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But, I Apologized Isn’t That Enough?


I started this post thinking of talking about the stupid former American Idol star Jessica Sierra who was arrested “again” for drunken debauchery but it is just a little too salacious and I am totally uninterested in anything connected to American Idol. I did on the other hand find that this belongs to the long string of celebrities who are letting go of this supposed pc or politically correct speech and throwing the nasty N word out for the world to see.

Now my post isn’t about the fact that these closet racists are being exposed, my post is the fact that all it takes is an insincere apology and somehow all is forgotten. Folks in the media are constantly saying that since the person apologized they should be forgiven and then they should be able to move on with their career or that they shouldn’t lose everything over a stupid mistake. Well you know people lose everything over stupid mistakes all the time, why should these so called celebrities be any different?

I feel that because the maligning that is going on is against blacks it isn’t as important to people since what you always here is that blacks just whine way too much etc. Yet where are the black celebrities out there who are saying stupid things against whites. I would love to see the reaction people have to let’s say Denzel Washington or Will Smith if they were to just bust out and start yelling at some white person for whatever reason, calling them stupid crackers, dumb inbred cavemen and fish belly honkies. Now would they be able to just apologize and move on with their career? Or would they end up like Isaiah Washington booted off their television show and have their apology guffawed away like a bad joke.

I personally believe that the reason most people want to forgive and forget when the perpetrator is white probably stems from the fact that they are secretly amused, amazed or admiring of the fact that this person actually went there. They said the things that a lot of whites wish they could say. Why I think this is because I am constantly reading Blogs of white people complaining that blacks can call each other that name so why can’t they? Or that blacks are just too sensitive and the word has no meaning anymore since it is in so many rap songs. Not to mention the amount of whites who confess to hearing jokes or just talk from their white friends or colleagues who use racial slurs when talking about blacks.

The fact that even after a slur is used by a white person everyone starts looking for an excuse or at what blacks have done that might make what was said understandable. Hey Michael Richards used the N word because those blacks were heckling him and practically drove him crazy. Don Imus used his slur because hey isn’t it the way we describe ourselves in rap songs. Duane the Dog Chapman called his sons girlfriend the N word but hey he had a shoddy education, been in prison, he also loves and respects blacks. Bill O’Reilly says that blacks weren’t screaming M-fer at a black restaurant which was OK because he was just pointing out the obvious, not to mention paying blacks a compliment. Now, Jessica Sierra called a cop the N word, and my favorite excuse is she did it because of substance abuse; she doesn’t even have these types of racial feelings with out the drugs.

But of course all that will happen is she will apologize and be right on her way to fame and fortune. Since we know that blacks are just overly sensitive to anything they “perceive” as racially motivated even when the origins are benign just like the examples I’ve just given. I am sure that when blacks start burning some equivalent of a cross on whites’ lawns, hanging whatever white version of a noose would be and hauling off and spewing a bunch of white racial epithets we will “really” see exactly how benign these incidents are.




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Restaurant Review Bill O’Reilly Style



I watched the interesting restaurant review that Bill O’Reilly gave after visiting a well known African American establishment called Sylvia’s in Harlem New York. Now he made some comments about it and everyone is in a bit of an uproar. There are allegations flying all over the place. But all that happened was it made me want to give my own review of a local restaurant as well since it is the entire buzz right now.

I went to a well known restaurant here in town run by a local Caucasian man. I was really surprised that the guy who seated us was tremendously respectful and never once did he refer to us as “dude” or the “N-word” and he didn’t have any lice popping out of his head. I was impressed right there to say the least. Then as we sat and looked around the place there wasn’t even a noose in sight or a Confederate flag. I was astonished that no toothless banjo players were present, in fact the music was a nice soft jazz. This almost floored me as you know Whites pretty much just began to start getting rhythm. They’re starting to get away from the Pat Boone’s and Como’s (Perry) and the people trying to lead them into rhythm-less culture.  They’re just trying to figure it out, Look, I can make music.  If I work hard and get a drum beat, I can make it.

My date quietly mentioned the fact that he hadn’t seen any NASCAR posters or one giant belt buckle, but I told him the night was still young. At any moment one of the Caucasian patrons was bound to jump up with his ten gallon hat and start shooting his pistols into the air while yelling “yeehaw”. At this point I was beginning to think that these people were actually just like me and other Blacks, although I did have to spend ten dollars for a burnt cup of coffee.

Our dinner came out without a hitch and the fellow bringing it didn’t have a mullet or a skullet. In fact he didn’t even talk through his nose as if he had once been Batman’s butler. But really Blacks who don’t have a lot of interaction with White culture think it is dominated by Michael Richards, Don Imus and Ann Coulter. Well this was a really fine evening for us as we didn’t see the Klan or any skinheads in the place. So all in all it was a very delightful dinner so hopefully other Blacks will realize that it was the same even though it’s run by Caucasians with predominantly Caucasian patrons.

To thank Bill O’Reilly for opening my eyes on all that can be expressed while giving an account of dinner at a restaurant run by those that are less than himself. I am glad to have been exposed to his rant as it gave me a chance to rant for myself. I hope that you enjoyed my review, sorry I couldn’t post the name of the restaurant as I didn’t clear it with the owner first. Please don’t call it racist it is just my ignorance of White people that I said these things. I was trying to pay the restaurant and the White community a compliment. Hopefully nobody gets mad enough that I end up with a burning cross in my front yard. So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed.


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