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Arguments As To Why Blacks Don’t Deserve Respect

I constantly read comments from some self serving white person calling themselves  “white brother” or some other asinine name, who uses the age old racist talking points to explain why the black community is constantly in despair. It is always under the guise that blacks are so criminal, so uneducated, such separatists and so racist against themselves that they don’t deserve any respect.

They will always claim that somehow blacks are only 13% of the population yet swear that we commit 60 , 70% or some other astronomically incorrect amount of the crimes. Where do they get these statistics?  Yet they fail to mention how Black folks are 13% of the population with an unemployment rate of 11.2%. according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. How about explaining Devah Pager’s study which showed that white men with a felony record and only a high school diploma received a call back rate for employment of 17%.  Yet, black men with a four year college degree and NO criminal record got a call back rate of only 15%. So instead of them touting their bogus crime stats why don’t they explain why blacks are unemployed and get called back for less jobs than a white high school graduating felon?

Then spout that black unity is about black supremacy or being black first and American second. It seems that these people want to use the white power or white pride as a base from which to judge black unity. We see that these people screaming white pride are coming from a position where they believe that pride in their race somehow equates to every other race be inferior to their race. Unfortunately black power/unity comes from a totally different mindset.

For one thing white people invented the retarded rules about race. And are the ones who decided that blacks were of course black sub-human beings. Then when pushed they decided we were black, full human then American. Not only that, they also created an environment where being black was a bad thing which carried NO power or clout. So in light of this, blacks had to fight that negative with a positive about black pride, unity and power. White’s also equate the term American with white such as the “all American boy or girl.” So until we ALL equate American with any race, blacks will always be black first and American second.

It never fails that as soon as they get started with those first two whammies they pull this one out as well. Sure blacks may have jacked up schools and their education isn’t as thorough as white kids, but hey blacks here have better education than a lot of third world countries. Just because blacks have access to this second class education that might or might not be better than some third world country, they should shut their pie hole. For one thing, THIS IS NOT A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY!  So why are we comparing our education to theirs?  Wouldn’t it be best if we compared black education to their white counterparts in this country?

Shouldn’t blacks have the same access to quality education as every white person? I guess since those black schools are that top notch we should begin turning all white schools into the same out dated, ramshackle buildings, out of date books, and understaffed, underfunded, unqualified shit holes as well. But then how would they be able to qualify their next assertion that blacks are inferior in education if EVERYONE were to receive this bull shit they call the best education blacks could ask for?

My favorite by far is if you don’t like how things are here, why don’t you just go back to… in Africa. They name the one place in Africa with the latest horrible genocide, famine or drought. They never say something like go back to Equatorial Guinea, Seychelles, Botswana, and Mauritius, Gabon or the island of Reunion. The point is that they never name any of the countries on the CONTINENT of Africa that happen to have a good standard of living. Yet, would get totally offended when you counter with telling them to go back to South Ossetia, or Georgia where they seem to be having some war issues. The first thing they say is that they are not Ossetian or Georgian, yet it made no difference that you don’t originate from any of those war torn African nations.

Another good one is no one oppresses black people but black people. If you let them tell it, blacks must run all the businesses that keep us unemployed at twice the rate of whites. Blacks must run all the banks who decide they will give blacks a higher interest rate on loans even with all things being equal or better between them and their white counterpart. Blacks must be handling all the school resources in order to continuously keep the schools in the black areas dilapidated while the white schools have MORE than enough to ensure they are educated properly. Yep, sounds to me like blacks are their own worst enemy. We should boycott black people who run all those things that keep us from our goal of the American dream. Damn you all and your infernal illogic!



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