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Are You That Desperate Rick Perry?

Governor Perry is so desperate he’s pulling a Michelle Bachman.  Now saying that a poor, poor lady with cancer told him that if someone doesn’t get rid of Obamacare that she will surely die.  Somehow Obamacare will kill her.  Now my question is exactly how will Obamacare kill her?  Did it “give” her the cancer she is dying from?  Will it stop her from continuing her current health plan IF she has one?  Will it stop her from getting Medicare or Medicaid if she is getting that?  Of course not!

What is it about the Obama healthcare plan that causes so much angst?  Only a small part of the plan is even enacted and the rest doesn’t come into play until 2014.  So, out of what IS enacted could any of these be killing this poor cancer ridden lady?

Could it be that the plan forces insurance companies to cover recommended preventive services without charging out of pocket costs: Services like mammograms, colonoscopies, immunizations, pre-natal and new baby care are now covered, and insurance companies are prohibited from charging deductibles, co-payments or co-insurance?

Do you think that making insurance companies cover preventative services and the like are killing her, is it stopping her care?  Probably not, so let’s keep looking.

How about this one:

Give her an opportunity to appeal coverage decisions by her insurance company: Consumers are guaranteed the right to appeal insurance company decisions to an independent third party.

Well I am sure as hell if her insurance company says they don’t want to pay for any new treatments her doctor feels will help her cancer, that she would think having the RIGHT to appeal would be very much needed.  In fact it COULD be the one thing that saves her life.  Well, let’s keep looking, since we know for a fact this ain’t it.

The last one, could it be this:

It guarantees enrollees their choice of primary care provider: Consumers have their choice of provider within the plan’s network of doctors, including OB-GYNs and pediatricians, without a referral, as well as out-of-network emergency care.

I doubt very seriously if having her choice of primary care providers is killing her or hurting her in any way.  If she doesn’t want to choose a doctor and would be more comfortable letting her insurance company choose, I am more than sure they would have no problem steering her to her cities equivalent of the Simpson’s Doctor Nick in Springfield.

These are the only things that are going on right now, and nothing that I have seen in the bill coming up would kill her either.  So what the hell is she or is Perry talking about.  What are any of these idiots posing as Republican presidential candidates talking about when screaming they wish to end this bill.

Do they wish to ensure poor autistic children and their families have their healthcare cancelled the minute they get the diagnosis, as that is one of the things that this bill stops.  Or are they hell bent on ensuring that people who don’t have healthcare stay that way?  What is it that these people DO want?  They never tell the alternative, all they say is they want to stop socialized medicine.  Why?  Every one of the top nations in the world with the better life expectancies and beating us on the best places to live has socialized medicine.  Is it killing them?  Maybe we should start thinking about that.

Looking at these candidates and looking at my fellow American’s who are choosing from this gang of clowns, makes Finland, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden and Norway look really good right now.  I think it is time to invest in Rosetta Stone and call it a day.



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Are We Americans Really This Stupid?


I think it’s high time for me to do a little bit of venting.  I have been pretty much silent on the health care debate but listening to NPR today just really made me angry.  I practically screamed all the way from our house to Grandma’s pad.

They were talking to people who watched the President speaking about health care last night and what they thought about what he said.  Well there has obviously been a resurgence of crack usage that seems to have escaped the throngs of news reporters who were so quick to let you know about its usage in the black community.

Anyway, a lady was complaining about the fact that the President wants to make it illegal for insurance companies to use pre-existing conditions to deny coverage.  She likened it to having no car insurance even though it’s mandatory then wrecking into a tree and running to Geico and yelling for them too cover you quick.

Now this lady was obviously so high on crack that she sounded like a total idiot.  We all know that there isn’t one way in hell that any insurance company would cover that situation because coverage starts the minute you sign on the dotted line, not retroactively so it doesn’t quite fit this problem.

We know for a fact that insurance companies are NOT denying coverage to people who sat around with no insurance even though they could afford it purely for no reason.  Who got cancer and then said I better go get health insurance to cover this.

Nope, what the President is talking about is this bullshit about people having bogus pre-existing conditions that somehow should preclude the insurance company from paying any further claims even though they have been collecting the person’s money religiously.

What he is talking about would be the fifty year old man who has just gotten a diagnosis for osteoarthritis and the insurance company denies his coverage because when he was ten years old he stubbed his big toe and needed a band aid from the school nurse.  This is the preposterous crap that happens day in and day out.

And to tell you the truth, this idiotic lady will be the first one to cry, holler and scream that things aren’t fair when, not if, but when this happens to her and/or her loved ones.  I have seen this game all too often as I’ve worked at two insurance companies and I’ve worked at countless hospitals.

