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My Return From Hiatus

Well, I have been away on a long over due hiatus.  And I didn’t even give anyone a heads up that I was taking this little hiatus and I am sorry about that.  Hey, I needed a little me time.  And trust me I have been using my time wisely.

For one, I had been thinking a lot about the ridiculous comments that I get on this blog.  And just grew tired of the same mindless drivel flowing so freely from the minds of the zombie like idiots that come my way.  It just boggles the mind that these people are actually voting and working amongst us.  Scary!

Next, I decided to do a tune up on the two kid mommy body.  I X’d it out with some P90X and I am ecstatically happy about the results I am getting.  I can’t wait to do this again.  Sounds like torture but you know what, once you start seeing the results you don’t want to stop.

We have had this system for a good 3 years, since my significant other, the fit and fabulous guy he is, did the p90X right after I had our little bundle of joy.   And I wish I had engaged in it sooner.  I did do the diet portion since I needed to cook for him while he X’d it out.  But, I wasn’t ready for the exercise regimen and probably wouldn’t have finished.  Actually I KNOW I wouldn’t have finished.  I am glad I waited because now was the perfect time.

And last but certainly not least, I have been giving my kids way more time for going to the park and fun things like that.  My youngest son needs different therapies and I wanted to take this time to make totally certain that he is getting and will get the best care that he deserves.  Being an advocate for your child, and probably anyone, is very time consuming.

I am sure this becomes painfully more time consuming when you have to fight with insurance companies who wish to stiff your child and deny them the critical services that they need to be healthy.  It is ridiculous.  And for people to sit around and complain about the health care bill being too much and how it is terrible need to suddenly find themselves with a disorder or a child with a disorder, syndrome or some other illness that requires intensive treatment.  Then their little tune will change immediately.  I have problems with the bill as well.  Not because it does too much, but because it doesn’t do enough!  They needed to go miles further.

There is nothing worse than a bunch of ignorant people who never have to use their health care to sit around and tell others that they don’t deserve to be protected from greedy overzealous money driven insurance companies who work day in and day out trying to figure out ways in order to deny coverage for necessary treatments in order to maximize profits.  But, who cares as long as it isn’t you or your kid or family in general.

As long as it happens to people you never have to see, that is fine and dandy.  But, some of us are willing to pay our fair share in order to ensure that the least of us have the same access to the best health care.  Thank god that we have a seriously good health care plan or who knows what types of fights I would be having.

I probably wouldn’t have one minute to spare.  Actually, I probably would have plenty of time as my child would just be one more of those who are suffering with no care because too many selfish jackasses can only think of themselves and how they need to be ensured they don’t and won’t ever have to help anyone.  Yet, expect to be helped when they need it.

We saw a lot of this when so many people from the auto unions were complaining about being over taxed and those taxes going to give handouts.  But then the minute the auto makers decided to close plants here, the union workers were picketing and crying into the news cameras about how they needed help or they would be losing their homes and medical etc.  REALLY?  I wish someone would have taken them a tape of the town hall meetings they were screaming at and ask them why their views suddenly changed about help.  Who wants a handout now?

When are we going to understand that taxes aren’t a bad thing?  We have tea party fools yelling they don’t want to pay any taxes.  They don’t want to pay taxes yet expect the fire man to miraculously show up to their burning house.  Have the police run in to protect them when something goes wrong.  Have a nicely paved road to drive their fancy new car on.  Or better yet, help bail their company out so they don’t lose their jobs.  And have all of this without shelling out one red cent.

How ignorant have we really become?  No one is saying that taxes are the bomb and we should love it.  But, I am saying that we should be willing to pay our fair share to ensure the betterment of our community.  And by community I mean entire country of fellow citizens.  Not the sheltered little bubble some of you live in, where you don’t ever have to mingle with the insurance deprived.  Well that is until they serve you your Big Mac.

We can all take a page from Zig Ziglar that you can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.  And thus if we want to be healthy happy people, we need to ensure that we are helping others to be healthy and happy as well.


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When Is It OK To Call A Person A Racist?


