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Will Casey Aldridge Do Time For Jamie Lynn?



Jamie Lynn Spears who is sixteen is pregnant what a surprise; OK it isn’t really much of a surprise since look at her family which seems to be a train wreck in progress. Any how I am not writing because I could care less that this dumb little girl is pregnant or not. What I care about is the fact that she is pregnant by her boyfriend of two years Casey Aldridge who is nineteen is the father. Now if I am not mistaken in California where her show is being taped and probably the place where the little tart probably did the deed the age of consent is eighteen.

I am wondering if this fellow will be charged with misdemeanor sex with a minor which is punishable by one year in jail. And if it turns out that he is older than her by more than actual three years he can be charged with a felony and punished to an undefined prison term. Now I only ask this since Genarlow Wilson was jailed for two years and would have been longer if people hadn’t gotten out and protested it. Yet he was seventeen and the girl was fifteen. So it seems to me that this guy needs to get the same treatment since it doesn’t matter if he is a celebrity of not. The law states clearly that if the man is over eighteen and the girl under eighteen that a misdemeanor has been committed and someone has to pay.

And exactly what kind of message is this sending to her young fans who are watching her show on Nickelodeon called Zoey 101. What kind of mother helps her daughter sell the story of her pregnancy to a magazine for one million dollars? The magazine OK will pay Jamie Lynn the million dollars when the baby is born. It seems that the Spears mother was not above helping this daughter to capitalize off of this sad news. Yet look at the mess that older daughter Brittney has made of her life and that of her children and you can pretty much see what kind of parent we are dealing with.

This is just a seriously stupid situation to me since Jamie Lynn is now telling other teen girls that having sex at a young age is wrong and to wait, blah, blah, blah. Yet actions speak louder than words. I would think that she and her family had enough money to get her in to see a doctor and plan for some sort of birth control. The family knew that she was in this “serious” relationship, and I use that term lightly, when the girl started dating this boy when she was thirteen. Why hadn’t they had “the talk” so that this type of thing could be avoided?

Unfortunately I don’t hold much hope for her fan base that will undoubtedly find whatever she has done now cool and want to emulate her or at least be under the impression that having sex now is not as bad an idea as they might have thought. I sure hope that the parents of these girls do some serious damage control and talk with them and give them the information showing why having children in your teens is a BAD idea. All I can do is wish this lost girl good luck since if she is anything like her older sister she is bound to need it.



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Pimp My Brand


What is it about us African-Americans that we feel comfortable patronizing businesses and product brands that publicly or internally support, supply or sympathize with racism? I am constantly hearing about this or that company that one doesn’t make things for black consumers, two don’t appreciate it’s black consumer or worker and 3 just blatantly discriminates against us at every turn. I for one have decided in my life that it is not alright to give my money to these racist clowns.

A long while back when Gloria Vanderbilt stated that she designed her jeans to specifically fit a “white woman’s shape”, blacks couldn’t get to the store fast enough and squeeze into the racists pants. They became the got to have designer clothes, emblazoned with her name on the back pocket just screaming out to the world what an idiot the black wearer was, another designer who dismissed the dollars of the black community, Tommy Hilfiger who wished that his clothes line was not so closely associated with the hip hop community. Yet you could turn on MTV and see his name boldly displayed all over rap artists for the world to see.

Then there is Wal-Mart, now I know what people are saying right now “well if I can get it for cheap”, yep but what are the costs of this attitude. Wal-Mart could care less for the black community, they under pay us, won’t promote us, and won’t give us healthcare. The family was reared by the racist Sam Walton who had plenty of interesting things to say about blacks and the poor in general. Yet we will run to this horrible place in a heart beat. Six flags Magic Mountain who decides that blacks who work there aren’t supposed to wear their natural hair, since it is offensive. No braids or locks, do they tell whites they can’t have perms or mullets?

Then you have your Abercrombie & Fitch, CompUSA, Office Max, McDonald’s and a whole heap of others that can be added to the list. I just wonder if black people care what kind of message that we are sending these corporations etc. when we let them define us and then we continue to give them our hard earned money. It is almost like saying “I will pay you to treat me badly”. Hell, I understand that the list is so long we might not be doing any shopping. But, we could always start buying our own black made products.

