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My Ode to Halloween

This is my ode to Halloween.  I just want to clear up one misconception that bugs the hell out of me every year since the movie appeared on the scene.  When people vote on the best zombie movie made, it is inevitable that some ding dong will always want to include 28 days later.   28 days later is NOT a zombie movie.   A zombie is a person who has been killed and rises from the dead to consume the flesh of the living.

In 28 days later, the people were INFECTED with a virus that was pure rage.  They weren’t trying to eat the living, they were trying to kill the living from the rage they were feeling.  That is a big difference.  These infected people were alive and could be killed in any number of ways that didn’t have to include destroying the brain.  I love the horror film genre and zombies being my ultimate favorite.  I love Max Brooks’ book the Zombie handbook, it is hilarious and a lot of it is true if zombies were running amok.  I just had to vent this fact as I am a purest when it comes to zombies whether in movies, books or television.

Now I do like watching the show The Walking Dead.  My only problem with the series thus far is that the people are extremely stupid. I have an ongoing dialogue with the Mr that you CAN do a zombie movie where the people do everything right and still have a crazy good show.  Because no matter how much you do right, zombies are relentless.  They will chase the human population to the end of time.  Everyone doesn’t always have to be the idiot.

In the show everyone seems to be doing everything wrong most of the time.  Think about the episode where the group was out searching for the little girl Sophia.  Well the dingbat Andrea somehow gets so far from the group that when “Forest Walker” the zombie jumped her, she screams and the group actually had a good trek to get to her.  And her actions when the zombie jumped her were classically stupid.  She stabs him in the stomach.  HE IS DEAD YOU IDIOT THAT WON’T WORK!!!

Anywho, they all seem to do some classically stupid things which are supposed to get us all worked up.  I think that if they just scream and ran away looking for the others would be better than backing up over a tree limb.  But, hey that’s here nor there.  I do like the show and think that for a television drama; it has hit a spot that was being totally ignored.  And I believe that it has created a larger zombie fan base than was previously there.  Or maybe I just wasn’t aware of just how many zombie fans were lurking around out there.

I just want to give a shout out to all my zombie lovers out there on a great day for being one.

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Should Religious Beliefs Trump Legal Rights?

People such as Rose Marie Belforti pictured above, the town clerk in Ledyard NY decided that she just can’t give out marriage licenses to gay couples due to her religion so she did just that, told a lesbian couple they will need to come back and get that license when one of her subordinates could do it for them.

Now, unfortunately I don’t believe that she was hired to a job in government due to her religion or based on her religion.  Her religion is her religion and that is something for her to keep to herself at her home.  She actually has no right to bring her philosophical beliefs to the workplace and infringe on others rights.  Belforti says state law “protects my right to hold both my job and my beliefs.”

Where state law DOES protect her right to hold her beliefs, it DOESN’T protect her from failing to do her job.  That right there should have this fool kicking up dust all the way to the unemployment office where someone there should deny her service because their god says only pretty people need be served.  And you know what I’m talkin’ bout’, just look at her.  And my god says it is my right to call it like I see it!

The bible says in Genesis 3:16 – “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children.  So me being a nurse, would she be in support of me denying her or her daughter’s call for pain medication during the delivery of a child.  Should I say that in good Christian faith, I can’t get her any pain medication nor call an anesthesiologist due to my Christian beliefs which says that women should be in extreme pain during childbirth?  And that her or her daughter will have to wait eight hours or more until my shift ends before they can have their pain alleviated due to my beliefs, is that acceptable to her.

People are so hypocritical.  It is becoming much more prevalent these days.  I want to deny people rights they have under the law based on my fucked up views of religion etc.  All the while expecting others to respect their rights not only to do everything they want to do that complies with the law.  She would never understand a teacher at her daughter’s school saying that he can’t teach her because his religious views say that women shouldn’t be allowed to be educated.  And that her daughter will need to wait until she can get into another teacher’s class who will tolerate females being educated.  She would expect this male teacher be fired, or disciplined in some way.

This woman should be fired.  It is not her place to bring her religion to work.  It is not her right to force her beliefs on anyone else.  It IS her job to hand out marriage licenses not to administer religious teaching.  And it is high time that we put a stop to these people who feel that their rights trump everyone else’s rights.  There is nothing written in the constitution placing anyone person’s rights above another.  Well except when we are dealing with black folks, but that’s another story isn’t it.

Where does it stop?  Do we have to be subject to others views of the bible which can be pretty damaging?  When does the stoning start?  Do I get to tell my boss that even though I am required to work on the Sabbath, I won’t and I should not only keep my job but be paid because they can’t infringe upon my religious rights?  And then should I be able to stone people to death for working on the Sabbath?  Because we all know that in Numbers 15:32-56 it does say that Moses was told by god to stone a man to death for gathering sticks on the Sabbath.  Hey, it’s my right under the bible and the state can’t stand in the way of my religious rights!

We have to set precedence or there is no stopping the things that one can do under the guise of bible worship.  I can stone my son to death for being insolent as it gives me full right to do in Deuteronomy 21:18-21.  This crap is going way too far and it is infringing on the rights of other humans to live their lives as the constitution said We hold these truths to be self–evident, That all men are created equal, That they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, That among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.– That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, Deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

It clearly says that the government and I would assume the workers there in, derive their powers from the consent of the governed NOT from the bible, god nor Christian churches or any other churches.  So it is about time to knock some sense into these people.  Kick her butt out of that position and place someone there that understands that the power they possess are given by the people who consist of gays, blacks, Asians, whites, Muslims, Hispanics and every other race, religion or creed.  Come on people get over your petty discrimination already!  And that means you Rose Marie Belforti!

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