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Does Affirmative Action Hurt


As I receive a plethora of comments for my posts about Ron Paul I have noticed a theme to the ones that talk about affirmative action. Somehow people are equating affirmative action with some sort of hand out or some sort of mandated free job system for all these unqualified opportunistic blacks who don’t deserve to have them. Now I personally equate these comments to racist mindsets. I feel this is due to the fact that if they didn’t already feel that blacks were unworthy of the jobs that they do receive.

Now what exactly makes these people think that the blacks are getting jobs that they aren’t qualified for? I have never nor has anyone I know ever been able to fall into a job that they were not qualified for. This is just more racist thinking that many have and refuse to acknowledge as such. I have repeatedly asked these people to explain why these blacks are unqualified or how and where these jobs were gotten.

With the thinking that no blacks are ever qualified this is contrary to the truth. Blacks getting jobs usually have to be twice as qualified as the next person in order to get the jobs they are going for, affirmative action or not. Just like one commenter said, blacks have to work twice as hard to prove to whites that they are worthy. I have to laugh that people are so quick to judge all blacks as unqualified even though they don’t know the qualifications of just a hand full of any particular blacks.

So from what they are saying, blacks just want a handout, that we should be shamed to be given something for nothing. When did trying to get a job become wanting a handout? Is it a handout when white people are applying for a job, of course not because it is accepted that they would be qualified for any job they apply for. Yet they turn right around and tell me of the racist nature of affirmative action.

When has anyone ever talked about the affirmative action that whites receive? All the while blacks were kept from the workforce due to Jim Crow and other racist programs aimed at preserving white domination in the workforce. Why are they not complaining about all the white women who are benefiting even more from affirmative action than any black person?

We have been led to believe that all the while whites have benefited from their own brand of affirmative action it is somehow now a problem when there is a program aimed at someone other than white males. We as blacks should somehow be ashamed that someone was trying to come up with something, anything that would even the playing field between white males and minorities even though it is woefully inadequate.

I understand that people feel that this is nothing more than a handout that disenfranchises white males. Because we all know that white males have such a hard time finding jobs in this white male dominated marketplace. By all accounts if affirmative action is this big job handout program there really shouldn’t be any unemployed black who have applied for more than one job. Since if the jobs are being handed out the first one they applied for would be theirs no questions asked. Yet we know full well that blacks or over represented on the unemployment lines.

Should we believe this is due to the fact that blacks somehow don’t want jobs? Even these free handout jobs that they don’t even have to be qualified for. I suppose that I should just clear the air and let people know that the Eddie Murphy movie Trading Places was a joke. Black homeless people really aren’t being snatched off the streets and thrown into the lap of luxury running a stock brokerage firm. Yet this is what comes to mind when some people talk about how blacks are receiving these handouts in the form of employment. Or the fact that they are saying that blacks are not qualified yet they got the job at the expense of a more qualified white man.

Affirmative action is a catchall phrase referring to laws, customs, and social policies intended to alleviate the types of discrimination that limit opportunities for a variety of demographic groups in various social institutions. And for us to believe that these laws, customs and social policies are hurting people you would have to first believe that the playing field for all people is an even one. Yet if you believe that then you would need to explain a whole slew of other problems facing our society. Such as blacks only earn 78% of what whites earn, blacks are still under represented in all facets of corporate America and black unemployment is more than double that of white unemployment.

These discrepancies between blacks and whites are just the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of other “documented” differences that can’t be explained away with blacks just don’t want to do better etc. A person named Ana who replied to my Blog once said “what group? white people are not a ‘group’ that has some special, common interest. white people are individuals whose foremost concerns is their own good and the good of their families and friends – not the good of other white people.

