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M O R O N – That Spells Tea Party

Click for video of John Fleming on Chris Jansing

Waaahhh, I only have 400 thousand dollars left over after feeding my family!  Is what Tea Party congressman John Fleming’s cried on Jansing & Co. this morning about Obama’s plan to tax the wealthy as much as the middle class.  Can this idiot be for real?

We have people and a lot of them in this country as well as in the Tea Party who have to “get along” with more like 40 thousand dollars or less a year and he is crying over 400 thousand.  That just pisses me off to the core.  This is the selfish bullshit that we are dealing with in some of the worst economic times ever.

Not only is this Tea Party sucker bitching and moaning about paying more taxes, but he and his cohorts are also saying that we need to cut spending on programs for the poor as well as “raise” taxes on those same poor folks.  Because lord knows those poor suckers who after feeding their families are left with a good 200 dollars for the year as income should be forking out at least a hundred and fifty of that to pay down the deficit consisting mainly of tax cuts for John Fleming and those like his selfish ass.

Poor John Fleming sitting there in his million dollars or better home with his family just trying to survive and here we are trying to create class warfare with his kind by taking more of those 400 thousand dollar crumbs of his is after his businesses brought in 6.3 million dollars for the year.  I guess when he said 400 thousand; he totally forgot the 173 thousand a year he also gets by being a congressman.  But, why split hairs, we know he is just on the cusp of the poor house; and with that kind of money coming in every year, who can remember it all.

The class warfare is that the Republican and Tea Party believes that not only do the rich need to pay less into the society that is putting the money in their pockets, but somehow the poor should be paying more to ensure that they have the means to pay less.  How sick is that?  This has been a long time coming and people better start looking at the writing on the wall before it’s too late.

Even Jansing told the idiot that he position to the majority of America isn’t very sympathetic.  He could care less because his answer was the “class warfare never created one job.”  But, you know what Mr. Fleming, a tax cut for a selfish wealthy bastard never created one job either.  In fact the years that we had all these tax cuts for the rich, the only thing that happened was that we started losing jobs faster than ever.

Because what Fleming doesn’t understand is that he has the whole economic structure backwards.  He believes that those at the top or company owners create jobs when in fact it is those at the bottom who create jobs.  It probably sounds nuts but hear me out.  If I open a lemonade stand, I have to have a demand for my lemonade from the thirsty people looking for a good deal on a cold drink on a hot day.

Neither Mr. Fleming nor his cohorts are cruising the streets looking for lemonade as these people only make up one percent of the population anyway.  It is the hard working people that are my customers.  And any kid with a paper route, lemonade stand or girl scout selling cookies understands that you aren’t going to do any business if you have no customers or your customers have no money to spend.

Mr. Flemings owns a lot of Subway sandwich shops and he isn’t going to tell me that somehow if he has lower taxes and the poor have higher taxes he is going to do some brisk business.  In fact we all know that he will do very poorly.  If the people have no money or less money frivolous spending at sub shops will decline.  Those moneyless people will be better off buying a loaf of bread and a package of baloney at the super market for the price of one sub sandwich.  So, who is fooling who here?

But, you see it doesn’t just stop there.  He and his cohorts want to cut all government programs so that those poor folks won’t even get food stamps to buy their bread and baloney.  But, unfortunately for Mr. Fleming, they won’t have money for food, but they damn sure won’t have money for his stupid submarine sandwich.

I guess we’ll see his stupid face in the soup kitchen line right along with the rest of us.  You can’t build a business with moneyless customers.  And if your customers have no money, you my friend will eventually have no money either.

M O R O N – that spells Tea Party, lawds yes.



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Wanda Sykes Takes Rush To Task


I will admit that I don’t like Wanda Sykes one bit.  But the tongue lashing she’s taking from the right wing after her appearance at the white house correspondents’ dinner is a bit hypocritical.  She criticized Rush Limbaugh which I can’t fault her on.  She said things such as I think Rush Limbaugh was the 20th hijacker [on 9/11] but he was just so strung out on OxyContin he missed his flight. He needs a good water boarding — that’s what he needs.”  And “he wishes the president would fail well I wish his kidneys would fail.”

