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How’s That Drill Baby Drill Workin’ Out For Ya’?

Hey, Sarah Palin, how’s that drillin’ workin’ out for ya’?   Is this the drillin’ you wanted?  A bunch of dead oil rig workers and a big ass oil slick flowing into the gulf?  A bunch of new dead animals, pollution on the beach and toxic chemicals that will last for years.  Oh, that’s right, she is from Alaska, she knows all about oil spills and dead animals.  Obviously it doesn’t matter since she likes yelling drill baby drill.

She had a great time on all the news channels asking everyone how that change was workin’ out for us all.  Why isn’t she on there now asking the republicans how they like that drilling.   I guess she feels that we should drill until the entire ocean is filled with the toxic sludge that is oil; which will ensure that, all the wild life that live around or in the ocean are extinct and everyone looks as if they could be the star in that movie the Hills Have Eye’s.

How about the new mantra of the republican party can now be, Oil slick baby, oil slick!



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Sarah Palin 2012?


It is funny that no matter how pathetic Sarah Palin is or was people are still out there talking about how great she is and how she is classy, sassy, you name it. That somehow she energized the base and pulled Republicans together like no one else could have during the campaign.

Now people are going so far as to say that she will be a shoe in to run in 2012. And that the Democratic Party is to blamed for all the horrible new information that is spilling onto the media about the extent of her stupidity.

Fortunately the Dems don’t have to spread supposed lies about Sarahcuda. The Republicans are the ones who are shedding light on her. And from the extent of her stupidity during the campaign I highly doubt that these snippets of information are false.

The fact that she couldn’t even name one Supreme court decision, one freaking magazine she reads or that she actually believes that seeing a country gives you foreign policy experience lends a bit of credibility to the thought of her not knowing that Africa is a continent.

Her energizing the base is true.  But like I said about blacks and the Dems, they could have added a Morlock to the ticket and that would have energized the base.  They just needed anything to take the attention off of John McCain.  He just was not carrying the ticket like they thought he would.

The thought of Sarah Palin running for president in 2012 is not scary it is hilarious. She will still have to go through the primaries and trust me whoever she is running against will not be praising her like they did during this presidential campaign. She was not vetted by McCain but trust me before she gets the Republican nomination in 2012 those she is running against will run her through the ringer.

I do find it funny that people are swearing that the Democrats are so scared of her and hate her. I find this funny because if it weren’t for Sarah Palin the race might have been a little bit closer, not much but some. She ran off the Independents, Reagan Democrats and a lot of Republicans. She is not about uniting or building bridges, even those to nowhere, between people. She is about ripping the country apart. These people are patriotic, those people aren’t.

Don’t we deserve better from the Republican Party? Don’t we deserve to have them put forth a candidate who will be willing and able to govern us all without having to have this blind loyalty? We see what happens when you play the “your either with us or against us” game. We get a total lack of help from the world and end up going rogue, which is one thing Sarah knows a little something about.

I firmly believe that she is not hated by everyone who doesn’t agree with her. I think that she became the poster girl for the intolerance and hate that the country voted overwhelmingly to get away from. We need to focus on the future and not continue to try and return this country to the past where Sarah seems to live in ignorant bliss.

We don’t need women who wink their way to power. We need women who use the brain which they filled with education to get ahead like Hillary Clinton and others. Hopefully Alaska will do its civic duty and rid us all of this backwards thinking partisan well before 2012.


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Thanks But No Thanks McCain/Palin


Well it is finally over and the majority of America chose brains over lunacy. We finally said enough is enough of the failed policies and gave a “real” mandate for this country to be given the makeover that it so sorely needs. And for just a split second I felt seriously sorry for McCain. I started thinking back on the disgraceful race that he waged and all those sorry feelings were quickly replaced by feelings of hope for us ALL.

In the words of Brotherpeacemaker McCain just got Baracked. McCain made some serious errors in his campaign and that to me was the reason he fell with a resounding thud. Keeping Bush’s economic plans was stupid. Picking Palin was to me, the biggest of his mistakes. She brought divisiveness, racism, classism and all sorts of negativity to the campaign as a whole. He made a lot of erratic decisions relating to the economy which was the big issue of the day. By screwing up the hot issue he totally showed his ignorance of the situation.