This is exactly my point if every white person is doing what Ana said, whites are looking out for the concerns of their friends and families who happen to be white like them. This is the epitome of the white privilege or white affirmative action of which I speak. And for Ana to say this is showing her protection of the white group and how they do come together to protect the group Yet a black person having affirmative action which is a suggestion of sorts that if they are most qualified for a position they will not be passed over merely for the color of their skin. But the facts show that this so called suggestion has no real teeth. Blacks are constantly passed over and this is due to the ingrained thinking that most whites have that blacks are unqualified, unworthy and thus undeserving of whatever employment they are seeking.



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Wage Racism Driving Blacks To The Poor House


We’re all making more money today says the CNN anchor, yet the gap between blacks and whites are getting wider. The report shows that white women’s pay is up more than five fold while white men stayed relatively stagnant. Black men on the other hand income has dropped yet they touted that income offsets by gains among black women. On CNN’s website the story goes on to say that the average black family was making only 58% of the average white family. They also said that most people think that the playing field for blacks and whites has been leveled.

Marc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urban League said that the disparities that we see between the two races is because of inadequate schools in black neighborhoods, workplace discrimination and too many black families with only one parent. It was also noted that middle income blacks were not passing wealth on to their children while white families in middle and poor classes were. This tells of the inherent wealth that comes with white privilege. Even though this factor seems to never get reported.

But ask any person with a white mindset and the playing field “IS” even. Explain that the disparity has existed since slavery ended, the excuses run from blacks don’t have the experience to blacks don’t make education a priority. We have black people such as John McWhorter, Shelby Steele, Bill Cosby and Stanley Crouch who love to say that blacks have the same opportunity as any white person and if we just work hard and pull on our bootstraps we will undoubtedly be just as well off as our white counterpart. Now how is that, when reports like this continue to come out? It is obvious that white business does not feel we are as valuable or worth the same pay as our white counterpart. Neither working hard nor a college education is a guarantee of anything which I spoke to in my article “College Degrees Don’t Ensure Employment For Blacks.”

So where are all these outraged people white and black to protest the fact that the obvious white privilege is getting worse when it comes to being able to support our families? It is interesting how so many people claim that they aren’t racist and they support equal rights, yet what about equal rights to have equaled pay? So now aren’t we in violation of the Universal Declaration where article 23 just happens to state: (2) everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work. I guess this doesn’t apply to blacks in America.

We will send our army out to other nations and force them to follow the Universal declaration yet we won’t bother to force ourselves to uphold it. You constantly hear people complaining about how there are so many inequities for people in different Middle Eastern countries, China or how about North Korea and we are still telling our black community to bend over, shut up and take it. If it wasn’t so pathetic I would laugh since we are a ludicrous nation of people who constantly look at our race problems and say “uh, uh, I don’t see nuthin’, there isn’t anything wrong with our system of living. The status quo is just fine for white folks so what’s the problem?”

Then as soon as blacks get unemployment, welfare or better yet affirmative action then we are the ones looking for a handout or special treatment. Yet, white people having higher wages that are still leaving blacks in the dust isn’t special treatment, white affirmative action or some sort of white only welfare. It seems to me that a serious shake up or shake down of corporate America needs to happen and soon in order for blacks to be able to just get a fair shake and a level playing field. But, if we continue to allow the same people who are putting us in this situation now to “continue” running things, we will never have a fair shake or a level playing field.

Yet like I have said before we as a black community continue to sit idle all the while letting the rapist who have been raping us for years tell us what is or isn’t rape. Letting them take the wheel to drive us to equality when this study shows they have no intention of driving us anywhere except right to the poor house. Let me and others talk of putting an end to this white supremacist run system and then I’m the racist. Talk of blacks getting together to take the catalyst out of our lives and I’m some sort of separatist who wants to ruin the black community by depriving them of white society. Please, you don’t see antelope on the plains of Africa looking to live closer to the lions which ravages their numbers. But somehow this is exactly what whites and blacks with a white mindset would have us do.

