Sarah Palin 2012?


It is funny that no matter how pathetic Sarah Palin is or was people are still out there talking about how great she is and how she is classy, sassy, you name it. That somehow she energized the base and pulled Republicans together like no one else could have during the campaign.

Now people are going so far as to say that she will be a shoe in to run in 2012. And that the Democratic Party is to blamed for all the horrible new information that is spilling onto the media about the extent of her stupidity.

Fortunately the Dems don’t have to spread supposed lies about Sarahcuda. The Republicans are the ones who are shedding light on her. And from the extent of her stupidity during the campaign I highly doubt that these snippets of information are false.

The fact that she couldn’t even name one Supreme court decision, one freaking magazine she reads or that she actually believes that seeing a country gives you foreign policy experience lends a bit of credibility to the thought of her not knowing that Africa is a continent.

Her energizing the base is true.  But like I said about blacks and the Dems, they could have added a Morlock to the ticket and that would have energized the base.  They just needed anything to take the attention off of John McCain.  He just was not carrying the ticket like they thought he would.

The thought of Sarah Palin running for president in 2012 is not scary it is hilarious. She will still have to go through the primaries and trust me whoever she is running against will not be praising her like they did during this presidential campaign. She was not vetted by McCain but trust me before she gets the Republican nomination in 2012 those she is running against will run her through the ringer.

I do find it funny that people are swearing that the Democrats are so scared of her and hate her. I find this funny because if it weren’t for Sarah Palin the race might have been a little bit closer, not much but some. She ran off the Independents, Reagan Democrats and a lot of Republicans. She is not about uniting or building bridges, even those to nowhere, between people. She is about ripping the country apart. These people are patriotic, those people aren’t.

Don’t we deserve better from the Republican Party? Don’t we deserve to have them put forth a candidate who will be willing and able to govern us all without having to have this blind loyalty? We see what happens when you play the “your either with us or against us” game. We get a total lack of help from the world and end up going rogue, which is one thing Sarah knows a little something about.

I firmly believe that she is not hated by everyone who doesn’t agree with her. I think that she became the poster girl for the intolerance and hate that the country voted overwhelmingly to get away from. We need to focus on the future and not continue to try and return this country to the past where Sarah seems to live in ignorant bliss.

We don’t need women who wink their way to power. We need women who use the brain which they filled with education to get ahead like Hillary Clinton and others. Hopefully Alaska will do its civic duty and rid us all of this backwards thinking partisan well before 2012.



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  2. If Palin did run for President in 2012, at least she has name recognition going for her… she just has a lot of cramming to do for the next four years

  3. Patrick,

    Very true, she does have name recognition. But the negative baggage that will inevitably come along with that name recognition is going to hurt.

    People see her as ignorant and that is a hard bag to drop. George Bush never could do it no matter what he did or said.

    Thanks for the reply.

  4. I think a more apt comparison was Dan “how’s my spelling” Quayle. As a vice president who made some seriously huge gaffs, Mr. Quayle could never shake the stigma of being someone who was perceived as being less intelligent. Compared to Mr. Quayle, Ms. Palin is a walking talking gaff machine.


  5. Tom

    The only guarantee that the democrats will win again in 2012 = “PALIN 2012”

  6. Palin played along with McCain campaign and served as an elephant killer when she was supposed to field dress a donkey. I highly recommend this short, hilarious youtube video, Blame Game : Et tu, Palin? Palin 2012

    She debased herself to suggestive gestures and folksy innuendo, all traits she didn’t display when running for Gov. Her very selection was a “white flag of surrender” to the Obama campaign that they were not going to run a campaign on issues when a country was looking for answers. I think the saddest moment of the whole campaign was when John McCain tried so graciously to salvage some remaining dignity and the crowd started booing and yelling canned cheers during his concession speech. He couldn’t turn off the hate machine that Palin primed so well on the trail. The fact the she was smiling at that moment says it all.

    For some many reluctant voters OBAMA meant Only Because America’s Maverick was Awol. The truth is John McCain squandered his chance to make his case to the American people. He used the Pitbull with lipstick as a distraction and it backfired when he got bit trying to put the muzzle on.

    p.s., She’d do well to hide her wardrobe from the GOP lawyers at Sen. Steven’s house. He’s used to storing unrequested gifts and not disclosing them. They should be safe there!

  7. Funny! Obama will win twice if palin go for 2012

  8. pvdugas

    I personally think Sarah will go for that Senate seat should Stevens be ousted! Yes, McCain did “pimp” Sarah and towards the middle of the campaign she rebelled and decided to take matters into her own hands. (When she turned Rogue) I’ve maintained from day one she didn’t want the VP job. Sarah wants the oval office. You can listen to her all you want saying how much she loves being Governor of Alaska. We haven’t heard the last of her. I read that she actually was upset that she was unable to give her own concession speech. She’s a piece of work and we haven’t heard the last of her by a longshot. Believe that!

  9. It is this conservative’s opinion that John McCain really shouldn’t have been there in the first place. However in order to “energize” voter participation during the caucuses/primaries, the rules were set up that anyone could come in and make their pick, and that margin of victory for McCain’s campaign to pick up the necessary steam. For the Democrats, McCain was the best opponent they could hope for. Had the primaries/caucuses been closed to strictly republicans (on that side) you would have found a true conservative having been nominated, and most likely a more qualified, and less gaffe-ful running mate.
    Whether or not it would’ve made a difference in the general election per the end result, I doubt it, but it would’ve been a little closer I believe.

