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Blacks At Fault For Gay Civil Rights Fail


I was reading the blogs and noticed a post which was about the gay marriage bill. This person went down the line asking questions about the difference between blacks and gays, I guess in an attempt to show how much harder gays have life. Because according to them blacks caused the gay civil rights bill to fail. Unfortunately I think this person might be living in some sort of a vacuum.

Did your parents disown you because you are black? No? Happens to gay and lesbians every day. I can pretty much guess that if some white father and mother are in the delivery room and a black baby is born, sure I think that white father and possibly the mother would probably disown that baby. If a white father brings his black kid home to his white family chances are they will disown that kid and the father too.

Have you ever been afraid that your family, friends, and work colleagues would disown you if you were black? No? Gays and lesbians struggle constantly with coming and being out. One thing is black people “come out” as soon as they come out of the womb. They don’t have a choice NOT to tell people their race, as it is pretty obvious in most situations.

I guess no black person has ever gone into an interview after being told over the phone that their resume couldn’t be beat. Then when they show up all of a sudden the employer decided to go with someone else. I suppose that a black person has never been an outcast at the workplace. I have been many times at ALL white companies. It doesn’t matter that no one knows you are gay until you say so. Being black announces itself.

Did you get beaten up and bullied at school because you are black? No? Happens to gay and lesbians more now than ever before. Teachers turn a blind eye. I am pretty sure plenty of blacks have had to go to school and be called the N word. Or get beaten up by a bunch of white bullies.  This crap did not only happen to blacks in the past it happens right now as well.  My son has had to deal with being called names because he is black.

Did you have to hide the real you and live a lie because you were afraid to be black? No? Happens every day to gays and lesbians. Blacks constantly have to take the views and culture of the dominant white society.  Black people have to go out in the world everyday and utilize a racially generic outlook in order to fit in with society.  Everyone who isn’t a part of the dominant society has to constantly conform, not just gays.

Do you kill yourself because you are black? No? Gay and lesbians teenagers are amongst the highest percentage of suicides. Plenty of blacks have reason to kill themselves. Just because they don’t in the numbers that gays do does not mean that somehow they are not suffering from ill effects of bigotry, racism and discrimination. Unfortunately this has been a part of black lives for so long that we have adapted to it.

Were you ever denied the right to marry the person you love because you are black? No? Well that’s happening right now in California. Thanks to you. I guess this person has never heard of miscegenation. Miscegenation was laws on the books that forbid whites to marry blacks, natives or Asians. Loving vs. Virginia is the court case that actually said miscegenation is unconstitutional. Even when a parent comes to terms with their child’s homosexuality they usually accept their gay partner. To this day you still have white parents who cringe at the thought of their child coming home with a black man or woman.

Oh, and another thing. Did you make a choice to be black? No? Well neither do gay and lesbians. No one makes the choice to be who they are black or gay is true. One thing I can say is that if you are white and gay no one will treat you differently upon looking at you unless you are overtly dressing and acting in a stereotypical gay manner.  The majority of black people can’t hide their blackness no matter what the situation is, even if they do or don’t act in a stereotypical manner.

So now the truth is out. You got us all supporting your “struggle,” yet you’re just as bigoted as the “white man” you constantly bitch about. No one forced homosexuals to support the civil rights of blacks. In fact a LOT of gays did not support blacks and there are a lot of blacks who didn’t support gays. And I guess homosexuals aren’t CONSTANTLY bitching about straight people (and now blacks) who want to deny them rights? Why don’t someone or this person tell me one group of people who are being discriminated against that ISN’T bitching about it and fighting for their rights?

We were brothers and sisters fighting for the same cause and yet you dare to state that the gay and lesbian struggle is NOT a Civil Rights issue.

Shame on you.

No I say SHAME ON YOU for saying that because some black people didn’t support gay marriage that now you are done supporting racial civil rights. It actually sounds a lot like this person was only supporting racial civil rights so long as they felt they would be getting something out of it in return.

They should be supporting civil rights out of the good for ALL people.  But, according to their own statement that they won’t support blacks rights because some blacks did not support gays.  It should be fine to them that some blacks didn’t support gay rights because some gays didn’t support blacks rights.

Well think about it this way. Blacks did NOT make or break the vote. In fact in most places the black vote was a little less than ten percent. Even though the opponents of these bills failed to do much to educate blacks on the issue, they are looking for them to do what they want. So, as usual people will ignore the blacks until they want something from them like votes.

