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Comparing Apples To Oranges With Racism

I just had the serious displeasure of reading a comment over at Brotherpeacemaker’s blog. A person calling himself Anonymous said “Oh, and it IS very annoying to even HEAR someone bring up the topic of the whole lack of compensation for the slavery thing… im not saying you are putting that out there as an arguement, but just as a chance to address it… If anyone thinks that blacks were put into a terrible situation, think about how the Native Americans felt when we came in, decieved them, diseased them, killed them, displaced them, and then gave them a few acres here or there, then labeled them as no good drunks that arent good for anything except running casino’s… talk about lack of compensation. Im not even a native american, but i think their plight goes just as deep, if not deeper than that of the black community.

Now why is it that white people such as this guy always believe that we must constantly compare the African enslavement to something else in order to justify why no compensation was given? What makes that necessary? Was it necessary for white America to compare how the Native American’s were treated, which was horrible by any standard, to the African enslavement in order to sort out their compensation? Or did they figure that what they had suffered deserved some sort of compensation in order to at least attempt some sort of retribution?

Tell me do those who feel the need for comparison compare the Japanese internment to the African enslavement before watching our government dole out the reparations, of course NOT. When the Japanese were interned for the whopping three to three and a half years they then received 1.6 billion dollars to the survivors and or their heirs.

And this fool has the nerve to compare two hundred and eleven years of raping, beating, killing, child selling, and family splitting slavery to being thrown off your land and deeply slandered. Lord knows that I have ancestors who were on slave plantations as well as reservations. My paternal grandparents met and married while living on a Native American reservation. I know that those ancestors who were slaves would have been ecstatic to have their land stolen while they moved to somewhere else AWAY from their tormentors, instead of the slavery they knew.

How many times were the holocaust victims compared to the Native Americans or the African slaves before our government decided that it was a good idea to send them billions a year in aid dollars? No one would dare question the suffering of the Jews at the hands of the white Germans. Yet, it is a popular argument to compare African slaves to any and every other community of people who were maligned. I even had a person compare African slaves to indentured servants. Who by the way were not held indefinitely and their children were never made to serve as their parents. They were born free. So is it just the fact that it deals with Africans/Blacks that we need to compare in order to show that “your ancestors suffering wasn’t the only terrible thing to happen, or the worst.” It is just the worst suffering and maligning that has gone uncompensated.

It is a damn insult for any person to try and compare someone else’s suffering in order to minimize in order to justify not only their continued subjugation but also why they don’t deserve any compensation for that subjugation. How many times have you heard the jury tell some family whose family member was raped and murdered that “hey there are plenty of women being raped and murdered in the fields of Cambodia, so we should just get over it?”

That would be some screwed up junk that NO ONE would stop talking about. Yet, this man and his blatant white privilege will give him the gall to sit and compare apples to oranges in a failed attempt to explain to blacks why their ancestors didn’t suffer, at least as much as others. He says this as if he has some inside knowledge as to how much suffering is needed in order to be worthy of some compensation. I can only say heartless, insensitive and tactless, which is also the wording I would use to describe the blacks experience and also treatment from America.



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2 4 6 8 Why Do We Discriminate


Most people find it unacceptable to be called by any type of racial epithet such as the dreaded N word, coon or spook for blacks and cracker, pecker wood or whitey for whites. Then you have chink, slanty or gook for the Asian population. Now these names are totally offensive for most people of these races who actually feel some pride in their race. Yet names such as braves, chiefs, and redskins are thrown about constantly and without one iota of care for the people that they offend.

The minute you start talking about this subject people immediately roll their eyes and start huffing loudly. They are just names of football, baseball and any other sport you can think of. It doesn’t mean anything, they are just names, and they aren’t offensive. They are tradition so the names shouldn’t be changed. If they are offending someone they should get over it. This is the stupid dribble you hear from different sports fans when there is mention of changing the names from some of their favorite teams.

No one would stand for baseball teams called the Colorado Coons, San Francisco Fags or the Portland Pecker woods. Yet the minute you mention the native slurs that we use to refer to our sports teams are offensive to Native Americans people could care less. I have even heard a person say “well they have those casinos they should be happy to be making a ton of money off of us.” How insensitive we are as a human race. Blacks are responsible for racism and the natives are supposed to enjoy and feel honored to have racial slurs that were used to identify them plastered all over the place.

Karl Swanson, who is vice-president of the Washington Redskins professional football team, declared in Sports Illustrated that his team’s name “symbolizes courage, dignity, and leadership,” and that the “Redskins symbolize the greatness and strength of a grand people.” How ridiculous can you be? He actually thinks that this name represents anything except racism is crazy. The name redskin according to history texts was a term that was used for the scalps brought in by white men to collect money for killing Native Americans and proving this with the “red skin” of the scalp thus proving it was a dead Native American.

But listening to Karl Swanson you can see that a person can put spin on any situation and make it sound extremely dignified. I am sure that with that spin Swanson was spewing, he could also have men in blackface dancing during half time and spin it so that they represented the great humor and entertainment value of the great black race. But yet people are quick to follow the leader and believe that since this is the name they have known since childhood we can’t possibly change it. The team just wouldn’t be the same and this is in spite of the fact that it is hurting people.

No one feels that the sports or the sport teams should be somehow ruined, but that we need to rethink our use of derogatory language when naming them. People are complaining about the PC police, yet these people just happen to be the ones who don’t need any protection from this brand of policing. When people start attaching negative words, stereotypes and propaganda to the white race, they will be right there looking for a PC officer to pull out his Billy club and crack some skulls.


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