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Breaking Bad


It never fails that when the television or movies which have a black drug dealer he usually is dealing in crack and is portrayed as the scum of the earth. Of course I am not here to argue that they are anything different. I watch a new show called “Breaking Bad” which chronicles the life of a chemistry teacher who seems like the most unwitting meth lab drug dealer. Not only is this fellow not the scum of the earth he just so happens to be struggling to make ends meet for a pregnant wife and a physically handicapped son all on a meager teachers salary and did I mention he just found out that he is dying of inoperable lung cancer.

The show has somehow turned this would be scum of the earth drug dealer into a likeable I feel so sorry for you guy with whom we are destined to root for. Now I don’t know many if anyone who rooted for any black crack house cocaine dealers. We never get a chance to see the desperate circumstances under which these men started dealing drugs. I have to laugh at the fact that when you are a crack dealer you have a crack house. Sure you may be cooking your crack in there but it is a low form of drug manufacturing as opposed to methamphetamine which somehow gets the term meth lab as if they are chemists when they start cooking meth in their laboratories.

Meth house Crack lab it is all the same a bunch of dealers cooking drugs to pump out into our neighborhoods black and white. When was the last time on any show has anyone looked at the young black kid standing on the corner wielding a gun and shooting an innocent bystander while aiming for his rival gang banging drug dealing adversary and asked I wonder what his story is and how he got into this lifestyle. Nope we don’t get to know them, understand them, care about them only hate and despise what they do and who they are.

So they show us a benign white meth lab character who could be any neighbor, friend, family member, teacher or fellow church patron in America. This is in total contrast to the up to no good thug who inevitably represents ALL crack dealers. They are gun savvy and not afraid to use it; in fact they are ready and willing to use it at the drop of a dime. My point with this whole thing is the propaganda that is used to sway people into a certain feeling when they hear about these drug dealers. When one hears about the meth dealer you think of a benign white person who is yes breaking the law but not “really” harming people. And you have the crack dealer whose only goal is to destroy lives with drugs and crime. Not to mention cops are saying that meth makes crack look like child’s play.

I am not saying that this show is not worthy of being watched as I watched it and found it entertaining. I am just concerned with all the race based propaganda that surrounds television and movies. People don’t realize the affects that this type of propaganda has on children and adults for that matter. Then wonder why when a black person comes in for employment they are turned down cold. This is a direct reason why children when asked to describe a drug dealer start with “a black male probably from the inner city ghetto.” This type of conditioning needs to end as it is helping to perpetuate the negative stereotypes and thus cause prejudgment of an entire race based on nothing more than false scenarios pumped out by the media.



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