I was listening to NPR the other day and the topic was “when is it OK to call someone a racist.”  The only guests they had on were Rick Moran a right wing blogger and Dawn Turner Trice a columnist from the Chicago Tribune.  Both people being white struck me right off that this was going to be quite one sided, which it was and extremely so.

Right off the guest Rick Moran talked about how he has been called a racist and how terrible it made him feel.  Of course he elaborated that the only reason people are calling others racists is to demean the argument and to basically get an upper hand of some sort in an argument.  Huh?  I thought people call others racist because they say something that is obviously racist.

But on the other hand watching this Sotomayor business play out in the media we see that people are trying to utilize the racist term for their own sordid means.  We know that this woman is far from being racist but hey if it works they will continue this weak pathetic reconfiguration of the term racist.

Then on the show Dawn Turner Trice comes on and explains that we can’t just look at one thing to see that a person is a racist.  Somehow we need to have a laundry list of things that will point to them being a racist.  In fact Dawn and Rick basically were saying that racists were people who consorted with the likes of David Duke and wore white sheets on their days off.

The problem with this is you don’t need to be a KKK or other group member to be a racist.  You don’t have to be white nor do you have to be in a position of power the way they explained it.  Because even the lowest white person on the totem pole can still use racism in a way that gives them the upper hand over blacks.  If you don’t believe it you don’t have to look any further than Susan Smith or the other white women who have pointed the finger at a nondescript black man.  The story usually ends the same.

They asked for people to call in and tell whether they had ever called someone a racist or been called a racist and what it was like.  Well I have had plenty of opportunities to call people a racist and have been called a racist more than once for writing that blacks deserve equality.  And I know that the folks that I have called out for their racism are ones who talk incessantly about black stereotypes, phony statistics, propaganda and other blatantly racist statements.

When calling someone out as a racist you shouldn’t be trying to use it as an argument ploy.  It isn’t about getting some phony upper hand, putting the conversation in your favor or trying to make people feel bad.  I think it is as simple as pointing out the truth.  And if it makes a person feel bad, hey, the truth hurts, right.   If it walks like a racist and talks like a racist then ten times out of ten it IS a racist.  And having a conversation about when should people call a person a racist is idiotic.  You call it when you see it!


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Sarah Palin 2012?


It is funny that no matter how pathetic Sarah Palin is or was people are still out there talking about how great she is and how she is classy, sassy, you name it. That somehow she energized the base and pulled Republicans together like no one else could have during the campaign.

Now people are going so far as to say that she will be a shoe in to run in 2012. And that the Democratic Party is to blamed for all the horrible new information that is spilling onto the media about the extent of her stupidity.

Fortunately the Dems don’t have to spread supposed lies about Sarahcuda. The Republicans are the ones who are shedding light on her. And from the extent of her stupidity during the campaign I highly doubt that these snippets of information are false.

The fact that she couldn’t even name one Supreme court decision, one freaking magazine she reads or that she actually believes that seeing a country gives you foreign policy experience lends a bit of credibility to the thought of her not knowing that Africa is a continent.

Her energizing the base is true.  But like I said about blacks and the Dems, they could have added a Morlock to the ticket and that would have energized the base.  They just needed anything to take the attention off of John McCain.  He just was not carrying the ticket like they thought he would.

The thought of Sarah Palin running for president in 2012 is not scary it is hilarious. She will still have to go through the primaries and trust me whoever she is running against will not be praising her like they did during this presidential campaign. She was not vetted by McCain but trust me before she gets the Republican nomination in 2012 those she is running against will run her through the ringer.

I do find it funny that people are swearing that the Democrats are so scared of her and hate her. I find this funny because if it weren’t for Sarah Palin the race might have been a little bit closer, not much but some. She ran off the Independents, Reagan Democrats and a lot of Republicans. She is not about uniting or building bridges, even those to nowhere, between people. She is about ripping the country apart. These people are patriotic, those people aren’t.

Don’t we deserve better from the Republican Party? Don’t we deserve to have them put forth a candidate who will be willing and able to govern us all without having to have this blind loyalty? We see what happens when you play the “your either with us or against us” game. We get a total lack of help from the world and end up going rogue, which is one thing Sarah knows a little something about.

