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Idiot, His Eyes Wide Open

It is amazing to me that so many blacks in America continue to spew racism while condemning racism. What is the name of this publication again? Is there a “White Sentinel”? No way! That would be “racist”. Yes, I know, if it were not for the many decades of slavery then blacks in America would not need these forums and tools to become “equal”. Well, slavery didn’t start in America. Africans enslaved other Africans long before there was an America and sold them to Europeans. Blacks are freer in America today than you have been in your history. You have opportunities that those who chose to “escape” to Liberia could only dream about. So, stop feeling sorry for yourself and make America a better place. Be proud of your difficult heritage like the Jews are and so many other groups of former slaves have done. Also, don’t waste your time condemning white bigots and obvious racists. We all see them for what they are. I applauded when Imus was fired and in hot water for his rant. He deserves to lose everything he has ever worked for. He is an idiot. But, until we all can set racism aside and make it a non-issue and all see with the same eyes what is in front of us, we will never be a truely unified America.

Mark A. Humphreys

Another comment sent to me from the peanut gallery about the Jeremiah Wright post. I guess I will delve into it this rabbit hole and see where we come out. What really amazes me is that after all that whites have done and continue to do we will try and say that a black man (Jeremiah Wright) is spewing racism in the same vain that a white supremacy loving dude does. For one thing I don’t see one thing racist in saying that “You cannot do terrorism on other people and expect it never to come back on you.” So now look whose chickens are coming home to roost!” Is it not a fact that if you are out hitting people that it would be just a matter of time before you GET hit yourself?

I truly get tired of asking people to explain what he said that was so extremely racist. Anyhow, this person is dumb enough to say that there is no White Sentinel without doing one shred of research. He could have looked at my Blog and found out that there is one. And yes he does like to spew racist propaganda and hate. It never amazes me that a person can still say something akin to “if a white person did this or that, it would be racist.” Yet, in each and every one of those circumstances you CAN find a white person who has done just that and no one did a damn thing. Don’t you just love the if white people had a white history month…blah blah blah. Yet, we all know that there is white history taught in schools every month that school is in session. Where is all the outrage?

If it were not for the many decades of slavery (he forgot the continued discrimination) blacks wouldn’t need these sorts of tools to become “equal.” IDIOT, HIS EYES ALMOST OPEN! He is right if it were NOT for the slavery we suffered then the years of blatant discrimination and now the institutionalized racism, we wouldn’t be complaining at all. We probably wouldn’t be sitting in a position where there is such blatant inequity and disparity between races.

Then of course the same old propaganda that probably came out of his white history teacher’s mouth. African’s were enslaving African’s long before whites did. Actually friend it was indentured servitude. You know just like white people had white indentured servants before blacks came along? Yet we know, at least those of us with a REAL education do, that the chattel slavery of America was a terribly different from anything they were doing in Africa before white people, actually Spanish people came along. This argument is getting really old and tiresome. Blacks are freer than any other time in our history. Are you freaking kidding me? That is ridiculous. That is like saying that Native Americans have more land now than they have ever had in their history. After the white man stole and swindled away the majority of that land.

Stop feeling sorry for ourselves and make America a better place is what he says. Because we know that by keeping quiet and letting it happen is the only way to get things accomplished, NOT. Where is the white responsibility in making America a better place? I guess we blacks need to do it ourselves but people like Mark have no responsibility in making America a better place. We should be proud of our difficult heritage like the Jews and then we could be happy too. Well I am sure that if we were given a gaggle of land of our choosing and given aid to the tune of a billion dollars a year. I am pretty damn sure that we would be doing as good and be as happy as the Jews.

And finishing on a funny note he felt that Don Imus deserved to be fired and was a dumb ass for his racist rants. This guy really doesn’t keep up with current events following these racist and what happens next. Because I guess white people were so upset that Don Imus not only got rehired he got a big fat raise on top of it. He is sitting in a better position than he was in before his racist rant. So what does that tell us? It is probably a career booster to become a controversial racist for a while. Until white people stop telling blacks how to react to, how to feel about, and what does or doesn’t constitute racism, then maybe we could all start a dialogue on race.


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What Makes Jeremiah Wright So Racist?

