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Smells Like BS Alright!


You know the one thing I would like to know?  Why in the world does my blog attract so many idiots?  I get some of the stupidest people commenting on this blog that sometimes it occurs to me that the reason racism is so rampant albeit slightly undercover is that so many people are just plain stupid.  That’s right I said it, people are stupid, at least the retarded brained racists I get commenting on here.

I have recently been so tired that I don’t even bother to reply nor post the idiocy.  But this person just really sticks in my craw.  For one this person used the one line that forces me to delete your comment faster than a Republican Senator can engage in some sordid homosexual escapade.  And that happens to be “you won’t post my comments because you are a coward” and “get some balls.”

Has it ever occurred to these people that more than “MEN” have blogs?  Sometimes I feel like saying I would borrow yours, oops I made a funny since they don’t have any either.  Anyhow, this person is commenting on one of my old posts “White Entertainment Channels.”  He starts off by asking that someone get me a pacifier because I am a whiner.  Hey, alls good with that, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

So on we go down the raggedy trail of idiocy.  Next they want to assure me and others that they don’t like to split the races.  But somehow they have no problem spewing a bunch of propagandized garbage right of the bat with “There is a reason prisons are filled with more blacks.”  Really what reason would that be?  Last time I read the DOJ site they talked about the racism which permeates the system and how it was hard if not impossible to ensure fairness.  I guess this person doesn’t read anything beyond racists are us.

But of course it doesn’t stop there it goes on to some really thought provoking statements such as “How many billionaires or millionaires are black compared to white? Think bill gates inherited his stake or worked in a garage? How about Steve Jobs?Frankly, every time I see a black host spilling his pop culture ebonix I change the channel. Jail isn’t cool and neither is slapping a “hoe”. Thank god you don’t have more channels since blacks already ruined radio.”

He wants to talk about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, yet what happened to the Vanderbilt’s, Hiltons and all the other white people who did nothing to get the money they have?  What about the fact that white people in general are collecting on all the unpaid slave labor that helped to build this country into what we have to this day?  I guess that doesn’t count.

He sees all the “Ebonics” (yes this is how it is REALLY spelled) and “slapping a hoe” crap and wants to attribute this to blacks in general as if we are the ones in control of the broadcasting of television and radio.  Has it ever occurred to this nut that you have a bunch of white people who run these institutions

who decide that this is what they want to portray as being “black culture.”   What would be his excuse if black people ran the broadcasting and the only thing of white people that was aired was Fran Dresher and any other white trashy person you can think of?

Would he think that this WAS his culture or would he know and understand that this is just the stereotype that the black CEO’s and people in general want or need to see of white people in order to further their agenda?  I suppose that there are people are stupid enough to think that just because you see or hear a black acting like a jerk on television or radio that this is reality for ALL blacks.  And then run around and justify their ignorance by pointing out the stereotypes and not the plethora of people who are NOT like that.

But I guess we all can see that he IS one of those stupid individuals.  You see I didn’t assume ALL white people were stupid just because this nut is.  Any who here is a bit more of his stupidity at its worst.  “Want a pure black channel with black producers? Go find one. There is a reason it doesn’t succeed. Now go complain more about how your great grandfather was a slave and you feel his lashings.”

For one thing there has NEVER been a black owned, run and operated channel so how can it have not succeeded?  Just plain stupid!  Not to mention this prick would like for black people to have to go out and FIND things that pertain to us.  No we can’t be represented like white people.  Nope we need to go out and find ours, where who cares, as long as we don’t bother good white people like him with our need for equality.

Then of course lets justify our racist statements with my wife, uncle’s first cousin or best friend is a minority so what and how I say it is truly OK.  “For the record my wife is colombian and when we picked out neighborhood her reqs where “no blacks”. Racist? Not if you have facts, figures and statistics to back it up.”  So he has a racist Columbian wife and exactly what does that prove?  Besides the fact that he and his Columbian wife are racists.

And if he wants facts, figures and statistics to back up anything he is saying he will be looking a long, long time.  Since the facts, figures and statistics show that white people commit far more crime than any other race.  But, let him continue to believe that living next to black people will somehow open him and his idiot wife up to crime.  I bet that they have been the victims of crime and the perpetrators were white.  But that has no bearing on his lunacy.

In fact it wouldn’t matter if a white man put a gun to his head right outside his house in his lily white neighborhood, save for his racist Columbian wife, and took all his money.  He would still say he was safer in his white neighborhood.  The only time I have really suffered from crime has been while living in an all white neighborhood in a vast majority white city.