I firmly believe that she is not hated by everyone who doesn’t agree with her. I think that she became the poster girl for the intolerance and hate that the country voted overwhelmingly to get away from. We need to focus on the future and not continue to try and return this country to the past where Sarah seems to live in ignorant bliss.

We don’t need women who wink their way to power. We need women who use the brain which they filled with education to get ahead like Hillary Clinton and others. Hopefully Alaska will do its civic duty and rid us all of this backwards thinking partisan well before 2012.


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Is Folksy Another Way To Say Liar?

I think Sarah Palin actually stayed on her feet during the debate, denying any of the Democrats the fun and joy of watching her once again fall on her face as she did in the company of Charlie Gibson, Katie Couric and some college student outside of the cheese steak sandwich shop. Yet, she did do her job by being able to string sentences together in a way that was coherent, this time. But is that really the criteria by which we judge our Vice Presidential candidates? This is as if being able to coherently string together sentences makes you qualified to be at the head of our government. How pathetic.

So I am wondering if the truth is just something that Palin just doesn’t quite understand. It is interesting to say the least that she continues her barrage of lies while seemingly being given a pass. She is running with the same old Bush tactics of tell a lie enough times and people will be stupid enough to believe it. She and McCain tout that they are nothing like the Bush administration and plan to bring change, yet I can’t help but notice that they sure follow Bush’s lead when debating and running a campaign. So let’s have a look at some of these interesting lies that she fails to stop saying even after being called on them.

Palin says that she is a serious Washington outsider because she is someone who is just not used to the way that things operate when “you voted for the war then turn around and oppose it.” Palin, do you mean the same way that you supported the bridge to nowhere before ya’ didn’t? Remember that thing you said um what was it again, oh yeah, “thanks but no thanks to that bridge to nowhere.” Remember you said all those big words AFTER saying that Alaska should build up its infrastructure while your representatives had the pull and power to get you all funds to do so.

She keeps talking about how she was such a tax relief advocate saying that she lowered taxes each year she was the Mayor of Wasilla. Well, if you mean you lowered taxes by raising them, then yep you betcha’. Sarah Palin successfully pushed for a referendum to raise local sales taxes to pay for a multi-use sports complex. In a memo CBS got from the Wasilla City Hall, Palin said it made sense to raise taxes because there was strong support for the hockey rink, the private sector had failed to step in and because it would be good to use government money to prevent social problems instead of spending money to try and fix them. I guess she did lowered taxes by raising them first. You know thanks but no thanks to higher taxes.

There you go again Sarah, claiming that you are building the largest natural gas pipeline in North America. For one thing the pipeline doesn’t even have approval yet so I wouldn’t really call that “building.” I don’t think I am mistaken or playing with semantics when I say that building implies that there are people hammering and welding or whatever it takes to BUILD a pipeline. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am seeing that those who think this lady is somehow smart or qualified are certifiably crazy or are seriously lacking in brain cells.

She claims that McClellan didn’t say that a surge wouldn’t work in Afghanistan. Who in the hell is McClellan, unless she is talking about Scott McClellan, but I don’t think that he has any knowledge of what will or won’t work in Afghanistan. I guess a General named McKiernan is a little like an ex-White House Press Secretary named Scott McClellan except that a General named David McKiernan has ACTUAL RESPONSIBILITIES IN AFGHANISTAN!

Is this lady kidding? But the truth actually is that after McCain John McCain said that “the same strategy” the surge implemented in Iraq is “going to have to be employed in Afghanistan.” General McKiernan not McClellan said emphatically that no Iraq-style “surge” of forces will end the conflict there (Afghanistan).

Obama is going to RAISE taxes Sarah loudly proclaims into the microphone AGAIN. Say it ain’t so Sarah! There you go lying again!  Say that with a wink, nod and a smile. Hasn’t this lie been repeatedly debunked? *Sigh* According to The Non-partisan Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, Senator Obama offers much larger tax breaks to low- and middle-income taxpayers and would increase taxes on high-income taxpayers. The largest tax cuts, as a share of income, would go to those at the bottom of the income distribution, while taxpayers with the highest income would see their taxes rise.

