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My Ode to Halloween

This is my ode to Halloween.  I just want to clear up one misconception that bugs the hell out of me every year since the movie appeared on the scene.  When people vote on the best zombie movie made, it is inevitable that some ding dong will always want to include 28 days later.   28 days later is NOT a zombie movie.   A zombie is a person who has been killed and rises from the dead to consume the flesh of the living.

In 28 days later, the people were INFECTED with a virus that was pure rage.  They weren’t trying to eat the living, they were trying to kill the living from the rage they were feeling.  That is a big difference.  These infected people were alive and could be killed in any number of ways that didn’t have to include destroying the brain.  I love the horror film genre and zombies being my ultimate favorite.  I love Max Brooks’ book the Zombie handbook, it is hilarious and a lot of it is true if zombies were running amok.  I just had to vent this fact as I am a purest when it comes to zombies whether in movies, books or television.

Now I do like watching the show The Walking Dead.  My only problem with the series thus far is that the people are extremely stupid. I have an ongoing dialogue with the Mr that you CAN do a zombie movie where the people do everything right and still have a crazy good show.  Because no matter how much you do right, zombies are relentless.  They will chase the human population to the end of time.  Everyone doesn’t always have to be the idiot.

In the show everyone seems to be doing everything wrong most of the time.  Think about the episode where the group was out searching for the little girl Sophia.  Well the dingbat Andrea somehow gets so far from the group that when “Forest Walker” the zombie jumped her, she screams and the group actually had a good trek to get to her.  And her actions when the zombie jumped her were classically stupid.  She stabs him in the stomach.  HE IS DEAD YOU IDIOT THAT WON’T WORK!!!

Anywho, they all seem to do some classically stupid things which are supposed to get us all worked up.  I think that if they just scream and ran away looking for the others would be better than backing up over a tree limb.  But, hey that’s here nor there.  I do like the show and think that for a television drama; it has hit a spot that was being totally ignored.  And I believe that it has created a larger zombie fan base than was previously there.  Or maybe I just wasn’t aware of just how many zombie fans were lurking around out there.

I just want to give a shout out to all my zombie lovers out there on a great day for being one.


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Jon & Kate Irate


I don’t think that I have talked about the Jon & Kate + 8 fiasco but I am sure my two cents couldn’t hurt or help this train wreck in process.  These two are purportedly making seventy five grand an episode and they are squabbling over continuing this epic voyeurism gone bad.  I find this whole thing to be a total joke.  Not only are they hurting their children but they don’t even seem to care.

But, shouldn’t we now be talking about the fact that this is another guy who ISN’T black leaving his children fatherless.  And yes he left them moved to another state and shacked up with some young chippie.  Dude makes eight babies and then just leaves the baby momma all high and dry.  Yet, ask Obama and he would place Jon squarely in the black community.

Yes, by all counts there are far more single mothers of the Caucasian persuasion than in any other race.  But, it just feels better to point the finger of values at black folks.  This whole family reeks of the same stereotypes that they love to place on the black races door step.  We see an over bearing loud mouthed argumentative woman (white), a cheating loser with eight kids whom he has abandoned.  Both of them fighting and arguing over money.  We see a couple of people who have put their love of money before the welfare of their family.

Yet to let Bill Cosby tell it, this lady is Shaniqua.  Oh, just with more money.  They can’t provide for their kids either, at least not without TLC.  That is the reason they are doing a television show.  Made eight babies and can’t take care of them.   And now that Jon the dad has gotten used to his jet setting money spending ways he is beside himself with anger that they wish to cut him off.  And now he is trying to throw his wife under the bus even though the money she gets is supporting his children.

I guess he feels entitled to this handout from TLC even though he is no longer in the picture.  Or maybe he feels that if he can’t have a cut of the cash his kids shouldn’t either.  I mean we all know that the bum doesn’t work anymore.  And how much is he paying in child support again?  The man has sued saying that TLC is no longer welcome in his home even though he has made his home in an upscale New York bachelor pad and a new woman to go with it.

He claims that the TLC show is no longer good for his children.  Uh, WTF?   Was his leaving his kids to shack up with some other woman good for his kids?  Was sleeping with the babysitter good for his kids?  Was saying horrible things about his kids mother on national television good for his kids?  Not to mention just a few weeks ago he said that he felt the show was good for his kids.  What happened since then?  Oh yeah, they said he was no longer going to be on the show.  How ridiculous.

I don’t know why I even care since I don’t watch the show and thought it was ridiculous to begin with.  I personally feel that this is the epitome of what is wrong with reality television.  It serves no purpose for me to want to know or care about what they do in their daily lives.  I have enough reality in my own life to care.  There are probably millions of people with eight or more kids.  My mom’s family had nine kids, my dads family just as many and my significant others family had ten kids.  So what?

