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The Socialist Under The Bed

I think I have just about had my fill of this stupid socialism cry from the McCain/Palin camp. It is ridiculous to continue the old McCarthyism mantra of there is a communist hiding in the closet. Yet now it is a socialist under the bed. The hypocrisy is that Palin herself has implemented these very same ideas in Alaska and McCain has endorsed this idea as well.

They believe that it is socialism to give tax cuts to the middle class while repealing the large tax cuts for the wealthy. Hmmm, let me get this straight it is bad to give tax cuts to the middle class and good to give tax cuts to the wealthiest people and companies. Ok, I get it now. So, McCain continuing the tax cuts of Bush are somehow going to build jobs.

It is obvious that the McCain Palin ticket is extremely desperate to continue these lies. What about their supporters? Are they that stupid or that blind that they would rather see tax cuts go to the wealthiest people because…Somehow this will help them in the long run, when they are already hurting for money and can barely pay rent, mortgage or buy food and gas. Right, that sounds like a stupid plan endorsed by a bunch of stupid people who don’t have the good sense to have self preservation.

Yet, these same fools will agree how great it is that Palin herself redistributed the wealth in Alaska. She took wealth from the oil companies and distributed it to those who had less wealth. By cutting a twelve hundred dollar check to each and every Alaskan. And this is not socialism why?

McCain can cluck about making the Bush tax cuts permanent which were to take from the middle class and give it to those making over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. So I guess according to McCain or Palin socialism is only when it is money going from rich to poor or that at least when it is done by Obama. I get it.

It seems to me that McCain’s straight talk express just lost ANOTHER wheel. I don’t know if this guy even has any wheels left on that bus. I think he is rolling on rims like one of those fools running from the cops down a Los Angeles freeway. I am sure this wheel is probably the spare. Anyhow, this is just another diversion which shows that McCain has no clue how to run a campaign let alone this country. Why would anyone want to put all of our lives in the hands of a fool who can’t even run a half successful



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Obama Gives Tax Cuts To Dummies

This hoopla that somehow jobs are created from the top down is ridiculous. By McCain continuing the same retarded tax cuts for the richest Americans while continuing to overtax the middle class will miraculously create jobs is crazy especially since it did not work before. And you don’t have to look any further than the last four years of the Bush tax cuts which were synonymous with tax cuts for the wealthy.

Last time I checked they didn’t create any jobs. And in fact we have lost jobs, a LOT of jobs and the economy is in a hole. So I guess McCain thinks that he and Palin will continue to do the same tax strategy of Bush’s from the last four years and this time hope and pray that it works.

McCain claims that by giving tax cuts to those at the top, jobs will just trickle down to the rest of us. Here is a little tidbit of information for him and all those who think this is true. Let’s use the lemonade stand as an example.  If you give a big tax cut to Mr. Lemonade stand owner he isn’t going to create any jobs he is probably going to put that money in his pocket and more than likely slash jobs.

Why? Because there is NO DEMAND for his product.  Because the people who buy lemonade, you know those middle class people who had a hike in their taxes so Mr. Lemonade stand owner could get a tax cut, don’t have any money.  They decide to hold on to their money because they have to pay bills and have less money to do so due to the fact they have high taxes.

If less middle class lemonade drinkers buy lemonade, Mr. Lemonade stand owner has less demand for his product. What does he do, he slashes jobs to save HIS money because he has bills to pay as well. So it is a vicious cycle where nobody prospers.  The business man has less money from lack of demand and the consumer has less money to demand anything.

Now if we go Obama’s route and cut taxes for the middle class by getting rid of those overzealous tax cuts for the wealthy or those making over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars we will make new jobs. Because those middle class lemonade drinkers will have more money in their pockets with lower taxes.  They now feel that they can afford to buy that lemonade. This will create a DEMAND for lemonade.  Thus the lemonade stand owner will need to get new employees in order to make sure he can fill all the orders for lemonade. Now we not only have more people employed we have more people out buying more goods and services.

