Idaho Isn’t Racist Enough


I was reading the news for Boise Idaho, since an interracial couple there are receiving death threats and a bunch of hate mail because of the fact that the couple became engaged for the world to see at the fiesta bowl where the young man was a player. I don’t have a comment on the actual story but, the Boise newspaper was doing a story around this namedReaders share their opinions: Is Idaho being unfairly characterized as racist?” The posts that people sent in, now that is what caught my attention, one in particular. A lady named Melinda Evans which is the eighth post down, wrote in that she didn’t think that Idaho was racist enough. She claims that if you look at some cities where “Africans” and “Mexicans” were populating it just so happens that they were bringing with them murder, rape and all sorts of crime. She says just look at Africa and Mexico, the crime they have, is that what you want those people to bring to Idaho.

I happen to know a bit about Idaho having had lived there for a while. So if I were to go by her assumptions that only minorities are doing and importing crime, all white towns in places like Idaho should have zero crime. Boy is that not the case, Idaho is crime ridden and some of the towns where I saw the most crime had NO minorities. Surprise right? This is just another case of a racist individual who would like to push all the problems of society on a select few. One black person does a crime and we’re all criminals. But, yet whites commit all sorts of crimes and you never hear the same about them. This is just another one of my pet peeves, that whites constantly equate black with crime. I understand that black crime is ALWAYS in the news, and yet whites who commit the majority of crime are under-reported.

A lot of the people wrote in that it is extremely racist, but came up with every reason in the book as to why. Such as, it is so conservative, this is all about propaganda and the white mindset as Brotherpeacemaker wrote about. Or they were just raised that way, which feeds more problems because these are some of the people that we have to deal with daily, applying for jobs, getting our healthcare, the cops “supposedly” to protect us and dealing with for all other aspects of life. Also, the people there don’t have much contact with minorities, which is such a crock of crap and is just a cop out. I don’t have to have daily contact with Inuit people, whom I have never met, to understand that they are humans even if different than myself and worthy of respect.

Unfortunately these people are propagating the white mindset which they will continue to pass from generation to generation. A lot of the kids there in Idaho listen to a lot of loud rap music and dress like they just fell out of a 50 cent video, but don’t get them wrong they are just as racist as their parents. The dark prophet wrote about an Idaho school he attended in his article “The forbidden month,” which shows that they have no problem discriminating on all levels. But, so many folks out there would like for us to believe that racism is just about dead and gone. Sure, when you have a whole state of racists, semi racists and racist sympathizers raising more of the same. I don’t see any end in sight for this type of terrorism.


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50 responses to “Idaho Isn’t Racist Enough

  1. brotherpeacemaker

    I’ve had my own experience with Idaho’s racist culture. My family and I was out for a Sunday drive visiting a few car dealerships when out of the blue a white state police pulled me over. The cop and I passed each other on a main thoroughfare. When we made eye contact, he made a Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift maneuver to turn around and start following my car. After about fifteen minutes he finally turned on his lights for me to pullover. He told me I was speeding (I was doing thirty in a thirty-five zone) and having a modified muffler. Several cars were passing me when he made his illegal U-turn. There are people in Idaho who don’t even have a muffler on their vehicle and they’re as loud as all hell. I guess in Idaho it’s better not to have a muffler than to have a modified muffler. When I told the cop about his obvious racially motivated behavior he wished me a good day and got back in his car to protect all those good white people from bad black people like me.

    After this incident I knew I had better have a lawyer to call when (not if) I get pulled over by a cop with more enthusiasm for protecting white people. My recommendation to anyone of color is to stay far away from Idaho. Nothing good will ever come from you being there.


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  3. matt

    I agree with 90% of what is being said, but to categorize the entire state as “racist” is pretty general. Perhaps there are plenty of ignorant and racist people around, but I know that many people I associate with here in Boise are not racist, and actively seek out education to better understand the trials that minorities face. I am a white caucasian man that has several good friends that are black, asian, hispanic . . . you name it. As a matter of fact, I am adopting the most beautiful little girl from Haiti, and she just so happens to be of African American decent. The fact is, Idaho is a great place to live, and those of you who say stay away from Idaho due to racism are doing the exact same thing as those people who make the racist comments in the first place. The first thing that people need to recognize is that in order to stop this disease, we have to collectively STOP passing judgement on those around us and start recognizing that we are all the same. Battling racism shouldn’t be about anger and distain for those who are racist, but rather education and enlightenment. Racism is inexcusable, but is it really so different from merely passing judgement on others?

    To say that nothing good will come from being in Idaho is just plain false. Granted, being in the situation of having racist comments or acts commited against you sucks, but if people just nut up and change their mindset, good things are bound to happen. Change doesn’t occur by avoiding issues, but rather by facing dilemna and inequality head on. There are many of us here in Idaho who are willing to support equality, but if people shy away, then it will never happen.

  4. Matt,

    I never said that the whole state of Idaho was racist. I was quoting a lady and others who posted their thoughts in Idaho. I lived in Idaho and Washington for years. I am a black woman and really miss Idaho. I agree with you that we all need to stop generalizing and maybe that would be a big step towards ending some of our problems.

    Thanks for the reply

  5. Tim

    You know, honestly, enough already. Let the stereotypical “the world is against us blacks” individuals post their remarks bashing what I am about to say, but you are entitled to your opinion (which you have shoved down mainstream America’s throats for over 40 years now) and I am entitled to mine. Remember, just because you are the loudest and most obnoxious, doesn’t mean you are right.

    The fact of the matter simply is people are, have been, and always will be in possession of thoughts others do not like or agree with. I understand those who call some individuals on racist remarks, and those people are also endowed with the right to speak their mind.

    Yet, after years of hearing “treat brothers fairly”, movies mocking white people and women, workplace and school racism by blacks passed off as “cultural differences” and statements from black professors calling for the “extermination of the white race”, it is safe to say whites are not the true racists in this country any longer.

    Minorites want equal treatment? Do they want to stop being set aside in America, singled out, stereotyped? Then perhaps stop making yourselves a seperate entity in ALL forms of American society…African-American…what’s wrong, American not good enough for you? Black entertainment awards, no whites allowed right? Black colleges, wow, talk about unconstitutional! Heaven forbid the ACLU step in on the side of a white person, wouldn’t that be something!

    And yep, I know what is coming, “well you made us have to do that, you made us have to be seperate”. Oh please, get over yourselves. So, let me grasp this. NEVER moving forward in history, NEVER accepting responsibility for your recent actions, name calling, cultural slander, physical violence are all taking place because more than 100 years ago white people enslaved your people.

    Gotcha, what a great line that is. Blacks can do whatever they want and get away with it based on reperations for a travesty that NO white person can ever make amends for. So, what, whites are to just take it forever because of something NONE of them is directly responsible for? Look at it honestly folks, and stop feeling sorry for blacks, they truly have milked that cow for all it is worth after 100 years I think.

    For what public black speakers want to see happen, for unity and racial harmony, become part of the American nation, not a subculture. Embrace mainstream culture instead of demanding we enbrace yours. Stop singling out whites and you might actually receive similar treatment. People are much more open minded then 40 years ago, but those minds won’t extend to accepting those who make it a point to be hateful and ignorant.

    Done, now post your spelling/grammer critiques and hateful responses and prove me right.

  6. Tim,
    Wow 40 years of shoving our complaints down your throats. Well gee since the 17th century and counting, we have been having your propaganda shoved down our collective throats and now what? I guess you aren’t up on things at the ACLU because LOTS of white people are helped daily by them.

    In fact I just did a post not to long ago which I mention a white man who sued for racial discrimination and won. So you make it seem like the ACLU is some sort of black helper only. In case you didn’t know the fellow Kambon is NOT a professor at any school. He owns a book store. Not to mention if we want to name people who have called for the extermination of the black race this reply would be a book long. There have been so many white people calling for the extermination of the black race. And you want me to get excited over a man that the majority of blacks never heard of and never will, please.

    The reason why African American is in use would be because maybe we got tired of the white designated names of colored or nigger. Also, what is wrong with acknowledging ones heritage and origin which had been denied to them for years and years? Yep black college’s wow, too bad that ALL the colleges that don’t call themselves black could be called historically white but then again that wouldn’t be necessary since we already knew that, right? That’s funny because Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake and Eminem have all been nominated for BET awards. Why don’t we check out the Grammy’s, Emmy’s and any other “mainstream” awards and look at the mix of races who win. Gee it is still big news when a black is nominated for an Academy award yet let you tell it we are just taking over.