Palin no doubt believes that she will be in prime condition to wage her war of the crazies again in 2012. I am confident that her ignorance coupled with her divisiveness will keep her thousands of miles away from the White house. But ultimately I agree with McCain the loss was his. He is the one who brought her on the ticket practically un-vetted. He is the one who allowed his campaign to go completely negative and he is also the one who did not have a good grasp on the issues at hand. These are the reasons why Barack was able to flip seven red states.

It also looks as if the House and Senate will not only remain blue they are getting bluer. The people have spoken and they have spoken loudly. The majority made a choice that the issues were much more important than his racial affiliation. They decided that we need to have the smartest and brightest. They understood that it isn’t elitist to do well in school. It isn’t un-American to live in a big city. It isn’t socialism to repeal the Bush tax cuts for the richest Americans. A Muslim name doesn’t make you a terrorist. Acorn didn’t destroy the fabric of Democracy. And we are confident that dirty, negative campaigning does not win an election, anymore.

So congratulations President elect Barack Obama. We the people have chosen with a wide enough margin that there is no doubt. We said no to Joe the Plumber and any other names followed by occupations. We said no to drill baby drill. We said no to palling around with terrorism. We said no to guilt by association. We said no to more war. We said no to racism. And above all we said thanks but no thanks to the McCain/Palin political hate machine. Hopefully McCain will be able to recapture that integrity and “real” maverick spirit he lost in this election.


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The Socialist Under The Bed

I think I have just about had my fill of this stupid socialism cry from the McCain/Palin camp. It is ridiculous to continue the old McCarthyism mantra of there is a communist hiding in the closet. Yet now it is a socialist under the bed. The hypocrisy is that Palin herself has implemented these very same ideas in Alaska and McCain has endorsed this idea as well.

They believe that it is socialism to give tax cuts to the middle class while repealing the large tax cuts for the wealthy. Hmmm, let me get this straight it is bad to give tax cuts to the middle class and good to give tax cuts to the wealthiest people and companies. Ok, I get it now. So, McCain continuing the tax cuts of Bush are somehow going to build jobs.

It is obvious that the McCain Palin ticket is extremely desperate to continue these lies. What about their supporters? Are they that stupid or that blind that they would rather see tax cuts go to the wealthiest people because…Somehow this will help them in the long run, when they are already hurting for money and can barely pay rent, mortgage or buy food and gas. Right, that sounds like a stupid plan endorsed by a bunch of stupid people who don’t have the good sense to have self preservation.

Yet, these same fools will agree how great it is that Palin herself redistributed the wealth in Alaska. She took wealth from the oil companies and distributed it to those who had less wealth. By cutting a twelve hundred dollar check to each and every Alaskan. And this is not socialism why?

McCain can cluck about making the Bush tax cuts permanent which were to take from the middle class and give it to those making over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. So I guess according to McCain or Palin socialism is only when it is money going from rich to poor or that at least when it is done by Obama. I get it.

It seems to me that McCain’s straight talk express just lost ANOTHER wheel. I don’t know if this guy even has any wheels left on that bus. I think he is rolling on rims like one of those fools running from the cops down a Los Angeles freeway. I am sure this wheel is probably the spare. Anyhow, this is just another diversion which shows that McCain has no clue how to run a campaign let alone this country. Why would anyone want to put all of our lives in the hands of a fool who can’t even run a half successful


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The Straight Talk Express Has Lost Another Wheel

I guess the McCain Palin ticket is going down faster than McCain flying an A-4 Skyhawk. Since the news has been about some crazy McCain campaign volunteer named Ashley Todd went to the police swearing that a big “black” man (of course) robbed her then noticed her McCain/Palin bumper sticker, went crazy and carved a B for Barack into her face.

Now of course she couldn’t hold up the lie and now SHE is being charged with making false police reports. It should have been totally easy to spot that she was lying. Since how many dyslexic criminals are running around carving backwards letters into people after being set off by bumper stickers? Anyhow, she had this large black eye.

Now if I am not mistaken this is the same nonsense that has gotten thousands upon thousands of black men killed, lynched and falsely imprisoned. What do people think the cops were going to do if this nuts story had been the least bit credible? They were going to scour that place nabbing every big black guy, a bunch of scrawny black guys and everything in between so that white people would feel safe on the streets.