Now what I found so funny was that a journalist actually said “Imagine if a comedian “joked” that Obama was a terrorist who was guilty of treason and should be tortured and allowed to die. There would justifiably be an outcry.”  Now I don’t know where the hell this guy was during the elections but these people not only called him a terrorist they said he palled around with them and was an undercover Muslim among other derogatory and untrue statements.

And I didn’t once here the right wing cry about it.  And in fact in some cases the one banging the “he’s a terrorist” drum was the Republican Vice President elect Sarah Palin.  Now as far as I am concerned Rush Limbaugh is a fat sloppy junky who seems to be in control of the Republican Party.  And whether or not Wanda Sykes makes fun of that is neither here nor there for me.  Sure she wished the guys kidneys would fail, but isn’t that freedom of speech just like Rush wishing the president would fail?

What’s the big deal?  She is a comedienne and just like Rush said after he blasted that wished the president would fail all over the air waves, he is just a comedian making jokes.  Can’t the same be said about the ever irritating Wanda Sykes?  Why doesn’t the right wing head its own advice and take a joke for a joke.

So what is the issue?  That Wanda Sykes was well beyond tasteful with her jokes?  Who around here didn’t know that this idiotic lady had no taste?  And who the hell ever cared about someone not having good sense or taste before?  No right winger gave a damn that Rush had and has no taste or good sense.  Hell where was Don Imus’ taste or good sense when he was calling black ladies nappy headed ho’s?

The real problem is the hypocrisy or the right wing that leaks like so much sweat on that fat ass Rush’s forehead.  They will lead the witch hunt yelling about birth certificates, Muslims, friends being terrorists and all that then turn around and act like a stupid joker named Wanda Sykes somehow speaks for the entire Democratic Party.  Oh my god, give me a break, please.  And leading the charge is Michelle Malkin who has said some of the most erroneous things that anyone can say.

This whole situation is a joke!  When are we going to grow up in our taste for news and a government?  We are failing as a people and it has nothing to do with who our president is, what Wanda Sykes says or that Rush Limbaugh wishes we would.  We are failing because instead of seriously looking at working together as a people we continuously separate and point the fingers of incredulity; instead of actually making this a better place for EVERYBODY.  This is just my two cents on this un-news story.


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The Typical Hypocrite


How typical of people to become the hypocrite as this whole hoopla over Obama’s grandmother runs its course. As for what he said I can see that we are on a slippery slope when we need to sit and pick out a word such as typical and act as if it is some horrendous racial slur against all that were labeled as such. Being typical is not a slur unless they attach it to a slur such as, typical nigger, typical honky, and typical bitch. But being a typical black or a typical white really can’t be considered a slur since it is in such wide use by scholars, authors, the government and others.

According to the national census the “typical black family” earns 78% of the “typical white family.” Hmm now was that racist, should the government official who wrote that be made to give a speech to the nation apologizing to all black and white families for calling them typical. The firm “Population Reference Bureau” is a company that informs people around the world about population, health, and the environment. This firm used the words “typical black as well as typical white, family, man, woman, teen, child” now what do we make of that? Should they be made to change all of their data collections to make sure not to use this newly invented racial slur so as not to offend?

In talking about parent child interactions the authors consistently referred to the “typical black family” and also the “typical black father”. Wow, it goes to show you that this racial slur has been right in front of us the whole time and it took a bunch of typical hypocrites who I am sure used the words typical this or that decided to create this phony outrage over something that they and others have been saying for years. In fact Bill O’Reilly and the rest of the republican radio pundits are constantly calling someone the typical democrat, typical black person. I mean didn’t he say that those blacks at the restaurant weren’t the typical blacks asking where their M-fing ice tea was?

It’s bvious the people over at Wikipedia didn’t get the memo on this newly formed racial slur as they are using it indiscriminately in their definitions. Take this little snippet from their piece on Blacks “For example the telenovelas or soaps are said to be a hotbed of white, largely blonde and blue/green-eyed actors who resemble Scandinavians or other northern Europeans more than they resemble the typical whites of Brazil, who are mostly of Southern European descent.” I wonder if the people who first started pushing this load of crap as a legitimate maligning of a people actually checked to see how many times people that look like themselves were using this to not only describe themselves but other races.

