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McCain: The Flip Flopping Bigot

I am hoping that a lot of you might have tuned into the George Stephanopoulos show. I actually have found that I can’t even look at McCain without feelings of disgust. Well he showed what a ginormous bigot he was on Sunday. George asked him if he would support gay couples adopting and he of course said no. Then when he was pressed on it he continued to say the same tired old “I am for the values that two parent families, the traditional family represents.” George asked him about gay adoption NOT single parent adoption. Are there NOT two gay people in a gay family adoption? So are they NOT a two parent family, just with two parents of the same sex?

I guess I am just crazy but doesn’t a family trump living in a cold group home or being bounced from foster home to foster home? I guess I see the hundreds of thousands of children in this country sitting and waiting for families as horrible. He obviously doesn’t care, I mean he did go over seas to get his adopted child. He says he is going to try and boost two parent traditional family adoption rates. There are a bunch of two parent traditional people adopting, uh from other countries or they only want white infants. How is he going to force these families to adopt the older kids or minority children? Is he going to shame them into adoption like he said he was going to shame the oil companies into lowering their profits by lowering gas prices? Yep, that will work just great.

He then was asked about affirmative action and if you read this blog you already know that I am a proponent. He claims that he does not support quotas. I understand that affirmative action isn’t perfect but it is by no means a quota system. As there is NO where in the affirmative action that says a company must set aside quotas or any such thing. He said that he has not looked at any of the details, which is evidently his style of politics even though he criticizes others on making decisions before actually getting the whole story. He actually said at one time that he was a supporter so his flip flop about affirmative action is just the newest somersault. At this rate if he doesn’t make it as president he might have a chance to represent us with the American gymnastics team at the Olympics. Maybe instead of coming up with the same old tired white privileged male propaganda about affirmative action he might talk with the American Psychological Association who did a whole study on affirmative action.

According to them “Data indicate that the biases against minorities and women that humans show in laboratory settings are reflected in real-world practices. According to the March 1995 report of the Federal Glass Ceiling Commission, for example, a large proportion of minorities and women are locked into low-wage, low-prestige, and dead-end jobs. Additional data suggest that these two groups have been disproportionately affected by current trends in workforce downsizing; many service-oriented industries, for example, disproportionately employ women and minorities and are likely to continue downsizing through the year 2002. It is likely that the minorities and women who work in these industries will be hardest hit (Murrell and Jones, 1995).

Maybe he will want to know the answers to a lot of the propaganda surrounding affirmative action since it is obvious that he never got a chance to do any research on the subject. He just knows that he doesn’t like quotas. Here are some of the facts surrounding the propaganda.

Many people argue that affirmative action has caused reverse discrimination against Whites.

However, a 1995 analysis by the U.S. Department of Labor found that affirmative action programs do not lead to widespread reverse discrimination claims by Whites. In fact, a high proportion of such claims filed were found to lack merit. The analysis found that fewer than 100 out of 3,000 discrimination cases filed actually involved reverse discrimination, and in only six cases were such claims substantiated (Wilson, 1995).

Critics of affirmative action usually believe that people should be selected for positions based on merit alone.

The reality is that most, if not all, hiring decisions involve some sort of unspoken preferential treatment. Sometimes the decision is based on a personal connection or relationship; sometimes it is based on likeability or comfort level (Wilson, 1995). In fact, the Federal Glass Ceiling Commission (1995) confirmed that white men tend to be more comfortable with, and therefore more likely to hire and promote, other white men, thus revealing the prevalence of racial- and gender-based preferential treatment.

Many people argue that affirmative action stigmatizes recipients.

Although the data support this contention, it should be acknowledged that stigma and negative stereotypes associated with race and gender existed in this country long before affirmative action was implemented. This does not mean that stigma and negative stereotypes are acceptable, but rather that they exist independently of affirmative action. There are, however, steps that can be taken to reduce stigma, as noted in the answer to the next question.

Are affirmative action recipients less qualified than those persons who are not its recipients?

Although anecdotes can be traded, there is little evidence to suggest that there is any truth in the perception that affirmative action recipients are less qualified than their colleagues (Pratkanis and Turner, 1995).

Two field studies of manufacturing and police organizations did not find any drop in organizational performance as a result of implementing affirmative action policies. Formal performance appraisals of minorities in work organizations do not find significantly lower performance of these workers compared to Whites. Some case studies have found unexpected positive benefits to organizations that have implemented affirmative action.

But it is obvious that McCain is just another white privileged man in America holding tight to the belief that it is fine to have racial favoritism for white males without any type of help leveling the playing field. He also believes that it is fine to be a bigot as long as you can qualify it by saying that you either favor some sort of “heterosexual lifestyle” or you “don’t like quotas.” Neither of these two statements changes the bigotry of the things he has said. He claims to wants to be president in order to make families’ lives better. I guess he is going to try and ignore all the homosexual and black families’  who happen to live in this country. Nice job McCain it shouldn’t be that hard,  just continue what you have been doing so far and you will no doubt be able to accomplish this small goal.



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