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Are You That Desperate Rick Perry?

Governor Perry is so desperate he’s pulling a Michelle Bachman.  Now saying that a poor, poor lady with cancer told him that if someone doesn’t get rid of Obamacare that she will surely die.  Somehow Obamacare will kill her.  Now my question is exactly how will Obamacare kill her?  Did it “give” her the cancer she is dying from?  Will it stop her from continuing her current health plan IF she has one?  Will it stop her from getting Medicare or Medicaid if she is getting that?  Of course not!

What is it about the Obama healthcare plan that causes so much angst?  Only a small part of the plan is even enacted and the rest doesn’t come into play until 2014.  So, out of what IS enacted could any of these be killing this poor cancer ridden lady?

Could it be that the plan forces insurance companies to cover recommended preventive services without charging out of pocket costs: Services like mammograms, colonoscopies, immunizations, pre-natal and new baby care are now covered, and insurance companies are prohibited from charging deductibles, co-payments or co-insurance?

Do you think that making insurance companies cover preventative services and the like are killing her, is it stopping her care?  Probably not, so let’s keep looking.

How about this one:

Give her an opportunity to appeal coverage decisions by her insurance company: Consumers are guaranteed the right to appeal insurance company decisions to an independent third party.

Well I am sure as hell if her insurance company says they don’t want to pay for any new treatments her doctor feels will help her cancer, that she would think having the RIGHT to appeal would be very much needed.  In fact it COULD be the one thing that saves her life.  Well, let’s keep looking, since we know for a fact this ain’t it.

The last one, could it be this:

It guarantees enrollees their choice of primary care provider: Consumers have their choice of provider within the plan’s network of doctors, including OB-GYNs and pediatricians, without a referral, as well as out-of-network emergency care.

I doubt very seriously if having her choice of primary care providers is killing her or hurting her in any way.  If she doesn’t want to choose a doctor and would be more comfortable letting her insurance company choose, I am more than sure they would have no problem steering her to her cities equivalent of the Simpson’s Doctor Nick in Springfield.

These are the only things that are going on right now, and nothing that I have seen in the bill coming up would kill her either.  So what the hell is she or is Perry talking about.  What are any of these idiots posing as Republican presidential candidates talking about when screaming they wish to end this bill.

Do they wish to ensure poor autistic children and their families have their healthcare cancelled the minute they get the diagnosis, as that is one of the things that this bill stops.  Or are they hell bent on ensuring that people who don’t have healthcare stay that way?  What is it that these people DO want?  They never tell the alternative, all they say is they want to stop socialized medicine.  Why?  Every one of the top nations in the world with the better life expectancies and beating us on the best places to live has socialized medicine.  Is it killing them?  Maybe we should start thinking about that.

Looking at these candidates and looking at my fellow American’s who are choosing from this gang of clowns, makes Finland, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden and Norway look really good right now.  I think it is time to invest in Rosetta Stone and call it a day.



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McCain Bigots Of A Feather Flock Together

You know what they say that bigots of a feather flock together. As I see it one bigot garnering support from another is not a big surprise. What is a big surprise is that somehow Jeremiah Wright is the only pastor that people can see fit to talk about. Just like McCain said, he could look past Hagee’s bigoted comments because “when we were doing the No Surrender tour, he came and spoke on behalf of not surrendering in Iraq.” So it is OK to have bigots in your camp as long as you repudiate their statements and they agree that we should continue this sham of a war in Iraq.

It’s funny that as he tries to distance himself he gets pulled right back in by his own stupid comments. He just recently said that sure he repudiates what Hagee says but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t keep the guys support. I can just see McCain saying – Oh, Hagee I wish I knew how to quit you!