This isn’t a game, it is real, it happens and it is practically criminal already.  Either they need to be forced into giving the person the care they PAID for or giving them a full refund on their premiums, including those paid by the person’s job.

I guess since this lady hasn’t had to be one of those affected adversely by her insurance company she can stand to sit around and make idiotic comparisons about a real life travesty.  When are people going to think outside of the doggone box?  It doesn’t take much to do some critical thinking.

I believe that our school system has failed so many.  And it seems that their parents didn’t bother to pick up the slack in teaching critical thinking skills either.  Are we American’s really this stupid?


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Katy Abrams And The Intellectually Incurious

I mentioned Katie Abrams just briefly in my last post on the health care debate.  But it seems as if she has somehow become the poster girl for the angry white right wing folks.  And it seems that their choices in poster girls such as Sarah Palin are the only people they can find be they idiots or not.

Katie claims that she is soooo happy with her health care coverage even though they have a health account and have a 5,000 dollar deductible.  And pretty much pay all of their health bills out of pocket.  Now hey, if her family can swing that type of deal then more power to them.  But what of the people who can’t afford to swing that type of a deal let alone the three or four hundred dollars a month to buy health insurance for their family?

Should they be forced to have nothing and run our tax dollars up when they run to the emergency room and we have to foot the bill?  See this is the problem with nuts like Katie.  They have absolutely NO clue what is really happening in this country let alone in the government bills that are on the table.  She talks out of her ass and whoop there she is the semi retarded poster child of the right wing.

What happens to poor, poor Katie and her family if for whatever reason they can no longer afford to pay out of pocket for health care?  Does she then cry and whine to whoever is listening that the son who just had a surgery and is due for another, NOW needs another will be left in the wind.  Will we have to come to her rescue by taking up a donation pot so she can get her son the care he needs?

Of course we will and the minute you point out her stupidity earlier with the things she said at the town meeting she will cry “that’s different.”  I just don’t want this country turning into Socialist Russia while her son will need to be funded by the rest of us.  Talk about socialism. HA!  She would rather beg from everyone else than to ensure her family has health care by pooling her tax money with others.

And this bit about taking the country back to what the forefathers intended.  And what pray tell is that?  Do you mean back to a time when slavery ran amok, or women had no say?  What exactly do these dummies mean by this?  Because the last time I checked, neither the constitution nor the forefathers ever uttered one word about health care.  I am damn sure that it didn’t even exist back then.

Now we all know or should know that a socialized (SOCIALIZED) health care system is NOT Socialism.  Socialism is a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.  I don’t know who is saying that people have no ownership or control of production when they say we should pay into the pot for health care.

And if this is the case isn’t health insurance or insurance of any type socialism?  I mean you have a bunch of people paying their money to the same place in order to be able to draw on that money at a later time IF something happens.  This all means that everyone’s money is being used by others in order to make that particular system work.

Now the problem with insurance is that it is run under a for profit system meaning that the company who is charged with helping you if you need it wants to keep the money for themselves.  And we know that means as soon as you need help, they will do everything in their power to find a way NOT to help you.  And this is the system that we are fighting to keep!  WHY?  And even on top of all this info that idiot Katie doesn’t even have the benefit this failing, flawed and pathetic system.  She has to pay out of pocket and still wants to fight for the right NOT to be able to have health coverage.  WOW!  Now that is a case for Dr. Freud.

She also cried about the fact that the spending is out of control and that her family is going to be taxed to death by a bill that is being forced through in a quick manner.  Like she said she doesn’t pay attention to politics.  Because if she did then wouldn’t this stupid, I mean sleeping, giant have awoken back with the passage of the Iraq war?

But alas we are now in the midst of another right wing puppet that doesn’t have all their facts straight let alone the intellectual curiosity to find the information out.  And to tell you the truth this is exactly what is wrong with our country.  Not that it is turning all Socialist or that a black man is in the white house.

Nor is it that our president wasn’t born in the United States and is hell bent on killing my kids’ grandma (as mine are already dead).  The problem is all of these intellectually lazy fools who haven’t got the wherewithal to even bother looking up the minutest of factual information before spouting off like old faithful.  Intellectuals are curious enough to look for answers rather than be spoon fed by the latest fly by night nut.