I watched Jeremiah Wright preach and answer questions at the Press Club and I am still waiting to hear all this hate speech that people are so offended by. I mean I didn’t once hear him call the girls on the Rutger’s University Soccer team a bunch of stringy haired hoes. While being questioned by the white moderator at the Press Club did he get indignant with her straightforward questions and call her a stupid ass cracker? I guess not but he did point out that the words spoken by him after 9/11 were not his own but the words of the Iraqi Ambassador who said them the day before. Yet, read any right wing or racist Blog out there and they seem to overlook that one and continue printing he is unpatriotic.

When has this man been a part of a dominant culture who consistently utilizes racial amnesia while disparities between the races runs amok. He isn’t a part of a dominant culture that has used a century of self perceived racial superiority to subjugate other races. He isn’t part of a dominant culture who consistently uses their racial preference to continue to mis-educate the black community specifically and the white community indirectly. He isn’t a part of a dominant culture who continue to use racial preference to keep the business sector a white dominated presence. He isn’t a part of the dominant culture who continuously uses racial divisiveness to keep pseudo-segregation alive and well in today’s world.

And he definitely isn’t a part of the dominant culture who consistently uses racial solidarity to rally behind racist who get caught spewing hate such as Don “Nappy headed ho” Imus, Michael “Nigger, nigger, nigger” Richardson, Dog Duane “Soulless niggers” Chapman, William “Abort all black babies” Bennett, Kelly “Tiger should be lynched in an alley” Tilgham, Wolf “They’re so black and so poor” Blitzer, Bill “Where’s my M-Fing ice tea” O’Reilley, Tony “Tar Baby” Snow, George “Macaca” Allen, Geraldine “Only because your a black man” Ferraro, Joe “He’s so articulate” Biden, Ron “95% of black men are criminals” Paul, John “White’s need a baby boom to combat browning of the homeland” Gibson, James “Blacks are unintelligent” Watson, Rush “Chocolate chip” Limbaugh, Lou “Cotton Picking” Dobbs, and Bill “Next Obama will say he never stole cars” Clinton.

All these people, mostly white, will sit and chew this man apart with words such as he is a “stone racist”, “bigoted, hateful, a buffoon, an ignorant fool, and last (but not least) a heretic. These were taken right off of the Blogs that seem to be so full of them selves. Yet these are the same people who will say to give Dog the bounty hunter the benefit of the doubt, or that Don Imus got his racist rant from the blacks he was slandering. So then how about we just all say give Jeremiah the benefit of the doubt and that he only got his so called racist rant from white people. Like Wright said, “You cannot do terrorism on other people and expect it never to come back on you.” So now look whose chickens are coming home to roost!

I have yet to read these people Blog about hmmm let’s say Pat Buchanan, or Pat Robertson or any of the bigoted racists who call the right wing home. In fact not only are these people not talked about or Blogged about much they are given a platform to spew their stupidity constantly. I can see Pat “dumb ass” Buchanan on CNN, MSNBC or Fox Crap oops I mean News. These so called Reverends are continuously talked about as if they don’t matter in the big scheme of things or that they somehow don’t speak for the majority of whites so lets just ignore them. I actually read a post where the Blogger asked “when are blacks going to denounce people like Jeremiah Wright.” Well when the hell are white people going to denounce the plethora of racist that are running roughshod over this country?

How many white people denounced Pat Buchanan for his outrageous paper where he slanders blacks. Yet, blacks should denounce Wright. I still have not seen any of these Blogs actually answer the question of what is so racist about his words. Is it the fact that he is putting the stinky crap that white people have done up to their noses like a puppy who did a no, no? Or, is it the way he is unashamedly straightforward without beating around the bush, like a lot of our so called racial speakers, and actually addresses white America without the “I don’t mean you good white folk” talk.

What makes this man such a big a racist in most white people’s eyes is he tells it like it is about all the crap you pretend that you don’t see, like white on black racism. He is an out of control Negro. Let’s think about some of the things he says, like blacks and whites see religion differently. Is this a lie? Hell no, blacks and whites see the WORLD differently. That is why white people will say that Dog the bounty hunter isn’t a racist after calling his sons black girlfriend a Nigger.

