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Family Values Man

Another right wing so called family values man, Louisiana Senator David Vitter, is in the news having forgotten those values while he was whooping it up with a Washington Prostitute. It was discovered that he was a client when the operator a Madam’ Deborah Jeane Palfrey was accused of running a prostitution ring in Washington. She said Senator Vitter had been a customer from 1999 to 2001. The nice young lady named Wendy Cortez whom he was frequenting said that Vitter was one of her regulars as well. This is the same man who opposes abortions, also wanting to ban gay marriage to make sure that the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman remains. Maybe he should also recognize the ban on prostitution because that seems to be what corrupted the sanctity of his marriage.

Vitter claims that these “sins” happened long before he was a senator and that he already repented for them but these New Orleans brothel rumors are just that rumors being spread by his enemies to humiliate him. It seems that his enemies don’t have much to do since he should be humiliated enough for what he has been busted doing in Washington. But, let’s not play the blame game or start pointing fingers here and there. After all he did say that god forgave him for his past transgressions and so did his wife Wendy.

Wendy claims that he is her best friend, is now totally recommitted to their marriage and plans to stand by her man, defending him all the way. She is a good woman isn’t she, but in all actuality I believe that just like Hillary these politician wives put up with god only knows what for political reasons. Or maybe like she says she is recommitted and he really is her best friend. The sad thing is that he stands on Capitol Hill in 2006 and shouts about the sanctity of marriage and how “Marriage is truly the most fundamental social institution in human history.” All the while he could care less about his marriage and four kids back at home while he shows a prostitute why her body is a temple.

Of course Vitter has done his therapy and I am pretty sure that this makes it all better. No more prostitutes for him, he’s ALL cured now. I’m sure it’s not his fault the prostitute made him do it. Yet, here again is another spin from a right winger playing the blame game.


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A Little Personal Responsibility Please


When did the concept of personal responsibility get kicked to the curb by all the addiction and other excuses? A new trend seems to be in the works, that when someone does something terrible, just blame it on an addiction or the people or persons they have wronged.

The latest example in the news is two parents Michael and Iana Straw who are being prosecuted for child abuse and neglect of their 11 and 22 month old babies. The court said the parents allowed both babies to starve and contract serious mouth and genital infections. The only excuse that they have was being so addicted to the computer and online role playing video games that they couldn’t help it. Supposedly they had food in the home they just failed to give it to the babies. Luckily both babies are doing better in foster care.

We have heard this time and time again by some rogue preacher or politician who gets busted having gay sex or sex with a minor then “BAM!” next thing you know it was my addiction to some drug or the kid seduced me or maybe the gay act itself is addictive and off they go to rehab. A couple of months later, “I’m all better, no more drugs, no more kids, no more gay sex etc”. Try blaming the people like Michael Richards and Don Imus who both blame black people for their racist comments.

At a time when blacks are being talked to constantly about personal responsibility so many Americans are coming up with excuse after excuse for their abhorrent behavior. The point is none of these people are taking any responsibility at all while a whole race is having fingers pointed at them. The double standards are blatant and utterly ridiculous. Bill Cosby is constantly touring around to chastise blacks about their personal responsibility yet this is a man who had been paying child support to some white lady he had an affair with even though he wasn’t sure the child was his. I’m pretty sure it was just a little hush money, anyway WOW! Now that’s some double standards on personal responsibility for you.

They say that personal responsibility is what separates the adult from the child. I guess the United States is being overpopulated by large children. So the next time anything bad happens to you, I’m pretty sure you can just get rehab for it. Where does it end?


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