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Tragedy Stems From Stupidity


As I was surfing the web last night I came across an article about a one year old baby girl who fell out of a window on the second story home of relatives. Teaira Steed’s one-year-old girl, Telea landed head first on the concrete 15 feet below cracking her head and fracturing her face. She was in a coma and took two weeks to come out of it. This is a parent’s worst nightmare, that your child is injured so badly you don’t even know if they will survive. Now I thought this is just horribly tragic, but as I read on I found out that the mother is now suing the person who owned the house as she was staying with relatives who rent. I then became disgusted as I read on.

The mother’s attorney claims that it is the property owner’s fault that the little girl fell from the window because the window had no bars or screens on it. Luckily the baby “seems” fine but who can tell until she is a bit older. Now I am not against suing if you are maligned, wronged, or injured by someone who was being in any way negligent. Because why should you be made to pay for someone else stupidity. But, that said, doesn’t it go both ways why is the property owner responsible for this tragic incident?

Wasn’t it the mothers own ignorance that this situation occurred? So why should the property owner pay for her ignorance of caring for a toddler? Now ordinarily I would be right there with the mother if the child had been left in the care of the property owner and this is what happened. But the child was in the care of her mother when it happened. My question is where in the hell was the mother that a one year old has the opportunity to fall out of a second story window?  I don’t care that the mother says she was in the room with other kids at the time, which does not excuse an adult’s supervision; in fact it increases the need for supervision. Not to mention, how the hell, did that baby reach the window, did the mother or other adults realize there were no bars or screens on the window.

Those are all just a few questions that need to be answered before I would bother to give this woman one dime of lawsuit booty. Because it sure sounds to me like the mother was extremely negligent. Why would you allow a one year old to be unsupervised by an adult or much older teen in a room with an open window that has no screen or bars. Also, how many times had she complained her family members who then complained to the property owner about getting these bars and screens?

Now I don’t even know this alderman who owns the property and surely can’t defend him nor convict his character. But, the mother is the one that should be paying the price for what has happened here. She knew that there was no protection on the window and still allowed for conditions to be in place which put a baby in a position to fall from that window. When are people going to start taking responsibility for their irresponsible actions?

Should we all get to sue for being stupid? Gee your honor I sure did know that there was no screens or bars on the window before letting my one year old play in that room before she fell. But you see, she has played in there before and not fallen out the window, so I thought it was safe. But, it’s not my fault I shouldn’t be compelled to actually have to supervise my children, the property owner should have done something so my baby wouldn’t have gotten hurt. I want to sue, can’t I just add my role in this up to ignorance. When did we become such an ignorant bunch of sue happy fiends? No matter what happens it is never my fault always someone else’s and so I have to be paid.

Maybe it’s just me and I am being way too hard on this lady. But, stupidity just rubs me the wrong way. I can not stand to see people use their stupidity for gain and every time I think of this it makes me think back to the McDonalds lawsuit with the coffee. I am too stupid to realize that coffee is hot so I am going to put it between my legs, squeeze it, then get burned and sue about it. Maybe they forced her to put the coffee between her legs the same as the property owner Charles Quincy Troupe, a St. Louis alderman forced this lady to be inattentive to her toddler playing near an unscreened, unbarred open window unsupervised. She is just lucky I am not on the jury, but like I said already, maybe I am just being too hard on her. Maybe I need to be less responsible for my children so that I can sue people too.



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