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What Makes Jeremiah Wright So Racist?

I watched Jeremiah Wright preach and answer questions at the Press Club and I am still waiting to hear all this hate speech that people are so offended by. I mean I didn’t once hear him call the girls on the Rutger’s University Soccer team a bunch of stringy haired hoes. While being questioned by the white moderator at the Press Club did he get indignant with her straightforward questions and call her a stupid ass cracker? I guess not but he did point out that the words spoken by him after 9/11 were not his own but the words of the Iraqi Ambassador who said them the day before. Yet, read any right wing or racist Blog out there and they seem to overlook that one and continue printing he is unpatriotic.

When has this man been a part of a dominant culture who consistently utilizes racial amnesia while disparities between the races runs amok. He isn’t a part of a dominant culture that has used a century of self perceived racial superiority to subjugate other races. He isn’t part of a dominant culture who consistently uses their racial preference to continue to mis-educate the black community specifically and the white community indirectly. He isn’t a part of a dominant culture who continue to use racial preference to keep the business sector a white dominated presence. He isn’t a part of the dominant culture who continuously uses racial divisiveness to keep pseudo-segregation alive and well in today’s world.

And he definitely isn’t a part of the dominant culture who consistently uses racial solidarity to rally behind racist who get caught spewing hate such as Don “Nappy headed ho” Imus, Michael “Nigger, nigger, nigger” Richardson, Dog Duane “Soulless niggers” Chapman, William “Abort all black babies” Bennett, Kelly “Tiger should be lynched in an alley” Tilgham, Wolf “They’re so black and so poor” Blitzer, Bill “Where’s my M-Fing ice tea” O’Reilley, Tony “Tar Baby” Snow, George “Macaca” Allen, Geraldine “Only because your a black man” Ferraro, Joe “He’s so articulate” Biden, Ron “95% of black men are criminals” Paul, John “White’s need a baby boom to combat browning of the homeland” Gibson, James “Blacks are unintelligent” Watson, Rush “Chocolate chip” Limbaugh, Lou “Cotton Picking” Dobbs, and Bill “Next Obama will say he never stole cars” Clinton.

All these people, mostly white, will sit and chew this man apart with words such as he is a “stone racist”, “bigoted, hateful, a buffoon, an ignorant fool, and last (but not least) a heretic. These were taken right off of the Blogs that seem to be so full of them selves. Yet these are the same people who will say to give Dog the bounty hunter the benefit of the doubt, or that Don Imus got his racist rant from the blacks he was slandering. So then how about we just all say give Jeremiah the benefit of the doubt and that he only got his so called racist rant from white people. Like Wright said, “You cannot do terrorism on other people and expect it never to come back on you.” So now look whose chickens are coming home to roost!

I have yet to read these people Blog about hmmm let’s say Pat Buchanan, or Pat Robertson or any of the bigoted racists who call the right wing home. In fact not only are these people not talked about or Blogged about much they are given a platform to spew their stupidity constantly. I can see Pat “dumb ass” Buchanan on CNN, MSNBC or Fox Crap oops I mean News. These so called Reverends are continuously talked about as if they don’t matter in the big scheme of things or that they somehow don’t speak for the majority of whites so lets just ignore them. I actually read a post where the Blogger asked “when are blacks going to denounce people like Jeremiah Wright.” Well when the hell are white people going to denounce the plethora of racist that are running roughshod over this country?

How many white people denounced Pat Buchanan for his outrageous paper where he slanders blacks. Yet, blacks should denounce Wright. I still have not seen any of these Blogs actually answer the question of what is so racist about his words. Is it the fact that he is putting the stinky crap that white people have done up to their noses like a puppy who did a no, no? Or, is it the way he is unashamedly straightforward without beating around the bush, like a lot of our so called racial speakers, and actually addresses white America without the “I don’t mean you good white folk” talk.

What makes this man such a big a racist in most white people’s eyes is he tells it like it is about all the crap you pretend that you don’t see, like white on black racism. He is an out of control Negro. Let’s think about some of the things he says, like blacks and whites see religion differently. Is this a lie? Hell no, blacks and whites see the WORLD differently. That is why white people will say that Dog the bounty hunter isn’t a racist after calling his sons black girlfriend a Nigger.

Yet, white people have brandished a man who has NOT uttered one derogatory name towards the white community as one. How about whites in the past wore church robes on Sunday and KKK robes on Monday. Is that a lie? I think you would be a fool if you said yes. White people (even those good church goers) were burning black folk’s houses to the ground in their white sheets constantly. I know that this is hurtful to think of your ancestors this way, but sometimes the truth hurts.

