No Thanksgiving For Me


What exactly is the reason I have to celebrate Thanksgiving? I have sat and pondered that question for years now. I do love to visit with family and just have a family reunion of sort. Yet how do my ancestors who come from African and Native tribes think of this holiday? I understand that people will undoubtedly see this as un-American and un-patriotic or whatever else they can attach an UN to.

Even as a child I wondered why we celebrated this holiday. I wondered this because I lived in the Northwest which has Native American symbols everywhere, from totem poles to long houses down at the Pacific Ocean. Yet, there never seemed to be any Native American’s around. Now I loved the food and the fun, but Thanksgiving was the beginning of the end for the Native people. Think about that, as we sit and celebrate sloth, greed, envy, lust, pride, gluttony, vanity and anger; seven deadly sins according to the Catholics or Christians who are more than likely the main ones celebrating this disgusting tradition.

All for what, a new tribe hit the shores of America which of course had no name since the natives at that time had no concept of ownership. So this new tribe came to “America” looking to escape the tyranny of their home land and was also woefully unprepared to survive this first winter in the new land and had to get the help of the natives. Now if the natives had just left well enough alone they would have died and they would not have lost their land. Yet, being the civilized of the two, they did help and provided them with food and knowledge of farming this much different land. Helped with trade and scouting out the land etc. Yet what did the new tribe do for them? They decided that these people who had helped them and gave of themselves so willingly were savages and unworthy of the right to have this land or just live period.

The next years were probably hell for the natives as the white man tribe set about making sure they took each and every square inch of the land these people lived on and all their resources. The more of them that came the more land and resources they took from the natives. The white man even used germ warfare which gave the natives diseases unknown to this continent and the people, all for greed and some sense of superiority. Yet here we all are celebrating the beginning of the end of a once great people. I guess it is fitting since the people who are writing the history books are the ones who committed the heinous acts and the ones who decided that we should be celebrating it.

I know that people are saying right now that if what happened between the Native Americans and the white pilgrims had not happened that this wouldn’t be the America we all know today. And that would be a bad thing how? I know that my words will be misconstrued into words of hate for whites or hate for America but they aren’t. They are just words of a person who does not fully believe that we should be celebrating the death and destruction of a group of people purely for the greed and superiority of another. I am just refusing to participate or allow my children to participate in such a macabre celebration. I don’t in any way want to end the celebrating of others because that is their right to celebrate any and everything they would want. I am just interested in my family, my ancestors and how we perceive this supposed holiday.

To most it makes no difference, yet if they were to bring a homeless person in for the holidays, clean him up then feed him and then after dinner he decides that you are all unworthy savages and kills you, no one would want to celebrate that day as a great day you were so helpful. But, we all want to do so for the Native Americans. We should all be shamed to do so. So I will again agree to call this day nothing more than the day in which my family decides to get together and visit and eat. Even though to me this is still celebrating a day that deserves no such celebration, just by going through the motions of visiting family I am acquiescing to this gruesome of celebrations.



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12 responses to “No Thanksgiving For Me

  1. I was thinking the same thing myself, but I went a slightly different route to express it. I do agree with the sentiment.

  2. brotherpeacemaker

    Excellent post! We must think a like. I don’t think enough people think about the origins of this holiday. Too many have surrendered their thought process to the propaganda that says Thanksgiving is about consumption and not enough about the reality that Thanksgiving is about subjugation. I could not agree with you more. Happy Subjugation Day!!


  3. Honestly, would “Pol Pot Day” be much worse? What the whites did to Africans and Natives was beyond appalling.

    My grandmother grew up on a Reservation, and I lived my first years not too far from one. A happy place, it wasn’t.

  4. theblacksentinel

    Thanks JollyRoger & Brotherpeacemaker,

    People would be appalled at both Subjugation day and Pol Pot day. So why then aren’t they repulsed by this.

    Again thanks for the reply

  5. How many people die every year as a result of Tobacco use?

    I’ll give ya a clue: More than die of catching smallpox from blankets.

    Red men are a bunch of god-damned pushers getting immigrants hooked on addictive substances. Fuckers had it coming to ’em, good riddance to bad rubbish.