Yet in marked contrast, Senator McCain’s tax cuts would primarily benefit those with very high incomes, almost all of whom would receive large tax cuts that would, on average, raise their after-tax incomes by more than twice the average for all households. Many fewer households at the bottom of the income distribution would get tax cuts and those whose taxes fall would, on average, see their after-tax income rise much less.

Oh Sarah, you little liar you. Aren’t you so cute with your exaggerations, fabrications and quick witted cock and bull stories? Now I have to ask if this is what we are looking for. Another four years of the lies, the fear mongering, the cloak over the entire executive branch. I mean they aren’t really looking any different with the tactics they are using. Such as accusing people of “gotcha” questioning for just asking a candidate what they know.

Or how about employing a barrage of high powered lawyers in order to stall or otherwise hinder her little “troopergate” scandal. And they want to continue pretending they are running on the platform of change. Actually I guess you can say they are running on change, the only change being the names of the White house players. Except for that everything is looking pretty much the same.

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What Is Wrong With Blacks?

“The main problem a lot of blacks face in this country is that they must change their personal behaviors and stop expecting the government to solve everything for them. In other words, they need to discard their victimhood mentality. Perhaps the biggest problem in black communities stems from the fact that more than less black males have abandoned their responsibilities toward their significant others and children. Too many black males are creating babies indiscriminately and not taking care of them but expecting the government to take care of them. It seems that too many blacks are taking the easy way out and committing crimes, filling our jails because instead of going to school and working they are in fact demanding reparations (welfare, handouts) for slavery, which again, was abolished in this country over 150 years ago. Much of their reckless behaviors have even contributed to rising AIDS infections in the inner cities. (Read –”


Where to begin because this rant is completely full of stereotypes and the same old if blacks would just fix themselves they wouldn’t have any problems in America. Yes, maybe the slaves should have just found a way to become white they wouldn’t have had to endure slavery too. But in the real world most, and I use that lightly, understand that you don’t point out the minority of a group as to be representative of the whole group. That can really be dangerous if we were to apply the same illogic to the whole white community. Those such as ladyrm2 love to think of the white race as a group of individuals while thinking of the black race as one type of person. As if there are NO individuals in our race.

She wants to talk about blacks changing their personal behavior. When are white people going to change their personal behavior? Blacks should stop expecting the government to solve everything for us. Why is the government involved in trying to fix the debacle of the home mortgage problems? It isn’t the fact that blacks are losing their home which has been going on long before this problem started. Everyday you see a new white person on the news crying about how they are being or have been foreclosed on, and how the government needs to step in and help them. Maybe they should have changed their personal behavior and took responsibility instead of looking for the government for a handout.

How about the bail out of Bear Stearns or Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Are these companies CEO’s taking person responsibility for the obvious lack of changed behavior which got them into a financial fiasco? But, wham there is the government to bail them and their irresponsible asses out of a jam again. And it is interesting that the CEO’s and majority of employees at these places are white, not black. But according to ladyrm2, with the lack of responsibility taken and the lack in changes in their personal behavior you would think these companies were black owned and operated.

Black males shuck their responsibility as fathers she claims. Well isn’t it interesting that Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study showed that black men are MORE likely than any other race to have relationships with the children that they do not live with. Yet, white people have a higher rate of divorce according to divorce statistics. And since we see that black men are more likely than ANY other group including whites to have a relationship with their kids once out of the home it sounds like maybe white people have a problem with dads not doing their jobs. We can point the finger at black men all we want, but there are still white dads NOT paying child support, not seeing their children and not raising their children. But she has the nerve to say that black fathers are the ones who don’t care for their children. Save the propaganda for CNN my dear.

Sure we all know that crime is the easy way out because blacks just love to go to jail. Is she serious? If we are all one big ole America like these nuts want to say before they start singling blacks out then white people commit more crimes than blacks in our country. No that is NOT per capita but, if you want to do per capita there are plenty of crimes that white people are committing than blacks. I will gladly send you to Brotherpeacemaker’s blog so that you can “read them and weep”. Not to mention all the disparity that IS the justice system. Yet we all know that this is true but ladyrm2 will surely deny that any disparity exists just like she denies that racism exists. You can’t argue with idiocy.