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Privilege And Prejudice

privilege and prejudice

“the selfish people like you are the problem you think your entitled to everyone’s money just because your great great great great grand father or mother was a slave and that makes you special or entitled to something your not you and every one in this country has the same possibilities as everyone else how do i now this because i am a high school drop out that has made it in this country despite all of the one sided racist social programs grabbing at my money every day, if your so called “lower class” would put a little effort into getting out of the lower class as i and many other have done in this country they would no longer be lower class and we would not have a need for theses racial social entitlement programs that you speak so highly of WE dont need more people on more progams we need the lower class “entitlement generation to do for them selves and get off their A**es and stop dragging this counrty into the Abyss. . .”  Roger Weaver

First of all we can all agree that this is what happens when people don’t get an education.  Run on sentences, lack of punctuation and abysmal spelling.  But let’s go ahead and answer to this seriously flawed thinking individual.

This comment was taken from my blog post titled “We the sheeple.”  I called him selfish because he doesn’t think that we should even entertain health care for all.  Which is fine, but he has this me and my attitude as well as this fear that blacks are somehow begging for a health care handout.

Now how is saying we need health care for ALL me saying that black people are entitled to everyone’s money?  Or is he under some idiotic thought that ONLY blacks have no health care and that if we move to help everyone blacks will be the only folks who will benefit.

How and where does slavery have to do with health care?  See this is just more racist babble in order to somehow lessen the argument for health care as some sort of ploy by blacks to get more of these fantasy entitlement programs that really don’t and never have existed.

He wants us to believe that everyone has the same chances of success in this country.  But we all know that is the biggest fallacy around today.  This country was built on inequality and still flourishes under inequality.  He will discount the study done by Devah Pager which showed that black men with NO criminal record and a 4 year college degree got far less job offers than white men with a felony record.  But that is equality in the eyes of Roger.  And we wonder why we are still suffering under racism.

And if you read my post I have not spoken highly of any so called racial programs.  This is just more of his racism showing itself to the world.  I guess the racial programs he was speaking of were the fire department, police department and the mail system.  Thos were the only programs I spoke of and I surely didn’t know that only black people had access to those services.

This is just more evidence that even though our education system is lacking, it is even worse when you don’t go at all.  Because I think we all know or should know that the programs that I mentioned are by all measures social programs in which we all pay and we all get to benefit from them.  And how do these systems continue to work without breaking our country but somehow health care just can’t be run if it doesn’t include HMO’s and insurance giants.  Give me a break please!

And then of course this selfish racist wants to equate black with low class, lazy people; because if “we” meaning blacks would just get off our asses and get jobs we won’t have this problem.  Really?  Since the last time I checked there are millions of hard working people of ALL races who have jobs and no health care.  But let Roger tell it and only blacks are begging at the big house like country cousins for health care. This is a prime example of why our society is still in the stone ages when dealing with issues of race, social constructs and equality.

Because people like Roger would rather watch innocent families and hard working Americans die in the streets rather than pool his money with everyone else’s and provide everyone including him and his family with health care. For fear a black person might get a handout or entitlement of some sort.  His total fixation on blacks, handouts and health care leads me to believe that if there were NO blacks in this country, the US would more than likely have universal health care.


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We The Sheeple. . .


While reading my new issue of BabyTalk magazine I ran across the Mom’s sound off section where mom’s can complain about articles from the last issue. The last issue had an article about universal health coverage, and minimum wage amongst other things in an article titled “Mom Power”. A lady named Melissa commented that she became really angry because “not every mom agrees with universal health coverage for all children in this country” and “a minimum wage that is a living wage.” In her opinion, it is her and her husband’s responsibility to provide health care for their children – not the government’s job. She then goes on to say that they are a one parent income as she is a stay at home mother etc. And that they can still provide the basic necessities even on their small income.

She claims that minimum wage is not, nor was not intended to be a “living wage”. It is a starting point for teens and those with second jobs – not meant for supporting a family. That those people need to get motivated, work their way up and they’ll make a living wage – and probably get a good health plan! As I read this tripe I became totally disgusted. Then a lady named Krishawn felt that Universal health insurance etc. is more akin to a “Nanny State” and that living wage jobs and health coverage already exists and are achieved by working hard and making the right decisions. After quitting her job to become a stay at home mom they lost their health coverage which was through her job and now they pay for it out of pocket. Now they don’t live beyond their means but doesn’t expect the state to subsidize their lifestyle. We don’t universal health coverage and minimum wage laws imposed on the already overburdened employers and taxpayers to get it.

All the talk of how the government doesn’t owe anything to anyone is pretty stupid. What if not to provide for its people is the government for? We do not pay our taxes so that the government can tell us that we don’t deserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. How can I have life if I don’t have good health, since that is a life necessity. I suppose that we could decide that we pay taxes for the government to just pay themselves. So why should we be offered universal fire department coverage, or how about the use of the police department or mail services.