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  11. Proud white

    and I find it hilarious that no matter how many stupid things Obama says or does, he will NEVER be called out on it by the same trash that vindicated not only Palin but also her family which they had absolutely no right to do, but sadly Democrats for the most part don’t have any morals anymore and they will soon destroy the 2 party system because they won’t exist with this magnificent platform of attacking families to get ahead.

    Seriously do you all have the guts to admit just how stupid and irresponisible Barney Frank is, or Harry Reid etc?

  12. Proud White,

    First let me just ask, ARE YOU STUPID? Because you come up with the most ludicrous things. Somehow this “trash” or Democrats that you speak of who are attacking families etc., are who and where exactly? Republicans attack anyone’s and everyone’s family right along with all the trash and Democrats. Not to mention you have come to my blog making a LOT OF ASSumptions. Just because I can’t stand stupidity, Sarah Palin being the poster girl, doesn’t tell you much about me, so be careful.

    I guess when people were attacking Michelle Obama you were out in force to call them trash and let them know that was unacceptable, right? I bet not, I bet you were right there with the “trash” spewing your share. At any rate your argument is NOT sound. If Sarah Palin wishes to push her family into the limelight then don’t complain when people start looking at them.

    Also, if you are going to be a so called champion for abstinence then don’t complain when people show how hypocritical it is for your child to be pregnant AND unmarried. Gee what happen to those morals you were speaking of. Or is that one NOT included. If anything you need to check the morals of all these so called Republicans you obviously hold dear. Rush – drug junkie who can’t keep a wife. Cindy McCain – drug junkie who stole drugs from a medical charity. Yep, these folks sound REAL moral. Or maybe we should talk about all of the gay and pedophile Republicans and Christian Right who cry about gay marriage all the while they are getting a little from some gay dude on the side. Need I go on.

    Do you have the courage to admit to how stupid George W Bush is or how morally bankrupt most of those in the Ruthuglican party are? Or are you going to continue down the road with your narrow view due to the blinders you choose to wear.

    Give me a freaking break already! Thanks but no thanks to your idiocy. Bye, bye now.

  13. Proud white

    Bush is constantly called stupid, even by people with practically no education. Barney Frank is just shown he is stupid by college students because no one has the guts to admit it.

    Michelle put her self out to be attacked, she was out on the campaign trail unlike any of Palin’s family, if they were attacking the girls then yes I would have called foul but of course I wouldn’t have to do that because they wouldn’t do it anyway(they didn’t even do that with Biden’s daughter).

    Sarah didn’t ask for Bristol to be put in the limelight or anyone in the family, they were put there anyway so they could have some dirt on her before they decided she was stupid enough to go down without the crap(which they still continued to dig up of course). Seriously what could Sarah have done to keep her daughter from getting pregnant? Do you think she should have her teenage daughter on a leash or something?
    This isn’t like the head of the IRS not paying his taxes and still being elected to the position(oh wait…yep he did get the position), Palin herself didn’t get pregnant before getting married so her daughter doesn’t change that considering Bristol makes her own choices and her mother cannot stop that, this was just obviously used to take a stab at Palin through her daughter and make it look legitmate at first glance.

    I don’t care what Rush or Cindy have done in their personal lives, I am talking about showing morals in the media(you know since the media can be used to ruin people’s entire lives despite what really happened, did you forget that, or do you have to be reminded what happened to the Duke Lacrosse Team because the media decided to play it like they were guilty the whole time?).

    The Democratic party has yet to call out any of its crooks unless some independent source has already caught them in the act and then they are thrown under the bus(Blago, Bill, Edwards etc.), it really is pathetic.

    I am not saying the Republican Party is perfect but Democrats act like they are all one big happy perfect family that everyone should join, when really there is more chaos over there than most people can imagine or want to.

    and truthfully I am way too radical either way to be a Republican but the rest of my family are Republicans so I tend to defend that side when I see this hypocrisy in the media every day.

    I wasn’t going after you blacksentinel with that post or anyone really, and I wasn’t assuming what political side you were on or anything else(although you did that to me because[gasp], I actually attacked a untouchable Democrat who hasn’t been betrayed by their own party so the Republicans haven’t been given the ok to attack him yet , the nerve of me for getting a head start, right?).

  14. Proud White,

    Let me just say you are a raging hypocrite!!! Did Sarah talk about how well abstinence only works for them? If so, then she put her daughter in the limelight. Also, if by the public looking at the fact that Bristol was a teen age unwed mother is attacking then you really are nuts.

    Also, you talk about people who don’t have much education talking about how stupid Bush is, can’t the same be said about that idiot Sarah Palin who claimed she was more qualified than Obama after barely getting a BA? Give me a break it too her 6 years to get a 4 year degree, I don’t call that educated. I call that fishing in a pool of schools to catch a degree.

    So enough already, I am tired of your drivel. I have bantered back and forth with idiots who are far more knowledgeable than yourself and will wasted not one more second on your bullshit.

    Thanks but don’t keep on bothering me.

  15. Proud White,

    You are right about one thing, I am in control of THIS conversation. And the best part of controlling the conversation is that I only have to have it once.

    So take a hint!

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