Oh my blacks want a handout in the form of welfare. Well it is quite interesting that THERE ARE MORE WHITE PEOPLE ON WELFARE THAN BLACKS!! How about this little tidbit for you, 12,162,000 Blacks are on welfare, and 26,319,000 Whites are on welfare. But somehow blacks are the lazy ones with their hands in the cookie jar constantly begging for a handout. According to the National Urban League, Turning welfare reform into a “Black issue” makes racial scapegoating easy and allows stereotypes, like the Reaganera “welfare queen,” to go unchallenged, public aid supporters say. Rightwing reformers cast Whites as “deserving” clients who are legitimately unable to pay their own way through no fault of their own. Blacks are labeled “undeserving” recipients who are looking for the feds to subsidize their slothfulness.

But somehow good ole ladyrm2 found a way to turn welfare into the BLACK program the same way she does with affirmative action even though in that instance it also is dominated by white women. The National Urban League also showed that “racism is at the heart of the standard-of-living gap between Blacks and Whites, welfare advocates argue. Unlawful race-based hiring practices, they contend, keep Blacks from getting jobs that pay enough to lift them out of poverty. Until more blue-collar jobs open up to Black workers, Blacks will continue to battle poverty and the freeloader misconception.”

And of course we finish it off with black people having reckless behavior and again let’s turn this into a black issue since white people don’t ever act recklessly. I guess the Gloucester teens popping babies like Pez candies are acting ever so vigilantly or cautiously. Shame how we have such hypocrisy for white behavior versus black behavior. Isn’t it reckless behavior to run a country into the ground all the while lining the pockets of your cronies? Or is that just the morality of a black person feeling that this behavior is reckless? Isn’t it reckless to throw out unfounded statistics when the real deal is out there with just a click of your mouse? Isn’t it reckless to continue to push racist agendas even though others are trying hard to level the playing field and give everyone a fair shake in this country? Maybe it’s just me but there is a lot of reckless behavior coming out of the white community that I see. I see reckless behavior in ALL communities in this country. But of course leave it to ladyrm2 to ONLY see something negative coming from the black community.


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When Will Those In The White Race Stop The Harrassment

I had titled this post “When will blacks get over slavery” which was a play on guywhite’s post called “Typical black arguments.” His complaint is that somehow blacks will never get over the history of slavery and give these supposed idiotic rote arguments as to why we constantly talk about slavery. As if slavery is the first thing out of a black person’s mouth in any type of conversation about anything. Now as I read his post and did my own research for this post I wondered why he doesn’t do a post on the white races obvious pathology.

It seems to me that the white race or at least a lot of those within the white race have some fond penchant for torturing people. White people have and are torturing Africans, Native Americans, Muslims, Indians, Inuit, Pacific Islanders, Mexicans and others of Latin descent and Jewish people. And when posed with a lack of other races to torture they resorted to torturing others from their own race such as the Russians, Polish, Irish, Scottish, homosexuals and others.

Why do a lot of those in the white race constantly have to cause so many problems in so many other races? He talks to no end about mostly the black races problems with the white race and yet, somehow fails to mention that pretty much every race on earth has had to complain about white people. Maybe instead of focusing on others he will focus on trying to help the white race to end this almost psychotic need to ruin the lives of other races.

Very few whites hate you and absolutely nobody hates you because of your skin color. But when undeniable evidence of black high crime and low IQ is presented (on average, not universally), you argue that we just hate you because of your skin color. You say that only because you have nothing else to say to respond to us.


Most people with an IQ of over 50 understand that the criminal justice system is flawed. We all know that there is systemic racism in accordance with policing, arresting and sentencing of criminals. And according to a 2005 study by the Justice Department found that while Hispanic, black and white drivers were stopped by the police about as often, Hispanic drivers or their vehicles were searched 11.4 percent of the time and blacks 10.2 percent of the time, compared with 3.5 percent for white drivers. Data collected from state courts by the Justice Department also shows that a higher percentage of black felons than white felons receive prison sentences for nearly all offenses, and also that blacks receive longer maximum sentences for most offenses.