    Actually you are right, you did force us to be separate from you and it is still in practice today, isn’t it called “white flight”? But if you have never heard of it wikipedia defines it as a term for the demographic trend where working- and middle-class white people move away from increasingly racial-minority inner-city. So who is trying to be separate again? I can say the same thing about your people who Never take responsibility for your recent actions, name calling (nigger constantly in use), cultural slander (blacks are lazy etc.), physical violence (lynching of James Byrd, the rape and torture of Meagan Williams) are taking place because more than 100 years ago my people were enslaved by your people.

    Take what, how about we swap places? You whites can have the whole police beatings, racial profiling and contagious shooting. You whites can earn 87% of what blacks earn. Blacks can be the dominant race in employment and you whites can be sprinkled in if you get in at all. You can sit by and watch as all of the fortune 500 businesses are over represented by blacks while whites can work in the service industry. You can also be over represented in prison while we cut deals and do pleas that keep us away from the 3 strikes laws. How about you die early from having shoddy healthcare while we are living longer due to correct health care practices. Your children can be beaten to death in boot camps with an all black jury agreeing that the death was due to his latent melanoma cancer genes. I think you had better re-think your argument buddy.

    Mainstream culture happens to be whatever the dominant culture says it is and that happens to be Caucasian. So what you are saying is assimilate and submit to your culture, so why is it that you are trying to force ME to embrace yours? Why can’t I still be black AND American? Yep, people are so much more open minded than 40 years ago we still have lynching, racial slurs daily, the KKK, hateful and ignorant people.

    Thanks for the reply

  7. Tim

    Thank you for your reply!

    Thanks for the ACLU tidbit, and no, I had not heard about that piece, matter of fact I will look it up! As for the professor you stated is not one, I saw that piece on CNN and MSNBC, so if I am wrong on that I must quote my source, but thanks again. Despite it all, whether one person or a million has eard of him ,the statement was the same…when did you say you heard a white American calling for the extermination of blacks in the last decade?

    As for the other arguements, well, I apprecaite your opinion, but after reading it over it is based on the same tired principles we have heard for decades. You did this, so we are doing that, you kept us “down” so we are going to make sure you know just how much we didn’t appreciate it.

    As for the history timeline, you are right, we have been listening to this same rhetoric for OVER 100 years, in truth I was being conservative in my estimation. So here we are again, at the universal racial impass. Walk a mile in my shoes syndrome. As you well know I could never do that, nor could you in mine, so why don’t we drop the coy attempt at trying to make someone accept one’s point of view simply by stating they will never understand it.

    As for mainstream culture versus black culture, your darn right I want you, and all Americans to assimlate to the public norm. Why? Because the public norm is what America is, your rights allow you the freedoms to be who you want and do what you want in your own private life.

    However, when your “culture” of stereotypical “African-Americanism” is based on ideologies that a small portion of the country puts any stock in, yep, you are just going to have to understand the rights of those around you are truly more important than your right to annoy everyone by spouting hate speech and racial inuendos. Sorry my man, that is the way things work. There are things about American society I may not agree with too, but the fact is I live here and it is my responsibility to act in a manner accepted by this society. In fact we are truly losing the very meaning of “American” in all of this PC mess.

    You have some great points, don’t let me take that away, unfortunately they are founded in the same boo hoo, let’s focus on the terrible things people did long ago nonsense that I addressed in my prior post.

    As for why can’t you be black and American, my prior statement asked you to be just that, but instead we chose to point out how important it is for you to be sooo much different than most Americans, thus illustrating my point.

    Great conversation, obvious difference of opinion, but I accept your ideas as your own and your right, as you no doubt do mine, misguided as we each think the other is. I stand by my claim though, as I examine many other nations around the world, if Americans were only Americans, perhaps we would be closer to getting what everyone here is clamoring for.

  8. Tim,

    The problem you have is that you feel that blacks being black is somehow sooooo different. There is nothing different about my culture. You are stuck in a rut with a bunch of stereotypes you probably got from television or movies. Blacks don’t actually subscribe to any specific racial rhetoric or whatever you think.

    And unfortunately for you in the next five years Hispanics will outnumber whites. Will you agree to now assimilate to the Hispanic culture or will you have a problem with that? I think I know the answer. It is the same old rhetoric, it is OK for me to tell you to do it but don’t ask me to.

    What do you mean you did this so WE are doing that. Doing what? I don’t know of any black person that is constantly doing anything to white people. I have heard of no lynching, or hate crimes or anything else such as that to make whites suffer as blacks have.

    In other nations around the world people are allowed to be people. They are not expected to be white people in ethnic skin. They don’t expect people to wash their hands of their heritage. They allow people to be themselves and to live by society rules without resentment.

    You don’t want that. Blacks can be black while embracing the rules of society. If you think otherwise, then you obviously have a warped idea of black culture.

    Thanks for the reply

  9. Tim

    I must have a warped view of black culture, as you put it. Experience breeds opinion, opinion breeds social outlook. With my experience of black culture being one of the local majority consisting of crime, drugs and broken families, there is little more to base perception on. There are, and always will be exceptions, and maybe my experience is the exception, but it is what I see.

    True, there are white areas that are the same, black areas of affluent people, and, although I have seen alot of the world, there is no way I have seen every nation, every neighborhood and every city.

    As I mentioned before, I see what you are saying, I acknowledge your opinion, I disagree with the context that there is ANY sense of entitlement based on the unfortunate history of this country, but I have made that clear. Having heard that same logic used as an excuse for numerous wrongdoings, I will never give it credence.

    As for the hispanic issue, good point again! American has already, in my opinion, done too much assimilation regarding this issue. Racial divides are getting more divisive, and I echo the point that singularity truly needs to be dropped to make the whole mesh. As long as the individual, hispanic, black or white, refuses to see the larger picture, lines will always be drawn. I stated the BET awards because it is, by it’s name and nature, a seperation based on color, even the name of the station it is sponsored by plays that out.

    The mainstream needs to accept all, I have always pointed out it could and should, in order for that to happen all have to be willing to become part of, or recreate in a national image, the mainstream. As long as any group sets itself aside from this ideal nothing will happen.

    As part of the majority, and, as you pointed out, the social norm, my perspective is one of seeing a social and ethnic group bent on either not being a part of, or attempting to subvert, the designated norm by extremely negative means.

    True, change is not made by following what always has been, but it can not be made by living in past hurts and not seeing both the present and future. I believe, based on your posts, that idea is summed up in your statements as well.

    Many people throughout the world have suffered, many worse than any African American (see Jews). As we both have pointed out, other nations have set a blueprint for success in this realm of race vs society, but those nations remain true to their fundamental principles while incorporating new pieces to the gain of the overall good. Case in point the US even in the 1920’s etc. It CAN be done. It cannot though when stark roadblocks, like the present day black schools, like the present day black specific media, are standing so blatently against it.

    True, historically speaking many universities have been predominately white..true, many media outlets are still that way, but creating a seperate entity is not fixing the problem, it is re-introducing a reverse installation of 1940’s America. It sets a standard where whites must incorporate everyone, but are allowed to be kept out of other ethnicly based outlets. Again, the point is, if it is unconstitutional to single out someone based on race, the swing goes both ways. Has it historically, nope, but I didn’t live in 1709, I can only see what is in front of me, as you do, as base my opinions on that.

    I appreciate the conversation and the willingness to discuss, I do not want to use this forum as my own personal blog or chat room, but, despite differences I have enjoyed the spirited discussion and learning as of late. I understand if this dialogue needs to be cut off at this post, I do not know if this page is meant for banter such as this, please let me know if future conversation is acceptable in your next reply.

  10. Tim,

    Trust me I already knew you had a warped sense of black culture as most whites do. So you are saying that you know a bunch of blacks and all that they care about is crime, drugs etc. etc.? Because I lived in Idaho and my observation of the white population there mimics yours of blacks. So should I now believe that white culture is about crime, drugs and white supremacy? Sounds stupid doesn’t it?

    Blacks don’t have a sense of entitlement. The problem is we wouldn’t be complaining if things were EQUAL yet people such as yourself see the quest for equality as blacks feeling entitled to what whites have. And I know damn well you aren’t going to tell me everything is equal now. Since blacks earn only 87% of whites which was on NBC news. According to the census blacks are twice as likely not to receive the health care they need whether they have health insurance or not. Among other things.

    Yet that is OK and blacks should just shut up and accept this, is this your position? So if you admit that things aren’t equal then what would you have us do? Work hard and pull our selves up by our bootstraps and blah blah blah? If discrimination exists then just pulling myself up and trying to get a job is hard when the white person doing the hiring says NO.

    And I know you aren’t going to tell me that blacks and whites are equally represented in the workplace mirroring society. Yet in any given area blacks still don’t make up more than 1% of a company. And that is OK right? Some companies are 100% white and that is OK because hey they should be able to hire who they want.

    So if you feel that these things are OK then be prepared for complaining. Because if you and people like you feel that it is OK to lock a group out of the mainstream jobs that pay living wages then you end up with ghettos and crime and drugs and all the seedy things that comes from being poor.