Every time you turn around McCain is being forced to repudiate some bigot’s comments. Let’s see we have John “Gays caused Hurricane Katrina” Hagee, Jerry “the Teletubbies are gay” Falwell, Pat “Let’s assassinate Hugo Chavez” Robertson and Rod “America was founded to destroy Islam” Parsley (and to think that McCain calls this nut his spiritual advisor, it’s no wonder he wants to stay in Iraq for over 100 years). And surely more will pop up later.

Yet you have people saying that Jeremiah Wright is the worse racist, bigot or whatever. It doesn’t matter since we all know that it is far worse in this country to talk about race than it is to spout that the Catholic Church is a bastard religion or that America was founded for the sole purpose of destroying Islam. Teletubbies are polluting our children’s minds with gay images. How about that America should assassinate a president from another country because “hey, Pat doesn’t like him.” I mean how could you not see the logic in that?

McCain just recently went down to New Orleans to stump by telling the people that they deserved more than what they got. And exactly where were you when this was going on in the first place? What did you say about this travesty when it was happening at the time? Did he step up to say that the Bush administration was wrong or way off in their handling of the catastrophe?

Nope he did not say nor do a thing. He was too busy blindly supporting any and everything the president and his lackey cronies did. He did the same thing in Memphis where he admitted that he made a mistake opposing MLK Jr. Day. Really, was it a mistake? And so what have you done to fulfill Kings Dreams since you fought so hard to deny the people of Arizona that day? What has he ever done with regards to any type of civil rights, anti discrimination or ending any disparity? Not a damn thing.

He then wants to say that Obama is an elitist and out of touch with the people. This from a man who sat on 60 minutes and when asked about a war that the people did NOT want said “I don’t care what the people want” “really I know better what this country needs.” How elitist is that. He knows better what to do for the people than what they want. The last time I checked the president of the United States was working FOR the American people. Not for his own interests.

Yet I guess since he seems to be using the Bush guide to being the worse president, I guess he would think that what he said was appropriate. Not to mention he wants me to believe that he is in the minds of working class America when he has been a benefactor of nepotism all his life? Not to mention his wife is estimated to be worth over 100 million dollars. That kind of money puts you out of touch with most millionaires let alone the working class. Give me a break.

I am sure that this man will do nothing for this country besides continuing the downward slide that Bush has put us in. And to think that there are Hillary supporters who would rather see HIM in office than Obama. Now I know that must be a nasty case of racism. Because you would have to be the biggest bigot or just have a deep seated hate for America and the American people to want that nut in office. Yet it has always been obvious that people in this country have a penchant for voting against their own interests.

This man embraces bigots although he repudiates what they say. He has a never had an inkling of anything in the way of interest in blacks or any other minority especially not the Vietnamese whom he endearingly refers to as “gooks”. Has no idea how bad the economy is, thinking that giving us an 18 cent gas break is going to fix things. Does this strike anyone else as a call to let them eat cake? It seems to me that McCain is one bigot that seems to be flying under the media radar.


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America’s Collective Amnesia


Our collective amnesia in this country is pathetic. People want to look at Dr. King and call him a hero or a prophet and any other number of great names. I agree that he was all that. But the problem I am having is that according to white America in the years up to his death he was considered public enemy number one. He was called an uppity Negro or other N word. Yet now everyone is on the bandwagon about how great he was. If this is the case then where were you people when he was alive? In fact what are you doing today to make his dream of freedom, equality and end of poverty true for all people in this country? The answer is not a damn thing.

You have idiots like John McCain who comes to Memphis and apologizes that he actually opposed an MLK holiday in Arizona and how he finally gets it. Yep, right, I believe that he gets it. A person who has done exactly what to realize not one of MLK’s dreams now wants me to believe that they somehow get it. His family fought on the side of the confederacy and I know that his family was probably big time racists as it was natural at the time and I am going to believe that his family didn’t hand down any of that racist venom to him. Not only are they all trying to tell me that Obama’s preacher has so much power over him and is obviously shaping his views to this day. So wouldn’t it then be fair to say that McCain’s racist family tree is shaping his views and thoughts as well. Let’s not be hypocritical.

