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Myanmar A Gov’t Under Scrutiny

I am having a BIG problem with this whole Myanmar cyclone recovery that is playing every night on the news. The first lady had the nerve to stand there and say “The response to the cyclone is just the most recent example of the junta’s failure to meet its people’s basic needs…” Wow, is she really going to chastise someone on the failure to meet its people’s basic needs when our own government which is run by her husband failed miserably to meet the basic needs of our own people in New Orleans.

Isn’t it quite interesting that her husband had the nerve to say that he didn’t know anything about a hurricane hitting the Louisiana area. Not only did our government not help the people after the hurricane, they didn’t do anything to fix the shoddy levees that they knew would fail in just such a storm. How is that for “meeting the needs of your people?” While the water was gushing over the levees in New Orleans Bush was sharing birthday cake with none other than Senator John McCain. Say Laura the people in New Orleans had no food, water or other basic necessities, “let’em eat cake, right?!”

The hypocrisy of these people is amazing. A CNN reporter said about the situation “The people can’t get clean water, decent food, a clean place to stay or medical care. They also can’t seem to get their military government to care…The governments attitude was more along the lines of don’t call us we’ll call you.” Now we have the gall to say this about Myanmar when our government said the same thing to the hordes of people who were washed out of their homes. All the while Bush is playing a guitar with country singer Mark Willis. He then went back to Crawford for another night of vacationing.

While people were sitting in the streets with no food or water our government officials were patting themselves on the back. Remember “you doing a heck of a job Brownie.” Bush congratulates Michael Brown for doing nothing during the catastrophe. In fact not only was he doing nothing after he was warned by FEMA staff that people were dying in the Superdome his press secretary wrote to colleagues complaining that he needed more time scheduled to eat at a restaurant. Michael Chertoff actually said that “he was extremely pleased with the response” or lack there of.

Now we are crying foul at the Myanmar government because they haven’t acted fast enough or in a fashion that pleases us, we still have people suffering from Katrina. Living in formaldehyde laden trailers, being asked to return thousands of dollars in aid they received and living on the street due to the lack of jobs and housing. And still to this day displaced because they (government/big business) decided that the land those poor people lived on is way too valuable to be given back to them and must be handed over to big time developers who can earn a pretty penny.

Our response to our own disasters has been so disastrous that I can’t believe that anyone in this country would have the nerve to point the finger anywhere except inward. But I guess our collective memory is so short or the propaganda that we are drinking is so strong that people actually look back at Katrina and see a quick and complete response. They will look back and see that people were treated with dignity and served completely by their government who acted with the utmost concern for the peoples basic and extended needs. No, we would never give a response such as the one from Myanmar’s military junta.

This is just one more opportunity for our government to force our “services” on a country that didn’t ask for it. Yet when thousands of people in our own country need our “services” all you hear are crickets chirping at least for the first five days. When will we decide that it would be in our best interest if our government actually pretended to care about us the way they pretend to care about the people in countries whose governments we don’t like?



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We The Sheeple. . .


While reading my new issue of BabyTalk magazine I ran across the Mom’s sound off section where mom’s can complain about articles from the last issue. The last issue had an article about universal health coverage, and minimum wage amongst other things in an article titled “Mom Power”. A lady named Melissa commented that she became really angry because “not every mom agrees with universal health coverage for all children in this country” and “a minimum wage that is a living wage.” In her opinion, it is her and her husband’s responsibility to provide health care for their children – not the government’s job. She then goes on to say that they are a one parent income as she is a stay at home mother etc. And that they can still provide the basic necessities even on their small income.

She claims that minimum wage is not, nor was not intended to be a “living wage”. It is a starting point for teens and those with second jobs – not meant for supporting a family. That those people need to get motivated, work their way up and they’ll make a living wage – and probably get a good health plan! As I read this tripe I became totally disgusted. Then a lady named Krishawn felt that Universal health insurance etc. is more akin to a “Nanny State” and that living wage jobs and health coverage already exists and are achieved by working hard and making the right decisions. After quitting her job to become a stay at home mom they lost their health coverage which was through her job and now they pay for it out of pocket. Now they don’t live beyond their means but doesn’t expect the state to subsidize their lifestyle. We don’t universal health coverage and minimum wage laws imposed on the already overburdened employers and taxpayers to get it.

All the talk of how the government doesn’t owe anything to anyone is pretty stupid. What if not to provide for its people is the government for? We do not pay our taxes so that the government can tell us that we don’t deserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. How can I have life if I don’t have good health, since that is a life necessity. I suppose that we could decide that we pay taxes for the government to just pay themselves. So why should we be offered universal fire department coverage, or how about the use of the police department or mail services.

How about we let the HMO’s take over the fire department, then you can expect to have your fire and rescue serviced denied after they find out that your child played with matches and they can call it a pre-existing condition for fire, no matter how the fire started. These are things that we get with the healthcare system of today. Healthcare isn’t a luxury it is a basic necessity that should be afforded to EVERYONE. Yet you have these idiots who can say that they don’t feel that every child deserves healthcare, just theirs since they can afford it.

Which brings me to the minimum wage which both these ladies feel doesn’t need to be a living wage. WHAT!?! Are they serious? Not everyone can have that high paying job not even every college graduate can get the best job. So basically what they are saying is that if you can’t be the ONE to get the good job then shut up and take whatever pittance the minimum wage job offers. Whether you can afford to feed your family doesn’t matter and neither they nor anyone else needs to worry about it, so long as they can feed theirs. See this is what is wrong with America, the all about ME attitude that we have when confronted with the problems of others.

These poor overburdened companies that Krishawn talked about work so hard to help. Yet while companies like Wal-Mart are refusing to neither pay workers a living wage yet offer their workers a healthcare plan that has a seven thousand dollar deductible which is akin to no healthcare at all. Since most people not only aren’t making a living wage but don’t have seven thousand dollars to shell out in an emergency or otherwise. All this and Wal-Mart is pulling down at least seventeen billion dollars. And I should be feeling sorry for them? I agree that healthcare is too expensive right now for anyone be they companies or individuals. The problem is that we need to take profit out of healthcare. But government healthcare is socialism or communism.

These are the types of hypocrites that we in America not only produce but strive to be ourselves. We constantly see people on television crying about not being helped by this or that and then you see all of the surveys talking about people finding healthcare or social help unacceptable. It probably is unacceptable until they are the ones who need it. The problem is that these ladies and most of these people with this mentality are just spewing the same rhetoric that you hear constantly out of the government especially the right. Instead of starting the constitution with we the people maybe we should just be starting it with we the sheeple!


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