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Lying To The Top Using Privilege


Thanks to a link from the Engineer, I have been looking into the fact that a LOT of these white top executives have and are lying about their resumes.  This is just more of the blatant privilege that a lot of white people will deny even exist.

The reason this is privilege is because they were taken at their word without any scouring and searching that most minorities have to endure before qualifying for a job.  These companies did no checking, no inquiring as to the legitimacy of these people’s resume claims.

With a little research, that maybe these companies SHOULD have done, I have found that this is a bigger problem than is being reported.  And when it is being reported we see that it is being called things like “fudging on their resume” or “incorrectly advised.”  This wording makes it sound cute, when it is anything but cute.  These were out and out lies, blatant fraud.

We constantly wish to talk of the deviance of this or that minority and pretending as if cases and situations like these don’t exist.  I actually doubt very seriously if a lot of prominent black, Latino or some other minority were to be busted lying and committing fraud in order to gain employment or promotions would be held up for the entire country to point the finger at.

The latest transgressor is the COO of Perma Fix named Larry McNamara.  They will think of some form of appropriate actions other than firing because they feel that somehow he was still well qualified even without a college education.  This is yet another revelation of white men being qualified over all those college educated minorities, just like Devah Pager’s study.

They are qualified even after displaying that they have very little honesty, integrity, moral value or trustworthiness that should be expected of anyone who is in a position of power.  Why don’t we start weeding out these impostors and replace them with well qualified individuals who HAVE busted their tails to get that education, experience or other qualifications no matter their race, gender, creed or sexual orientation?

Here is just a small listing of these unqualified white men who have been hired over more qualified minorities and others:

Ronald Zarrella, Bausch & Lomb, CEO – falsely claimed an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

George O’Leary, ex-Notre Dame Football Coach – falsely claimed to have a master’s degree in education from New York University and to have played college football and earned three letters while doing so.

Marilee Jones, Admissions Dean for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – falsely claimed to be a “scientist with degrees in biology from Rennselaar Polytechnic Institute and the Albany Medical College,” and to have her doctorate.

Kenneth Lonchar, CFO of Veritas software – falsely claimed he earned an accounting degree from Arizona State University and was a Stanford MBA graduate.

Jeff Papows, CEO of Lotus Corporation – falsified his military record (he was a lieutenant not a captain), feigned his education (he doesn’t have a Ph.D. from Pepperdine University) and claimed he was an orphan (his parents are alive and well).

Dave Edmondson, CEO of RadioShack – falsified his résumé by claiming to have a degree in psychology from Pacific Coast Baptist College in California (though the school doesn’t offer a psychology program), along with a degree in theology from the same unaccredited college.

Bryan J. Mitchell, Chairmen of MCG Capital – falsely claimed that he was a graduate of Syracuse University.

And last but not least James J. Minder, Chairman of the Board of gun manufacturer, Smith & Wesson Corporation. But it was revealed that Minder had served some 15 years in prison in the 1950s and 60s for a series of armed robberies and an attempted escape.

And somehow this man is a better qualified candidate than the plethora of other people who kept their noses clean and actually did graduate from college.  When we stop allowing “this” type of affirmative action to take place, then maybe we won’t need any other type of affirmative action.

But we know that this type of affirmative action is never quite as offensive as the false thinking of a black person sneaking into the old boys’ network while being totally unqualified.  But we can always extend a break for those who lie their way to the top using privilege.



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Sex, Lies And Newsreel

When I watch a McCain or Palin speech I can’t hear the crowd yelling what I hear is them singing the Fleetwood Mac song, tell me lies tell me sweet little lies. It is a shame that these people have no interest in knowing the truth, not even a small bit of it. But have no problems believing lies. Not only lies about McCain and Palin but lies about Obama such as he’s a Muslim (oogie, boogie, boo). It is to me almost criminal that a person would vote based on how funny a person is while they are telling their lies, or if this or that person reminds me of my life. What ever happened to voting on whether the person can properly run this government? Where did this popularity contest come from?

I mean I was disgusted by the whole Obamaniac business and the trumping up the guy as a celebrity. It isn’t about how popular they are. As a matter of fact, why is Obama popular? Is it his supposed good looks? Is it his great speech giving? Or is it his policies that don’t mimic the ones that we are living out right now thanks to the incompetence of a ridiculous idiot who was also voted in on popularity vs. actually being the smartest and most capable person. “Hey he has a great swagger, right?” Is this what we want for the next 4 or 8 years? Do we want an idiot who has been in the senate for the past 26 years and exclaims that he has voted with Bush 90% of the time as if that were some sort of accomplishment?

Or maybe we want a proven liar who so far has lied about each and every accomplishment so far. She did NOT end the bridge to nowhere. She supported it before she decided it wasn’t going to work out, with plenty of newsreels to back that up. She took the money and she did say thanks…just NOT the “no thanks” she touts. She claims that she is totally against earmarks while she hired a lobbyist (one of Ted Stevens’s guys with ties to Abramoff no doubt) and got a town of 6000 twenty seven million dollars worth of them. Yep, that sounds like she is against earmarks.

I guess I am just getting so fed up with the press as they sit back and allow these two bullshitters to go on this nationwide tour of lies. The press went ballistic over the Reverend White Gate and the perceived Muslim Gate, yet with Palin they act like “ah she is just being colorful.” Nope she is a flat out liar. And it makes me wonder what types of people are in America that seems to have so much in common with a blatant liar. I just have to go back to the fact that most people don’t do one iota of research to find out what is really going on with the people they plan to support. I think that going in to vote after only watching broadcast news is like going in to dismantle a bomb after only watching the movie Speed.

Everyone would think that you’d be making a big mistake and they would be exactly right. But in this country it is constantly done. Half the people that go in to vote see legislation on the ballots that they have never even heard of and probably end up doing an eenie meenie minee moe trick to figure out if they will answer yes or no. Then as the numbers start rolling in and the news caster says something like the proposition 4425 seems to be passing 2 to 1 and then say it is a bill to raise taxes to give prosthetic wings to the obscure blow fly, they start yelling about how these idiots could possibly have voted yes for that. Knowing damn well they were probably one of them since they didn’t know what Yes or No on proposition 4425 would mean either.

I would be damned if I go into a voting booth and NOT know what is on that ballot and what it means to me. Yet, why blame me for having more than those small town values, whatever those are. I am just guessing that it is something to the contrary of Obama’s city values which are getting an education among other things. So I guess If you don’t care about the truth, don’t want to do any more work than watching FOX news these are the presidential folks for you. But if you care about some inkling of honesty and wish to know who will be ready on day one without a sequestering to ensure it and who ACTUALLY plans to make your life the tiniest bit better in this volatile economy, then I suggest you actually look past all the sex, lies and newsreels.


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