But, he wants me to believe that I am better off with those criminals than I would be with the minority criminals.  I hate to ruin anyone’s day, but criminals are everywhere in every color, race, religion or creed.  And I am sure I can find a ton of people who believe that by just being Columbian makes you a criminal.

Of course he now has a plethora of minority, namely black, friends.  “I have a lot of friends who (since you like segragating) are black. Fine upstanding ones. The ones who are trash are just like anyone else, even white trash. Get some balls and make your

mark in the world.”  And I guess he feels they are special because they are what he refers to as “fine upstanding ones,” as if this is somehow outside of the norm.  You see my friend this is the epitome of racism, stereotypes and bigotry.  And you try and call someone else a racist.  Isn’t that the jackass calling the titmouse stupid?

So you hit us with all of your racism then have the nerve to try and justify it with your racist wife, a bunch of stereotypes that are backed with no facts whatsoever and then have the nerve to throw your obviously stupid black friends in our faces.  Yes they are stupid to befriend a bigot like you.  And hopefully they and others will learn a serious lesson from reading the idiocy that you try and put out here as if you have some awesome insight into the race debate that no one else has ever thought of.

Well let me give you a slap of reality.  You are NOT saying anything new, the things you do say are racist and your bigoted behavior is what is causing the racial strife that we have in this world.  So why don’t you and your racist wife get a clue and stop using those so called black friends, if they exist, as some sort of brownie point in order for you to continue to lambast people with the sickness that is your racism.  One more tip, learn to type, speak and read the English language.  After all it IS the language of YOUR forefathers.


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Self Fulfilling Prophecy


The new ABC show “What would you do” did a piece on race where they had three white and then three black kids vandalizing and breaking into a car. They wanted to see if there would be a different response to each group of kids. And of course there was a huge difference in how they were received.

Now I get my share of nay sayers on this blog. They comment about how racism has ended and people like me are the ones who are keeping it alive. Then something like this comes along and not surprisingly will not change their position one bit. They just have an excuse for it.

Now if you’ve seen this piece then you already know that the black kids received about ten calls and were accosted by plenty of walkers by about their supposed abhorrent behavior. And of course there was only one call about the white kids doing the exact same thing. In fact the black family members of one of the black actors received about three calls because they were sleeping in their car.

They talked with some of the people who had called or accosted the black kids and one lady said it plain and simple, those black kids came to their neighborhood, their backyard and started creating trouble. She just assumed that those black kids weren’t from around there. Which in a neighborhood which is predominantly white like that one; it is not that surprising she would make that assumption. It is the same assumption which leads cops to stop blacks for driving expensive cars or driving through certain areas; it is perceived that they don’t belong.

The problem is that this is one of the main reasons we have such discrepancy in the legal system and that so many blacks are in jail opposed to whites. Now of course you will have those who will guffaw at this thought and go back to the blacks commit more crimes or whatever. Yet, you see first hand that blacks and whites were committing the exact same crime and people walked by the white kids and said they were just being kids.

And as far as I can see, it is the old adage of a self fulfilling prophecy. White people such a previous comment leaver named Charlie presented that very thing by saying that the white kids who had done a crime had a future so did not need to be jailed due to a perceived “small crime”. Whereas black kids had no futures since they were probably drop outs and making money from crime etc should be shaken down at every opportunity.

Now the reason this is a self fulfilling prophecy is that the white people see those black kids as having no future and are hard criminals so therefore they had better call the cops so that they get what is coming to them. While these people see the same crimes being perpetrated by the white kids and seeing that they do have a future and would be negligent to somehow contribute to interrupting that future.

Yet, people continue to make excuses for the blatant discrimination of blacks because somehow they feel they have to crack down hard on black people due to the perception that they are more criminal. And what do they offer as proof, the fact that more blacks are in jail. And of course deny that the direct cause is what this show shed light on which is the fact that the dominant community continues to see blacks as the problem and diligently make it their duty to ensure that blacks are held accountable while choosing to overlook the criminal activity of the members of their own community.

Trust me this will continue to happen time and time again without the watchful eye of a hidden television camera and a slew of actors. Those black kids would probably be sitting in jail right now if that were real life. And those white kids would be speeding away in a stolen car to continue their criminal lifestyle. The actors family who fell asleep in their car would also either be in jail or be harassed by the cops for being where they don’t seem to fit in. And the one terrible fact is that this scenario IS real life and plays itself out in a plethora of ways daily in America.


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