So even though whites were the majority of people who didn’t support the bill, this person now wants to deny blacks their rights.  When they probably didn’t support blacks to begin with.  What exactly did they do to support blacks or the civil rights movement?  So basically it doesn’t matter what they did to help blacks.  Blacks had better support them.

But as we can pretty much say that it always ends up being BLACK PEOPLES fault. It doesn’t matter that if all the blacks voted against the bill it would have passed anyway. It doesn’t matter that blacks were not the only people voting. Nothing matters except that blacks didn’t vote the correct right way in their mind.

Now this person can tell me when the last time something didn’t go the way people felt it should that people laid all the blame on the gays? Yet for black crime, bad education, unemployment, and even this financial crisis that is happening right now has been blamed consistently on black people. And now whoopty do we can add the failure of gay civil rights.



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Sarah Palin Laughs In The Face Of Community Organization

Yesterday I was thinking about this whole election thing and was deciding that I needed to get back to my roots of speaking out on racism and the racist establishment, and a bit of child activism in there. But when I heard Sarah Palin trying to destroy what it means to be a community organizer, I just couldn’t let that go by without some sort of complaint.

She tries to play up the whole Mayor of a town that has fewer occupants in it than my neighborhood. She should be ashamed of herself. But of course she is not, because that is how people like her are, proud of their ignorance. She downplays the role of a community organizer even though we now know that she was forced to hire an administrator to run her government due to incompetence and the threat of a recall campaign. So maybe she should go easy on the “me have experience, you low community organizer person.”

Maybe she should have thought about this before attacking and belittling community organization to make her pittance of real experience look like she actually ran the country. The fact that she wouldn’t even be on that damn stage had it not been for the community organizers who organized the suffrage movement. But I guess that really isn’t all that important to a woman who is running for VP. Or the fact that women wouldn’t even be in the workforce had it not been for community organizers getting them together and raising hell. Remember that little thing called the feminist or women’s rights movement?

How about the fact that blacks would still be slaves if community organizers hadn’t pulled together to raise awareness of the evil of this institution? How about the fact that blacks wouldn’t even be allowed to chase the American dream as she is doing let alone come into the building to watch her jackass make a fool of herself insulting community organizers? But then again we know that the population of blacks is so low in Alaska she probably could care less if they were allowed into the hall to watch her slap their accomplishments in the face. She can stand at her podium grandstanding as if she is some worldly leader.

A nice little African proverb for her is that a single bracelet won’t jingle. They sit in their little convention and praise people like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. both of whom were those pitiful community organizers that they find so funny and sorry. It is interesting that before putting the speech together they didn’t bother to actually find out what a community organizer does and how they don’t collect money to help people. I guess to McCain and Palin the only time a person deserves their help is if they are getting paid or have a bunch of power behind it that they can abuse.

The facts are that community organizers are on the ground getting the things that these two fools fail to get done, done. And according to the community organization website this UNPAID job entails: Community organizing is a long-term approach where the people affected by an issue are supported in identifying problems and taking action to achieve solutions.

The organizer challenges those he or she works with to change the way things are—it is a means of achieving social change through collective action by changing the balance of power. The tactics and strategies employed by the organizer are similar to the processes of leadership including timing the issue, deliberate planning, getting the attention of the populace, framing the issue in terms of the desired solution, and shaping the terms of the decision-making process.

But if the Republicans had it their way they would have us believe that a community organizer is someone who sits on the stoop, drinking a forty oz. laughing and joking with the people as they pass by. Or maybe they just think it is what Sarah Palin did while in the PTA, sitting around shooting the breeze with the other parents. But to those of us, who know, perform these duties and rely on these people it is a lot more than some friendly person who just wants to sit and chat about your day and that of your kid or family.

The GOP got it way wrong on this one and I for one hope that this stupid statement comes back to bite them and her in their collective BUTT like a pitbull with or without lipstick.  And so I ask Sarah Palin and supporters, community organizers the world over have had to face life or death opposition to their positions, what life or death opposition have you faced?


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Who Absolved America Of Reparations Debt?


I have been reading a lot about civil rights people who tried to sue large companies that profited from the slave trade such as Aetna, CSX (railroad), New York Life, AIG, J.P. Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank and Fleet Boston, back in 2002. These companies have admitted to the income they made from the slave trade and some have even apologized. Yet they feel that they should not be held liable because in the words of Aetna, “We do not believe a court would permit a lawsuit over events which — however regrettable — occurred hundreds of years ago,” “These issues in no way reflect Aetna today.” And of course it’s obvious that the court didn’t allow the suit or you would have undoubtedly heard of the payout by now.