    So why don’t you actually take a step back and look at the big picture. Go to work and count the blacks as opposed to whites and tell me that it is a fair representation of the community. In fact count all the blacks on your board of directors or in the executive staff and does that look fair. Do it for any company and tell me things are even. Or maybe you are one of the white flight folks and you live in that all white haven. But isn’t that in itself racist if you can have ALL white institutions then you turn around and complain about BET which is owned by WHITE people. Please.

    Also, I love the banter. It lets people see where I am coming from. I want EQUALITY! And I will not accept someone telling me to shut up and take it. And that is what is happening when you or someone else says that blacks complain and feel entitled. We feel entitled to EQUALITY!

    Thanks for the reply

  11. Tim

    Back with the anger here, but it is to be expected. I see we are laboring under the assumption I feel blacks should “shut up and take it”, not quite the point I was making so let me clarify. Each and every post I made has offered advice as to varied viewpoints that might lead to a better result than the one you have stated repeatedly.

    Is it not apperant that the incessant blaming, comparison, job stat mongering, salary based arguements that have been made here are not getting the results you claim to want. After all, how many years has that been the standard operating procedure for this debate?

    Truth of the matter is, the majority, either population wise or economically (shoots down that hispanics will rule the US theory when things are not only measured in numbers of individuals, eh?) will always set the tone for the country and what is deemed acceptable and proper. The unfortunate fact NO minority likes to hear is that it is not the majority that must bend to meet your cultural needs, it is the minority that must endeavor to survive in the majorities established society.

    You don’t like the society, think it oppresses you, either work for change in positive ways (Blacks in the 60’s, actually got something done didn’t they!) or go somewhere else that better suits your liking. But the point is no minority group will achieve and real change for themselves or in society unless there is some significant majority support. As I said, the tone is set, it is not your to alter, it is yours to meet or strive to better.

    Yep, my experience with blacks is not positive on the whole, with some great exceptions, and if I live around all whites that is the choice I made because it is the surrounding I wish to find myself within. If I can afford to live where I want no one will make me feel guilty because of my choice. If you can’t, you got it, work harder…oh right, you can’t because people are holding you down….I forgot.

    As for blacks not getting jobs, what is the black graduation rate again? And is it because blacks cannot afford college? Seems like a never ending cycle of blame rather than finding solution. Everyone keeps the blacks down, but what are they doing to help themselves other than complaining these days, maybe taking a lesson from your grandparents about bringing about true change would be helpful?

    As for the black culture, out of curiousity, is there anything that can be directly pointed to that black culture has offered that is positive to all of America is the past 50 years? I don’t want a list of black inventors or anything of the like, but truly, any positive cultural contributions aside from hateful rap music and female demeaning videos? Just thought i would throw that out there…

    Final tidbit, black history month, this is a great time to educate those who, apparently like me, do not see the true beauty and civility of your culture. Hispanics show their heritage and history during their month, yet it seems black history month is targeted at making whites look and feel bad rather than demonstrating the positives of black culture. That would be a great way to start.

  12. Tim,

    Gee you keep talking about minorities having to bend to meet the desires of the majority who are white. Well exactly how is that going to equate to blacks getting equal pay. Since blacks ARE bending to your collective needs. What more is there to bend to, we can not become white so I guess you WILL have to bend a bit.

    You also talk about the fact that I can name these disparities. This shows that it doesn’t matter how much we bend or accept or assimilate, whites are the ones who need to decide if they will play fair and “allow” blacks to be equal. If the blacks in the 60’s got so much done then how come we are having this conversation.

    The fact is peaceful demonstrations etc. no longer work in this country. Haven’t there been tons of marches, demonstration, peaceful this or that and I haven’t seen any outcome from it. Except for a bunch of white people complaining about how “they” are tired of hearing the complaints for equality. Hey this is the way things are love it or leave it.

    Exactly like a supremacist, its ALL about whites take it or leave it, right. We won’t work with you, YOU must do all the work while we sit by and agree or disagree. We have to strive for better. Isn’t always a white person to tell someone that they need to work harder than whites to be accepted. Why should I? Why can’t I put in the same amount as you and achieve the same amount? No one wants to lose their white privilege so you do more don’t expect me to budge one bit. If you get in fine if you don’t too bad it’s not our fault. Even though we hold the keys to the door. WOW!

    Work harder, work harder. That is all white people say. But then when we ask for equal opportunity to get jobs then it changes to stop looking for a handout or stop expecting entitlements. So you can’t have it both ways either whites need to let blacks have EQUAL opportunity to get the jobs or they should shut up with the work harder.

    Or do you mean get two or three service jobs and that should do it? Are you really saying that NO one is discriminating in the workplace. HAHAHAHA. That is funny. I guess it must be nice living in that black hole oops white hole of yours where you don’t have to care about the REAL world. Yes people ARE being discriminated against or do you think that companies are all white because the blacks were just too lazy or preoccupied with drugs to actually apply.

    You are funny I am TALKING about the professional degree holding blacks. But it shouldn’t matter what the graduation rate is along as it isn’t zero. Shouldn’t the employment of blacks relate to that then. They are not getting the jobs that fit their experience nor education. Or don’t you realize that some of us do hold degrees etc. Not all of us are sitting around with a 40 listening to rap music. Exactly what is it that blacks should be doing with the miserable schools that lack books, desks and other basic supplies that I am sure the white schools have plenty of?

    Should they run to your office and demand a job? What should they do when they are turned away from jobs they are qualified for? You talk about them doing something, something like what? Oh, educate themselves, they don’t need no stinking public school. Or maybe their mothers and fathers who were ill educated as well should somehow figure a way to earn gaggles of money and send them to private school.

    Come on you can do better than that. I have seen first hand the inner city schools, have you, or do you care? I know that these people are sitting around wishing to do something but are ill prepared to KNOW what to do. I know that most of the kids in these schools give up after seeing the fact that they are ill equipped to compete for any college seat. But, hey pick yourselves up and do it right? This is what is wrong with people, it doesn’t affect me personally so hey I did so can they. Even though the two circumstances are totally different.

    As far as black culture in the last 50 years, can you say the blues, jazz, swing, poetry, literature, art. The black renaissance amongst other things. Also you talk of rap music etc. The largest portion of people purchasing rap are white teens not black ones. Also the rap industry is run by white record executives and they say what stays and what goes. When rap first came out it didn’t have this tone. But when the music industry got involved they picked and chose who stayed and who went.

    Also, I guess whites have no vulgar songs or videos. I guess you haven’t seen hot for teacher where teachers are stripping their clothes off in front of pre pubescent boys who are yelling and grabbing at them. Or girls girls girls where they go to a bunch of strip clubs and paw at barely dressed women. I could go on all day. Not to mention the lyrics that are equally as dysfunctional as rap lyrics. Yet because you and other WANT to focus on blacks, rap and whatever that is all you can see.

    When the dog is in your backyard it isn’t so bad. It is the dog in the neighbors yard that is the problem, right? What black history month? I haven’t seen one thing done for black history month. And trust me if you are talking about some bull crap that is on television then bet your bottom dollar that the TV execs are pretty much white so ask them why they show what they do. Don’t put that on us, I don’t know ONE station that is run by blacks. Remember BET is run by white executives not black people.

    A great way to start would be for black history to be included with white history which is going all year long in schools. Maybe we should encompass ALL history in school instead of only one people. I don’t care if they are the majority. You can’t complain you know nothing of the people living around you if you don’t try to learn.

    Also, there is no anger in my speech. I am just stating the truth if it hurts, sorry nothing I can do about that. I just don’t understand why people try to pretend that inequities don’t exist. It is impossible that you or anyone else believes that the United States is equal for ALL. That person would have to be pretty gullible. Also, why should I make you feel bad about living in an all white situation? You are the one doing the white flight and then want to complain about not seeing any good in the black community or culture.

  13. Tim

    Jazz, blues, art, are you kidding…wow, thanks a bunch. What a contribution! All music and arts based…nothing for government, nothing for international relations….jazz…..yeah….

    Well, that about wraps this one up. Inequalities exist, they do in all walks of life. To sum up, here is what we have talked about:

    According to my statements blacks have the opportunity to find equality if they begin realizing that being part of the American collective is more important than looking at things from an “us versus them” mentality.

    There are, as I recognized, blacks who are VERY successful because they work hard, find the jobs they want, attend illustrious universities you claim are only for whites and then move into upper class neighborhood you claim are for “white flight”.

    Blacks need to educate about positives in their culture, and arts really don’t cut it. I offered hispanics as a model, that is a good place to look for a great way to mold public opinion. You say crime and drugs are attributed to blacks because of poverty, then do something about it! Is it the whites responsibility to fix things for you?