How about we let the HMO’s take over the fire department, then you can expect to have your fire and rescue serviced denied after they find out that your child played with matches and they can call it a pre-existing condition for fire, no matter how the fire started. These are things that we get with the healthcare system of today. Healthcare isn’t a luxury it is a basic necessity that should be afforded to EVERYONE. Yet you have these idiots who can say that they don’t feel that every child deserves healthcare, just theirs since they can afford it.

Which brings me to the minimum wage which both these ladies feel doesn’t need to be a living wage. WHAT!?! Are they serious? Not everyone can have that high paying job not even every college graduate can get the best job. So basically what they are saying is that if you can’t be the ONE to get the good job then shut up and take whatever pittance the minimum wage job offers. Whether you can afford to feed your family doesn’t matter and neither they nor anyone else needs to worry about it, so long as they can feed theirs. See this is what is wrong with America, the all about ME attitude that we have when confronted with the problems of others.

These poor overburdened companies that Krishawn talked about work so hard to help. Yet while companies like Wal-Mart are refusing to neither pay workers a living wage yet offer their workers a healthcare plan that has a seven thousand dollar deductible which is akin to no healthcare at all. Since most people not only aren’t making a living wage but don’t have seven thousand dollars to shell out in an emergency or otherwise. All this and Wal-Mart is pulling down at least seventeen billion dollars. And I should be feeling sorry for them? I agree that healthcare is too expensive right now for anyone be they companies or individuals. The problem is that we need to take profit out of healthcare. But government healthcare is socialism or communism.

These are the types of hypocrites that we in America not only produce but strive to be ourselves. We constantly see people on television crying about not being helped by this or that and then you see all of the surveys talking about people finding healthcare or social help unacceptable. It probably is unacceptable until they are the ones who need it. The problem is that these ladies and most of these people with this mentality are just spewing the same rhetoric that you hear constantly out of the government especially the right. Instead of starting the constitution with we the people maybe we should just be starting it with we the sheeple!


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Bad Medicine


I made a doctor’s appointment for my ten month old son in January. The first problem I had was the fact that my insurance company allowed me to pick the doctor of my choice which was great since at first they picked one for you. While making an appointment to see this doctor I was told that the doctor I chose no longer worked with this particular clinic and hasn’t for a while. I was then told that my son was going to see some doctor on staff. I was not thrilled about that as I do like to know the background of the doctor and find out a little bit about their specialties etc. before I allow them to start treating my son, myself or any of my family.

This was only the beginning of what I felt was a nightmare situation. I received my son’s medical card which had the medical center I was to visits address. When I arrived at the address a little more than a half an hour before his appointment in case I needed to fill out paperwork, I was told that the clinic had long since moved to a new building. The people gave me the new address and off I went to hunt it down. Since mind you I am new to this city having only been here for about four months, so it was a trial to find my way around.

After arriving to this new clinic I asked for information on what I was to do next since this place was extremely big and there were no information signs. I was told that I needed to go to registration first. When I finished filling out the paper work the lady registering my son made a few phone calls, I had no idea what she was doing so I asked her how long this would take since his appointment was at 11am and we had about 2 minutes left. She said it wouldn’t take long and about half an hour later she hands me the phone and said that she had been trying to change my PCP or (primary care provider) to this large clinic. I said I did not want to change my PCP and was told in a snippy tone that if I wanted to see the doctor today that I would “HAVE” to, so I reluctantly complied.

After finishing I was sent to the second floor again with absolutely no information or directions to again hunt down where I was supposed to go. She said the yellow section, so I wondered around since there was no staff to ask until I ran upon an area painted completely in neon yellow. This area was filthy but then again the first thing I noticed was that the whole building was completely filthy and very unkempt.

I gave my paperwork to the nurse behind the desk and she asked if he was a walk in or an appointment, when I said appointment she said she couldn’t locate his name. After a little searching she said that he had been put in as an appointment for the previous Friday. I told her that they told me Monday and she said that it didn’t matter because they were never open on Fridays anyway. So I guess if I had the right date I would have wasted my time and gas coming to a closed clinic for nothing.

She said I was now a walk in and to have a seat and the nurse would be with me soon. I asked if he was still seeing Dr. Blank and I was promptly told that Dr. Blank was actually Nurse Blank RN. There was no doctor. I was not happy as if I wanted him to see a nurse I could stay home and look at him myself. I just sat down disgusted by all the filth in the halls, on the walls and floors. It looked as if people had been tracking in mud and dirt for days with no mopping nor sweeping even though the weather had been sunny for a few days. It was horrible to say the least.