It isn’t that Jeremiah Wright is a bigot or a racist to white people. He is a threat. God forbid black people actually wake up and “listen” to that man. Then they would all want the inequality to stop and we can’t have that. Where would we be without white privilege? Oh, I forgot, white privilege doesn’t exist. At least that is what I am constantly told by some of my readers. Anyhow, what makes a person a racist or bigot? Actually doing something that inflicts harm on a person of another race? Like hanging nooses or calling names and doing your best to insult them just because they are from another race? How about advocating someone’s lynching. Or is it pointing out the fallacies, hypocrisies and inequalities in the lives of Americans? Yes, I think that last one hit the nail on the head.



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Joel Osteen A Fat Cat In Skinny Goat’s Clothing


It is Sunday morning and we are up and watching a little television when we just happen to come across this fellow in a huge mega church preaching about how God wants to bless you with prosperity etc. Now I am interested in what this humble sounding fellow had to say as I am constantly curious how people could actually listen to these prosperity preachers on a constant basis. It turns out that his name is Joel Osteen and I remember seeing him on Larry King not to long ago. He has a new book so I guess he was on the book whore, I mean tour circuit to push his goods.

Now I don’t subscribe to these prosperity pushers such as Creflo Dollar, T.D. Jakes, John Hagee, Joyce Meyer, Pat Robertson, Juanita Bynum, The Tower of Power Schuller, Benny Hinn, Paula & Randy White, Oral Roberts, Mike Murdoch, Robert Tilton and Peter Popoff. Osteen and these preachers are pulling down money that would make the riches Pharaoh or Sultan blush. Yet God has specific scripture denouncing the rich lifestyle such as Mathew 19:24 “Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” Let Osteen and the other modern day swindlers tell it and you too can get to heaven by helping to line their pockets and bank accounts to overflowing.

Osteen was preaching today about not having a skinny goat mentality which he equated with a poor person mentality. You need to think big and know that God wants to make you prosperous with blessings. All you have to do is pray, OH and don’t forget to say the Amen. The Amen part is like sealing the prayer and blah, blah, blah. Now I am not a Christian by any means and know that God isn’t waiting in the wings to give me anything for giving these con artists one thin dime. In fact I think that just the opposite will happen, if I pay my hard earned money to this and the other thieves I will be even more destitute. It is like a fool calling the psychic hotline (which I worked for a short time) and what do they always ask? Why don’t I ever have any money, and will I get some money soon? I always wanted to say you have no money and won’t get any because you keep paying two dollars a minute for these phone calls. Why don’t you hang up and save your money then I could pop them on the head like a V-8 commercial.

Joel Osteen isn’t interested in my spiritual or any other part of my well being. He constantly talked about the fact that he also has a skinny goat mentality yet he grew up in the cradle of money as his father was also a preaching money maker. So where exactly did he get this skinny goat mentality. All he talked about for the entire time was building this mega church and how he felt that they could only afford to keep the old broken tiles and jacked up bathroom stalls etc. And when his cousin whom works for him said they should get all new things which prompted Osteen to wonder where his cousin got this fat cat mentality from. Well probably from the fact that through Osteen’s nepotism and cronyism he too is benefiting off the backs of Osteen’s poor stupid parishioners.

This mega church they built cost somewhere around seventy million dollars, damn that’s a lot of money. Yet he is a humble country preacher, “don’t know nothing about money matters,” is what he said when he had to go to Bank of America for a twenty five million dollar loan. Banks don’t just give that kind of money to people without a plan, no knowledge about how things in the real word work. He knows full well how money and the like work, like I said earlier, this guy was born to a money grabbing preacher. I don’t want to rag on anyone’s religion but I don’t believe that this preacher’s actually preaching about religion well maybe the religion of money. This guy and the others only seem to have one goal in mind and that is to separate you and me from our income and that is my problem.

I can barely look at these prosperity doctrine preacher’s let alone listen to the garbage they spew. I heard one preacher Paula White look into the camera and ask people to send her their first paycheck of the month. What! Is she crazy, most people are living paycheck to paycheck so who can afford to just send off a whole check to that cretin. She claims, just like Osteen and all the rest that you will get that back two fold or better. Gee if I send my hard earned money away how will I get this money back, is she going to pay my bills? This is another one of those “you got to have blind faith” things. I guess I am too inquisitive to just follow anything on blind faith. But, until others show more of a questioning nature instead of blindly following the pack like a good little sheeple.


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