Unfortunately, I believe that it is far too late to run, so we must find a way to break free from this tyranny that the people with their white mindsets are placing on us. Level playing field, equality, these are misnomers that those benefiting from there opposites would like for us to believe will be coming one day soon, when in fact they have no intentions of allowing that. What would be gained for them to level the playing field, what benefit would be gotten from equality? Of course the answer is nothing since they are already benefiting from the way thing are now. Since we see they will gain nothing we should know that it is up to us to take it upon ourselves to level the playing field.


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The Stupidest Guy I Ever Worked With


Once I worked in a hospital in a pretty much all white city in the northwest. One night we were sitting at the nurse’s station and one of the male nurses turned to me and asked me why blacks get so excited at church and funerals etc. He went on and on about blacks and kept insisting on asking me for explanations. Unfortunately I don’t feel that I am the voice of every black in the nation and told him this. But, then his real agenda showed and he asked the question I’m sure was on his mind from the get go. “Why are blacks so angry about slavery, I don’t understand, I mean the slave owner probably treated them good, just like he would a tractor if he had one. I mean nobody wants to have any of their property get ruined or broken, so you know that he would try and take care of them.” I must have been looking at him like his head had just popped off and confetti was shooting from his open neck. This was to be a long night.

Well I don’t know if that is a question that a lot of whites have but, I thought it was THE dumbest thing I had ever heard. I first had to ask him if he really wanted to equate my ancestors with farm equipment. He again explained his theory on farm equipment and slavery being pretty much the same thing. Well, I just shot him that you’re a dumb bastard look and started in on him. I immediately asked him if he would feel alright with me coming over to his family’s house and rounding up some of them to work on my new farm. He said he didn’t feel comfortable with that question. Why? You just said it wasn’t so bad, so why not let me have your grandma, I’m pretty sure she knows how to cook, clean, sew and whatever else I need, she can do it. Don’t forget your kids, I’ll take them too. He was flabbergasted to say the least, and said that this was unfair because the questions were loaded. But why not I continued, I wanted him to explain the shock he felt.

He said that he didn’t feel that it would be right in this day and age. I asked him if it were 400 years in the past, would he be OK with it then. He was a little perturbed. I found this funny, so now I was free to go on. So basically it was OK for his ancestors to put my ancestors in bondage just not the other way around. He would be fine taking my family apart but not fine with his being torn asunder. I started in on his obvious hypocrisy and how he obviously viewed blacks as being worth less than that of his white family members. Well he still thought he had a case and said that we all know that it is wrong now, that is why he just didn’t think we should get off the subject with talk of his family. I had to point out that with his original statement he made it quite clear that slavery wasn’t so bad etc. He explained that what he felt really was that slavery was over dramatized and that it wasn’t nearly as bad as people made it seem. I think my head was popping off and the confetti about to come from my neck.


NOT so bad, I could barely contain myself at this point. I had to shake my head to make sure it really was still attached. He was obviously an idiotic fool. There were beatings, rapes, families being torn apart, kids sold here and parents taken there. How would he feel to be a child ripped from his family and comfort to go live with some crazed man with a whip and lust for your black female relatives? Not allowed to speak your language, kept from your religion, customs and any semblance of your way of life. I just couldn’t believe that he would sit there and try and defend one of, no THE most horrendous crime to take place in the entire world. Nothing not even the holocaust lasted for 400 years. I mean this was ridiculous.


Well, we started going back and forth with our arguments and the House nurse walked in and broke it up. He had been listening for a while and was very embarrassed. He asked if I was OK, which I was, just a bit angry. Well at the end of the shift, which was 7 a.m. I was called into the Supervisors office where they apologized and the whole jazz. When I left I saw the guy going to his car, he was angry and said he had been fired and to him that was discrimination against him because he didn’t feel he did anything wrong. The interesting thing about it was that I could care less that the guy was fired or that he felt angry or whatever. I started to wonder if that is how whites feel about blacks when they get canned etc. Well if it is I didn’t care about that either. I worked the remainder of the summer with his girlfriend who told me they were moving out to Boise Idaho, and I thought that was a fitting place for the guy. There is nothing else, no moral or twist, this was just my I worked with a stupid guy story.


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