They are chronicling the words and memories of people close to King at the time of his death such as Jesse Jackson, Clarence Jones . My question for these fellows is what have you been doing to further the movement MLK started? How much have they accomplished or did they sell a bunch of books or did they just sell out period. All these people claim that they are keeping the dream alive. What dream is this exactly? Because I have not seen very much movement in erasing racism, discrimination, equality or erasing poverty in not only the black community but ALL communities. Yet they are all working towards his dream when in fact I think that they are all just dreaming. They divided the black community and everyone is looking at their own agenda.

Bill Clinton says that we are making great strides. What the hell does that mean? MLK and the rest of civil rights movement people made great strides. Through the peaceful campaign starting in 1953 to 1968 they got not only black voting rights but desegregation and the promise of equality. So what great strides have we made since then that he is talking about? The fact that blacks were being disenfranchised in presidential votes even today, that blacks are still on the bottom of the socio-economic scale, that black communities are still poor, that blacks are still being denied jobs based on race, that the justice system is still biased and still having the short end of the stick when it comes to healthcare. These are just some of the problems that I guess Clinton overlooked when he said that we were doing OK with respect to MLK’s dreams.

The problem is that you can’t come from a position of privilege and status then turn around and tell a community of people affected whether or not they are getting closer to the goals their leader spoke of. We as black people need to stop getting so happy just to have the company of these privileged politicians who only come barreling into town when they want to make some good press. We need to get over the fact that they showed up. What counts is that they show up when it’s time to make changes to the status quo. And so far not one after LBJ showed up for that and he only did it out of serious necessity. We get so happy that someone, anyone in a position of power actually decides to bother to have anything to do with us we start to act like it means something when in fact it means just as much as the talk we have heard year after year, presidential campaign after presidential campaign.

“I am here to make sure that you in the black community get a fair shake….” These are the things that they say but the fact is what they show us once they have our vote is basically the back of their hands as they slap us back into our place while they continue to strengthen the status quo. We need to understand that the only ones who are serious about our equality, about the state of our black community and the state of our health care is no one other than ourselves.


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America Plays Blind


This whole Obama and pastor Wright thing is becoming absolutely ridiculous. Now online there are a gaggle of people who are now talking about Obama’s link to some other supposedly “racist” black pastor. Does it make any difference that these people continue to refer to Obama as “Hussein Obama” as if that is some sort of important noteworthy tidbit? Yet no one (maybe besides me) plays up the fact that McCain refers to Vietnamese people as Gooks or that he is connected to racist ministers of his own.

What I find funny is that Whoopi Goldberg who I can’t stand actually made a great point. She was saying that people acting like Obama should have left the church long ago because of Pastor White’s remarks etc. The problem as me and Whoopi see it is that how many Catholics ran from the Catholic Church after the scandal of child rape came to light? Not many so now what does that say about millions of Americans? Yet of course we would like to have this double standard. I heard so many white people crying that if this type of thing happened at their church they would have sped out of there post haste.

There are tons of people spewing racist jokes on a constant basis; I have even done an article about it called “Quiet Racism.” Yet now I am to believe that these people cut those people loose from their lives? Even if that person who made the joke was their boss, best friend, or god forbid preacher. Not to mention that the comments that were made were NOT racist and in fact not even inflammatory once I listened to the COMPLETE speech he made and in what context. Yet let people tell it he was being just totally racist and insensitive to whites. Yet how many of these same hypocrites came rushing to the defense of Dog the “soulless nigger” Bounty Hunter, Don “Nappy Headed Ho” Imus and George “Maccaca” Allen, Joe “Clean & Articulate Biden, Geraldine “He’s only there because he’s black” Ferraro, Bill “They want to end white Christian male dominance” O’reilly, Lou “Cotton picking” Dobbs and Kelly “Lynch him in a dark alley” Tilgham.