So if John McCain and Sarah Palin would just put their tax strategy in the lemonade stand scenario they would also see that you can NOT grow jobs from the top to the bottom. Everything grows from the bottom up and that is the problem with how our government works now. They cater to those at the top when it is those at the bottom who are the key. People at the bottom drive the machine. Those at the top are hanging on for the ride.  When you have a LOT of people with money more goods and services are purchased.  Meaning more people will need to be employed and more money will be spent.  A GOOD vicious cycle.

So, I guess we should all think about what is important. To have more money in the hands of those who will drive the market by demanding more product which will in turn give more money to the business owners, making more jobs. Or give more money to those at the top to make more products even though there is no one who has extra money in order to demand those products.

UH DUH! I think we can all see where that leads. Just go and ask McCain’s economic buddy Carly Fiorina who ran Lucent pretty much into the ground right before trying to do the same to HP. Or let’s ask his other economic buddy who he would like to see replace Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, Meg Whitman who saw her last two quarters at Ebay in a significant decline forcing the lay off of a bunch of people.

I guess we only need to look at who each candidate has as his advisors. And right now I can see why the McCain camp wants to continue a losing philosophy. And that doesn’t impress me right now. I am just amazed at the fact that you have so many people who are in the middle class who feel that they don’t deserve a tax cut, only those at the top do. Because they like it when the rich gets richer while we working class and poor get poorer.  And still Obama wants to give tax cuts and create jobs for dummies who would rather see themselves lose even more to those who aren’t hurting one bit.


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McCain: A Day Late And A Dollar Short, Again

People all over the news and the blogosphere are saying that McCain finally gets it and is trying to calm his hateful and equally pathetic supporters down. Those same pathetic losers he now calls his supporters then booed him for his troubles. Now my whole problem with this is that I won’t give him the benefit of the doubt that he actually “woke” up to the problem or “got it.”

I am personally going with the thought that he only decided to change his tune after seeing the polls drop further and the backlash he and Harpy started getting in the press. He didn’t just decide that these people went too far. If he felt that way, he would have corralled the crowd when they first started yelling that Obama should be killed, he’s a Muslim or Arab and he is a terrorist. I mean they the ones that told all those people that Obama indeed hangs or “palls” around with terrorists and that you don’t “really” know him. What in the world did McCain think was going to happen?

This seems to be a continuous mode of operation for McCain to be a day late and a dollar short. He thought the war in Iraq would be quick, and then had to admit that it obviously wasn’t going to be. He thought the economy was strong, and then had to admit that it wasn’t and we were in a crisis. He thought attempting to suspend the debate to go to Washington AFTER the negotiations were underway would fix the problem. And then had to admit it didn’t help but hindered the process so he took his butt to the debate after all. And now he thought that inciting an angry mob like ruckus with lies at his campaign rallies was a good idea and finally has to admit that it was a very, very bad idea.

It seems that he is constantly making stupid or bad decisions only to regret them all the while trying to act as if he is the candidate with impeccable decision making skills. When are all the people going to wake up and start asking if we are ALL going to have to pay for his incompetence if he is elected? He has yet to make a credible or decent decision while campaigning. Being so consistently wrong and backwards seems to be one of his new campaign promises, and one that he is keeping.

All I see in this man is an angry unhinged person who is willing to try to do any and everything to get to his goal. I think we saw months ago that Obama told us that McCain and company would start trying to make us afraid of him pointing out he was different and he was blasted as trying to play the race card at that time. And now that it has come to pass people need to wake up and realize that those people at the McSimple and Harpy rallies are just passengers on the Titanic and they ain’t on the upper decks. Can anyone say steerage?

McCain has come out with ads saying that Obama is dangerous and we “don’t really” know him, he doesn’t see America like “we” do, he palls around with terrorists, have people who introduce you call out Barack “HUSEIN” Obama which incites fears of Obama being Muslim, then act as if you don’t know why Ima Dingbat and Jack Stupid start saying that Obama is a terrorist, should be killed or he is an A-Rab.