I think that this phony assault on Obama is ridiculous. I have heard CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and even FOX use the words typical black voter and not one person who is complaining now said one damn thing about it. I guess it is fine and dandy for blacks to be considered typical anything while it is a total insult to consider white people as typical. Is this because they are just too special to be considered typical? All the while typical white authors, government officials and others can use the term to describe any and every race under the sun in terms of typical. McCain can refer to Vietnamese people as Gooks which by the way is the Vietnamese equivalent of the N word and hey it’s OK because he was a prisoner of war and is still a bit touchy about them. This just goes to show that people are typical, typical hypocrites that is.


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That Was A Racist Comment Geraldine Ferraro


“If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position.” This statement was written by Geraldine Ferraro in the Daily Breeze, Friday.

I may not be the big Obama supporter that many people are but YES, this damn statement is racist. This is the same racist rhetoric that blacks have to hear constantly no matter what type of professional position they are able to get. From a position as an architect to (now possibly) the President of the United States white people constantly say that if they weren’t black they wouldn’t be in this position, you can just add it up to affirmative action. I am constantly fielding comments from white people who will say that blacks only get jobs due to affirmative action as if there was no possible way they could get the job based on talent, skills and experience. The fact is there are too many White people in this country who believe that they are at a disadvantage due to their feeling that Blacks just get things such as jobs handed to them.

Basically what Ferraro is saying is that Obama has absolutely NO qualifying skills that would have lead to his possibly gaining the position to run for the president. By her claiming that the only think he has is his skin color is not only demeaning but racist. Would she be OK with the statement that George Bush wouldn’t be president right now if he were any other color or a woman? Because he not only had no experience he doesn’t have the sense god gave a donkey. Yet where was she to level this type of insult on him. What makes Hilary so qualified that she doesn’t have this type of insult leveled on her. Would it not be possible to say the Hilary wouldn’t be in the position she is in today if she were a man, especially a minority.

What Ferraro said is nothing new or surprising. The fact that it came from a person who is supposed to be on the same side as Obama and all other democrats isn’t even surprising. This just goes to show what Ferraro and other democrats actually feel about Obama and blacks in general. Then as Ferraro says this racist crap she turns around and says that everything bad that is said about Obama is chalked up to racism. But it is racist dumb ass it is. When it was found out that Farrakhan supported Obama, Clinton and everyone else came out saying that Obama needed to not only disagree with his position but to outright denounce the man. Now that Ferraro has shown her ugly side is Clinton denouncing her, of course not because she doesn’t have to and not one person is calling for her to do so. And as soon as the race for the Whitehouse is on with the republicans I am sure if Obama makes it we will see a lot more of the same.

When will we get past the fact that blacks CAN be just as qualified as white people? Everyone is talking about experience, well the problem is that none of these dolts has been president before and being a senator or a soldier boy doesn’t make you or anyone else qualified with any more or less experience as anyone else. Hillary had a husband that was president and that alone doesn’t give her any more experience than the other two candidates either. I don’t know one surgeons wife who claims she has all this surgical experience because her husband is a surgeon that would be ludicrous. I understand saying that you don’t like Obama’s policies because I have a problem with quite a few of his policies but to denounce him as a candidate just because he is black is beyond acceptable.

Then of course CNN did a pole on the issue of what Ferraro said and 55% of the people felt that she didn’t owe him an apology for her racist comments. Why, because most of the people voting feel that it is OK to question black peoples qualifications only based on race. When the fact is no one would dare to say the same about white people no matter what their background. No one would dare to question a white persons skin color as a means of saying that they are ill qualified for anything. The bottom line is Geraldine Ferraro felt that it was OK to judge Obama’s worthiness by the fact that he is black and that is the only qualification he has according to her. When blacks start using this same rhetoric maybe then people will see just how stupid, hurtful, racist and deceitful it really is. Ferraro and just about any other person should know that just because you have been the victim of sexism doesn’t mean you can now turn around and make someone else the victim of racism and vice versa.


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Statistical Propaganda


It disgusts me that people are constantly looking to statistics to prove a point on the criminality of blacks, especially black men. When these statistics themselves are flawed because the data they use is flawed and or skewed. The fact people are trying to make is that somehow black men are running rampant through our cities pillaging, raping, and killing. I’m sorry I don’t buy it. I do believe that due to the “black male condition: you know the one unable to find a job, constantly defending against overzealous societal pressure and the white mindset all rolled into one big anvil sitting on his back. I can’t even imagine the stresses a black man has.