    I listened to each opinion you gave, even gave credibility to some, not ONCE did you ever recognize anything other than you own self-serving view. You will no learn anything from these conversations other than you disagree with my opinion and the only valid is reason is because you have supposedly suffered in this society.

    The truth hurts, but it is the truth. Majority is what has made and will make this country, those living in it must either become part of the overall collective within the system striving for the betterment of the nation or find other places to live, that is the way ALL nations operate, sorry you can’t grasp reality.

    According to you a black person, no matter how hard they work, no matter how much they learn, no matter their qualifications and desire, can never succeed in America because the white majority holds all the cards. Wow, if that was how I lived I would move!

    But yet here you are, moaning and doing nothing more than offering “listen to me i am suffering” responses to valid points. What are you doing to fix the MANY problems you have so avidly pointed out? Nothing, it is better to not have to work to fix things i guess and simply accept that you have something to cry about. I am listening to you attempting to have you explain some possible solution that does not include violence and hatred, and there has yet to be any ideas written.

    Frankly, aside from a few corrections I was happy to acknowledge, you have brought nothing to the table other than blame and illustrations that things are impossible to fix. Unfortunately, in life that is not enough. I doubt you will post this reply as those reading your column can browse the posts and see the comments I am referring to and thus call into question your real credibility.

    Blacks in this country can and have had success, America can become one but it cannot with the foolish ideology that things will never change. That is how we got here. But change cannot and will not come without understanding the need to work within the system, it never has and never will.

  14. Tim,

    Come on are we going to pretend that blacks have been encouraged or even accepted in those arenas in the last 50 years. Hell we just got our first black senator within the last few years. So give me a break, like you are really surprised.

    And I am not moaning about poor me. I AM doing something, for you information. And as I keep asking what are you doing? Like you said this should be about US not us vs. them. So I ask again what are you doing to help our, you, us, collective community of humans?

    I never said that a black person couldn’t make it. I am saying that there is a BIG problem when even the majority of educated blacks say they have problems getting employment that matches their white equals. Meaning that educated blacks are underemployed, unemployed or just shamefully underpaid.

    You keep wanting to dwell on this perceived blame, when there is enough blame to go around. I am saying that for whites to sit and try and quarterback a community that they themselves don’t know anything about, have washed their collective hands of, and have totally ignored except for the negative. They have no place doing so, unless they are willing to join those of us who have rolled our sleeves up and try and do something instead of just jaw jack.

    You keep saying that blacks should move if they don’t like the system. Why don’t whites move if they only want to live amongst whites. The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and other places can offer you all a nice life. Then those of us who want to live in equality here can do so.

    I never said things were impossible to fix as there are easy fixes. The problem arises when I am asking for a fix, you and those with your mindset sit here and say if you don’t like it leave it. This is how it is so learn to live with it. Am I paraphrasing what you said a post ago right?

    It isn’t a hard fix. I have TONS of plans that if we enacted would fix this system right up. But the problem is that people such as yourself and the Bill O’Reilly’s fo the world don’t want to lose what he constantly refers to as white christian privilege.

    And if you and other white people don’t have a problem giving up the white privilege, I am sure you will deny, then we would be further along without all the complaints from you all insisting that blacks are looking for entitlements.

    If you all sincerely wanted change then you would be just as outraged as I am that the inequalities that were named. But do you care of course not, it doesn’t affect you. The minute it does you will complain and hopefully there will be a Tim to tell you to love it or leave it.

    You constantly claim that America was built or whatever by the dominant culture. But what you obviously fail to realize is that this country wouldn’t be in this position of wealth if it wasn’t able to capitalize upon years of free slave labor of the blacks.

    In fact you should read this post as it says a lot of the things I am trying to tell you. It is
    It is a great post. But I am sure you will not think so. Anyway, have a read you might understand just a bit more. As I feel that you don’t want to have an open mind to what I am trying to get across. I totally understand your point of view I just know BOTH sides of the coin. So I know where you are coming from.

    I am not one of those who “couldn’t” make it. We are making it. My parents made it and my significant other’s parents made. Neither I nor he has had to live in the “ghetto” by necessity. We live here by choice. So that we can help those who were not as fortunate as we were to have college educated parents who helped us to be college educated as well.

    You on the other hand do what to help those less fortunate than yourself? This is the question for ALL those who have all these fantasies of what poor downtrodden blacks should do. They don’t know what is going on here and don’t care until something pushes it in their face. Where they can become angry about the fact of even having to deal with it then.

    So that is my final word. Pleas read the post I left as I feel that he really speaks to where my head is at. Also, looking at some of your statements I am sure you thought I was a man as most people who come here do.


  15. All music and arts based…nothing for government, nothing for international relations….

    Tim, I’ve tried to avoid jumping in, despite the wild “facts” you’ve been offering up, and I’m still going to leave most of your comments alone. I think I can even ignore your slander against the importance of jazz, blues, and all of “art.”

    But are you seriously trying to blame blacks for not having been influential enough in government and the conduct of the nation’s foreign affairs over the last fifty years? Just what country have you been living in? Whose fault do you think it was that there weren’t enough experienced, senior black statesmen to make their mark in the U.S. in, say, the 1950s and 1960s?

    This just gets better and better ….

  16. Jeremy

    “[i]You keep saying that blacks should move if they don’t like the system. Why don’t whites move if they only want to live amongst whites. The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and other places can offer you all a nice life. [/i]”

    If moving to Europe was a solution, Id be packing my bags and getting out of this Godforesaken cesspool blacks and Mexicans have created around me. Sadly, most European nations are following hot on Americas heels as we hurtle down the multicultural highway.
    Same for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

  17. Jeremy,

    Unfortunately, white people have created this cesspool that we all have to endure. So I think you might be confused. Also, the amount of minorities in Iceland are NIL. So if you really want to go, have at it. We would all be very happy to see you go. Then maybe this cesspool which is created by people like you can be fixed.

    Also, If you want to be totally correct you people created a cesspool for the poor Native Americans since this IS their country NOT yours or any white people. You are just another bunch of immigrants to a country that you’ve ruined once again.

    Thanks for the ignorance, what would my day be without it.

  18. LMAO–Great response Black Sentinel!!!

  19. Tammy Knoll

    What bombastic pomposity!!!! Are you all serious? Seriously, serious. All this hot air about entitlement, supremacy, equity, reparations, anger…How utterly and increasingly stale your conversations have become. Not one of you, with all your drivel has mentioned words like love, tolerance, peace, and temperance. Come on boys, grow a sack, and follow the road less traveled…embrace your difference, focus all your misdirected energies toward a viable plan of acceptance, and forgive me for assailing you with all my “liberal hippy rhetoric”…smile on you brother. It’s harder boys, I’m sorry it’s going to require work and maybe some emotional commitment. I hate to seem namby-pamby in the face of all this masculine bravado; but it’s the real course that TAKES BALLS! Try it, the next time one of your well intended and articulate friends bemoan the state of racial relations. Ask them, “What have you done to make it better?” Whom have you befriended? What research have you begun or perpetuated that would enlighten others? Can you make this a better place for all of us to live? OOOHHHH, but that might make you unpopular with your kowtowing semi-racist comrades…no one to cheer on your titanic ideas and musings. At the end of the day, you are nothing but a bunch of pontificating pansies, limp and impotent, who have decided the only power they have is to blame and recriminate; assail and demoralize. You all started a pretty decent conversation; and ended with a mish-mush of lowbrow theory/hypothesis about the other. I challenge you gentlemen to do the impossible; go to a place of worship you’ve never been, talk to a mother of a wounded Iraqi or American solider, visit someone else’s holy city, make a declaration to date, befriend, and acquaint yourself with someone from another culture. DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU BOYS. I am ashamed this is the way you’ve chosen to handle your differences. Bad, Bad American boys, LOL.

  20. Tammy,

    Good one, NOT! I am supposed to put all my energy into forcing an entire system which has been biased against people like me from jump street to accept me. Why don’t you utilize all the energy you spent trying to chastise people on this blog and try and educate the dominant community on acceptance. Because ultimately the person who is being persecuted obviously doesn’t have the numbers or the strength to stop the abuser from abusing them.

    Also, being a female I don’t have balls but I am sure I have enough of pseudo balls to more than befriend all that are open to being befriended by me. It is interesting that with all the enlightenment that has been provided via Martin Luther King Jr. and those just like him we should be well past racism. Yet, if that was all it took then we shouldn’t be dealing with racism. But enlightenment doesn’t work on idiocy.

    In fact what have YOU done to enlighten people? When was the last time you spoke to an Iraqi or American soldier etc. When was the last time you visited a black neighborhood and spoke to them about their experience in America? Maybe you should get some balls and take your own advice.

    Thanks for the reply.