He has surrounded himself with the most asinine out of touch incompetent people he could find and to me that speaks volumes of how he will run his administration. Not to mention that these so called advisors should not be able to do things that he doesn’t want them to do. So he can’t very well say that his advisors made all these decisions and he was just along for the ride. Wouldn’t that also show he has no leadership skills and is in fact a patsy for allowing his advisors to run his campaign ship into an iceberg? He has ruined what little bit of good reputation he had at one time.

Now we see that his desperation has gotten him into the worst of situations. Underestimating his opposition as he did with Iraq he is now making a last ditch effort in a fight he can’t seem to win. I guess he felt that the American people would welcome him as a liberator from the past eight horrible years and that he would easily have our hearts and minds. Plus his anger surge has failed as well. Unfortunately, he has been left clueless yet again by these failures and is trying to reorganize his campaign a day late and dollar short.


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McCain Goes From Country First To Gutter First

Poor McCain and Palin are so desperate that they are now stooping to bringing up Bill Ayers who they claim is a terrorist. He is a terrorist who has not served a day in jail for any actions and is now a professor and NOT in jail. Maybe he is that terrorist that they claim he is, I am not here to address that one way or another. I am not going to get into the actions this man did while Obama was about eight years old.

They say this goes to judgment. Well I do want to talk about judgment. Let’s talk about the Keating five. Isn’t that a show of judgment or should we NOT look into the past, or at least not into the past of John McCain. He may not have been convicted but he was definitely reprimanded for showing poor judgment.

Not only did it show poor judgment but his direct words were “I have done this kind of thing many, many times,” and said the Lincoln case was like “helping the little lady who didn’t get her Social Security.” He admits he has done this many, many times, doesn’t this go to continued bad judgment.

So McCain has evidence that Ayers gave Obama a whopping two hundred dollars for his earlier campaign. Does this overshadow the fact that McCain got not only one hundred twelve thousand dollars in contributions? In addition according to The Arizona Republic and The New York Times, McCain’s wife Cindy McCain and her father Jim Hensley had invested $359,100 in a Keating shopping center in April 1986, a year before McCain met with the regulators.

McCain, his family, and their baby-sitter had made nine trips at Keating’s expense, sometimes aboard Keating’s jet. Three of the trips were made during vacations to Keating’s opulent Bahamas retreat at Cat Cay. McCain did not pay Keating (in the amount of $13,433) for some of the trips until years after they were taken, when he learned that Keating was in trouble over Lincoln.

Sure McCain washed his hands of Keating AFTER the criminal investigation started. But if I am involved in a burglary all the way until there is a criminal investigation does this somehow negate my actions in the crime which occurred? Of course not, but for McCain it seems it did. Not only this McCain and Keating were personal friends after first meeting in 1981, and McCain was also the closest socially to Keating of the five senators. And we are supposed to fault Barack for something that some dude did when Barack was eight, RIGHT I GET IT.

How about someone telling me if Barack sitting on a board with Ayers ever injured anyone in anyway? How much did Obama knowing Ayers hurt the American people? Not what Ayers did long before he met Obama, but what harm did the two of them knowing each other cause the American people? Well McCain being pals with Keating more than 21,000 majority elderly investors lost their life savings to the tune of about $285 million. Not to mention that this relationship caused damage to the taxpayers of America 2 billion dollars.

This scandal was just a part of the U.S. Savings and Loan crisis of the 1980s and early 1990s was the failure of 747 Savings & Loans in the United States. The ultimate cost of the crisis is estimated to have totaled around $160.1 billion, about $124.6 billion of which was directly paid for by the U.S. taxpayer. John McCain was right in the middle of it in the 80’s and 90’s, so should we be surprised that his bad judgment of being the “deregulator” as he has referred to himself, has put him right in the middle of this debacle right now?

The things that people do when they are desperate liars can be seen as despicable but this goes far beyond that. It has implications that could sink McCain and Palin as they start to ride that fine line of US vs. them when referring to their view of America vs. Obama’s. It might even begin to look awful racial.

But like I said when you are desperate and losing you will pull out any card you feel will help revive your failing campaign. Whether that be “the race card” or the “Obama is the terrorist card,” they are all too eager in hoping that either will push you over the top. Except what you better hope is that this line of attack doesn’t push you and your campaign over the line as well as making you look like a bigger fool than you already are.