Until we as a community get it together and stop with the non-caring, non-thinking attitude we will continue to be done wrong time and time again. I am not asking anyone to make any changes, adjustments or sacrifices that I wouldn’t be willing to make myself. But, we do need to do something as the situations are just getting worse. Now its things like our hair, tomorrow it what will it be?


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MTV Cribs


What exactly is the purpose of MTV Cribs? I recently watched an episode featuring some supposed rap star named Slim Thug, two bimbos’ name AJ and Aly and hockey star Sean Avery. The show takes us on a walk through of these stars over flashy, money wasting homes and garages full of cars decked out with more bling than you can shake a fist at.

The first house we see belongs to Slim Thug who takes us around this overpriced home purchased so far from this so called “HOOD” I’m sure he’s constantly rapping about it isn’t even funny. He shows off his Jacuzzi and talks about the “girlies” he’s going to put into it then turns around to point out his little boy’s electric hummer sitting next to it. What is it that he is portraying to the black children he’s trying to push his music to, as soon as you get a little dough run don’t walk as fast as you can away from your roots, community and people. He shows us his “Bling, Bling” which is a bunch of gold and diamonds, but he points out two necklaces and says that if he put them on and shut off all the lights in the country the “Boss” (meaning himself) is going to shine. He is doing this all the while walking around with no clothes just a house robe with a cigar and a bunch of jewelry. He walks outside and shows off the rides in the driveway, a Rolls Royce, ’75 El Dorado Cadillac, another Cadillac called Boss Hog and a tricked out chopper style motor bike. Looking out his balcony his neighborhood features a small lake and all the amenities one could lust for.

I suppose this show is designed to make the Bling hungry materialistic crowd drool with envy and dreams of their own posh palaces. This is just another chance for this crazy money machine to push its retarded values onto a new generation of youth. With kids being so susceptible to the messages of these shows, this just seems like a huge boost for the credit cards, debt consolidations, loan institutions, debt collectors and of course courts with its gangs of bankruptcy lawyers.

I am not surprised by the amount of over the top spending that they showed. What I am surprised by is that more people don’t see this for what it is and put a stop to their children watching and becoming influenced by this crap. Unfortunately, most parents if both live at home are working so the kids are left to their own devices and since this show conveniently airs at 4pm, right after school’s out parents aren’t around to do anything. You also have parents that believe that watching things such as this isn’t much of an issue since they are money-oriented Jones chasers themselves. But, I will be damned if I let any of my children fall prey to the MTV Crib mentality.


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My son the self confessed Uncle Tom



My son confessed that he is a Tom (as in Uncle Tom). In our home we discuss a lot of pertinent issues affecting blacks today, focusing on the afro centric view, so you would think this would be a huge surprise, but alas it was not. We all pretty much knew this was the case and constantly tried to engage him in conversation about his feelings. But, of course nothing could be done until he would admit it and be willing and able to do some serious self analysis.

What finally brought him to terms with the truth was doing an online self test from IAT which measures a person’s preference for blacks vs. whites. After the test came back that he had a moderate preference for whites his first reaction was to deny and demand not one but three re-tests. He claimed that this would erase any doubt that the test was in some way flawed; it was comical to say the least. The next reaction was to come clean which prompted him to start that self analysis and figure out why he feels the way he does.


We tried to get him to write papers before about the things that happened to him such as the different treatment from teachers, being called the dreaded N-word, rug head and chocolate bar amongst others. The only thing that happened was the defense for those who had hurt him. It was as if he felt that they were entitled, by just being white made them better. But as he scrutinized these feelings he is finally writing and trying to put them into perspective which brought about the realization that somehow feeling more connected to the white community over his own was the cause of this constant defense.

He produced a paper chronicling his induction into tomdon where he divulged that at his schools where he was one of only a handful of blacks he made friends with white kids as a way of fitting in by aligning himself with the majority. This was seriously bad for his self esteem and worse yet for how he felt about other blacks. He has been making some very good progress in a short amount of time, now writing another paper on the early programming of our black youth, which takes a look at toys, cartoons, movies and schools. He has also decided to start a Blog to target teens that might be, like him, looking for a place to voice their views or maybe just to find more information on how others are dealing with black teen issues in a white dominated society.


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