Anyhow, I thought I would just weigh in on this crap because in all sincerity I was sick to death of hearing the updates on which freaking parent was crying, whining and singing the blues to this or that reporter about the horrible mess that is their ex-spouse.  Do they think that maybe just maybe one day their children will grow up and see these public displays of hate?  I am sure they will, just as surely Madonna’s children will grow up and see their mommy’s naked body in a book.

What will these kids say?  Or will they already be so screwed up it won’t matter?  We see all too well what happens when families are dysfunctional.  But hey, we allow people such as these to make their mistakes and do their dirt without maligning their entire race.  Maybe we should take the same approach with others and their stupidity as well.  But we know better.  All we can look forward to is this voyeuristic view into the lives of Jon & Kate plus hate.

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White Entertainment Channels


Some of my favorite shows come on channels like the different Discovery Channels, TLC, Food Network, HGTV and Animal Planet. I just love those Meerkats. Anyway, I was looking at a show that I do watch often called Little People Big World and thought about the fact that this show and pretty much every other on these channels was about whites, featured whites or had white hosts. Now I am sure that they have little people who just happen to be of color, yet by watching this show you would never know it. They not only don’t have any on the show, they don’t chronicle any the way they do others on the show. Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out how a little person of color has to deal with life having two things to be discriminated for, being small and of color?

I know that people wonder why this even makes a difference to me; it does because with all the people out here on these Blogs saying that blacks should stop whining and work hard and they will benefit from society just the same as whites. Now am I to believe that there is NO hard working or interesting blacks out here that might deserve or be interesting enough for a show. So I guess hard work doesn’t help in this case. Since how hard does one have to work in order to fall into a job where you are just telling people about someone else’s dirty jobs, not much I am sure. It seems all one would need is a great personality and an ability to communicate well. And I would hope that people aren’t saying that no other race besides the white one can produce people with these characteristics as that would be extremely condescending.

Are these channels racist or are they just clueless to their black viewers? Yet, when I visit their websites they prominently show advertisements with black faces smiling brightly. So it is clear that they understand they have black viewers so I am forced to acknowledge that they are discriminating. They won’t give us a television show, yet they WILL sell to us indiscriminately. White mindset people won’t understand why this is a big deal and undoubtedly say that there aren’t any shows featuring blacks because the blacks didn’t do anything that would get them a show or we or other minorities just aren’t interesting enough. Interestingly enough I heard this exact argument when another Blogger asked why only white women are shown on network news when missing and a white commenter said that it was because the white women’s stories are so much more interesting than any minority would have. But, in fact half the shows on there could be hosted by anyone, black, white, Asian etc. I watch the show Little People Big World, now were there NO equivalent black family, how about Hispanic little people or Asian little people?

Are there no black or other minority people that own tattoo parlors that they could chronicle? Why don’t they have black people or more minority cook’s who are able to lead a cooking show on the Food network? Unfortunately what is being portrayed to blacks of all ages who watch these channels is that they are not worthy of doing any of these positive shows yet we will undoubtedly be over represented on some trash like Hot ghetto mess or America’s most wanted or some other show that might as well be called Black on Black crime at its finest. And yet here we are, and I am as guilty as the next person, watching these channels, keeping them going by giving them higher ratings with my viewing.

Asking are these channels racist, of course, they are just propagating more white privilege by pushing the white mindset on those in the minority communities. Even if they did put a black person or other minority on these channels it wouldn’t matter since this person would be just another white person with whatever ethnic skin tone they are being portrayed as. What I mean by this is that the black person they pick will be so assimilated that they will seem like a white person in black skin. I understand that this is the only type of blacks who make it on television set aside for the mammies and buffoons that make it in big Hollywood.

Yet as we can all see that these channels are overwhelmingly blatantly white you will still have people telling me and others that racism is dead or that it is pointing out racism that won’t let racism go away. Now I don’t know about them but I don’t think that by me pointing out the lack of minorities on these channels it makes them hire even MORE whites while ignoring the blacks and other minorities until it’s time for advertising. Yet will any of my complaining change anything for these channels? Since these are the same people who are operating on this theory of a color blind society as long as we don’t complain that the only color being represented is white. So until we are all respectful enough to realize that whatever race I identify with is not the ONLY race that matters then maybe we will be able to have all people represented when we sit down with our families and turn on the television.


