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The Audacity Of Stupidity


All over the news, Blogs and just everywhere on the web you are seeing a bunch of talk about Pastor Jeremiah A Wright and Trinity United Church that Obama attends. It seems that a lot of the comments this Pastor Wright make are seen as inflammatory and racist to a lot of people. I have only heard a few of his comments in sermons and I find that the hubbub is a little bit over kill. Is what he is saying so offensive and inflammatory or is what he is saying hitting home for a lot of people?

One such comment was “Racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run. How is this statement not true that is the question? Now what is inflammatory about the statement? Was this country NOT founded on racism? Were the American Natives not racially subjected to terror and death at the hands of people who felt that they were less than human? Did these same people bring a race of people to this country for the purpose of exploitation through slavery based on the propaganda that they were of a race that these people felt were less than human? Is there not a discrepancy in how races are treated to this day in this country? Do black Americans earn only 78% or what white Americans earn? Even former U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher called for greater equality in health care to close the gaps between blacks and whites in death rates and life expectancy. There are discrepancies between whites and blacks in wealth, credit, housing, healthcare, employment, wages and life expectancy. And we are supposed to believe that this is a false and inflammatory statement, please someone explain how that is.

Who cares about what a poor black man has to face everyday in a country in a culture controlled by rich white people.” I am pretty sure he is not talking about Obama he is talking about poor black men or people. Now I would love for someone to counter this statement. As I will have you take a look at each and every president this country has ever had and you name all those that were NOT rich or white. Not to mention how many of them actually cared about the poor black man to the point that they actually decided to end racial disparities in the lives of those poor black men. Not one president has made one effort to end racially motivated disparities of any sort. Which president decided that white privilege has over stayed its welcome and needs to end? Not one, you say? I guess next you will tell me that 5 days is an acceptable amount of time for people to sit around in stifling heat with no water, food, medicine or rescuing. And yes the majority of them were poor and BLACK.

It just came to me in the past few weeks why so many folks are hating Barrack Obama. He doesn’t fit the model, he ain’t white he ain’t rich and he ain’t privileged. Hillary fits the mold. I can’t speak to Obama’s wealth or lack there of as a child but I can say that he doesn’t fit the mold of our stereotypical president. Unless I am mistaken there has not been a president in the past that is black, not obviously rich and comes from a single parent family. But we do know that Hillary is wealthy at this time, she is white and she is privileged. But to give her credit she isn’t a man and that also breaks the model of our stereotypical president.

Hillary was not a black boy raised in a single family home Barrack was. Barrack knows what it means to be a black man living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich white people. Hillary can never know that, Hillary has never been called a nigger; Hillary has never had a people defined as a non-person. How is this not true? She has never known what it feels like to be subjugated due to race. Neither she nor any of our other presidents knows what it is like to be of a people who were thought of as less than human called nigger and hung from trees for daring to be black in the wrong place and time. They don’t know how it feels to be in a country that has demonstrated a blatant hate for people who look like you. A country that is controlled by a race of people who still to this day will see discrepancies between the races and shrug their shoulders all the while saying hey that is just the way things are, what can I do about it. How about a country where we can make every excuse for why it was acceptable for police and guards to beat, punch, pepper spray and kill young black youths without any consequences.

And I am supposed to believe that in some way these statements are somehow “crazy”, “unacceptable” and “ludicrous”. Until someone can show me how these statement bear absolutely no truth then I and others will continue to say the exact same things. We can dismiss the hate speech of Bill O’Reilly, Michael Richards, Don Imus, Duane Dog Chapman, Kelly Tilgham and of course Geraldine Ferraro. Now this preacher who has not called anyone names (that I know of) but said some things (at least those I’ve heard) that no one so far can refute and people are on a campaign to burn Obama at the stake because he knows the man.

Well I know that this is a stupid thing to do. I didn’t advocate calling Hillary a racist because a couple of her supporters have said racist remarks. No one is advocating calling Hillary an adulterer because her husband whom is speaking on her behalf is one. This is pretty thoughtless. If Obama does attend that church isn’t it a far stretch to “assume” that this preacher who no longer heads that church said these types of sermons each and every Sunday? I am pretty sure he did not. So with all the calling of Obama a bigot etc. is just the audacity of stupidity.



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Statistical Propaganda


It disgusts me that people are constantly looking to statistics to prove a point on the criminality of blacks, especially black men. When these statistics themselves are flawed because the data they use is flawed and or skewed. The fact people are trying to make is that somehow black men are running rampant through our cities pillaging, raping, and killing. I’m sorry I don’t buy it. I do believe that due to the “black male condition: you know the one unable to find a job, constantly defending against overzealous societal pressure and the white mindset all rolled into one big anvil sitting on his back. I can’t even imagine the stresses a black man has.

