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Gloucester’s Teen Baby Mama Drama

Gloucester High School is now dealing with a slew of baby mama drama. People are asking how these seventeen girls under seventeen could have made some idiotic pact to get pregnant together and raise their babies together. When anything in the black community happens such as teen pregnancy or drug usage or how about violence the first question that is asked is where the parents are. What kinds of parents are in Gloucester that they have NO idea that their children are out very well sleeping with 24 year old transients? I have yet to hear from Bill Cosby asking those parents to take responsibility or better yet for the whole white community to take responsibility for this group of blatantly idiotic white girls thinking that a baby will somehow make them happy.

They were saying stupid things such as they wanted the baby so they could feel loved. Well then I think any mother can safely say that those girls have not been around too many newborns or toddlers. Because you don’t really feel the love or at least you don’t have time to stop and feel the love. There are just too many dirty diapers, screaming tantrums, sleepless nights and many, many other issues to deal with. Regardless of all these facts a baby is one of the wonderful joys that life has to offer. Yet I don’t think that a bunch of unprepared young single mothers who don’t have a clue as to what they are getting into will be able to grasp this. Hell they couldn’t even grasp the idea of birth control or the fact that maybe those baby daddies didn’t want to hold that title.

Maybe these girls are idolizing Jaime Lynn Spears or maybe they just want to show solidarity with her. The idea of under age girls getting pregnant or even having unprotected sex should not be that far fetched. I mean don’t the people in that town watch television or movies where underage sex is all too common and in fact glorified. Don’t blame these girls, blame their parents. Why would these girls need to a baby to feel loved if they were getting what they needed from their parents? I mean these are the same parents who obviously didn’t pay enough attention to these girls that they were able to make a pact to get pregnant then complete their plan which probably didn’t happen all in one night.

I guess if there weren’t about twenty five or so girls at my sons school that were pregnant at this time I would think this news was extremely interesting. But I guess the fact that these girls are black and the school is in the inner city it is to be expected. In fact not only is it to be expected but it is just not interesting or a problem because that is what “those people” do, right? I guess it isn’t just what “those people” do anymore. I suppose it is now what all those kids do now. I wonder if this will prompt some sort of outcry and if it does will that same outcry for better education trickle down to the inner cities as well. My guess will be that it will be isolated to that one spot and the epidemic of teen pregnancies among the inner city youth will continue unabated.



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