Thanks But No Thanks McCain/Palin


Well it is finally over and the majority of America chose brains over lunacy. We finally said enough is enough of the failed policies and gave a “real” mandate for this country to be given the makeover that it so sorely needs. And for just a split second I felt seriously sorry for McCain. I started thinking back on the disgraceful race that he waged and all those sorry feelings were quickly replaced by feelings of hope for us ALL.

In the words of Brotherpeacemaker McCain just got Baracked. McCain made some serious errors in his campaign and that to me was the reason he fell with a resounding thud. Keeping Bush’s economic plans was stupid. Picking Palin was to me, the biggest of his mistakes. She brought divisiveness, racism, classism and all sorts of negativity to the campaign as a whole. He made a lot of erratic decisions relating to the economy which was the big issue of the day. By screwing up the hot issue he totally showed his ignorance of the situation.

Palin no doubt believes that she will be in prime condition to wage her war of the crazies again in 2012. I am confident that her ignorance coupled with her divisiveness will keep her thousands of miles away from the White house. But ultimately I agree with McCain the loss was his. He is the one who brought her on the ticket practically un-vetted. He is the one who allowed his campaign to go completely negative and he is also the one who did not have a good grasp on the issues at hand. These are the reasons why Barack was able to flip seven red states.

It also looks as if the House and Senate will not only remain blue they are getting bluer. The people have spoken and they have spoken loudly. The majority made a choice that the issues were much more important than his racial affiliation. They decided that we need to have the smartest and brightest. They understood that it isn’t elitist to do well in school. It isn’t un-American to live in a big city. It isn’t socialism to repeal the Bush tax cuts for the richest Americans. A Muslim name doesn’t make you a terrorist. Acorn didn’t destroy the fabric of Democracy. And we are confident that dirty, negative campaigning does not win an election, anymore.

So congratulations President elect Barack Obama. We the people have chosen with a wide enough margin that there is no doubt. We said no to Joe the Plumber and any other names followed by occupations. We said no to drill baby drill. We said no to palling around with terrorism. We said no to guilt by association. We said no to more war. We said no to racism. And above all we said thanks but no thanks to the McCain/Palin political hate machine. Hopefully McCain will be able to recapture that integrity and “real” maverick spirit he lost in this election.



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11 responses to “Thanks But No Thanks McCain/Palin

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  3. pvdugas

    Beautifully said Black Sentinel! I called that he would win by over 300 and the people have had their voice. What a beautiful day in America.
    Let us keep this beautiful new first family in our prayers as they move forward to make change in this country.

  4. The Engineer

    Here, Here. Beautifully said.

    I favored President Obama, but many may have remembered that I predicted that McCain was going to win.


    I will say more later.

    Thank you for listening.

  5. Well said. The country (and its voters) have come a long way over the years. It is great to see.

    I really don’t believe any one party should control everything (it certainly removes a significant amount of checks and balances). Hopefully both parties will put everything aside and work towards a common goal.

  6. Sentinel,

    I agree…I did however respect the speech that he gave last night…Had his party allowed him to be the man that gave that speech maybe he would have only lost by alot… 🙂

    Seriously though..his work and ours is about to begin, for real. I for one, am excited…and there isnt alot that excites me.

  7. I seriously doubt if John McCain would have won the Republican nomination had he been the man that was willing to reach across the political aisle. Just look at the people who supported Mr. McCain to the bitter end and then some. A lot of these people were out for blood. They didn’t want someone who was middle of the road or reasonable. They wanted someone who would protect their interest without compromise or with the absolute minimum compromise possible.

    Had John McCain been the reasonable man that was so attractive to many in his presidential run back in 2000 I seriously doubt if he would’ve won the Republican nomination. Everything Mr. McCain did in this election was a calculated move to win the election. The flip flops, the selection of Sarah Palin, the blatant disrespect of Mr. Obama during the debates, the negative campaigning. and etcetera. He deserved to lose by much more than a lot!


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  10. Yup

    I am happy Barack Obama won, but I disagree with you saying that Plain brought “divisiveness, racism, and classism.” Everybody has brought with them a way of separating the economic and social status from one another. Saying that McCain made many mistakes is also wrong, both made mistakes, everybody makes mistakes. You can’t say that McCain/Palin are stupid ignorant people who make mistakes all the time. For example, Barack Obama also did make a mistake. He said he would give tax-cuts to 95% of Americans, which is actually impossible to due. Cutting taxes will actually cause less money to go to goverment/schools/etc. which need the money. Plus, it also means, that the richer people will be taxed more. People of both economic status (poor/rich), work hard. They don’t just get the money. Barack Obama saying that he will give tax-cuts to 95% of Americans, is impossible, which is a huge mistake, because he can’t keep that promise.

    Both were ignorant, and saying that only McCain/Palin were ignorant, makes you Very ignorant.

  11. Yup,

    I never said anywhere that McCain/Palin were ignorant people who made mistakes constantly. Even though you are quite convincing.

    Anyway, the post wasn’t talking about how many mistakes each side made. I think Palin is extremely divisive. She constantly played the he doesn’t think like US!

    She was talking about how certain areas are MORE patriotic than others. Those who sent kids to war are MORE patriotic than others. Small town values are better than big cities.

    How is this not divisive again? Anyway, you can cry about how non ignorant the McCain Palin crew were all you like and it doesn’t mean they weren’t.
    I think you make me laugh. I am ignorant because I am talking about how blatantly ignorant they were.

    And if Obama and his crew were so much more ignorant I believe they would have lost. Not to mention it is NOT impossible to give tax cuts to 95% of middle class working families. NOT 95% of Americans.

    It sounds like you have been listening to too many McCain Palin stump speeches. They continued to push this lie even when the facts said something different. That is another mistake/ignorant blight on them.

    You are so blatantly ignorant it is beginning not to be funny anymore. So I guess what you are saying with the whole rich/poor both work hard is that it should be OK to continue the Bush tax cuts like McCain said he would do. Because in that tax plan the rich get tax cuts while the poor or middle class pay more than them.

    Is that fair? Is that how we should do things? Should we all pay more so that the rich can get more tax breaks? I suggest you do a bit of reading and not just listening to Fox news or Palin and McCain. Because this information is readily available from the majority of news and government information websites.

    So before you start spouting off all the stupid McCain/Palin rhetoric that I happen to be speaking about, get your facts straight and do a little research. Come back when you have figured out what is real and what is real based on how much Kool Aid you’ve been drinking.

    Thanks but no thanks!

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