So it should be quite obvious to guywhite and any other person that given the current state of systemic racism in this country and the fact that the department of justice who admits that white people are less likely to even be stopped, charged or given a sentence in prison as to why blacks are over represented. But of course he will over look or blatantly deny that the department of justice even admits to this regardless of the facts. Or better yet he will claim that whites don’t do crime and that is why they don’t need to be stopped etc. When the facts show otherwise. We all see white crime in action day in and day out, yet being called white collar crime it doesn’t attach itself to the doj statistics.

He claims that blacks have this failing IQ yet, according to a Harvard study on IQ between blacks and whites they say “The constancy of the black/white IQ gap is a myth. Blacks have gained 5 or 6 IQ points on whites over the last 30 years. Neither changes in the ancestry of those classified as black nor changes in those who identify as black can explain more than a small fraction of this gain. Therefore, environment has been responsible. The last two decades have seen both positive and negative developments: gains in occupational status and school funding have been accompanied by more black preschoolers in single-parent homes and lower income in those homes (Neal, in press). We believe that further black environmental progress would engender further black IQ gains.” Not to mention if you read the report given a situation where the schools are equal there is absolutely NO difference in IQ. But, of course lets make sure that some schools have poor resources and a lack of teachers then point to them and say “they are not as smart as us.” When a just and equal person would place everyone at the same starting line before trying to start a race. But we all know that has never been the white race’s way, to actually allow things to be fair and let the best rise. They made that mistake once when letting sports become fair games and we see who has risen to the top of that arena.

So how do you explain the fact that dirt-poor white Polish immigrants who came to the US in 2000 are already wealthier than you guys are? How come whites who are penniless become wealthier than blacks within half a dozen years after coming to the US, even if they came here without speaking a word of English?


According to Steven Steinberg, today, just as in the past, some immigrants are becoming “white” while others are becoming “black.” A changing but strong racial hierarchy in the United States continues to act as a sorting mechanism. In the past century, groups such as the Irish, Italians, and Jews in America started low on the socioeconomic and political ladder and ‘became white’ over time. According to the Aspen Institute “more recently, ‘model minority’ status has been given to some Asian groups, allowing group members to gain access to some of the privileges associated with whiteness.” Sadly, the enduring fact, as Steinberg rightly casts the spotlight on, is that African Americans have by and large been closed off from the pathways to opportunity. Only in times of mass social movements that give primacy to the conditions of African Americans that actions or inactions of progressive allies have been able to make strides forward, such as in the Civil Rights Movement.

So in simpler terms just coming to America with white skin gives immigrants a boost in social and economic status. So to pose such a question as to why white skin people coming to a country with privilege for those with white skin is asinine. I guess we can just look at the Polish people and visibly ascertain their skin color. And according to Poloniatoday the Polish newcomers integrated faster into a new life and new conditions, than their predecessors.

Most of them were young and middle-aged people, who tried to be active in their professional lives. They also had a difficult beginning, but solved their problems faster. Those people, who represented a more elevated socioeconomic status, avoided the Polish community and attempted to integrate with American society. But after a few years of “acclimatization” they began to be more Polish oriented. It has been expressed in their participation in the existing professional Polish organizations (such as physicians, engineers, etc.), or they established new ones (e.g., the Jagiellonian University Graduates Association.)

The most recent immigrants founded numerous new regional organizations, which attracted people arriving from the same part of Poland. It is a very interesting phenomenon, which can be interpreted as the sociological necessity to be “together” with compatriots in a “foreign world.” It is a sort of manifestation of the strong ties with the so-called “small homeland.” So it would seem from this Polish news source that the Polish people who have been integrating for a long time now have NO problems gaining wealth via white privilege in this country.