Sarah Palin being the silly ignorant un-Vice Presidential person that she is wants to play this childlike game of one being guilty by association I will be forced to do more posts on John McCain and herself about their shady associations.  Maybe the next post will be on the anti semitic and unashamedly racist organization for which John McCain served on its board called the U.S. Council For Freedom.


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The Fiasco That Is Sarah Palin

It is no surprise that a gaggle of wordpress bloggers are out in force talking up the racism and Barack diversions from Palin. This VP pick is the worst in history, at least to me. She even makes Quayle look like he had half a brain. I am just wondering why they think that if a freaking hurricane hitting a not yet healed New Orleans, couldn’t divert everyone’s attention that somehow the same old racism and Barack will do the trick. It is just ridiculous to think that anything short of a new terrorist attack could stop the Palin express derailment from being the big news of the day.

Is this lady serious? She champions the fact that we shouldn’t allow sex education in school and that they should just tell the kids to say no to sex via abstinence training. Then her seventeen year old underage daughter pops up pregnant, and five months to boot. Where is everyone to talk about how irresponsible her daughter is? Where the hell is the baby daddy in this situation? Maybe he will marry her, then again maybe he won’t. I mean he didn’t marry her before he knocked her up. Maybe if they both had some sort of sex education they would have understood what they were doing could possibly make a baby. Yet, we are supposed to believe that this is what family values are about.

Not only does she have a fiasco brewing from her “trooper gate”, “unwed teenage daughter pregnant gate”, but now we find out that she belonged to a group of folks who feel that Alaska should secede the USA. Now that just takes the cake. She actually spoke to this group saying that Alaska could be a great independent state. And I am supposed to believe that this woman loves America and has its best interest at heart.

I mean SHE is the one talking about separating from the USA and people are crying about Obama’s preacher talking trash about the USA. Where is this outcry of how she isn’t a patriot? I mean isn’t this beyond Michelle Obama saying that she was only just now proud of her nation after her husbands getting the nomination? But of course people will somehow try and justify this by saying that this shows her maverick style. “Trooper gate” shows that she knows how to wield her sword of power; “pregnant unwed underage teenage daughter gate” shows that she knows how to deal with teenage pregnancy or unwed mothers and now “Alaska should succeed the USA gate” shows that she knows how to be an independent thinker.

This all just shows how hypocritical and extremely pandering the Republican Party is. Not only that, this goes to show exactly what kind of president we could expect out of John McCain. One that does very little to use actual thought and care as to the decisions he makes. He will obviously jump the gun and use poor judgment when making decisions just like he has done in his VP choice. McCain has people up in Alaska investigating her right now.  Shouldn’t he have done this BEFORE he picked her?

It is clear he never vetted this lady at all.  I guess he thought “whatever will win votes” and now he is in a pickle.  He is obviously more concerned with doing whatever it takes to try and win this election that he would potentially put this country in the hands of a lady who not only abuses her position of power, has a bit of trouble even controlling her child, but also would rather live in a state that ISN’T part of the United States of America.  That doesn’t do much to make me believe in his judgement, her readiness or the responsibility of the Republican Party.


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McCain: The Flip Flopping Bigot

I am hoping that a lot of you might have tuned into the George Stephanopoulos show. I actually have found that I can’t even look at McCain without feelings of disgust. Well he showed what a ginormous bigot he was on Sunday. George asked him if he would support gay couples adopting and he of course said no. Then when he was pressed on it he continued to say the same tired old “I am for the values that two parent families, the traditional family represents.” George asked him about gay adoption NOT single parent adoption. Are there NOT two gay people in a gay family adoption? So are they NOT a two parent family, just with two parents of the same sex?

I guess I am just crazy but doesn’t a family trump living in a cold group home or being bounced from foster home to foster home? I guess I see the hundreds of thousands of children in this country sitting and waiting for families as horrible. He obviously doesn’t care, I mean he did go over seas to get his adopted child. He says he is going to try and boost two parent traditional family adoption rates. There are a bunch of two parent traditional people adopting, uh from other countries or they only want white infants. How is he going to force these families to adopt the older kids or minority children? Is he going to shame them into adoption like he said he was going to shame the oil companies into lowering their profits by lowering gas prices? Yep, that will work just great.