What is so flawed about the statistical data on black men and crime you may ask? It is simple if I were going to do some statistics on which water fowl pooped more often in a specific grassy field and I took the data from the water fowl poop system (WFPS) who cites water fowl for field pooping. And it just so happens that most of the WFPS are Canadian goose lovers who gave each Canadian goose at least two passes before he actually cited them for one poop then of course I don’t get the real story, right? It would look as if the ducks were on a pooping rampage. Well that is exactly what is happening in the justice system. For every black man that gets convicted and sentenced for a specific crime his white counterpart had charges reduced or thrown out pending probation. See my point? There is all kinds of statistical data showing that for the same crime blacks are ten times more likely to do time versus whites, yet where is that information when someone wants to make a point about black crime being out of control.

This all came about when Barrack Obama talked about not being able to hail a cab in Manhattan. Immediately people spoke about the fact that most cab drivers weren’t white, to make a long story short, that these other minorities were not picking up black men because it’s a fact their more apt to be a criminals, so it wasn’t “really” racism, it was common sense. Yet, I don’t see people refusing to put their hard earned money in a bank because statistically speaking all of the Savings and Loan failures occurred in banks where the CEO’s and CFO’s were white. Better yet, people aren’t refusing young white boys entrance into schools because they committed the majority of school shootings.

Why is America discriminating against certain criminals and not all, if it is all about statistics? It’s simple, propaganda and what they TEACH you on television shows and in movies. Every other black man in a television show or movie is a thugged out gangster with his 9mm pointing sideways yelling “whussup now!” Watch the news and what do you hear, “police are trying to find a way to curb the astronomical amount of violence in the black community” or “gang violence, how can it be stopped… in the black community”. Why hasn’t America stopped that violent gang called the Police department or criminal justice system, because those gangs don’t scare white America? White America is afraid of the big black man, who’s on his way into a neighborhood near them to rape their daughters, beat and rob old grandmas. Now that is what sells news. So as a society we should start looking at the fact that statistics are propaganda that can be skewed to make anyone look as if they are doing anything that the statistic makers want them to. Hell given the right tools and I can put some statistics together that make old grandmas look as if they are on a rampage of crime. Let’s wake up black people and not fall into the propaganda hype.


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Sex Ed For Kindergarten?

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Mitt Romney just like all the other candidates running for the presidency couldn’t wait to hear something that he thought would outrage America if he repeated it with a phony outraged voice. Mitt has been raging on about Obama stating that if elected he would go with the Planned Parenthood’s sex education which starts on a Kindergarten level. So with apparent indignation Mitt claims “I was governor four years,’ said Romney and “I never had one person coming to me and say, ‘You know what, governor, I’m concerned about something.’ What’s that? ‘I’m concerned about sex education. I’m concerned my kids aren’t learning enough about sex.’ I never heard that.” I don’t know what is so outrageous about this since Mitt’s state starts teaching sex education as early as pre-kindergarten. I guess what he should be outraged about is that he as Governor doesn’t really know what is going on in his OWN state.

I am by no means an Obama fan and certainly not a Romney one either but this issue is something that angers me whenever people talk about it. Mitt would have you believe that when Obama says that going with the Planned Parenthood option would mean teaching the Kindergartener’s the whole shebang. Well I am pretty sure that what is meant is that we start with the basics of teaching a child the correct names for body parts and what makes a man or woman etc. This is not too much for a child that age to handle, they will ask those questions anyway, I should know I have two kids. All I keep seeing is the fact that we need to protect our kids’ innocence and such, well I don’t think that anywhere in the Planned Parenthood or Obama’s minds we are going to be teaching kindergarteners HOW to have sex in the perverted sense. So how does knowing ones body parts etc. taking a child’s innocence.

I think this is just simpler mind redirection techniques on Romney’s part. These presidential candidates are so lacking in anything to offer the American public that they are just playing a game of “I don’t have to show you that I have something to offer, I just have to show you that my OPPONENT doesn’t have anything to offer.” This way if they point the finger away from themselves enough people will be forced to look at them and say “well that guy seems to have the better policies”, even though all he did was point out the flaws in every other candidates policies. I for one do not see anything positive about any of these politicians. We have a serious dilemma which is just witling down which one of them will be the lesser evil and I am even having a hard time just doing that.

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