What is so flawed about the statistical data on black men and crime you may ask? It is simple if I were going to do some statistics on which water fowl pooped more often in a specific grassy field and I took the data from the water fowl poop system (WFPS) who cites water fowl for field pooping. And it just so happens that most of the WFPS are Canadian goose lovers who gave each Canadian goose at least two passes before he actually cited them for one poop then of course I don’t get the real story, right? It would look as if the ducks were on a pooping rampage. Well that is exactly what is happening in the justice system. For every black man that gets convicted and sentenced for a specific crime his white counterpart had charges reduced or thrown out pending probation. See my point? There is all kinds of statistical data showing that for the same crime blacks are ten times more likely to do time versus whites, yet where is that information when someone wants to make a point about black crime being out of control.

This all came about when Barrack Obama talked about not being able to hail a cab in Manhattan. Immediately people spoke about the fact that most cab drivers weren’t white, to make a long story short, that these other minorities were not picking up black men because it’s a fact their more apt to be a criminals, so it wasn’t “really” racism, it was common sense. Yet, I don’t see people refusing to put their hard earned money in a bank because statistically speaking all of the Savings and Loan failures occurred in banks where the CEO’s and CFO’s were white. Better yet, people aren’t refusing young white boys entrance into schools because they committed the majority of school shootings.

Why is America discriminating against certain criminals and not all, if it is all about statistics? It’s simple, propaganda and what they TEACH you on television shows and in movies. Every other black man in a television show or movie is a thugged out gangster with his 9mm pointing sideways yelling “whussup now!” Watch the news and what do you hear, “police are trying to find a way to curb the astronomical amount of violence in the black community” or “gang violence, how can it be stopped… in the black community”. Why hasn’t America stopped that violent gang called the Police department or criminal justice system, because those gangs don’t scare white America? White America is afraid of the big black man, who’s on his way into a neighborhood near them to rape their daughters, beat and rob old grandmas. Now that is what sells news. So as a society we should start looking at the fact that statistics are propaganda that can be skewed to make anyone look as if they are doing anything that the statistic makers want them to. Hell given the right tools and I can put some statistics together that make old grandmas look as if they are on a rampage of crime. Let’s wake up black people and not fall into the propaganda hype.


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Sex Ed For Kindergarten?

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Mitt Romney just like all the other candidates running for the presidency couldn’t wait to hear something that he thought would outrage America if he repeated it with a phony outraged voice. Mitt has been raging on about Obama stating that if elected he would go with the Planned Parenthood’s sex education which starts on a Kindergarten level. So with apparent indignation Mitt claims “I was governor four years,’ said Romney and “I never had one person coming to me and say, ‘You know what, governor, I’m concerned about something.’ What’s that? ‘I’m concerned about sex education. I’m concerned my kids aren’t learning enough about sex.’ I never heard that.” I don’t know what is so outrageous about this since Mitt’s state starts teaching sex education as early as pre-kindergarten. I guess what he should be outraged about is that he as Governor doesn’t really know what is going on in his OWN state.

I am by no means an Obama fan and certainly not a Romney one either but this issue is something that angers me whenever people talk about it. Mitt would have you believe that when Obama says that going with the Planned Parenthood option would mean teaching the Kindergartener’s the whole shebang. Well I am pretty sure that what is meant is that we start with the basics of teaching a child the correct names for body parts and what makes a man or woman etc. This is not too much for a child that age to handle, they will ask those questions anyway, I should know I have two kids. All I keep seeing is the fact that we need to protect our kids’ innocence and such, well I don’t think that anywhere in the Planned Parenthood or Obama’s minds we are going to be teaching kindergarteners HOW to have sex in the perverted sense. So how does knowing ones body parts etc. taking a child’s innocence.

I think this is just simpler mind redirection techniques on Romney’s part. These presidential candidates are so lacking in anything to offer the American public that they are just playing a game of “I don’t have to show you that I have something to offer, I just have to show you that my OPPONENT doesn’t have anything to offer.” This way if they point the finger away from themselves enough people will be forced to look at them and say “well that guy seems to have the better policies”, even though all he did was point out the flaws in every other candidates policies. I for one do not see anything positive about any of these politicians. We have a serious dilemma which is just witling down which one of them will be the lesser evil and I am even having a hard time just doing that.

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