  11. The Engineer

    This may be tangentially related to the story at hand. I thought you might like to see it.

    “Recovery high school a ‘soft landing’ for post-rehab teens”
    A few excerpts:
    By the time she was 15, the Gloucester, Massachusetts, teen was drinking, using cocaine and taking a variety of other pills, including Vicodin and Oxycontin. Her parents were worried. Even she knew she needed help.

    “One day I put a sign on my door saying send me to treatment or I’m running away. I knew I couldn’t be at home and be OK.”

    Lucy’s story is not unlike those of thousands of other teens in the United States. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration said more than 341,000 young people between the ages of 12 and 17 are in rehab annually. That’s 1 in 70. Adolescent drug abuse cuts across all demographics — race, class and geography.

    Thank you for listening.

  12. The Engineer

    Previously, there was another young girl:

    “Melissa Huckaby Tied to Abduction of Second Girl”
    A few excerpts:
    You have to wonder if Sandra Cantu would still be alive today if Melissa Huckaby had been picked up for the abduction and drugging of another young California girl in January.

    …the Tracy Press reports that the police logs say the girl’s mother had alcohol on her breath and “carried around” some type of drug. “Police dismissed the incident because of the mother’s drug and alcohol problem,” said a friend of the family.

    Eight-year-old Sandra Cantu vanished from the same trailer park on March 27. Her body was found earlier this month: she had been raped and murdered, and Huckaby will soon stand trial for that death. We’re not sure who to be more angry with: Huckaby, or the police.

    Thank you for listening.

  13. The Engineer,

    Oh snap! See that just goes to show that looking the other way for certain aspects of our population gets more people harmed, injured or killed.

    Thanks for the that information.

  14. Debra B,

    Thank you so much! I care for Adji as well and hope that he will be found, returned and I hope and pray alive and well.

    Thank you for the link and I wish everyone will visit the site and learn more about Adji.

  15. Tyrone

    If you are white and want to become a police officer in America :
    YOU CAN:
    1. Be a coward and murder innocent sleeping black children as young as seven and just say it was an accident!

    2. Shoot a black unarmed mothers in the head and then shoot her two year old son finger off and just say TOO-BAD-SO SAD!

    3. You can shoot a unarmed innocent black man 41 times (MOST IN HIS FEET) and be back to work before his body in the ground! With nothing more then a out and out LIE!
    4. Shoot a black man and his friends over fifty times killing the unarmed black man and putting 19 bullet in the surviving passenger and 4 bulletin the body of the back seat passenger!
    5. Shoot a unarmed black man in the back murder him in cold blood and get three to four years in prison!
    6. Shoot a 92 year old black senior citizen 39 times 6 hitting their mark. Then plant drugs in her home and a gun in her hands and handcuff the dying senior citizen. Then lie lie lie!
    7. Kick handcuff punch innocent black men get caught on video and be back to work in a couple of months found not guilty!
    8. Chase a black man and shoot him upwards of 60 to 90 time after the unarmed man stop his car!
    9. Stop & Frisk black children in New York going to and from school. Make them take off their shoes and drop trousers in public!
    10. Kick down black people doors and make their children and them lay in their floor! You can place your foot on their back,neck or throat and hold a conversation!
    11. Can murder black cops and just say TOO-BAD-TOO-SAD just another accident!

    NOTE: And the society we live in could careless …They are concern about other country civil right and NOT black Americans!

  16. this post is right on point. sadly the term will never come into play because white folks will never own they own.

  17. joe

    Sickening to say the least. I’m white and ashamed of how white man has invaded the land called America and took it by force from the humans who were here first. Discrimination is as alive now as it ever was. The New Orleans hurricane disaster was just another incident where white governement really didn’t give a flying #@k about the people until much later when publicity spread of the governments lazy attitude toward the disaster.

  18. joe

    kind of funny how fast a crime is solved and how swift prosecution is for the criminals who victimize the white official or any of their close relatives or friends while the rest who have been crime victims just sit back and watch the televized judicial comedy……..remember the trial of Casey Anthony. Daddy girl murdered daddys grand daughter. Daddy’s girl was set free….oh ye-ah, I forgot to say, daddy was a retired white police officer in Florida.

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