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Sicko Bashing


What is it that makes people so resistant to socialized health care? It couldn’t be that privatized is so much better. Maybe it’s the money that privatized health care is lining so many big wigs coffers. Michael Moore has a new film called “Sicko” which is all about the American health care industry. A lot of people are talking a lot of trash about it and Mr. Moore. Whether you like the guy or not, I think that our health care system needs to be looked at; no more than that, this system needs an overhaul.

You can’t deny that there are way too many people in America without the benefits of health care, it just so happens that my family and I are some of them. It is hard since I have a baby and he needs to see the doctor every two months (at least), and those guys ain’t cheap. Well anyway, I was reading a review of the movie called “One sick flick” written by Peter Foster in which he gives Moore a bit of a bashing for his portrayal of the health care industry being driven by dollars. Well isn’t that the goal of these corporations? They wouldn’t stay in business otherwise. He called the movie “an attack on the American way of life (my laughter here). Why is pointing out a problem attacking, shouldn’t it be that he is exercising his freedom of speech to shed light on a growing problem (and I don’t mean his prostate)? But, I guess what Peter Foster is doing is the American way, bash the squeaky wheel until it falls off, don’t bother to oil it.

I find it interesting that those who have healthcare are the first to cry that nothing needs to change about the system, leave it alone. Is that another case of “I got mine, now you go get yours” type mentality? I would hope that everyone even this Peter Foster can see the benefits from some type of universal healthcare. I know that everyone will cry “but it will bankrupt us”, yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that before and I say hogwash. It hasn’t bankrupted France, Britain, Canada or even Cuba for that matter amongst others.

In the movie Moore actually takes a bunch of the 9/11 ground zero workers, who by the way have no health care, to Cuba to get the care they needed but couldn’t afford here in America. I guess that is an attack on the American way as well, you have no right going elsewhere for treatment, you stay here in the US and kill over from your sickness. Same thing we always hear, don’t buy your drugs from Canada or Mexico they aren’t safe. But, aren’t the drugs in Canada and Mexico made by American companies? Yes, I believe they are, so are they telling us that they are giving those people substandard drugs and the only safe stuff is here at home where they are twenty times more expensive?

Unfortunately, I didn’t seem to get a whole lot of answers out, just more questions. But, until we do something drastic, all we will have is questions like why did that person die from such a simple ailment. But we all know that it won’t make any difference to most people with healthcare until that question strikes home and they lose their precious health or healthcare.



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