  21. Tammy Knoll

    I’m going to courteously address each of your compelling and brilliant observations and queries. For your convenience, I have kindly put your words in quotes to make it easier for you to follow. First, “being a female I don’t have balls.” Duly noted, you don’t have balls. Second, “In fact what have YOU done to enlighten people?” Probably not enough. Third, “When was the last time you spoke to an Iraqi or American soldier etc?” I am married to an American soldier who treated Iraqi and American soldiers in a military hospital while he served in the war. Forth, “When was the last time you visited a black neighborhood and spoke to them about their experience in America?” I used to be an inner-city teacher, I taught many black children and white children about the triumphs and atrocities that happened in American history. I am also black and many of my family members live in Black neighborhoods. I’m also a social worker; it’s often the black experience that is the center of conversations with my black clients. Fifth, “Maybe you should get some balls and take your own advice.” I think I’m fully packing, huge, really gigantic balls. Sixth, “Also, being a female I don’t have balls but I am sure I have enough of pseudo balls to more than befriend all that are open to being befriended by me.” That sounds like a horrible condition. I’m sorry you only have pseudo balls, often referred to in certain circles as the quasi balls. Even though you’re deformed, I hope that we can meet. We’re moving to Boise, Idaho. My husband will be stationed at Mountain Home. Perhaps you can forgive me for chastising you; it was just so much fun. Lastly, “Thanks for the reply.” Right back at you.

  22. Tammy Knoll,

    Thanks for answering back. I don’t consider myself deformed for not having those big balls you speak of. As I don’t need them I have the all mighty boobies. Just a joke in case anyone thought otherwise.

    Also, I respect that your husband has gone to war to fight. But, that does not mean that YOU have spoken to the Iraqis about their feelings. Also, it is a good thing that you worked in the inner city and spoke with the kids about life etc. I think that should be a prerequisite for anyone discussing those in the inner city. So kudos to you. That goes for your social work as well.

    I love Idaho and hope that you will as well. It is a great place to live. Clean, lovely landscape with the mountains and fresh air. Also, I think that a lot of people are misunderstanding my post. It is not about complaining that Idaho is or isn’t racist. It was about a person who “said” that Idaho wasn’t racist enough. I totally disagree and was speaking to that fact. I was angry that there was or is such a backlash about a black football star proposing to the white cheerleader that he had been dating forever.

    I don’t understand what the problem was or why it even needed to be news in Idaho. But this is the atmosphere that is pervasive in a lot of towns in Idaho. These are things that need to be addressed. I just don’t think that Iraq takes precedence over the community I live in being subjugated by people who wish to continue to see blacks as second class citizens. We went to war to ensure that the people of Iraq have freedom and are no longer being subjugated by Sadam. Yet, we have no problem in America subjugating the black community.

    That is the problem for me. I wish to address this. I don’t like being told to forget my community in order to talk with Iraqis or soldiers or anyone else. My thoughts are first and foremost immersed into the plight of the black people. Also, I no longer live in Idaho. I did when I wrote that piece though.

    Thank you again.

  23. Shawn Will

    The truth is this….

    America spawned these issues. The blood runs in her veins. “It is what it is.” Until we as a culture accept the obvious there will never be any signs of change. Every (wo)man are responsible for their own actions in regards to these issues. We all must be willing to resolve these conflicts with oneself and then connect with our neighbor. We all have biases. But once the negative idea spills into the life of another citizen causing havoc or impeding progression on all levels, that’s a major violation. That’s when natural human emotions ignite to catch a fire! I don’t care who you are. If I trample upon your dignity and violate your inalienable rights you have a right to want to wage war! It’s natural to want to protect yourself. Fight or Flight syndrome. You give me peace….I shake your hand in return. You bring me war….intelligence will persuade me to stand guard. Peace to all people!

  24. Vernon

    Well, I live in Caldwell, Idaho and we have our own problems here, especially with the Mexicans and low-income white folks. I went to LA and Miami in my life and I couldn’t even go to certain areas such as Little Haiti, Miami because I am white. And I’m not saying just stares, I’m talking about HIGH % chance that you will get your ass kicked, robbed, maybe stabbed and left for dead. What would be nice is people sticking to their own kind and helping their own nation, and I’m not saying their won’t be problems within their own country there will definitely but not like we have today.

    And yes I would move to Europe if it was like I wanted too, but they are suffering the exact same thing America is as well as Australia, New Zealand, etc… immigration from 3rd world countries. It’s funny because these LIBERAL white people let 3rd worlder’s in their country to learn, assimilate, better themselves, and their environment yet they bring THEIR culture into other peoples and disrespect their host nations. Look at Europe and parts of the Middle East and East Asia and look how far and advanced they have got and progressed in time. Now look at Africa and many parts of South Asia and South America. Africans in Africa could be a leading nation if the majority of them had an IQ. Look at all the civilizations that started from scrap and look at our modern world. It’s a clash of civilizations, races, cultures, etc. etc.

    Now I love Idaho and wish for it to not change to something like Los Angeles, Miami, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Cleveland, Baltimore, and the list goes on. Honestly why not move to your places of origin and help your mother country.

  25. Vernon,

    You say that people should stick to their own country and make it better blah blah blah. Yet, you then say that you WOULD move to Europe but… Now isn’t Europe where white people come from? So shouldn’t you actually go back to Europe and help make it better for all you white people. America is NOT a white nation. It was stolen by white people so that doesn’t count.

    Or maybe you don’t feel that EVERYONE should go back to their own countries, just those people who are not white. I mean why don’t you explain to me why white people in New Zealand, Australia or any of those countries that are not in Europe should be complaining? Those countries were previously void of white people and they didn’t have these problems.

    So can we surmise that if white people had not dispersed themselves in all these other countries maybe just maybe none of these problems would be happening? So maybe instead of asking that non white people go somewhere you might start thinking about having the white people go away. Just the way you see everyone else as the problem, others can see you all as the problem. Since problems in all these countries INCLUDING Africa had not been going on before they were “colonized” by white people. So think about it before you start pointing fingers.

    So stop being such a raging racist and worry about the low and pitiful IQ’s of the majority of white people in America.

  26. Toby,

    Funny! I guess Vernon got at least one of his Stormfront buddies to make a show. But the least you could do is put forth a bit of effort. I entertain slightly intelligent comments. But it seems all you could pull out was “Nigger bad, Ungh, Ungh. I am sorry but I don’t comprehend cave dweller talk. Try again with something more intelligent or at least intelligible. That is unless you start smelling smoke or you feel burning sensations on your scalp. I don’t want any spontaneous combustion being attributed to my needing people to use what bit of brains they have to comment on this blog.

    Thanks but no thanks to that bit of stupidity.

  27. Kill 3rd worlders,

    You say such simple minded things. Please have the member who can not only read but write as well. It is much more interesting when I can actually have a half way intelligent exchange. And you people have the nerve to question minorities IQ’s. If any of you think that your idiotic comments actually hurt, make me upset or even bother me at all then you must be dumber than your comments.

    Get a clue if you can.

  28. Whitetruth

    Black sentinel, tells white people to leave so his “folk” can fix the problems that “whitey” started in America? LOL! Comedy at it’s finest. Then he claims white people did not build this nation, that it wasn’t a white nation…So you actually believe the “native Americans” built the United States of America? If “people of color” are problems solvers as you, claim you are, then why are 75% of black mothers single? Why is the continent of Africa dependent off of White Western Welfare? Has Africa built any government of Important note? Say Egypt I’ll actually give you “people” that one, but if you do use Egypt as an answer, could you please explain how Egypt was the only “successful”(and I use that loosely) nation and government your people built?
    The irony is while YOU AND VERY FEW of your people in America and the REST of the world, do have the intellectual capacity to hold an intelligent conversation, you refuse to acknowledge the fact that you are the exception to the rule. World wide whites excel over blacks in the education system. The statistics are there and you know it. The American literary council in 2005 published a report stating that 89% of black males under the age of 30 are functionally illiterate in America, once again you’ll cook up another excuse to “blame whitey” for that problem…
    The irony is you pretend that black males do not commit the majority of Crime in America:

    It’s also important to note that white crime in America is inflated because the DOJ adds non-white Hispanic crime with Caucasian crime. We already know that you contribute this with “poverty”. If so then please explain why a RICH black athletes are 4 TIMES more likely to commit a crime than their white counter-parts?

    The hypocritical media also plays a huge part, in YOUR “peoples” influence in my culture and society. Wasn’t it interesting to note how the media accused McCain rallies as “racist” because the the overwhelming crowds of white people, yet 98% of blacks voted Obama and the media played it down as “support for the first black president”?