He then was asked about affirmative action and if you read this blog you already know that I am a proponent. He claims that he does not support quotas. I understand that affirmative action isn’t perfect but it is by no means a quota system. As there is NO where in the affirmative action that says a company must set aside quotas or any such thing. He said that he has not looked at any of the details, which is evidently his style of politics even though he criticizes others on making decisions before actually getting the whole story. He actually said at one time that he was a supporter so his flip flop about affirmative action is just the newest somersault. At this rate if he doesn’t make it as president he might have a chance to represent us with the American gymnastics team at the Olympics. Maybe instead of coming up with the same old tired white privileged male propaganda about affirmative action he might talk with the American Psychological Association who did a whole study on affirmative action.

According to them “Data indicate that the biases against minorities and women that humans show in laboratory settings are reflected in real-world practices. According to the March 1995 report of the Federal Glass Ceiling Commission, for example, a large proportion of minorities and women are locked into low-wage, low-prestige, and dead-end jobs. Additional data suggest that these two groups have been disproportionately affected by current trends in workforce downsizing; many service-oriented industries, for example, disproportionately employ women and minorities and are likely to continue downsizing through the year 2002. It is likely that the minorities and women who work in these industries will be hardest hit (Murrell and Jones, 1995).

Maybe he will want to know the answers to a lot of the propaganda surrounding affirmative action since it is obvious that he never got a chance to do any research on the subject. He just knows that he doesn’t like quotas. Here are some of the facts surrounding the propaganda.

Many people argue that affirmative action has caused reverse discrimination against Whites.

However, a 1995 analysis by the U.S. Department of Labor found that affirmative action programs do not lead to widespread reverse discrimination claims by Whites. In fact, a high proportion of such claims filed were found to lack merit. The analysis found that fewer than 100 out of 3,000 discrimination cases filed actually involved reverse discrimination, and in only six cases were such claims substantiated (Wilson, 1995).

Critics of affirmative action usually believe that people should be selected for positions based on merit alone.

The reality is that most, if not all, hiring decisions involve some sort of unspoken preferential treatment. Sometimes the decision is based on a personal connection or relationship; sometimes it is based on likeability or comfort level (Wilson, 1995). In fact, the Federal Glass Ceiling Commission (1995) confirmed that white men tend to be more comfortable with, and therefore more likely to hire and promote, other white men, thus revealing the prevalence of racial- and gender-based preferential treatment.

Many people argue that affirmative action stigmatizes recipients.

Although the data support this contention, it should be acknowledged that stigma and negative stereotypes associated with race and gender existed in this country long before affirmative action was implemented. This does not mean that stigma and negative stereotypes are acceptable, but rather that they exist independently of affirmative action. There are, however, steps that can be taken to reduce stigma, as noted in the answer to the next question.

Are affirmative action recipients less qualified than those persons who are not its recipients?

Although anecdotes can be traded, there is little evidence to suggest that there is any truth in the perception that affirmative action recipients are less qualified than their colleagues (Pratkanis and Turner, 1995).

Two field studies of manufacturing and police organizations did not find any drop in organizational performance as a result of implementing affirmative action policies. Formal performance appraisals of minorities in work organizations do not find significantly lower performance of these workers compared to Whites. Some case studies have found unexpected positive benefits to organizations that have implemented affirmative action.

But it is obvious that McCain is just another white privileged man in America holding tight to the belief that it is fine to have racial favoritism for white males without any type of help leveling the playing field. He also believes that it is fine to be a bigot as long as you can qualify it by saying that you either favor some sort of “heterosexual lifestyle” or you “don’t like quotas.” Neither of these two statements changes the bigotry of the things he has said. He claims to wants to be president in order to make families’ lives better. I guess he is going to try and ignore all the homosexual and black families’  who happen to live in this country. Nice job McCain it shouldn’t be that hard,  just continue what you have been doing so far and you will no doubt be able to accomplish this small goal.


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