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Nothing But The Facts Please


Here is a reply to a comment that I got on my post “Is disagreeing with Obama Racism“, that I just feel deserves its own post.  Check out the comment, oh and I just love the “Mr. Sentinel”.

Stephen Frazier,

Don’t be so thick in the brain or is it brainless. Anyhow, I never chided anyone for asking Obama what he has done that is not a problem. The people I mention are NOT asking what he has or hasn’t done. They are saying that he has ruined the country. And I asked and will ask it again, what has he done that ruins the country?

You ask me to explain how Bush stole our freedom,  I told you that he did so with the Patriot Act? Oh, you must not know what is in the Patriot Act, so therefore you needed me to go even further and make a list for you. Well, like I tell my son, get the information, it is free and helps you learn. There is nothing worse than a person who refuses to educate themselves.

You want to know why people say “we want our country back” and wonder what that means. Well, when the people feel that politicians are too powerful and unresponsive, WE feel that we have lost control of the country and we want it back. Get it?” Why don’t you explain exactly what the Obama government has done to be too powerful?

What laws, bills or other things have been pushed through the senate and house by Obama that would make the government any more powerful than it was under Bush? I keep asking and getting nothing. So it makes me believe that there is another reason to ask for the country back.

So to you the government was third in line to help Louisiana so therefore it was OK for nothing to get done for people who were suffering and dying.  You are a serious piece of work, acting as if the government being third in line is an excuse. It doesn’t!

The state of Louisiana Governor declared a state of emergency on Aug 26 then asked Bush to declare a federal state of emergency the next day. Governor Blanco requested help again after the levees break on Aug 29.   Then Aug 31 the state warned FEMA and Bush that people were dying at the dome. Go here and have a look at the time line, since you have a problem with your memory.

Wow, Obama has declared 37 “Czars”, that bastard! Now I have something else to dislike him for. . . Wait a minute! What exactly is a Czar appointed by the President? Oh, you mean a Czar is nothing more than an adviser who is designed to communicate with multiple agencies?

And that the first Czars were appointed under Ronald Reagan. And the practice was widened by George W. Bush who in fact had 36 Czars. Not to mention at last count Obama has actually 18 to 22 Czars the rest are Senate appointed people who are NOT under the title of Czar. So exactly what the hell is the hoopla again? I guess this is because you partake of too much Fox Stupidity.

You know according to Pew Polls people who get their news from Fox are the least informed people. They were unable to correctly answer questions related to the government. They were even less likely to have correct information than those people who watched ONLY John Stewart and the Daily show or Stephen Colbert which are two comedians making jokes about the news. Well that explains your lack of knowledge yet your incessant spewing of Fox news talking points.

You say Obama “Appointed tax cheats, socialists, communists, environmental wackos and Marxists to some of the most powerful positions in government” I think this is a governmental thing not an Obama only thing. As far as I can remember Bush had some of the biggest liars, cheats and incompetents in his administration.

But if you must, go ahead and name these socialists, wackos and Marxists as I think it would be quite entertaining to see if you can come up with anything. Oh, and if you do get a name right, please list what makes them a socialist, wacko or Marxist. Not just “that is what Glen Beck told me.” Ha, ha ha!

I guess by Saying Obama “enacted legislation designed to payback unions” you mean this little snippet of the Employee free choice act. If an employer is found to have unlawfully terminated pro-union employees, the law would provide for liquidated damages of three times back pay. In addition, you’d be hit with a $20,000 penalty per occurrence if the National Labor Relations Board or a court finds against you.

But unfortunately for you there is NO bill that provides money to pay back unions for nothing. And as far as I can see if an employer is unlawfully firing people for unionizing then they deserve the punishment they get. I can’t go and break the law just because I don’t like what it says. But, of course leave it up to a worker to be anti-worker. HA!

Are you for real? There are NO provisions to pay back tree huggers. I won’t even bother with it unless you show me a specific bill that was passed or some other legislation showing PROOF! This isn’t Fox news; I don’t deal in fantasy land or bizarro world. We already know that the auto industry was NOT nationalized. That is a blatant lie!

Again with this incessant government take over.  Now they are nationalizing the insurance agencies.  *Sigh* Show me where the insurance industry was nationalized? Are we talking all insurance such as car, business, and home etc? Or are you speaking specifically of health which you also have listed separately?

