Blacks At Fault For Gay Civil Rights Fail


I was reading the blogs and noticed a post which was about the gay marriage bill. This person went down the line asking questions about the difference between blacks and gays, I guess in an attempt to show how much harder gays have life. Because according to them blacks caused the gay civil rights bill to fail. Unfortunately I think this person might be living in some sort of a vacuum.

Did your parents disown you because you are black? No? Happens to gay and lesbians every day. I can pretty much guess that if some white father and mother are in the delivery room and a black baby is born, sure I think that white father and possibly the mother would probably disown that baby. If a white father brings his black kid home to his white family chances are they will disown that kid and the father too.

Have you ever been afraid that your family, friends, and work colleagues would disown you if you were black? No? Gays and lesbians struggle constantly with coming and being out. One thing is black people “come out” as soon as they come out of the womb. They don’t have a choice NOT to tell people their race, as it is pretty obvious in most situations.

I guess no black person has ever gone into an interview after being told over the phone that their resume couldn’t be beat. Then when they show up all of a sudden the employer decided to go with someone else. I suppose that a black person has never been an outcast at the workplace. I have been many times at ALL white companies. It doesn’t matter that no one knows you are gay until you say so. Being black announces itself.

Did you get beaten up and bullied at school because you are black? No? Happens to gay and lesbians more now than ever before. Teachers turn a blind eye. I am pretty sure plenty of blacks have had to go to school and be called the N word. Or get beaten up by a bunch of white bullies.  This crap did not only happen to blacks in the past it happens right now as well.  My son has had to deal with being called names because he is black.

Did you have to hide the real you and live a lie because you were afraid to be black? No? Happens every day to gays and lesbians. Blacks constantly have to take the views and culture of the dominant white society.  Black people have to go out in the world everyday and utilize a racially generic outlook in order to fit in with society.  Everyone who isn’t a part of the dominant society has to constantly conform, not just gays.

Do you kill yourself because you are black? No? Gay and lesbians teenagers are amongst the highest percentage of suicides. Plenty of blacks have reason to kill themselves. Just because they don’t in the numbers that gays do does not mean that somehow they are not suffering from ill effects of bigotry, racism and discrimination. Unfortunately this has been a part of black lives for so long that we have adapted to it.

Were you ever denied the right to marry the person you love because you are black? No? Well that’s happening right now in California. Thanks to you. I guess this person has never heard of miscegenation. Miscegenation was laws on the books that forbid whites to marry blacks, natives or Asians. Loving vs. Virginia is the court case that actually said miscegenation is unconstitutional. Even when a parent comes to terms with their child’s homosexuality they usually accept their gay partner. To this day you still have white parents who cringe at the thought of their child coming home with a black man or woman.

Oh, and another thing. Did you make a choice to be black? No? Well neither do gay and lesbians. No one makes the choice to be who they are black or gay is true. One thing I can say is that if you are white and gay no one will treat you differently upon looking at you unless you are overtly dressing and acting in a stereotypical gay manner.  The majority of black people can’t hide their blackness no matter what the situation is, even if they do or don’t act in a stereotypical manner.

So now the truth is out. You got us all supporting your “struggle,” yet you’re just as bigoted as the “white man” you constantly bitch about. No one forced homosexuals to support the civil rights of blacks. In fact a LOT of gays did not support blacks and there are a lot of blacks who didn’t support gays. And I guess homosexuals aren’t CONSTANTLY bitching about straight people (and now blacks) who want to deny them rights? Why don’t someone or this person tell me one group of people who are being discriminated against that ISN’T bitching about it and fighting for their rights?

We were brothers and sisters fighting for the same cause and yet you dare to state that the gay and lesbian struggle is NOT a Civil Rights issue.

Shame on you.

No I say SHAME ON YOU for saying that because some black people didn’t support gay marriage that now you are done supporting racial civil rights. It actually sounds a lot like this person was only supporting racial civil rights so long as they felt they would be getting something out of it in return.

They should be supporting civil rights out of the good for ALL people.  But, according to their own statement that they won’t support blacks rights because some blacks did not support gays.  It should be fine to them that some blacks didn’t support gay rights because some gays didn’t support blacks rights.

Well think about it this way. Blacks did NOT make or break the vote. In fact in most places the black vote was a little less than ten percent. Even though the opponents of these bills failed to do much to educate blacks on the issue, they are looking for them to do what they want. So, as usual people will ignore the blacks until they want something from them like votes.

So even though whites were the majority of people who didn’t support the bill, this person now wants to deny blacks their rights.  When they probably didn’t support blacks to begin with.  What exactly did they do to support blacks or the civil rights movement?  So basically it doesn’t matter what they did to help blacks.  Blacks had better support them.

But as we can pretty much say that it always ends up being BLACK PEOPLES fault. It doesn’t matter that if all the blacks voted against the bill it would have passed anyway. It doesn’t matter that blacks were not the only people voting. Nothing matters except that blacks didn’t vote the correct right way in their mind.

Now this person can tell me when the last time something didn’t go the way people felt it should that people laid all the blame on the gays? Yet for black crime, bad education, unemployment, and even this financial crisis that is happening right now has been blamed consistently on black people. And now whoopty do we can add the failure of gay civil rights.



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2 responses to “Blacks At Fault For Gay Civil Rights Fail

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  2. The Engineer

    Some time ago, I made a made a rather serious commentaries regarding the general behavior of Asian females.

    The blogger in question identifies herself as “gingerliu.” It is possible that this moniker is derived from Ginger Liu. “Liu” just happens to be an Asian surname.

    If my hypothesis is correct that “gingerliu” is an Asian female (or half Asian female), then I am not surprised that she made such racist comparisons and statements.

    Oh well…

    Thank you for listening.

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