None of these people have been ostracized. They haven’t been abandoned by their friends, family, co-workers; bosses and certainly not by the public who seem to like these people even more after their racist spiels. This total abandonment that people expect out of Obama I guess is only slated for blacks who dare to make comments about white dominated America in which it is obvious that through white privilege and other discriminatory practices blacks are kept from equality. Yet this is obviously a no, no for blacks to point out racism as through my experiences on this Blog that makes “you” the racist.

These same people talk about how MLK would never talk like this and how respected and loved he was when in fact if you look at the pictures from that time white people were spitting in his face, yelling racial epithets and going so far as hitting and kicking him. This was a man who was saying pretty much the same things as pastor White was saying at the pulpit. Yet the only thing that most of these people know about MLK was that he asked for non violence. Not that he demanded equality or the fact that he criticized the white community for its unfair, unequal treatment of blacks. These facts seem to escape them when they demand that black pastors today NOT talk about racist practices in America or its blatantly obvious hypocrisy.

People ask what would MLK say or do during this controversy. He would probably say that it is good that someone raised the issues that seem to be getting swept under the rug by people who feel that everyone should just be happy to be in America. Not complaining about how they need equality which somehow they equate to special treatment or handouts. Until people in this country begin to acknowledge the fact that America is racist to its core we will never heal. America was founded on racism, practices racism still and now pretends to be blind to its presence.


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The Typical Hypocrite


How typical of people to become the hypocrite as this whole hoopla over Obama’s grandmother runs its course. As for what he said I can see that we are on a slippery slope when we need to sit and pick out a word such as typical and act as if it is some horrendous racial slur against all that were labeled as such. Being typical is not a slur unless they attach it to a slur such as, typical nigger, typical honky, and typical bitch. But being a typical black or a typical white really can’t be considered a slur since it is in such wide use by scholars, authors, the government and others.

According to the national census the “typical black family” earns 78% of the “typical white family.” Hmm now was that racist, should the government official who wrote that be made to give a speech to the nation apologizing to all black and white families for calling them typical. The firm “Population Reference Bureau” is a company that informs people around the world about population, health, and the environment. This firm used the words “typical black as well as typical white, family, man, woman, teen, child” now what do we make of that? Should they be made to change all of their data collections to make sure not to use this newly invented racial slur so as not to offend?

In talking about parent child interactions the authors consistently referred to the “typical black family” and also the “typical black father”. Wow, it goes to show you that this racial slur has been right in front of us the whole time and it took a bunch of typical hypocrites who I am sure used the words typical this or that decided to create this phony outrage over something that they and others have been saying for years. In fact Bill O’Reilly and the rest of the republican radio pundits are constantly calling someone the typical democrat, typical black person. I mean didn’t he say that those blacks at the restaurant weren’t the typical blacks asking where their M-fing ice tea was?

It’s bvious the people over at Wikipedia didn’t get the memo on this newly formed racial slur as they are using it indiscriminately in their definitions. Take this little snippet from their piece on Blacks “For example the telenovelas or soaps are said to be a hotbed of white, largely blonde and blue/green-eyed actors who resemble Scandinavians or other northern Europeans more than they resemble the typical whites of Brazil, who are mostly of Southern European descent.” I wonder if the people who first started pushing this load of crap as a legitimate maligning of a people actually checked to see how many times people that look like themselves were using this to not only describe themselves but other races.

I think that this phony assault on Obama is ridiculous. I have heard CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and even FOX use the words typical black voter and not one person who is complaining now said one damn thing about it. I guess it is fine and dandy for blacks to be considered typical anything while it is a total insult to consider white people as typical. Is this because they are just too special to be considered typical? All the while typical white authors, government officials and others can use the term to describe any and every race under the sun in terms of typical. McCain can refer to Vietnamese people as Gooks which by the way is the Vietnamese equivalent of the N word and hey it’s OK because he was a prisoner of war and is still a bit touchy about them. This just goes to show that people are typical, typical hypocrites that is.