Yet Swiss banks paid out more than 8 billion dollars to Jews whose families were damaged financially by the holocaust. Most of the people that were maligned had been killed in the concentration camps, so it stands to reason that their families were paid on their behalf. Yad Vashem noted that a fund was set up by the Swiss, as was a Hungarian fund for compensation of Holocaust victims and their heirs. So we see that a horrible wrong was set right by the perpetrators of that wrong. No one says that the Jews should have forgotten about the holocaust or that it was in the past and they should just move on.

These are the words that are constantly told to blacks who would like to see someone pay for the wrongs that were committed by these and other companies upon our families. But, as Aetna says it is regrettable yet it was so long ago and this doesn’t in anyway reflect what is going on with Aetna now. How would people react to a person who murdered someone 20 years ago yet they haven’t committed any similar crimes, come back and says “hey I know that I committed murder however unfortunate, but it occurred about 20 years ago, so this crime in no way reflects the me of today.” Would that be good enough for them to now be exempt from paying for their crime? Of course not, I have seen people put in jail after 50 years of living without committing another crime.

I find that it is interesting that no one has a problem with a white race (the Jews) getting reparations, talking about anti Semitism and actually having holocaust museums, speeches etc. Yet it was so long ago shouldn’t they now be told to move on? I feel that the only time race issues need to be put in the past is when it deals with blacks or Native Americans. Sure people will say well look at the Jews they are doing well. Yes let’s look at how well they are doing. For one thing they immediately got away from their tormentor’s and had a state created for them using someone else’s land, as there is still debate over whether that was or was not theirs to begin with. They were paid reparations so they had something to start over with. They are receiving a large stipend from the United States to continue living well.

So I don’t think that blacks and Jews are even comparable in their situations. I think that if right after slavery was over blacks had been given their own state away from our tormentor’s and reparations we might have had a fighting chance. Yet the Jews in Israel never had to endure Jim Crow, the KKK or discrimination on such a large scale as we see in America with blacks from whites. They had troubles don’t get me wrong. Yet they are in a better spot than most blacks at this time even counting terrorism, since most blacks are living with our own terrorism from overzealous cops who shoot blacks so many times blaming it on contagious shooting. Other forms of terrorism like racial profiling, police violence, racism in our daily lives from work to the grocery store.

Where does this leave us? Well the government of the United States promised the black community reparations of 40 acres and a mule. They have reneged on a debt, so the debt is still owed. I understand that people feel that they had nothing to do with slavery so should not be punished. If you leave a debt unpaid and you have no life insurance, the company will not just say oh well the debtor is gone so we don’t get paid. That company will make sure to get the money from your estate or your family. So why should this debt be any different? Is it because the debt is owed to blacks for their forefathers who have a bill outstanding with the United States? Yet here are all these people constantly talking about fiscal responsibility and how we as a people need to be responsible and repay our debts. Maybe what I am taking from the governments non payment of this debt is that it isn’t really so important to pay back debts especially if I don’t care about the people I owe a debt to.

So sorry AT&T I don’t care much for your company or any of your employees and others receiving your services, so I guess you can just eat my bill, thanks. Now I am sure everyone reading this will think that I need to pay AT&T as they have given me a service three years ago and sent me a bill for closing a cell phone account. Running up that bill was unfortunate and regrettable yet it occurred over three years ago and it in no way reflects who I am as a person right now. I would never run up a cell phone bill now. So how come this can’t work for me? What would happen if everyone decided that the bills they owe no matter how old no longer reflect who they are as a person right now, should they be exempt from paying them back? I bet the government would have a little something to say about that and probably bring back jailing debtors.

So unfortunately I don’t have any hopes of my forefather’s debt ever being repaid. I believe that this if nothing else shows the disdain that America feels for its black population. I am sure that most people feel that America’s support for the holocaust heirs getting retribution and reparations was completely justified. Yet it would be fiscally irresponsible and much too expensive to force companies and even the government who were all involved to pay a back debt to the black heirs of the American slavery holocaust even though we felt it was responsible to see that the Japanese got repaid for being forced into internment camps. Not to mention it is fiscally responsible to enter into a never ending war spending billions upon billions of dollars and it isn’t even helping us as a people. The irresponsibility of this government and its population is ridiculous to say the least.  Unless the debt of reparations payments the government owes has been absolved by ALL blacks, then this debt is still outstanding and the interest is adding up tremendously.


