White Female On Child Crime Is On The Rise


You know as I sat and watched the nightly news and this news story came on I was not even one bit surprised.  Yet another white woman was arrested for being a perverted predator.  It seems a married mother of two is accused of trying to have sex with a boy who is about the same age as her own children.  The 38 year old Christie Bradley is charged federally with coercion and enticement of a minor, and could face additional charges by the end of the week.

This seriously disgusting woman had the nerve to show up at the boy’s house toting lingerie and condoms after having an ongoing sexual conversation with him online.  She did this all in hopes of consummating her devious plan of child rape.  She met the kid on Facebook where she sent him explicit messages.  He also told the cops that she also kissed him on his mouth in his home previously.

She thought she was continuing to talk to the boy but the cops had already intervened and continued a conversation ruse.  Those cops let her hang herself as if she was about to appear on the NBC Dateline show aptly named Predators.  And whether she fulfilled her wishes or was busted attempting it, she is still obviously a predator.

When are they going to see that this is not a joke and start handing down some serious time for these female versions of the stereotypical pedophile?  We have a problem in that when we think about a pervert we start to think of some dude sneaking around trying to snatch a young child for his sexual perversions.  When it is starting to look like they are getting a run for their money by these perverted female teachers and sick mothers.

I think my whole problem with this is that we have so much lenience for white women who sexualize young children.  They do very little time in prison, get out and usually offend again, if they ever do any time in the first place.  As in the story of Maureen Lirette who slept with 7 teen’s some ages 13 and 14 and all she got was probation.  I am just wondering what it is going to take before we see this as a serious problem.

Will a black lady sexing up some 13 year old child make the difference?  Will we then decide that enough is enough and she will be the one that broke the camels back?  And we can then throw the book at her and make her an example?  I guess we will see and until then I will keep pointing these freaks out until it seems that it is being taken seriously.  Sexual exploitation whether it be a woman on boy or girl or man on boy or girl is damaging.



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4 responses to “White Female On Child Crime Is On The Rise

  1. You are right. Most of these women are white. In fact I can’t remember any other race of woman accused of this. Although I wonder what the proportions are of white/other teachers. I agree that these women need to be made an example of. Our culture is becoming so sexualized that sex crimes are just overlooked as “not so bad” if not “funny”.

    Sadly I don’t see anything changing until the lewdness is no longer overlooked in our music, television and print entertainment.

    It won’t be until that the populace is sufficiently outraged that anything will change.

  2. Actually, it would have to be a black woman sexually assaulting a young white minor before it is taken seriously. Kind of like Michael Vick opening people’s eyes to all the horror of dog fighting. Before that, it was nothing that people took seriously. Michael Vick gave dog fighting a face that people can hold accountable and a face people can hate. The same thing may happen with these sexual assaults. Making people take crimes more seriously is the one thing black people offer.


  3. Brotherpeacemaker,

    You know that is exactly right. Once a black woman sex’s up some young white kid, there will be a face that will haunt people forever. They will look at her and talk about how out of control this is.

    Thanks for the reply.

  4. Kim

    What a disgusting woman. She deserves to die. If anyone tried to touch my child, I would kill them and I don’t even want children in the future.

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