McCain’s camp being so eager to get anything even if it was something so sleazy and tawdry as this female bozo’s story to use as a Billy club to beat down the Obama surge in the polls. His campaign latched on to this probably through the Drudge Report since they are hoping for another blue dress to pop out of some fat white bimbo’s closet. But what they got was some fat white bimbo with a big B carved in her face, a big black eye and a story to end all campaign stories.

Now they are telling everyone that they had nothing to do with this story hitting the news before the cops had a chance to be investigate it. It seems like another female that the McCain team failed to fully vet before throwing her out for public scrutiny. Yet, we see that FOX News (if you want to call it that) didn’t waste any time getting this story on air without the slightest bit of journalistic investigation. Now you know you can’t read through all your laughing and I totally understand. Thinking that Fox News would actually do some journalistic investigation was totally my fault and I apologize.

Anyhow I am just wondering if McCain or Palin will now be combing the crowds looking for Ashley the cutter, or maybe they will call her Ashley the nut. I am sure they would like to sweep this under the rug seeing as both McCain and Palin wasted no time calling her and her family to express their sympathy over the terrible event and wish them well. Well I hope they don’t continue to say that their crazy campaign insinuations aren’t causing the crazies to come out of the woodwork.

Like they have been told for the last month or so, their campaign trail incitement could cause someone to do something stupid and here we go. People hopefully will see these two as the do anything; say anything, country dividing, race baiting haters that they are. It should be completely obvious to anyone who cares to look, that these two are completely inept at bringing this country together and helping to bring about change. We are already divided by race, religion, education and income isn’t it about time that we CHANGED that instead of continuing it for another four years?


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Obama Gives Tax Cuts To Dummies

This hoopla that somehow jobs are created from the top down is ridiculous. By McCain continuing the same retarded tax cuts for the richest Americans while continuing to overtax the middle class will miraculously create jobs is crazy especially since it did not work before. And you don’t have to look any further than the last four years of the Bush tax cuts which were synonymous with tax cuts for the wealthy.

Last time I checked they didn’t create any jobs. And in fact we have lost jobs, a LOT of jobs and the economy is in a hole. So I guess McCain thinks that he and Palin will continue to do the same tax strategy of Bush’s from the last four years and this time hope and pray that it works.

McCain claims that by giving tax cuts to those at the top, jobs will just trickle down to the rest of us. Here is a little tidbit of information for him and all those who think this is true. Let’s use the lemonade stand as an example.  If you give a big tax cut to Mr. Lemonade stand owner he isn’t going to create any jobs he is probably going to put that money in his pocket and more than likely slash jobs.

Why? Because there is NO DEMAND for his product.  Because the people who buy lemonade, you know those middle class people who had a hike in their taxes so Mr. Lemonade stand owner could get a tax cut, don’t have any money.  They decide to hold on to their money because they have to pay bills and have less money to do so due to the fact they have high taxes.

If less middle class lemonade drinkers buy lemonade, Mr. Lemonade stand owner has less demand for his product. What does he do, he slashes jobs to save HIS money because he has bills to pay as well. So it is a vicious cycle where nobody prospers.  The business man has less money from lack of demand and the consumer has less money to demand anything.

Now if we go Obama’s route and cut taxes for the middle class by getting rid of those overzealous tax cuts for the wealthy or those making over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars we will make new jobs. Because those middle class lemonade drinkers will have more money in their pockets with lower taxes.  They now feel that they can afford to buy that lemonade. This will create a DEMAND for lemonade.  Thus the lemonade stand owner will need to get new employees in order to make sure he can fill all the orders for lemonade. Now we not only have more people employed we have more people out buying more goods and services.

So if John McCain and Sarah Palin would just put their tax strategy in the lemonade stand scenario they would also see that you can NOT grow jobs from the top to the bottom. Everything grows from the bottom up and that is the problem with how our government works now. They cater to those at the top when it is those at the bottom who are the key. People at the bottom drive the machine. Those at the top are hanging on for the ride.  When you have a LOT of people with money more goods and services are purchased.  Meaning more people will need to be employed and more money will be spent.  A GOOD vicious cycle.

So, I guess we should all think about what is important. To have more money in the hands of those who will drive the market by demanding more product which will in turn give more money to the business owners, making more jobs. Or give more money to those at the top to make more products even though there is no one who has extra money in order to demand those products.