Yet, white people have brandished a man who has NOT uttered one derogatory name towards the white community as one. How about whites in the past wore church robes on Sunday and KKK robes on Monday. Is that a lie? I think you would be a fool if you said yes. White people (even those good church goers) were burning black folk’s houses to the ground in their white sheets constantly. I know that this is hurtful to think of your ancestors this way, but sometimes the truth hurts.

It isn’t that Jeremiah Wright is a bigot or a racist to white people. He is a threat. God forbid black people actually wake up and “listen” to that man. Then they would all want the inequality to stop and we can’t have that. Where would we be without white privilege? Oh, I forgot, white privilege doesn’t exist. At least that is what I am constantly told by some of my readers. Anyhow, what makes a person a racist or bigot? Actually doing something that inflicts harm on a person of another race? Like hanging nooses or calling names and doing your best to insult them just because they are from another race? How about advocating someone’s lynching. Or is it pointing out the fallacies, hypocrisies and inequalities in the lives of Americans? Yes, I think that last one hit the nail on the head.


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America Plays Blind


This whole Obama and pastor Wright thing is becoming absolutely ridiculous. Now online there are a gaggle of people who are now talking about Obama’s link to some other supposedly “racist” black pastor. Does it make any difference that these people continue to refer to Obama as “Hussein Obama” as if that is some sort of important noteworthy tidbit? Yet no one (maybe besides me) plays up the fact that McCain refers to Vietnamese people as Gooks or that he is connected to racist ministers of his own.

What I find funny is that Whoopi Goldberg who I can’t stand actually made a great point. She was saying that people acting like Obama should have left the church long ago because of Pastor White’s remarks etc. The problem as me and Whoopi see it is that how many Catholics ran from the Catholic Church after the scandal of child rape came to light? Not many so now what does that say about millions of Americans? Yet of course we would like to have this double standard. I heard so many white people crying that if this type of thing happened at their church they would have sped out of there post haste.

There are tons of people spewing racist jokes on a constant basis; I have even done an article about it called “Quiet Racism.” Yet now I am to believe that these people cut those people loose from their lives? Even if that person who made the joke was their boss, best friend, or god forbid preacher. Not to mention that the comments that were made were NOT racist and in fact not even inflammatory once I listened to the COMPLETE speech he made and in what context. Yet let people tell it he was being just totally racist and insensitive to whites. Yet how many of these same hypocrites came rushing to the defense of Dog the “soulless nigger” Bounty Hunter, Don “Nappy Headed Ho” Imus and George “Maccaca” Allen, Joe “Clean & Articulate Biden, Geraldine “He’s only there because he’s black” Ferraro, Bill “They want to end white Christian male dominance” O’reilly, Lou “Cotton picking” Dobbs and Kelly “Lynch him in a dark alley” Tilgham.

None of these people have been ostracized. They haven’t been abandoned by their friends, family, co-workers; bosses and certainly not by the public who seem to like these people even more after their racist spiels. This total abandonment that people expect out of Obama I guess is only slated for blacks who dare to make comments about white dominated America in which it is obvious that through white privilege and other discriminatory practices blacks are kept from equality. Yet this is obviously a no, no for blacks to point out racism as through my experiences on this Blog that makes “you” the racist.

These same people talk about how MLK would never talk like this and how respected and loved he was when in fact if you look at the pictures from that time white people were spitting in his face, yelling racial epithets and going so far as hitting and kicking him. This was a man who was saying pretty much the same things as pastor White was saying at the pulpit. Yet the only thing that most of these people know about MLK was that he asked for non violence. Not that he demanded equality or the fact that he criticized the white community for its unfair, unequal treatment of blacks. These facts seem to escape them when they demand that black pastors today NOT talk about racist practices in America or its blatantly obvious hypocrisy.

People ask what would MLK say or do during this controversy. He would probably say that it is good that someone raised the issues that seem to be getting swept under the rug by people who feel that everyone should just be happy to be in America. Not complaining about how they need equality which somehow they equate to special treatment or handouts. Until people in this country begin to acknowledge the fact that America is racist to its core we will never heal. America was founded on racism, practices racism still and now pretends to be blind to its presence.


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