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The Audacity Of Stupidity


All over the news, Blogs and just everywhere on the web you are seeing a bunch of talk about Pastor Jeremiah A Wright and Trinity United Church that Obama attends. It seems that a lot of the comments this Pastor Wright make are seen as inflammatory and racist to a lot of people. I have only heard a few of his comments in sermons and I find that the hubbub is a little bit over kill. Is what he is saying so offensive and inflammatory or is what he is saying hitting home for a lot of people?

One such comment was “Racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run. How is this statement not true that is the question? Now what is inflammatory about the statement? Was this country NOT founded on racism? Were the American Natives not racially subjected to terror and death at the hands of people who felt that they were less than human? Did these same people bring a race of people to this country for the purpose of exploitation through slavery based on the propaganda that they were of a race that these people felt were less than human? Is there not a discrepancy in how races are treated to this day in this country? Do black Americans earn only 78% or what white Americans earn? Even former U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher called for greater equality in health care to close the gaps between blacks and whites in death rates and life expectancy. There are discrepancies between whites and blacks in wealth, credit, housing, healthcare, employment, wages and life expectancy. And we are supposed to believe that this is a false and inflammatory statement, please someone explain how that is.

Who cares about what a poor black man has to face everyday in a country in a culture controlled by rich white people.” I am pretty sure he is not talking about Obama he is talking about poor black men or people. Now I would love for someone to counter this statement. As I will have you take a look at each and every president this country has ever had and you name all those that were NOT rich or white. Not to mention how many of them actually cared about the poor black man to the point that they actually decided to end racial disparities in the lives of those poor black men. Not one president has made one effort to end racially motivated disparities of any sort. Which president decided that white privilege has over stayed its welcome and needs to end? Not one, you say? I guess next you will tell me that 5 days is an acceptable amount of time for people to sit around in stifling heat with no water, food, medicine or rescuing. And yes the majority of them were poor and BLACK.

It just came to me in the past few weeks why so many folks are hating Barrack Obama. He doesn’t fit the model, he ain’t white he ain’t rich and he ain’t privileged. Hillary fits the mold. I can’t speak to Obama’s wealth or lack there of as a child but I can say that he doesn’t fit the mold of our stereotypical president. Unless I am mistaken there has not been a president in the past that is black, not obviously rich and comes from a single parent family. But we do know that Hillary is wealthy at this time, she is white and she is privileged. But to give her credit she isn’t a man and that also breaks the model of our stereotypical president.

Hillary was not a black boy raised in a single family home Barrack was. Barrack knows what it means to be a black man living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich white people. Hillary can never know that, Hillary has never been called a nigger; Hillary has never had a people defined as a non-person. How is this not true? She has never known what it feels like to be subjugated due to race. Neither she nor any of our other presidents knows what it is like to be of a people who were thought of as less than human called nigger and hung from trees for daring to be black in the wrong place and time. They don’t know how it feels to be in a country that has demonstrated a blatant hate for people who look like you. A country that is controlled by a race of people who still to this day will see discrepancies between the races and shrug their shoulders all the while saying hey that is just the way things are, what can I do about it. How about a country where we can make every excuse for why it was acceptable for police and guards to beat, punch, pepper spray and kill young black youths without any consequences.

And I am supposed to believe that in some way these statements are somehow “crazy”, “unacceptable” and “ludicrous”. Until someone can show me how these statement bear absolutely no truth then I and others will continue to say the exact same things. We can dismiss the hate speech of Bill O’Reilly, Michael Richards, Don Imus, Duane Dog Chapman, Kelly Tilgham and of course Geraldine Ferraro. Now this preacher who has not called anyone names (that I know of) but said some things (at least those I’ve heard) that no one so far can refute and people are on a campaign to burn Obama at the stake because he knows the man.