That was 150 years ago. Descendants of Russian serfs have plenty to pass to their kids. Holocaust victims came out of Auschwitz and became wealthy. Indians, Chinese and others came here penniless and also faced discrimination. They are wealthier than whites today. Yet, you can never get over slavery. 150 years. 150 years! When will you get over it? How many years will it take?


In case anyone was unaware, there is a difference between serfdom and slavery. Especially that which was practiced in America as serfdom was legally a servile or “unfree” status that involved personal dependence on a lord, greatly restricted freedom of action in terms of livelihood and residence, and subjection to duties considered marks of servility. Although many serfs were the descendants of household slaves, serfdom was not identical with slavery; serfs had certain legal rights and protections, and they could not be sold. They could inherit, own, and bequeath property, and the lord’s rights over their labor were restricted by local custom and tradition, which could effectively limit innovations and demands that the peasant community considered excessive. Serfs could purchase legal freedom from their lords and thus free themselves of certain arbitrary “servile” services and dues.

Once the serfs became free what would distinguish them from the land owners after 150 years of freedom? Not one thing. The serfs are the same nationality as the landowners, which any person with half a brain can surmise that they would have NO way of distinguishing one person with serf ancestry than that of a person with landowner ancestry. Yet, in the case of slave and master from America we can see an obvious difference in which the descendants of both can easily discern with the naked eye who was descended from slave and who was not. So then now we have an obvious basis for why continued persecution exist for the black race. At least this fact should be obvious again to those with half a brain that actually functions.

The case with the Jewish victims of the holocaust is an even easier one to conquer. The Jews were persecuted yes and it was a horrible travesty which occurred in Germany. Why would the Jews be doing considerably better than African Americans? Maybe the well known fact that Jews have been paid the REPARATIONS which were denied to blacks when slavery ended. Perhaps they are doing so well due to the fact that the Jews were placed in their own land far away from their tormentors.

Could it be the fact that America sends the whopping amount of 2.2 Billion dollars each and every year to ensure that this nation of abused people continues to thrive. Now if we in America were to have paid reparations to the slaves directly after slavery ended, given them land far away from their tormentors and continued to support them to the tune of 2.2 billion dollars a year, perhaps the black nation would be thriving as well.

Blacks won’t get past slavery until they have FULL equality, not just small gains here and there. Not one other race in the history of the United States has faced such systemic racism as the blacks have from the white race. It is so endemic that it is still pervasive today. We see that blacks earn only 76% of their white counterparts. A black will lose 10% off that if he sounds black according to the book Freakonomics.

Blacks have an unemployment rate of twice that of white people. The department of justice has a study showing that the department is flawed and has discrepancies in how minorities are targeted vs. whites. But we will continue to be bombarded with idiotic assertions from omniscient white people who seem to think that they know everything there is to know about blacks, black behavior, racism, the lack of racism and how it does or does not affect the black person.

And what is guywhites answer for how blacks can overcome the legacy of slavery ? Get a job, that’s how! Never mind that blacks have to work twice as hard for half as much, guywhite feels that all is need is a job. Never mind that according to the census, African Americans’ median income is still substantially lower than Whites: In 2006, their median income was $32,132, as compared to $52,432 for Whites. One of these lower paying jobs that keeps blacks far behind whites due to their need to feel superior, is somehow going to placate us into forgetting that slavery happened. Which then brings us to the systemic racism that puts us in that lower paying job. You know what would help blacks end the thoughts of slavery is to have equality. When we are allowed to participate FULLY and be treated equally we will have NO reason to think on the method that has brought us to this continued sub-existence.

It doesn’t matter that things are OBVIOUSLY skewed towards white people. It doesn’t matter that blacks ARE employed. It doesn’t matter that society at large is set up against blacks in everyway possible. According to Yale “Reagan and to a lesser extent George H. W. Bush sought to perfect what Nixon had begun. Devoted to as fully as possible restoring the normality of white skin privilege and producing silence about it as a way of redoubling its hegemony, Reagan through the use of racial symbolism such as announcing his presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi (the site of the murder of three civil rights workers) and railing on and on about “welfare queens and pimps” on the campaign trail made whites comfortable with their prejudices (as former First Lady Rosalind Carter once remarked).


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