UH DUH! I think we can all see where that leads. Just go and ask McCain’s economic buddy Carly Fiorina who ran Lucent pretty much into the ground right before trying to do the same to HP. Or let’s ask his other economic buddy who he would like to see replace Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, Meg Whitman who saw her last two quarters at Ebay in a significant decline forcing the lay off of a bunch of people.

I guess we only need to look at who each candidate has as his advisors. And right now I can see why the McCain camp wants to continue a losing philosophy. And that doesn’t impress me right now. I am just amazed at the fact that you have so many people who are in the middle class who feel that they don’t deserve a tax cut, only those at the top do. Because they like it when the rich gets richer while we working class and poor get poorer.  And still Obama wants to give tax cuts and create jobs for dummies who would rather see themselves lose even more to those who aren’t hurting one bit.


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McCain: A Day Late And A Dollar Short, Again

People all over the news and the blogosphere are saying that McCain finally gets it and is trying to calm his hateful and equally pathetic supporters down. Those same pathetic losers he now calls his supporters then booed him for his troubles. Now my whole problem with this is that I won’t give him the benefit of the doubt that he actually “woke” up to the problem or “got it.”

I am personally going with the thought that he only decided to change his tune after seeing the polls drop further and the backlash he and Harpy started getting in the press. He didn’t just decide that these people went too far. If he felt that way, he would have corralled the crowd when they first started yelling that Obama should be killed, he’s a Muslim or Arab and he is a terrorist. I mean they the ones that told all those people that Obama indeed hangs or “palls” around with terrorists and that you don’t “really” know him. What in the world did McCain think was going to happen?

This seems to be a continuous mode of operation for McCain to be a day late and a dollar short. He thought the war in Iraq would be quick, and then had to admit that it obviously wasn’t going to be. He thought the economy was strong, and then had to admit that it wasn’t and we were in a crisis. He thought attempting to suspend the debate to go to Washington AFTER the negotiations were underway would fix the problem. And then had to admit it didn’t help but hindered the process so he took his butt to the debate after all. And now he thought that inciting an angry mob like ruckus with lies at his campaign rallies was a good idea and finally has to admit that it was a very, very bad idea.

It seems that he is constantly making stupid or bad decisions only to regret them all the while trying to act as if he is the candidate with impeccable decision making skills. When are all the people going to wake up and start asking if we are ALL going to have to pay for his incompetence if he is elected? He has yet to make a credible or decent decision while campaigning. Being so consistently wrong and backwards seems to be one of his new campaign promises, and one that he is keeping.

All I see in this man is an angry unhinged person who is willing to try to do any and everything to get to his goal. I think we saw months ago that Obama told us that McCain and company would start trying to make us afraid of him pointing out he was different and he was blasted as trying to play the race card at that time. And now that it has come to pass people need to wake up and realize that those people at the McSimple and Harpy rallies are just passengers on the Titanic and they ain’t on the upper decks. Can anyone say steerage?

McCain has come out with ads saying that Obama is dangerous and we “don’t really” know him, he doesn’t see America like “we” do, he palls around with terrorists, have people who introduce you call out Barack “HUSEIN” Obama which incites fears of Obama being Muslim, then act as if you don’t know why Ima Dingbat and Jack Stupid start saying that Obama is a terrorist, should be killed or he is an A-Rab.

He has surrounded himself with the most asinine out of touch incompetent people he could find and to me that speaks volumes of how he will run his administration. Not to mention that these so called advisors should not be able to do things that he doesn’t want them to do. So he can’t very well say that his advisors made all these decisions and he was just along for the ride. Wouldn’t that also show he has no leadership skills and is in fact a patsy for allowing his advisors to run his campaign ship into an iceberg? He has ruined what little bit of good reputation he had at one time.

Now we see that his desperation has gotten him into the worst of situations. Underestimating his opposition as he did with Iraq he is now making a last ditch effort in a fight he can’t seem to win. I guess he felt that the American people would welcome him as a liberator from the past eight horrible years and that he would easily have our hearts and minds. Plus his anger surge has failed as well. Unfortunately, he has been left clueless yet again by these failures and is trying to reorganize his campaign a day late and dollar short.


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