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Let me be the judge



I’m sure by now you’ve all seen or heard of one of daytime televisions staple the court room show. You name them, Texas Justice, The People’s Court, Judges Christina, Alex, Mathis or Joe Brown, and one of my most hated Judge Judy. These shows usually pit two idiots in a court room being presided over by an ex-judge who has whatever extra spark that makes them perfectly suitable for daytime drama. The one thing that all of these judges have in common is their undoubtedly uncanny ability to yell, insult and belittle their perspective idiot claimants or defendants unmercifully. At times you can be sure that the justice both idiots are searching for will not be found in any of these courtrooms.


Forgive me if you think that I hate courtroom television shows, I don’t. I had (noticed the past tense) come to love the People’s Court. I couldn’t get enough of it, setting my DVR to record it daily so I wouldn’t miss a thing. My boyfriend mind you can’t even stand one minute of hearing Judge Milians’ voice and runs from the room the minute he sees me gearing up to watch the show. I even have an autographed picture from the judge. But, as of late I have been having a serious problem getting through a show without being disgusted and fast forwarding through certain rants the judge has been making. Some of the things have been said in a way that feels really racial and caused me extreme anger.


I don’t say this lightly, as I was a huge fan but, as I take a step back it’s as if no matter what evidence a person of color produces it’s almost irrelevant…you lose! I once saw Judge Judy in which a black man had accused a white man of stealing his money; but before the presentation of any evidence she called the guy an out and out liar amongst other things, yelling it with such venom. The white man denied it all, in which she said that the black man was so ridiculous. Needless to say the black guy produced a video tape showing the white guy in full view stealing the money. She did not offer an apology nor did she take back any of the bad things she said. She just commented on how he should have produced the tape sooner. I feel a Geico moment here: “I’m sorry, if I had known you were there, I wouldn’t have said that.” But hey, he was no caveman just a black one so he didn’t even deserve that.

These shows are fodder for the masses of mindless drones just wanting to see the next verbal beat down in a Jerry Springer meets Court TV fashion. But, anything that makes the mind go blank in an attempt to block out the real issues of the day, this is a double bonus if you include a bit of minority bashing as well. Maybe I should not be so concerned with the treatment of minorities on these shows about truth and justice seeing as there is no truth and certainly no justice for most minorities in our legal system and these shows just want to reflect the position of America.


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The Modern Day Black Buffoons


Black actors and actresses such as Steppin Fetchit, Rochester and Hattie McDowell all playing buffoons or mammies in the movies of yesteryear was being discussed after Morgan Freeman who stars in the movie “Evan Almighty” was stated to be in “Full-on Magic Negro Mode” by Slate magazine. Prince Joe Henry who wrote an article called “Evan Help Us” where he states “However, those aforementioned blacks were heroes to the black masses. Their gifted antics relieved stress in time of need. They taught blacks how to laugh at themselves while under duress, as well as joke about how they were treated. At times laughable quips served better than medicine.”

Now I have to admit that blacks were under a tremendous amount of stress as we are at this time. So to have a way to blow off steam was and is a great idea, but I am wondering at which point did playing the buffoon turn into a repetitive ongoing role. It seems that we have just as many or maybe even more buffoons today than in the past. We have our Michael Epps, Chris Tucker, Martin Lawrence, Tyler James Williams, Anthony Anderson and oh so many more who no doubt are totally accustomed to playing our modern day buffoons. Unfortunately the females are in the running as well becoming so adept at playing the Hattie McDowell mammy character like Queen Latifah, Oprah, Whoopie Goldberg, Nell Carter, Rah Digga just to name a few.

We just don’t seem to get it; we are either playing the role of savior to whites, their worst fear or comic relief. What is wrong with that, it seems that we are getting a variety of roles within these parameters so again what’s the problem? The problem is that we don’t have many if any roles that portray a black person who is in touch with their roots. Yes we have our Will Smiths’, Denzel Washington’s Don Cheadle’s and Morgan Freeman types playing the leading black male etc. The problem with the roles these black males are playing is that they are racially ambiguous. It would be so easy to slip in a Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt or Ben Affleck into the role and the character wouldn’t change just the way the acting comes across.

Whenever you hear about blacks playing the buffoon or whatever black stereotype you can name, someone says that they had no choice if they wanted to make it in films or that if they didn’t do it someone else would. Why, is all I can think of, why is it that they had no choice you always have a choice? No one forced them into these stupid roles. If they and or any other black being offered these roles had some integrity then NO one would have played or will ever play these idiotic roles that always seems to be affixed to black people. Being that it’s all about me with most people, if one of those aforementioned actors didn’t do it, then you are damn sure someone else would have.