Get your lies straight, it is hard to speak to a liar if he can’t even keep it together. You also say he could pull out of both wars and end them, is this what you think he should? Or once he did so would you along with the rest of the peanut gallery then start talking about how irresponsible that was? Even I think it is irresponsible to tear a another country apart and then just walk away like you don’t know what happened.

Why don’t you recite the part of the constitution that you feel Obama is trying to usurp? That ought to make for some big laughs. We all know that the constitution had absolutely NOTHING to say about health care as there weren’t even any hospitals, health insurance; health related anything in those days. So what pray tell did they have in the constitution that will be usurped, I have to hear this! Maybe we should go back to blood letting and leaches. Will that cure that poor gentleman’s cancer?

Was it racism when people criticized Bush, not a chance.  There was NOT one sign that made reference to his race, creed or country of origin of his ancestry.  Was it racism when Obama called the white police man stupid? Well for one, he didn’t call the man stupid, he said he acted in a stupid manor, and if you don’t know the difference then too bad. And for all I know it could have been.

Was the million man march racism? Who cares what did this have to do with the presidency?   You should have asked if any of the marches about the stolen election or the anti war marches were racist. The answer is NO, because Bush HAD acted terribly inappropriately.  And to try to throw all these sidetracks it is obvious that you really have nothing to refute the information in the actual conversation.

I asked for people which would include you to name the things that were done by THIS president which would create such rage. So far you have said NOTHING that would provoke such anger and rage. Most of the things you have said were either wrong or out and out lies or so far off the mark as to be straight out of a comedy skit. So please if you do bother to reply again, put your thinking cap on and bring the facts. Nothing but the facts please.



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How Is Pfleger Connected To Obama?

I know that everyone has already seen and heard the statements from Father Pfleger. Now my question is to all the people who feel that somehow Obama is responsible to answer to this mans speech. Is he Obama’s Pastor – NO! Has he or Obama stated that this man now somehow represents Obama – NO! Is this man somehow connected to Obama in any way – NO! Wow, so then why is it that everyone is coming out to say that Obama has another skeleton in HIS closet? Should McCain have to answer to every guest speaker that Rod Parsley, who he said was HIS SPIRITUAL LEADER, has at his church that then says something people don’t like? And isn’t this Father, Priest or Reverend entitled to his opinion and his own view? Or are we showing the world exactly what America is all about?

He said that Hillary felt that she was entitled to the candidacy because she was white. Well I don’t have to necessarily agree with this statement but she does raise my eyebrows when she boasts that Obama can’t win the racist working class white vote. You know those HARD WORKING AMERICAN’S not those shiftless blacks. The same Hillary camp that came out with the Obama is only where he is because he is BLACK. And now I have to sit and read these ignorant people link a person who has NEVER had any relationship with Obama act as if they are brothers. Give me a break. Everyone was so quick to cast aside McCain’s pastor when he made his racist statements by saying that they weren’t very close even though he said that this man was his spiritual leader.

When do we start looking at these slanderous Bloggers as the racists that they are? It is obvious that this has gone far past “I don’t like his views” and has entered into “I just don’t like his black ass.” Because I don’t see any of these people whether they are Hillary or McCain supporters go to these lengths on each other, only on Obama. That is interesting. I wonder what excuse they will have. Will they say that they must attack Obama because he is the greatest threat to getting their prospective candidate into office? Is Obama going to have to now answer for each and every white or black person who ever says anything about either candidate or about the white race in any way? Isn’t that a bit extreme?

And as far as I can see this whole thing has been nothing more than a name calling race on those who are telling it like it is. They want to tell us that this is some sort of “theology of victim hood”. I guess the same can be said of all the complaints of racism from the white community on this. Isn’t it always being said to blacks that they should stop crying and whining about racism, well white people now it is your turn, SHUT UP! Pull yourselves up by your boot straps and go get an education, then those preachers won’t be racist against you. Just work twice as hard as the parishioner and you will be just as welcome as the black people at that church. Of course this is parody of the stupidity blacks have to hear when they say something is racist, I guess things that go around come around.

I even read a few Bloggers say that “of course there is white privilege” but this isn’t the way to address it. Then what IS the way to address it? It is interesting that whenever blacks do something such as a bus boycott or any type of boycott we are told that this isn’t the way to make change. Should we just sit and wait for white people to get tired of all the white privilege and end it on their own. That’s funny since we have been doing that from day one and I don’t think that white people will ever get tired of white privilege. So I guess it IS high time that we actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. And unfortunately for the white community there are more and more of them jumping ranks and telling it like it is and they are doing it and getting media coverage. UH OH!


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