    You claim black folk have it so hard in America. Yet blacks have the NAACP, BET, the United Negro college fund, The African-American Institute, Head start for “urban youth”, African-American GRANTS (government $$ solely based on race), The African studies Association, The Sisterhood Agenda, Affirmative Action, Black History month, Black Congressional Caucus, and this is just a drop in the bucket, I’m sure I could find more government funded programs and groups that are exclusive to your race alone.
    There are also scores more of open Racist black groups that advocate for blacks in America. Combined together you have a movement that is actually encouraged and perpetuated by the Main Stream Media that is exclusively black.
    N0n-white Hispanics get the same funding in America also…
    Do Caucasian Americans get the same consideration?
    How many advocates do Blacks in and OUT of government have to voice concern for their people?
    How many advocates do Caucasians have?
    White males have become the most disenfranchised group in America to date.
    Anything that is pro-white to date in America is instantly labeled “racist” in nature.

    In the end, you will always support your race as I do mine. We are fundamentally different, regardless of the Politically Correct lies that are passed off as truths. Racism will always remain a part of the species that make up mankind as long as mankind is around. Racism against blacks by blacks and whites against whites, is very real. Racism is a natural instinct that is hardwired into humanity. The problem arises when certain races of man is allowed to retain his racism, while other races must abolish their racism, as we have today. Blacks, Non-white Hispanics, and Asian are taught in the open to be proud of their heritage and culture, while whites are taught their race and culture doesn’t exist. This breeds more hatred and contempt on all sides. When my race finally does become the minority in America, will you Blacks and Hispanics allow my children and grandchildren the government funded support and exclusive ethnic privileges that come with official minority status? If South Africa is any indicator…I think not… Your belligerent tone and contempt of white people here alone is a fare indicator that you welcome the day we are a minority and will probably support “grinding us into the pages of history”…

    In the end no race will ever accept me for who I am like my very own race, so I must support and stick by the ethnic group I was lucky enough to be born into. I’m sure you feel the same way.
    Multiculturalism never works, the fact that we are having this conversation is the very proof of the matter.
    So paint me racist, I have no problem with the mantle and I will bear it proudly.

  29. Whitetruth, WhiteTemplar or whatever you go by,

    You obviously are not very adept at reading as I have NEVER said anything about white people leaving or that minorities are somehow the “fixers”. That is some ignorant things that you try and gleam from a post because you probably did not understand all the words. Where did I claim that white people did not build this nation. I probably said that this PLACE, CONTINENT, LAND (is that helpful) is not a white place. It was inhabited by Native Americans. And if we want to talk about who gave the sweat, blood and tears to build this nation we don’t need to look that far. The majority of your lazy ancestors sat by watching the real workers toil the fields in order to build the wealth of this nation. But of course whites were involved in building this nation upon the stolen land which it sits.

    According to the US Census the numbers for Biological or Adopt Mother – None Cohabiting (Single) total is 14,446
    WHITE 8,526
    BLACK 5,270
    Then Native American 265, Asian 385, Other 581 and Hispanic any 2,725 (respectively)

    All numbers are in thousands. So exactly where did you get your statistics from again? These came directly from the US Census and I just copied them over. So why don’t YOU explain to me IF white people are such problem solvers why there are so many single white mothers? I guess EVERYONE has problems.

    89% of black men under age 30 are illiterate? Really and you are going to stick by that? I went to the American Literacy Council where I searched the entire site for about an hour and found no such statistics. And in then I went to US Dept of Education and their site the And at best the statistics they show are that 24% of the total population of blacks are reading below basic levels and this includes those who don’t read at all. So give me a break with statistics from your ass. Not to mention why don’t you explain why white people who our education system was designed for, around and about still can’t out do Asians? Makes you say hmmmm.

    Where exactly in anything that I have written said that I believed or had information that black men, women, children or people in general committed very little or no crime. Trust me crime is committed by ALL races of people. It is people like you who wish to pretend that only blacks do crime. You will flaunt your statistics that blacks overwhelmingly commit crimes. But then fail to explain why a place with little or no blacks or Hispanics have crime. I think what you mean to say is that per capita black people might commit more crimes yet white people commit more crimes overall. Not to mention you never mention the study the DOJ conducted regarding discrepancies in the criminal justice system.

    You see they only count convictions not crimes such as Joe Horn who killed two people and never got charged. So spare me your intentional misrepresentation of crime and justice in America. And all the nonsense about Hispanics inflating white crime. It is interesting that Hispanics have their own column. Anyhow, I guess you complain about me supposedly making excuses for blacks all the while you scapegoat the Hispanics with committing the majority of white crimes. Funny, illogical but funny.

    When white people stand at McCain/Palin rallies and say things such as “I just can’t vote for a colored”, or I just can’t see a black person in the White House, I am pretty sure that is racist. You didn’t hear one black person saying that they couldn’t vote for McCain due to him being white. And don’t even bother with excuses as blacks have voted for a white candidate since they were allowed to vote. So guess who doesn’t have a leg to stand on playing the race card AGAIN? In case you hadn’t noticed blacks voted about that much for Clinton, Kerry, and every Democrat candidate they put on the ticket. It isn’t rocket science to understand that it wasn’t race it was party. But call it whatever you want, the facts are still clearly with party.

    You and other race baiting white people constantly bring up bull crap about black negro college fund but fail to cry about the 57,000 Polish only scholarships found easily by googling that phrase. Or how about the 1,420,000 Italian ones, or the over 2 million German scholarships and the list goes on. How many of those scholarships are aimed at being black? NONE! Yet, one measly black oriented scholarship which gives scholarships to blacks and all other nationalities (do your research) gives you a belly ache.

    You name all these different caucuses and whatever aimed at blacks. Well if I didn’t know better I would have sworn that the entire American government was set up by and for white people, to protect and further their interests. Maybe it’s just me but it seems that everyone in the government who isn’t a member of the small black caucus is white. Or did that little tidbit of information escape you?

    You talk of all these black media streams, exactly which ones? BET is operated and owned by a white man and caters to stereotypes. Umm, that isn’t black. And you will have to name the rest as I don’t know any black owned and operated media outlets. As for white run and operated media outlets, how about all of them. You cry and sob about all these so called things that are exclusively black only to turn a blind eye to the majority of which are exclusively white.

    See you are blinded by your own hatred. I have absolutely NO problem with white people or any people for that matter supporting their own. I have a problem with people who want to support their own by denying the same rights for other groups. Support of ones own race doesn’t have anything to do with trying to keep jobs, housing and education in your own group. That is just plain ignorant.

    I do know is that racism is NOT a human trait as you think. If racism was a human trait then the Africans and the Native American would have killed the white people as soon as they came ashore instead of helping and extended a hand. Racism is not being allowed to flourish amongst other races. You see races saying that they are proud of themselves and that to you means white hate. That is the problem with white pride. It doesn’t have to mean I am better than the next. If you were to understand that then you wouldn’t automatically assume that when a person is proud somehow means they are out to get you.

    Multiculturalism never works when one culture believes that theirs in the only one deserving of anything. And I truly don’t need to paint you as anything. With all the “You’s” and “Your people” etc. paint a very BIG picture about you and how you feel about yourself. You know, self esteem problems and insecure feelings due to your perceived shortcomings plays itself out with over compensation such as in white supremacy. You can pretend that you are just a proud white person, but when you sit with a group of people talking about the stereotypical ethnic traits or the inferiority of other races, what you really are is just an ignorant self loathing person.

    Thanks for trying to put forth a reply worthy of posting. You fell short on logic and research but the effort gets you a prize.

  30. Okay, for those who truly cannot understand I too will try to break it down into its simplest form. A white man picks up a gun and uses it to kill a Native American man to take his land without any compensation. Then the white man needs someone to work the land so he again gets his gun and goes to the land of the black man. The white man kidnaps the black man and forces him to work without any compensation in the form of wages and compensation. Then the white man with the gun sits back and brags about how he built the land all by himself. It’s not comedy, but a rather simplistic but tragic review of racism here in America for the truly simplistic.

    White people enjoy pointing at homicide rates as evidence of black people’s greater proclivity for crime. But it is inaccurate to say that black people commit more crime because per capita black people have a higher homicide rate. People of more intelligence would know better. According to this Department of Justice website , out of the 10,437,620 crimes committed in the United States back in 2006, white people committed 7,270,214 crimes while 2,924,724 were committed by black people. In terms of percentages that means 69.7% of the crime in 2006 were committed by white people and 28% committed by black people. According to the numbers published by the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigations, black people should be far from being America’s number one crime problem. But because so many of us take solace in the fact that it is easy to manipulate statistics into to reflect a skewed reality, people like to believe black people commit more crime.

    Black people have it made because we have black institutions like the NAACP, BET, the United Negro College Fund, the African American Institute, head start for “urban youth”, African American GRANTS, the African studies Association, and etcetera. The idea that BET is focused on the welfare of black people is a serious stretch since it’s actually owned and controlled by Viacom. BET is just another example of how white people hijack black culture in order to control the definition of being black in America. But for the sake of argument we’ll include BET.