  6. theblacksentinel

    Thanks Mudkip for opening this great topic of discussion. Let’s have a look at your rational for the destruction of a race. Now if you cared to do any, just a little research you would undoubtedly see that the first settlers who came to America found the “tobacco” of the natives unacceptable. Since they didn’t smoke the “tobacco” as we know it they smoked peyote.

    The tobacco as we know it came from Bermuda and was brought to America by a man named John Rolffe who married Pocahontas. He became rich off of this plant since it had been widely used in Europe before they ever set sail to America. And this very tobacco which was so prized in Europe paved the way for African slavery in America.

    So it seems those pushers you talk of is and always have been the white man. Also, are you saying that Phillip Morris, R J Reynolds and any of the other tobacco companies were started by Native American’s? Of Course not, we all know that those companies are started by whites, run by whites, benefit whites and kill ALL races.

    So I guess you are just a racist who tries to rationalize white peoples destruction of other races. There is NO rationalization for the atrocities that whites have wrought on either blacks or Native Americans or anyone else for that matter.

    But you did show your stupidity to us all. Thanks for the reply

  7. Mudkip is a potent reminder of the dangers of brothers and sisters sleeping together. Incest laws need to be strictly enforced.

  8. Mac

    Good post, Sentinel.

    Good schooling too. Maybe more racist
    students will come to your class.

    Just wanted to holler at you and say we all need to see Thanksgiving as more than a couple of days off and an opportunity to do nothing but eat, watch football until we go to sleep.

    I also want to say keep bringing posts like this one to us on the real, smacking it hard, making us really feel it; and i’ll tell others about you, and we’ll all come back for more.

  9. theblacksentinel

    Thanks Mac,

    I get tired of racist and their sympathizers who bring nothing but tired propaganda and no facts whatsoever.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence as I will try and do the best I can. Thanks for the reply.

  10. Laura

    Actually, both the white and the red folks *already* had long traditions of harvest festivals in the fall.

    Wikipedia has a good sized list of such festivals
    Pretty much any place on Earth that has hot and cold seasons, also has a people with a harvest festival.

    I’ve ignored the holiday for years, but now I have children. And I do want them to appreciate the passing of seasons, the fact that fall is when the farmers harvest food for us (and we harvest a tiny bit from our garden), etc. I do want to take that day to visit and feast with family.

    But dressing up like pilgrims? Crafting headdresses out of construction paper?? These things seem like such a distasteful reminder of everything that could have been wonderful, but instead went unforgivably wrong, between two cultures. And I don’t really see how they relate to the fall harvest at all.

    We do celebrate a Thanksgiving, but we skip the headdresses and pilgrim hats. Their will be time for learning about Native Americans, pilgrims, white settlers, the torturous forced migrations and slaughters, the good and the bad of all sorts of points in history, later. Right now they are young and I just want to take a day to help them appreciate where their food comes from, and have a little something to look forward to as the seasons change. (And like I said… I still don’t know what recreating the party that preceded one of the the worst back-stabbings ever, has to do with a fall food harvest anyhow.)


  11. theblacksentinel


    I understand the fact that most celebrations that took place during the fall were in fact fall food harvests. Yet somewhere along the way here in the US of A it went wrong and got skewed into being about Natives and Pilgrims. I am sorry, people say that they are celebrating whatever they want, but we all know that in school they are teaching the whole Pilgrim story.

    Also, the government would not give days off for fall food harvest day, or Halloween would be a national holiday as well. So, people are celebrating the Pilgrims etc. They pretty much know this and acquiesce to it. If they are teaching their children the real information behind Thanksgiving yet continue to celebrate it sends a mixed message. If the events that took place regarding Thanksgiving was so bad why do we celebrate it?

    This is why I won’t celebrate this or anything else on this day. If I want to have a fall food harvest, I’ll do it at a time that does not encompass the hoopla surrounding this sham holiday.

    Thanks for the reply

  12. Ywain Gore

    Mudkip is just a troll from
    The bulk of that
    is made of
    transcripts of
    arguments/(pissing contests)
    started by their trolls.
    Better to ignore him.
    This was an anti-ED hymn.

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