If an actual film or television show like the one portrayed in Bamboozled, you probably could get some “all about me” blacks to dress up in black face and put on that minstrel. Then sure enough you would have a gaggle of blacks watching and see nothing wrong with the show and in fact right now a bunch of people reading this see no problem with the roles these blacks are pushing on our community. What I think is that as a community we should own our persona and take steps to protect it. This will ensure that the black people especially children will have some positive role models.


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Farewell Tammy Faye


Tammy Faye Messner died this weekend tragically from cancer. I watched her on television talking about her illness but what struck me as interesting was her strong proclamation that she was going straight to heaven. Not that she is or isn’t going to heaven, but I have a few problems with how these televangelists live their lives versus what the bible says. She was revered by a lot of people as a person who was so full of faith and love. She could be seen pretty much everyday crying, singing and begging the faithful for their hard earned cash. She was also seen as a naïve person unfortunately marrying not only one but two men who ended up in prison. Some things that people don’t know about her was that she was considered of above average intelligence to the point that she was a member of MENSA, also she had been addicted to the drug Ativan (AKA Lorazepam, used as a sedative, tranquilizer and anti-anxiety).

For her to be so smart; I mean MENSA smart is it any type of quirk that she would be so unfortunate to have two husbands jailed for some type of money fraud? I am not saying that she was in anyway involved in any of it, but it does raise some eyebrows. This all brings me to the point I am trying to make. She lived a lavish lifestyle full of out of control spending. Million dollar homes, yachts, jewelry, trips, and any other expensive thing rich people buy. Then you have to think of the religion she touts or the book she read from daily and you have to wonder if she read this passage “Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.'” -Matthew 19:23-24. Or this one “People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” -1 Timothy 6:9-10

There are a lot of people who felt that she was a wolf in sheep’s clothing who prayed on the elderly and faithful to swindle them of their money. They had charities set up but a lot of the money went straight into their personal coffers. But, how much did she or their church really do for the poor, sick, hungry, and ailing? Maybe they could have lived as Jesus and used every dime to take care of people, or maybe I’m being to naïve. A passage sticks out about this from -Matthew 25:41-45 – “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’ They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’ He will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least among you, you did not do for me.'”

Did she live her life by these rules that she so ardently used to bring the money rolling in to her bank account, I think not. But, who am I to judge, as it is put in the bible judge not less ye be judged. I am just giving everyone a little food for thought. Why is it ok for your pastor or preacher or whatever you have in your place of worship to live as kings do, while you and the rest of the congregation barely scrape by? Think on this and take it with you on Sunday, or whatever day you do your worship.

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Cavemen Evolve

As ABC gears up for its fall lineup it seems that they have a supposed comedy in the works based off the Geico cavemen commercials. The show is not surprisingly called “Cavemen”. This is how ABC explains the new show: “Cavemen is a unique buddy comedy that offers a clever twist on stereotypes and turns race relations on their head. Inspired by the popular Geico Insurance commercials, the series looks at life through the eyes of the ultimate outsiders — three modern cavemen — as they struggle to find their place in the world. Joel, his cynical best friend, Nick, and easy-going little brother, Jamie, are contemporary cavemen who live in the suburban south and simply want to be treated like ordinary thirty-something guys. Despite their attempts at assimilation, Nick doesn’t believe mainstream society will ever completely accept them, Jamie seems to take it all in stride and Joel straddles the middle, torn between his friends, his traditional values and his loving fiancée.”

As I watched the new trailers I was very unimpressed with the whole premise that the cavemen are trying to “assimilate”; into white culture no doubt. The problem is that this is the case with all nationalities, in order to make it in today’s world you need to assimilate as close to the white culture as possible. The cavemen are just another race of beings that need to be seen as “Caucasian”. I don’t think that they should be black either as I don’t think that blacks ever were cavemen. But, I would like to have seen the cavemen have a nationality all their own. Of, course since we live in a white dominated society anything that we have no experience with such as aliens, people from other dimensions or realms and of course cavemen will be modeled after white people. That is very disheartening for people of other races such as myself being a black person I have to say that I am pretty tired of the blatant racism.

I do not like having my children seeing that the majority of aliens on Star Trek, or everyone in the Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, X-Men and Star Wars are pretty much lacking when it comes to a black presence. If you take a look at the majority of shows in general you can’t help but notice how short on minorities they are. What are my children supposed to think of themselves, self esteem and their race as a whole when faced with such blatant messages such as “you and people like you don’t matter that is why you are barely represented in the majority of your favorite movies, television shows and cartoons”, and when blacks are in these movies they are assimilated.

I guess my real point here is that the cavemen show is just more propaganda that everyone needs to be white to matter (isn’t that why they are trying to assimilate). I just wish the cavemen had their own culture or at least show us what they are assimilating from.

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