    But what do white people have? FOX News, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, Nickelodeon, the SPEED Network, DIY Network, the Food Channel, CMT, VH1, the Disney Channel, SOAP, G4, CNN, MSNBC, the Travel Channel, the Republican National Convention, the Pre-College Fund, the Guilford Annual Funds, the Loyalty Fund, Quaker Club and Friends of the Library, the Friends Center General Fund, the Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund, Irish Ethnic College Grants, the Steven Knezevich Grant, grants and funds for Russian studies, grants and funds for Serbian studies, grants and funds for Ukrainian studies, grants and funds for Australian studies, grants and funds for Croatian studies, grants and funds for children of all kinds of ethnicities targeting white ancestry, the 4H Club, the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, practically every major American corporation gives considerably more money to the white community than it does to the black community, and etcetera. For every organization you can name that focuses on the black community, I can name twenty that focuses on the supposedly racially generic community that just so happens to be predominantly white.

    White people can’t celebrate their culture? Don’t even go there. The Irish people have a holiday celebrating their drunken disorderly conduct with all kinds of displays devoted to shamrocks and green beer. Oktoberfest celebrates German culture with more beer. Thanksgiving is a celebration of how white people stole Native American land. The festivities associated with almost any sporting event are white culture at its finest. The Indianapolis 500, the Super Bowl, and the World Series are all examples of white culture that has been inflicted on everyone. White culture abounds all around us. We have French restaurants, German neighborhoods, and Roman Catholic churches.

    Black people supporting the black community does not require the perpetual subjugation of anyone else. White people supporting the white community does not require the subjugation of anyone else. However, so many white people see the end of white privilege as a sign that minorities who control very little are being unfair to white people who control the vast majority of wealth and institutions in America. Black people have to accept white people. But white people feel that any acceptance of black people is against their god given right to hate people for no other reason than their race. Of course you wear your racism proudly. You are a white person whose sense of self worth is dependent on the subjugation of others.

  31. Tonto (oh sorry I mean) Cherokee,

    I know that you are anything but! My grandparents are Native American and they would slap your face if they read what you had here. It is a shame that you would impersonate another race in order to further your racist bullshit. If you really are a Native American then instead of talking about all the negative that blacks are you would be out helping to regain your own race.

    Shame on you!

    Analiheligv aseno tla analiheligv

  32. Ferg

    This is the problem with our country today. No one is accountable. It seems everyone points the finger but ignore there own inabilities to make a difference. I guess forums are where things get done. To call out an entire race? Tim, if you live in Idaho, then you really dont have a clue about the real world. Idaho is and will always be 20-30 years behind. I have lived there, so I do know. Didnt take long before I went back to civilization (California). It is time to move forward, not backwards. Your 1950’s small town perception of reality is disturbing. But I guess thats why Idaho is 90 percent white, and still treating immigrant (hispanics) workers like new age slaves. But, to you this normal. Maybe thats why people think Idaho is rascist? Oh, come late January, your may expode for unknown reasons. I hate spoil the suprise, but the President elect is a minority. Enjoy.

  33. stilliniraq

    nyet, blacksentinel is right, my sources, some of whom were former FBI, and one who is ex special forces and white btw, has confirmed this to be true.

    He traveled around Idaho and Boise and rural areas, he saw how much ammunition and firearms they have there (mainly Aryan Nation headquarters), including some tanks, he was like Jeezus they look like a rebel militia ready to start a war. He even told me if you plan to go there for whatever reason make sure you have protection, rifle shotgun or pistol just in case.

    However i should also add that their main beef and rivalry is with Jews and then people of color, some of themhave actually made a shocking alliance with Black Supremacists because they both hate Jews.

  34. Joseph Rinaldi

    Black sentinel, I was born in Newark NJ and live close to it here in Bloomfield. I am 47 now and on disability but I have watched the complete cultural erosion of my town (Bloomfield) and I must say that I know its wrong to hate but I really feel blasted from all sides having been hit by the minority explosion. The young black kids I see walking down the street from a tech high school up the block constantly scream racist comments at homeowners, passing cars…disrupt businesses and absolutely refuse to learn to speak proper english. I have seen terrible anger stream from these kids who are the grandchildren of the people living in Newark during the riots. Who taught them that? They hate Italians especially and have no ability to grasp the fact that we didnt come to this country until 1900 but still want to kick us about slavery??? My Sicilian ancestors were “serfs” and actually had to wear the traditional bondage belts on the landowners farms. My Point – we were slaves. I am ready to retire to another part of the country. It’s not too much to ask that where I move can provide me with a peaceful, quiet lifestyle and the stable property values and not erode or devalue them. Blacks and minorities have their enclaves and now have pushed me out of a town I spent my life in. Here in NJ illegal aliens are rapidly overrunning the State. It’s only fair that people likeminded as myself want to be happy in their later years and enjoy the small portions (and getting smaller everyday) of white european enclaves that the Northwestern states (east of Seattle, from Western washington to North Dakota and South to Wyoming) possess. I look forward to moving to Western Washington or Idaho. Black people have made remarkable strides in getting things for themselves. Leave us be and enjoy the fruits of your labours while we do the same.

  35. Joseph Rinaldi,

    Give me a break PLEASE! You act as if this is some type of minority world and white people are just stuck in it. And somehow you and the other white people are at the mercy of these hooligan blacks all the while you are trying live this peaceful life devoid of any controversy. Are you telling me that there has never been an Italian person in the history of living in this country who has used his white skin in order to gain white privilege which steps on the black race? Has no Italians ever possessed the will to be racist towards blacks or other minorities? Because the last time I checked Italians were just as racist as any other race of people.

    You want black people to enjoy the fruits of their labor and leave you white people alone so you can do the same? Black people can’t enjoy the fruits of their labor! For one thing our ancestors labor built this countries wealth for free. And your serf ancestors were allowed to come here and already be a full ladder, not just a rung, ahead of those blacks. Sure Italians were discriminated against, but how long did that last? Did your people quickly become meshed into the society that still holds blacks at arms length?

    And what about those Italians who walk around calling blacks Moolies and refuse to learn proper English? Do you care that all over the western states that you seem to think is some sort of white haven, white kids barely speak English and are rude, walking around hurling insults at the white, black and other races of people? You act as if teen angst is some sort of black teen trait while the white teens are some law abiding, sweet, mild mannered angels. You had better think again before getting to your white heaven or manifest destiny land.

    And please stop talking like whites are a minority. The last time I checked white people were still in the majority. They are still in control of everything that happens in this country. So who is to blame for property values dropping where there are NO minorities? Oh, I guess it couldn’t be the plethora of white people who are bad elements. I am just disgusted by this reply. This is the misguided one sided views of life and minorities that feeds racial hatred. This constant need to see the OTHER as the problem. If people were to start pointing out all the ridiculous things that white people do and give it coined phrases like “white on white crime” or “white teens out of control” maybe you wouldn’t be so quick to label minorities as the problem.

    Thanks but no thanks to your ridiculous comment. Hopefully you get to move closer to the white supremacists in Idaho and Eastern Washington who share your one sided views.

  36. Ben

    The only thing I like about Idaho is their potatoes. Other than that, I would never set foot inside that bizarre, inbred, 18th century backward piece of shit state.

  37. Ben,

    Funny comment. I did like Idaho while I was living there. But I didn’t do a lot of mingling and pretty much stayed to myself. I enjoyed the natural beauty. I am a Washington State native and love the outdoors, so Idaho fit the bill for that love. But thanks for your comment it gave me a chuckle.

  38. Alice

    Wow. Some good points made on both sides. I understand the argument that if minorities don’t move to Idaho, the racism problem on some of its communities won’t change. Still, I see the article as one of safety. I would not move to a place if I did not feel safe to live there no matter how noble the intention. If I had my own family to worry about, I definitely would not move there. The message that I am getting from this discussion is:
    1. Idaho has a problem with racism,
    2. But not all of Idaho has that problem.
    3. You’ll be OK as long as you don’t leave the major cities.
    4. If you are courageous and don’t mind taking on the racists once in a while, Idaho may be for you …
    5. Unless you just want to live your live without fear or occasional racist confrontations. In that case, skip Idaho.

    I am not willing to expose myself to intimidation, discrimination and racial profiling to prove to people that I am good. There are too many other places where I can live peacefully and undisturbed.

  39. Alice,

    I understand and agree with your sentiment of not wanting to put your family in a stressful harmful situation. I grew up in Washington State just next door to Idaho. I lived in Idaho and loved the natural setting as it was just like home. I only moved their because of employment. We left due to the fact that it had become somewhat stressful and we did not want our family living like that.