Well I know that this is a stupid thing to do. I didn’t advocate calling Hillary a racist because a couple of her supporters have said racist remarks. No one is advocating calling Hillary an adulterer because her husband whom is speaking on her behalf is one. This is pretty thoughtless. If Obama does attend that church isn’t it a far stretch to “assume” that this preacher who no longer heads that church said these types of sermons each and every Sunday? I am pretty sure he did not. So with all the calling of Obama a bigot etc. is just the audacity of stupidity.


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That Was A Racist Comment Geraldine Ferraro


“If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position.” This statement was written by Geraldine Ferraro in the Daily Breeze, Friday.

I may not be the big Obama supporter that many people are but YES, this damn statement is racist. This is the same racist rhetoric that blacks have to hear constantly no matter what type of professional position they are able to get. From a position as an architect to (now possibly) the President of the United States white people constantly say that if they weren’t black they wouldn’t be in this position, you can just add it up to affirmative action. I am constantly fielding comments from white people who will say that blacks only get jobs due to affirmative action as if there was no possible way they could get the job based on talent, skills and experience. The fact is there are too many White people in this country who believe that they are at a disadvantage due to their feeling that Blacks just get things such as jobs handed to them.

Basically what Ferraro is saying is that Obama has absolutely NO qualifying skills that would have lead to his possibly gaining the position to run for the president. By her claiming that the only think he has is his skin color is not only demeaning but racist. Would she be OK with the statement that George Bush wouldn’t be president right now if he were any other color or a woman? Because he not only had no experience he doesn’t have the sense god gave a donkey. Yet where was she to level this type of insult on him. What makes Hilary so qualified that she doesn’t have this type of insult leveled on her. Would it not be possible to say the Hilary wouldn’t be in the position she is in today if she were a man, especially a minority.

What Ferraro said is nothing new or surprising. The fact that it came from a person who is supposed to be on the same side as Obama and all other democrats isn’t even surprising. This just goes to show what Ferraro and other democrats actually feel about Obama and blacks in general. Then as Ferraro says this racist crap she turns around and says that everything bad that is said about Obama is chalked up to racism. But it is racist dumb ass it is. When it was found out that Farrakhan supported Obama, Clinton and everyone else came out saying that Obama needed to not only disagree with his position but to outright denounce the man. Now that Ferraro has shown her ugly side is Clinton denouncing her, of course not because she doesn’t have to and not one person is calling for her to do so. And as soon as the race for the Whitehouse is on with the republicans I am sure if Obama makes it we will see a lot more of the same.

When will we get past the fact that blacks CAN be just as qualified as white people? Everyone is talking about experience, well the problem is that none of these dolts has been president before and being a senator or a soldier boy doesn’t make you or anyone else qualified with any more or less experience as anyone else. Hillary had a husband that was president and that alone doesn’t give her any more experience than the other two candidates either. I don’t know one surgeons wife who claims she has all this surgical experience because her husband is a surgeon that would be ludicrous. I understand saying that you don’t like Obama’s policies because I have a problem with quite a few of his policies but to denounce him as a candidate just because he is black is beyond acceptable.

Then of course CNN did a pole on the issue of what Ferraro said and 55% of the people felt that she didn’t owe him an apology for her racist comments. Why, because most of the people voting feel that it is OK to question black peoples qualifications only based on race. When the fact is no one would dare to say the same about white people no matter what their background. No one would dare to question a white persons skin color as a means of saying that they are ill qualified for anything. The bottom line is Geraldine Ferraro felt that it was OK to judge Obama’s worthiness by the fact that he is black and that is the only qualification he has according to her. When blacks start using this same rhetoric maybe then people will see just how stupid, hurtful, racist and deceitful it really is. Ferraro and just about any other person should know that just because you have been the victim of sexism doesn’t mean you can now turn around and make someone else the victim of racism and vice versa.


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