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College Degrees Don’t Ensure Employment For Blacks


As I ponder racism in the employment sector of the United States, I am stuck on the fact that so many people continue to talk of the huge gains that Blacks have made in breaking into the White dominated business world since the civil rights movement. But I am disappointed in these so called huge gains. We are still woefully under represented in the American White dominated work force. There are questions to whether this is due to White racism or to Blacks whatever or to the dysfunction of affirmative action.

After slavery ended Blacks during the reconstruction era were building small but prosperous towns all around the south run completely by self sufficient freed slaves autonomous of White America. But unfortunately, these towns struck a negative chord in the White communities since they disproved White’s conviction of Blacks inferiority. The rise of White terrorist groups such as the KKK was launched to terrorize the inhabitants and burn entire towns to the ground in order to keep their superiority complex alive. These types of scenarios are well documented and continued for years. This forced Blacks to move closer to the White communities where they had to settle for a second class living and working arrangement.

Blacks did not have the money power of their White neighbors yet managed to live very cohesively within their own communities. They ran the businesses that served the Black community since services could not be obtained from Whites due to segregation and Jim Crow laws. Separate meant anything but equal which had them feeling the pinch in schools and also in daily life so Blacks called for civil rights. Once this was obtained and Blacks were allowed to apply for employment with White companies the Blacks that could left the Black community in search of the White American dream. This caused the majority of businesses to close in the Black community due to lack of income. Now more Blacks being unable to obtain work from the local businesses had no choice but to find work in White owned American companies, where discrimination still reigned supreme. This discrimination led to the advent of affirmative action which was a means to force these White companies to hire minorities and women.

Whites had to be forced to allow Blacks into the workforce. Yet you listen to all the people who come down hard on unemployed Blacks such as Bill Cosby, John McWhorter, Shelby Steele, Clarence Thomas and Stanley Crouch, and you hear them say that the only thing the Black race has to do is pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get a degree then all worries are over. What is it about the root of the Black condition that these fools don’t understand? It looks pretty obvious to me but then if I say the root is racism I am being a race hustler or racially divisive. I believe the racists utilizing their White privilege to further perpetrate the status or lack there of in the Black community are the race hustlers and racially divisive.

So why aren’t these self appointed so called voices of the Black community addressing why the majority of companies don’t reflect the racial makeup of this country even with affirmative action? They are overwhelmingly represented by Whites but since Blacks make up about 13% of the nation if all things were equal wouldn’t we be 13% of the workers and wouldn’t 13% of businesses themselves be owned by Blacks as well. So will pulling my self up by my bootstraps somehow cause racist White business owners to hire me? Since discrimination is supposedly for the most part behind us then how these companies are staying so devoid of a real Black presence is a wonder? I would love for Bill Cosby or John McWhorter to tell me the names of all the fortune 500 businesses that are headed by a Black CEO and employs predominantly Black workers.

Black people are in a constant state of shame, ridicule, harsh judgment, being criticized, harassed, suspected and embarrassed. On top of this we have to endure the same treatment from some of our so called brothers and sisters on a constant basis. Unfortunately for the men listed above getting a degree and long bootstraps don’t always cut it. Becoming successful has more to do with being given a chance by the White benefactors than bootstrap pulling or degree holding. You could have every degree offered and if the plethora of White business men don’t want to hire you for whatever reason, trust me, you can pull every boot strap you can find till they break and that won’t get your Black degree holding butt into a good paying job. I am not saying that a degree doesn’t help but it isn’t the golden ticket that these fellows would like us all to think it is. Having a degree isn’t a guarantee of anything except that you have broadened your skills and your knowledge base.

With the further loss of affirmative action I believe that these White companies will become even more white. Somehow affirmative action couldn’t even up the racial disparity in most of these companies yet we are supposed to sit by while the racists are put even more in charge of Black’s employment fate. For more on affirmative action and the Black read Brotherpeacemaker’s Affirmative action is my bootstrap. I don’t think that we would willingly put Al-Qaeda in charge of the United States Defense Department. That would prove to be counter productive.  So why then do we think that putting the people who for years have protected their privilege all the while denying us the opportunity to earn a decent living is going to work out any better? Why do we insist on relying on White America to steer our lives in the direction that we actually need to go?


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