    All in all, I have to say that I am grateful for the experience of having lived in Idaho. Also, I personally don’t feel that anyone no matter what race should be moving anywhere to show anyone anything. Not how good their particular race is by example, or just to expose the closed mindedness of the people to new culture or experiences. I think that if you move somewhere it should be for reasons such as employment, enjoyment or maybe that is a place you’ve always dreamed of moving, I guess which falls under enjoyment, and maybe moving to be closer to family.

    Thank you for the reply.

  40. Big Dave

    Idaho, I read somewhere, has the highest college enrollment of black students by percentage, that is as a percentage of its black population. So, backwoods wierdos aside (and we have a few in Texas too), I think Idaho is probably a pretty cool place to be, just because it doesn’t suffer from the old afflictions of democrat-run, crime-boss friendly old American cities/states with hundred-year long democrat ‘governments’ (can you say “the Chicago way”?)

    As for you going to the trouble to quote the lady who wrote the 8th comment down, here’s how I see racism in this country–

    the longer I live, the fewer like her there are. BUT the more opportunity they have to give voice to their oddness. She’s not so much ‘racist’ (convinced that skin color necessarily connotes general inferiority or superiority, or determined that one race achieve lasting social superiority over another) as she is STUPID and uninformed about crime and who’s doing it and what the statistics are and what they mean. She’s more frightened than anything else. Frightened of things she knows nothing about.

    Sadly, that accounts for most of the ‘racism’ in this country. Having lived abroad, though, I can honestly say that America is one of the LEAST racist countries on the face of the earth. Can you say tutsi vs hutu? Luo Kikuyu Masai in Kenya? Have you tried to emigrate from any African country to ANY EUROPEAN COUNTRY? Even if you are invited by your employer to go work in, say, Belgium, it takes a year to get a temporary visa to go there, and the government spends that year looking HARD for reasons to deny it.

    Europeans are hardcore racists. Take it from me. Seen it. Minority communities in big cities there are largely ghetto style, jammed into centers or fringes of cities in places where even the cops don’t bother to go. These people are on their own and they don’t even speak the local language. Even if they want to assimilate, they simply can’t.

    If you want to complain that the same thing happens here, I’d tell you that anyone in a ghetto has a choice if he wants to get out and become something. In Europe, no African has that choice; society is still structured on family name, aristocracy, wealth, etc etc. They never moved to ‘freedom’ like America did; they’re still classists.

    More racism? How about Japan’s horrific abuse of China over half the 20th century? Or North Korea’s disdain for South Koreans because some of them ‘marry black American soldiers and ruin the Korean blood’? (see Christopher Hitchens’ latest column on this).

    And of course there is so much more. FDR was against Japanese immigrants intermarrying with Americans because the mixture of blood ‘nine times out of ten produces unfortunate results’. Do you think he was okay with black people marrying white people? Me neither.

    But to repeat– the longer I live, the less racism seems to influence this society, and we’re all so much better off for it. I’d like to live the rest of my life never hearing about it again. But of course I won’t; it will continue, like greed and corruption and self-aggrandizement and all the other human flaws will continue. It cannot be stamped out unless we stamp ourselves out entirely. “sinful nature”, “fallen man”, etc.

    Like Morgan Freeman says, best way to deal with racism is just to not talk about it so much.

    /end discourse

  41. Big Dave,

    *SIGH* Why don’t we ever say that the best way to deal with murder is just not to talk about it? Is it because we know that just NOT talking about something doesn’t make it go away, nor does it make it end? I think we all know that the only thing that it does is just to let it continue without the racists having to be bothered.

    And of course you have someone like Morgan Freeman who believes that since HE has made it, it no longer matters if other blacks are dealing with racism. So please, until you or Morgan can tell me that somehow not looking at any other bad or ridiculous behavior such as child rape will somehow help it go away, then shut up with that stupid crap.

    And I am not talking about Hutu’s, Tutsi’s, China, Japan nor anyone in Europe. I am talking about America! I am talking about the racism I see here. And I guess when you say that a person in the ghetto can get out if they want means that all they have to do is just say no. Because the last time I checked, the schools in these so called ghetto’s are sub par, so I guess they won’t be getting out through a college degree. Maybe what we should realize is that taking a look at the racism which is why people of color end up in ghetto’s with sub par schools and little to no job options isn’t the problem. Ignoring that racism IS!


  42. Ann

    I am late coming to this post (I came upon it via some links to related links from my admin.)

    There are two things I wish to say:

    Black Sentinel:

    Excellent post, kudos to you in your outstanding holding your own against the haters and believers of lies who disrespected you.

    The Truth has one father; but, the Lie has many Fathers. Such is the hellish mythical place known as the United Staes of America.

    Joseph Rinaldi:

    “My Sicilian ancestors were “serfs” and actually had to wear the traditional bondage belts on the landowners farms. My Point – we were slaves.”


    Since when have Italians/Italian-Americans ever been slaves in the United States of America? As for serfs/belts in Sicily/Sardinia, my question to you: Why do Italians (country) and Italian-Americans continue to allow the existence of La Cosa Nostra, the Mafia——-both offsprings/mutations of La Mano Nera?

    You know……I am not going to waste precious time on trying to educate a human with your paramecium mentality.

    Here is a true history of Italians (and other ‘ethnic Whites’) who lived in America and how they showed so much care and humanity towards their fellow Black citizens:

    You can take your Opression Olympics and shove it.

  43. Ann,

    Thanks for the information. I am hoping that all of the people who were involved in the comment section will return and allow themselves to be educated by the links you have given. Thanks for the reply and links.

  44. Northern Idaho is CRAWLING with white supremests…still. I remember not two months ago there was a flyer in a local coffee house promoting the band “Skrewdriver” (a nazi band) and a link to buy their music….when I told the barista, he said “Its not up to you and your liberal kind to decide what people can and can not do”

  45. Europa

    I have lived in Boise, Idaho for close to twenty years now, and since I started dating again after divorce, I have been shocked at the amount of racist remarks I have heard from the caucasian men I have met here (and quickly cut off). I am less likely to date a white man now due to this…

  46. Corbin

    Ive been gone from the US for nearly 10 years, spending 3 of those years in the sandbox for uncle sam. I met and married my wife in asia and had children together. We are selling our house and moving to the states. Ive told them all how beautiful it is in the mountain states and i was looking forward to moving to northern idaho, i had no idea that idaho was full of skinheads. I know that if my wife or children were ever messed with by some white-trash skinhead i couldnt keep my 40 from barking. I have spilled a quart of blood for this country and sacrificed my body, i didnt do this to return to some uneducated idiots that would mistreat my family. Maybe seattle is more my speed? I wonder if Wyoming is any better? Cowboys arent that stupid right?

  47. Corbin,

    First of all, thank you for your service to our safety and our country. Seattle is a great place and there are a lot of mixed couples there. Also, it has a nice size Asian population. I have to admit I like you think that North Idaho is a beautiful and wonderful area. Unfortunately, it just so happens to be full of idiots as well. I lived there for years and would absolutely love to return to the area but just can’t seem to bring myself to go back to the lions den. Maybe one day the ignorant who live there among the educated will be brought into the real world of a multicultural world and allow people to just be. No one is saying they have to go and be best friends with a minority but allow a minority to live their lives in peace.

    Good luck. Oh and Wyoming is beautiful as well. I don’t know the state of mind there as I have never lived there. But, Seattle has the beauty and progressive minds as well.

  48. George

    Go to Seattle if you value your lives! Also read what happened to this interracial couple in Idaho and this white woman actually seemed to have had it easy relative to other people I know! Go to Speaking of China website and read the blog on Discrimination.

  49. Jacob

    Hello All,
    This reply is in response to brotherpeacemaker post. Although I do agree with you that Idaho has issues with ignorant racism, I must say that this does go both ways. I am originally from Portland, Or. which has a diverse community so the shock of Idaho got to me. But on the note of this going both ways my wife who is Native American was pulled over by an African American officer for no reason and then bugged for half and hour for no apperent reason. Did your situation have to be one of racism? Or was it just some annoying public servant being dumb? I would also have to say that this could be area dependent, given Northern Idaho has a much bigger problem with racism then other areas. I have been a victim of racism myself. It was a hispanic officer bugging me, I just believe that it comes down to some of these officers letting the slight bit of power they have go to their heads. I hope you have better experiences in this HORRIBLE state, I plan to move back to Portland as soon as possible. One last thing apperently hippies know how to run a state.

  50. doc

    I have lived in Idaho for over 40 yrs, But raceism is everywhere. not just here but all over right or wrong , Its here amongst the narow minded inbreds that are here in great numbers. I am leaving as soon as my retirement is settled and if I could a few european countries would be nice, but for the most part The US is still the best place on the planet , we just need fewer people and more jobs.

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