As I sat and watched the nurses call babies into the weight and measurement room where I was seated directly adjacent to, I noticed that these nurses didn’t even use any Universal precautions. They were putting all the babies on the same scale without even cleaning or putting down new paper. When I brought this to their attention I was told that the babies were clean and then dismissed. I was extremely uncomfortable with this as most of the babies were obviously suffering from some sort of upper respiratory ailments and looked pretty contagious.

The last straw was the fact that a lady and her mother were arguing after she was told by staff that the mother had bad breath and the daughter became angry with her mother with whom she began to fight. I then went to the desk to complain and to ask about another appointment with an actual doctor elsewhere, instead of a person there was a sign that said the nurses had all gone to lunch and would be back in about half an hour and to wait patiently. So not only could I not get any help I was supposed to wait patiently to be seen by one of these nurses who seem to have no work ethic. I had had enough of the dirty, condescending, substandard care and treatment from these non professional individuals.

I left and plan to change my PCP to some other doctor’s office as soon as I can find one that is acceptable. This is just one in a long line of substandard customer service and professionalism that I have had to endure in this state. I am wondering if this type of substandard care is indicative of what I will find anywhere here in this predominantly black community or if is this is a state problem that coming from Idaho and Washington State I have not had the misfortune of dealing with?

My biggest concern was that this place was full of sick and downtrodden people who looked as if they couldn’t or didn’t know how to change the circumstances of this clinic. I immediately took it upon myself to write letters to the government and to the medical provider in order to let them know the substandard conditions that exist there. I have never seen such horrible conditions in a clinic even having worked in nursing for over ten years. I was surprised that people actually were patronizing this place. It was almost as if they did not feel that they knew that there was anything wrong with this place. Young mothers with tiny babies and elderly folks all waiting for any semblance of care was disheartening.

I didn’t just take the experience of this place and file into the negative section of my memory. I actually went home and immediately documented the entire events of the day so that I could do something about it. To me if I had done nothing I am no better than the people providing that substandard care. I sat down at my computer and typed out a letter that I sent to my insurance provider and to the complete list of government officials that represent this area. I went from senators to the state auditor to the alderman. I left no one untouched. And hopefully the next time I post about this place it will be to say that it has been much improved. And for the sake of everyone who frequents this place something will be done.


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Sicko Bashing


What is it that makes people so resistant to socialized health care? It couldn’t be that privatized is so much better. Maybe it’s the money that privatized health care is lining so many big wigs coffers. Michael Moore has a new film called “Sicko” which is all about the American health care industry. A lot of people are talking a lot of trash about it and Mr. Moore. Whether you like the guy or not, I think that our health care system needs to be looked at; no more than that, this system needs an overhaul.

You can’t deny that there are way too many people in America without the benefits of health care, it just so happens that my family and I are some of them. It is hard since I have a baby and he needs to see the doctor every two months (at least), and those guys ain’t cheap. Well anyway, I was reading a review of the movie called “One sick flick” written by Peter Foster in which he gives Moore a bit of a bashing for his portrayal of the health care industry being driven by dollars. Well isn’t that the goal of these corporations? They wouldn’t stay in business otherwise. He called the movie “an attack on the American way of life (my laughter here). Why is pointing out a problem attacking, shouldn’t it be that he is exercising his freedom of speech to shed light on a growing problem (and I don’t mean his prostate)? But, I guess what Peter Foster is doing is the American way, bash the squeaky wheel until it falls off, don’t bother to oil it.

I find it interesting that those who have healthcare are the first to cry that nothing needs to change about the system, leave it alone. Is that another case of “I got mine, now you go get yours” type mentality? I would hope that everyone even this Peter Foster can see the benefits from some type of universal healthcare. I know that everyone will cry “but it will bankrupt us”, yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that before and I say hogwash. It hasn’t bankrupted France, Britain, Canada or even Cuba for that matter amongst others.

In the movie Moore actually takes a bunch of the 9/11 ground zero workers, who by the way have no health care, to Cuba to get the care they needed but couldn’t afford here in America. I guess that is an attack on the American way as well, you have no right going elsewhere for treatment, you stay here in the US and kill over from your sickness. Same thing we always hear, don’t buy your drugs from Canada or Mexico they aren’t safe. But, aren’t the drugs in Canada and Mexico made by American companies? Yes, I believe they are, so are they telling us that they are giving those people substandard drugs and the only safe stuff is here at home where they are twenty times more expensive?

Unfortunately, I didn’t seem to get a whole lot of answers out, just more questions. But, until we do something drastic, all we will have is questions like why did that person die from such a simple ailment. But we all know that it won’t make any difference to most people with healthcare until that question strikes home and they lose their precious health or healthcare.


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